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About SweetNight Mattress

Wondering why you can’t sleep on your current mattress? Well, you should know that our body has a preference for sleeping. Most can find quality sleep on memory foam, hybrid, firm, soft, and other mattresses. The SweetNight Mattress can be your answer!

SweetNight Mattress Review: About SweetNight Mattress
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This bedding brand is one of the leading brands that offer multiple quality mattresses and bedding. Further, it has various innovative mattresses designed to help you achieve your most restful sleep.

With its quality bedding collection, this brand is highly popular globally. It also boosted more than 52K reviews. Now, its social media has 71K followers on Facebook and 6.5K on Instagram.

Now, are you interested in knowing more about this bedding brand? Thus, our SweetNight Mattress review will provide information on its products and pricing. Let’s lay on your bed or couch and start reading!

Overview Of SweetNight Mattress

SweetNight Mattress’s journey started as a humble, affordable mattress company in 2011. It understands that everyone deserves to have quality sleep. So, this company was established to provide better night sleep for everyone.

This brand has deep insight into memory foam and hybrid mattresses. So, it started the quest through research development and working with experts. Then, its bedding collection was born to give the best sleep comfort.

Its humble start has helped more than 100M modern sleepers around the globe to find quality sleep. The company continues growing under the leadership of Tony Wong, founder and CEO, in Wilmington, Delaware.

SweetNight Mattress Review

SweetNight Mattress is a brand that focuses on memory foam and hybrid mattresses that stand for quality and comfort. So, its mattress and bedding will be designed by prioritizing the better sleeping experience.

SweetNight Mattress Reviews: SweetNight Mattress Review

It also has a variety of bedding products that use modern materials and technologies. For instance, it uses CertiPUR-US-certified foam, contouring structure, OEKO-TEX-certified fabric, tempered pocketed coils, and more.

SweetNight Mattress Collections

Mattresses Prime, Dreamy, Twilight Hybrid, Luna Memory Foam, Starry Night Mattresses, etc
Bedding Mattress Toppers and Foldable Mattress
Pillows The Original Cooling Gel Foam Pillow
Accessories Eye Tech Mask and Mobile Warming Blanket

It indeed has a great range of mattresses with different layering and feeling. On the other hand, it has multiple thicknesses and sizes. So, it’s better to choose one based on your needs and sleeping style. Next, check out our SweetNight Mattress review below!

SweetNight Twilight Hybrid Mattress Reviews

First, let’s get to know the best-selling SweetNight Mattress Twilight Hybrid Mattress. It’s a hybrid mattress that combines the pillow top and foam layers. Enjoy super cushioning and pressure relief.

SweetNight Mattress Review: SweetNight Twilight Hybrid Mattress Reviews

This combination allows the mattress to cradle the body gently while relieving the tension. Moreover, it also has outstanding motion isolation thanks to the independent pocket coil core design and memory foam top layer.

Plus, the gel-infused foam offers cooler sleep, suitable for hot sleepers. The pocket coil system will also boost better airflow and temperature regulation. As a result, it’ll reduce the body heat buildup.

SweetNight Twilight Mattress Details

  • Size: Full, Queen, King
  • Thickness: 10″, 12″

In addition, this 12 inch hybrid mattress features fiberglass-free and hypoallergenic fabric. Thus, if you want to bring this super cozy and pain-relief mattress home, check it out now. The price starts from $528 after being discounted from the regular price of $960!

SweetNight Mattress Topper Reviews

Want to make a huge upgrade to your current mattress? Well, if you have no budget for a new mattress, check out this SweetNight Mattress Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

SweetNight Mattress Review: SweetNight Mattress Topper Reviews

This topper is made from odorless memory foam to deliver great comfort. In addition, it also uses gel-infused foam layers to reduce body heat. Moreover, the mesh cover can also provide incredible airflow to level up the sleep experience.

Also, it’s designed with great portability, making it easy to move around and super lightweight. Simply fold it for easy transport or storage. Feel free to bring it to your next camping plan.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Details

  • Size: King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, Twin
  • Thickness: 2″, 4″

The combination of mesh fabric backing and an adjustable elastic strap for a robust anti-slip design. So, would you sleep soundly on this mattress topper? Grab it at $142 to $276 on current sale!

Last but not least, before moving on to other products, check out the other best mattress products such as Sunkiss and Siesta. Get the best prices at official websites and online retailers.

SweetNight Folding Mattress Reviews

Looking for the best portable mattress? This SweetNight Mattress Tri-Folding Mattress is the perfect versatile mattress for limited room or moving around. It’s Best for a dorm room to the tent.

SweetNight Mattress Review: SweetNight Folding Mattress Reviews

This mattress has 4 layers to offer an excellent performance. The washable polyester fabric cover has good durability and flexibility. The support foam is also durable and not easy to deform.

Meanwhile, the gel-infused foam and breathable mesh side boost the cooling effect. Additionally, this portable mattress has a folding design for comfortable sleeping, camping, or exercising. Also, the bonus carry pack is great for easy storage while traveling.

4-Inch Tri-Folding Mattress Details

  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen
  • Thickness: 4″

Overall, this multipurpose tri-folding mattress has all great features. It includes noiseless, washable, and odorless design. So, ensure the most comfortable rest anywhere with this versatile mattress from $129!

SweetNight Mattress Price

The bedding collection pricing varies due to the wide range of products. Each mattress and bedding has multiple choices of thickness and size. However, based on all collections, the price ranges from $39.99 to $916.

The lowest-priced product is the Eye Tech Mask, and the highest is the SweetNight Prime Memory Foam Mattress. Further, the listed prices are current sales prices that can change anytime.

Who Is SweetNight Mattress For?

The wide bedding collection makes SweetNight Mattress perfect for everyone who yearns for better sleeping. It covers various mattress structures that can target a wide range of sleepers.

In addition, it has cooling technology and countering structure that is ideal for hot sleepers and those with body aches. Overall, its high-rated beddings are great for everyone, whether you are a side-, back-, or stomach-sleeper.

SweetNight Mattress Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SweetNight Mattress is a highly popular brand for its quality and affordable price. Many expert reviews also highly rated this bedding brand. But do all of its customers also think so? Hence, we need to consider the buyer rating and reviews. Here’s the rating data:

SweetNight Mattress Review: SweetNight Mattress Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As you can see from the rating data above, nearly all customers leave good reviews. Below is one customer statement among those glowing SweetNight Mattress reviews:

I am super happy with this Twilight Hybrid Mattress! All of my morning aches and pains were lessened after the first night. Slowly, I am starting to feel like myself again!!!

Another customer also stated:

As someone with scoliosis, I can finally be comfortable! This hybrid mattress was affordable and easy to unbox. I can’t give this mattress 5 stars because immediately after I unboxed it, I noticed a small stain…

Next is one of the buyer complaints that allows us to see their nitpicks. Check it out:

It has a good quality. The shipping is also fast. However, the only problem is the smell upon unpacking. It took a week for the odor to go away.

Similar to all the good and bad reviews above, customers love how its product is highly comfortable and affordable. It can help them relieve pain and boost restful sleep. On the other hand, the buyer’s concern is minor issues with odor and sinking.

Is SweetNight Mattress Worth It?

When it comes to the pricing, SweetNight Mattress is worth the value. It has a relatively affordable price with all its features and quality. Moreover, its mattress is varied and can target multiple sleepers with different preferences.

SweetNight Mattress Review: Is SweetNight Mattress Worth It?

The mattress also performs finely to boost better sleeping with features like cooling tech and pain relief. Many buyers have already proven how it changes their sleep. It’s truly a budget-friendly alternative to invest in your quality sleep.

SweetNight Mattress Pros And Cons

Want to know about the highlight of this brand’s quality?  Here, we’ve listed the brand’s pros and cons!


  • Cool feeling with better airflow
  • Contouring structure for pain relief
  • Suitable for all sleep position
  • Various firmness, thickness, and sizes
  • Multiple types of mattress
  • Quality and certified materials
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Free shipping
  • Up to 100-day return policy
  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • Glowing reviews from experts and buyers.


  • Not all products available
  • Few customers report the sinking
  • The foam mattress is smelly at first.

SweetNight Mattress Shipping Policy

SweetNight Mattress ships within the US, UK, and the rest of the world. Further, all orders placed on the official site will be qualified for free shipping via FedEx standard shipping.

In addition, it also has UPS shipping with a charge of $20 and $50 to S100 for a king-size spring mattress. Then, the product will take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at the intended location.

SweetNight Mattress Return Policy

SweetNight has a 100-day return policy for mattresses. It also has a 30-day return policy for bedding, bed frames, and eye mask tech. So you can claim this return for a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the products.

Contact the support team to start the return by providing proof of purchase and return reason. Furthermore, the company will issue a refund when the returned item arrives at its facility. It usually takes 1 to days for the return to be credited.

SweetNight Mattress Warranty

Questioning about its bedding quality? Better not. SweetNight has multiple warranties covering its amazing products. For instance, its line of mattresses is covered with a 10-year warranty.

On the other hand, it also has a 5-year warranty for toppers and a 3-year warranty for pillows. The eye tech mask and mobile warming blanket also come with a 1-year warranty. Thus, feel free to register your warranty within the period.

How To Contact SweetNight Mattress

SweetNight Mattress offers multiple ways to reach its customer service. So contact them between Mon-Sat at 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (EST) via:

Headquarters Address

300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 210-2207
Wilmington, DE 19801
United States

Where to buy SweetNight Mattress?

Ready to create your most comfortable hibernating space? Then, you should upgrade your mattress and bedding by scouring its online store at www.sweetnight.com. Also, its authentic products like Dreamland and Breeze mattresses can be bought from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and more!

SweetNight Mattress Coupon Codes & Promos

Make the best savings on your purchase! Ensure you get the best deals on your bedding shopping by buying from the official site. Hence, harness this list of perks!

Sweetnight Mattress Sale

  • Free shipping on most purchases
  • Get a free Eye Tech Mask on every mattress order
  • Up to 60% OFF on bedding collection on the Deals page
  • Join the VIP club to earn points and rewards
  • Refer a friend to get $5 OFF voucher code
  • Register to the email list for exclusive offers and discount codes!

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SweetNight Mattress

SweetNight Mattress Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SweetNight Mattress reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Do SweetNight mattresses have fiberglass?

SweetNight Mattresses are free from fiberglass and use CertiPUR-US certified material only.

How long does it take for a SweetNight mattress to expand?

Many people are asking about how long to expand. Based on the company information, it takes around 72 hours to expand fully.

Is SweetNight Mattress made in USA?

Its company is based in the US, but some of its products are made in China.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SweetNight Mattress Reviews & Ratings

In summary, does this bedding brand is good? No doubt. Our SweetNight Mattress review has proven how good its quality mattress collection is. All of its bedding is designed with your better sleeping in mind using hypoallergenic and quality materials.

Also, its products have an innovative design that can target a wide range of sleepers with different sleeping styles. Whether you find a mattress for camping or one for your everyday sleeping, it has it all. Thus, level up your sleeping experience with SweetNight Mattress!


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