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About Superspace US

When selecting toys for your children, it’s important to consider options that will entertain them and help develop their motor skills and creativity. Luckily, Superspace offers an excellent resource for finding toys to achieve both goals.

Superspace Review: About Superspace US

Yup! Superspace magnetic tiles, this is a life-size ‘everything toy.’ It comes with a huge size that can turn into anything according to the child’s imagination. Also, it can be whatever they want it to be. So much fun!

By the way, with its size, is this toy safe for kids? Yes, of course! The brand makes the panels from a neat sustainable material called Eco Felt, made using recycled plastic bottles. No doubt. It’s very lightweight and safe for your kids.

In addition, the brand’s toys are popular among parents and children, as proved by their achievements of winning the National Parenting Product Awards and Gold Award, a finalist in the Toy Of The Year Awards, and NMT Nursery Awards 2022.

On top of that, this company also features in popular media publications such as WGN America, FOX, CBS Essentials, and many more. They also attract a lot of social media users by gaining 19k followers on Instagram and 10k followers on Facebook.

Before you decide to buy their products, as an intelligent parent, you should dig up information relating to the history of the brand as well as details of the product quality.

Stay with us and keep reading. Your child’s safety while playing is your sole responsibility!

Overview of Get Superspace US

The brand was started in 2020 by parents of curious and active children who were always struggling to find ways for their children to have the freedom and space to explore their imaginations creatively and independently.

For this reason, they decided to bring Superspace to create an escape route for children’s imaginations. From intergalactic missions to secret lairs, kids can now build their adventures where the only limit is their wild imagination.

They believe that creative play is fundamental to children’s development in terms of learning skills and as a means to help them understand their world.

It can help children to learn to explore their emotions through building and creating special spaces and adventures. It is a great way to help children integrate and understand their feelings in a fun way.

Moreover, it’s also a great way to introduce children to problem-solving in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Although this toy is not heavy or complicated, it can also help children to encourage the development of their motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and balance.

Hence the brand name Superspace with the coordinate space definition of a theory that exhibits supersymmetry.

Superspace Review

You may already know this toy’s various benefits to enhance your child’s skills. However, you should also know the details of the quality of this toy. 

Superspace Reviews: Superspace Review

We’ll discuss in the next section that superspace currently only sells 2 products. They have 5 colors: blue, charcoal, orange, turquoise, and pine green. Every 24 sets of packing boxes have dimensions of 1020mm * 505mm * 192mm.

So, what about the sizes of each of the panels? All panels are 9mm thick. The sides of squares, squares with windows, and triangles are 500mm/20″. And the long side of the Trapezoid is 1000mm.

Well, now you know a few general details about the product. In the next section, Superspace review will discuss more information on each product it sells, without further ado. Let’s jump to the product review!

Superspace The Rectangles Add-on Pack Reviews

First, let’s meet one of the brand’s selling products, The Rectangles Add-on Pack. It is the perfect toy for creating larger structures such as towers for castles, tall fortress entrances, or long tunnels. If you have a child who loves to play like a princess trapped in a castle, then this toy is the best answer to develop their imagination!

Superspace Review: Superspace The Rectangles Add-on Pack Reviews

In addition, this pack contains 7 rectangular panels, 6 solid panels, and 1 super cool rectangle with a window (or door? which can be customized) which equals 14 squares. Also, the brand makes this rectangles pack with lightweight, durable, and soft Eco-Felt

On the other hand, the brand also makes this rectangle pack from recycled plastic bottles. Thus, it’s perfectly safe for kids to use to stretch their imaginations. Get these toys for $179 and improve your child’s skills in various aspects in a more exciting and fun way!

Superspace The New Big Set (22 Panels) Reviews

Presenting games that can sense children’s creativity is one of the great achievements for parents. This way, parents can introduce and train children’s abilities with fun things.

Superspace Review: Superspace The New Big Set (22 Panels) Reviews

Just like The New Big Set (22 Panels) that helps creativity and imagination that is not limited by rules. Due to the high demand in the market, the brand finally came up with a new big set that includes 2 rectangular panels. 

With this toy, there’s no need for complicated attachments or additional connectors. Kids just need some serious fun. This big set comes with connected magnetic panels that are easy to build in any way. 

In addition, its patent-pending magnetic casing system securely holds the magnets, ensuring kids can’t get them out. Also, its lightweight yet strong material can be cleaned without hassle. So, you don’t have to worry if your child plays with cookies or snacks with it.

The New Big Set has 5 different shapes, including 2x rectangles, 6x squares, 2x windows, 6x triangles, and 6x trapezoids. It can be used as a playhouse, tent, or whatever your child imagines. 

Made of soft material, this toy is safe for children and will not hurt them. This big set is undoubtedly more expensive than the previous product because it has more parts. You have to spend $299 to get this fun toy. Buy now and enjoy a new game with your child at home!

Superspace Pros and Cons

There are so many benefits that you can get from this toy that can improve your child’s skills from various aspects. Now let’s talk about some points of Superspace’s pros and cons:


  • Enhance children’s ideas, creativity, and imagination
  • Made of a very neat eco-friendly material called Eco Felt
  • Comes with friendly magnetic connectors
  • Fast and easy to build new and many structures
  • Good Toy accreditation by the Good Play Guide
    30-day return
  • Has many good feedbacks from parents


  • Only ships to the US and UK

Superspace Tips & Guides

After knowing a few things about the products this brand has to offer, some of you might be curious about how practical tips for ensuring maximum fun with structures can be with these toys. So, here they are:

  1. First, find the best stability to start with the floor
  2. Then start building the walls around the base of the floor
  3. Always ensure clips are well aligned for maximum holding ability
  4. Then extend, change, break, and rebuild. Repeat!
  5. Encourage kids to clean up by making boxes out of panels

You may need a video tutorial to understand its use better; please check this page

Who is Superspace For?

When it comes to who is suitable to play with Superspace, the answer is probably anyone who wants to play with it. Whether you’re an adult or a child, this toy is here to exercise the imagination of its players. 

Superspace Review: Who is Superspace For?

This is a toy that both kids and parents will love. Parents can play together with their children to create amazing shapes, or they can let their children play alone and let them assemble the panels as they imagine.

Aside from being able to be molded into anything according to the imagination, this toy is also made of safe materials for children. Please note, however, that this toy is recommended for children aged 3+ years, as this product contains magnets.

Also, although it is securely fastened inside the plastic case if it’s removed, it will be dangerous if swallowed. So, please be careful in looking after your child.

Superspace Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The brand is very open to allowing its customers to leave review comments about the brand. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, the brand will accept them and evaluate its products from the reviews left by its customers. 

Superspace Review: Superspace Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But it seems that more customers leave positive than negative reviews. This can be seen from the toy review section on the brand’s website, which lists 100 reviews with a total of 86 reviews giving a 5/5 stars rating, 13 reviews with a 4/5 stars rating, and 1 review with a 3/5 stars rating. 

One reviewer wrote a positive comment giving a 5/5 stars rating, saying:

My 6-year-old really loves it, as does my 10-year-old nephew every time when he visits. She’s been using it a lot over the past two months, usually when she has a particular idea or wants to create a fort for privacy. Would love to buy a second set in the next year when our baby is a bit older.

As expected, kids will definitely have fun playing with this toy, creating many things with their ideas. Even the parent who left the review wants to buy a second set.

Review with a 4/5 stars rating said:

We love superspaces, we have no issues with them and they are a lot of fun to build. My only problem with them is we struggled a bit with the trapezoids and would have loved to have had a right triangle to work with. Overall very happy and would highly recommend. Much better than Nugget.

From the review, it can be seen that the customer was satisfied to build a shape with the toy even though he seemed to have difficulty making a right triangle trapezoidal shape to work with. However, overall he was very happy and even recommended it. 

The last review came from a customer who gave the brand a 3/5 stars rating:

Overall, we are happy with this set. You really need two complete sets to make something magical that really comes together. Many times the structure collapses on the kids inside from hitting the wall. If there is a version 2, better magnets that don’t slip easily and tighter magnet connection points would make it much better.

The review provided feedback to the brand regarding the magnets sticking more firmly and the connection points being tight so that the structure that has been built does not collapse easily. Despite this, the customer was still happy with the set. 

Overall, from the three reviews above, it can be concluded that many customers are satisfied and happy with this toy. Despite the feedback from customers, they are still satisfied with this set. This will be very helpful and useful for the brand to expand its production in the future. So, kids are happy, and so are parents!

Is Superspace Worth It?

These toys that are not just any toys, which can train children’s creative ideas and imagination, will be the best choice for parents. Children can play happily to create things in their imagination into reality. 

As well as being easy to play with thanks to the lightweight Superspace panels, it has also passed the official child safety standards for the UK and US (UKCA and CE).

In addition, each of its panels is made from an elegant eco-friendly material called Eco Felt. These are made using recycled plastic bottles. They are highly durable, easy to clean, and won’t break down, ensuring your kids have a lifetime of adventure ahead of them.

This brand lets kids play with their creative ideas safely and comfortably. Creative play is a fun way to help children develop motor skills, problem-solving, comprehension, and, most importantly, how they play with other children and begin understanding how to do teamwork.

So, we strongly agree that Superspace is worthy of parents’ choice in selecting toys that benefit their children!

Superspace Shipping Policy

When it comes to shipping policies, the first thing you should know about this brand is that, for now, they only ship orders to the US and UK.

The expected delivery time for all colors is 5-7 days. The brand process and ship your order as soon as possible. Please note that each of their products has different shipping costs due to the different sizes of the products. 

  • The Rectangles Add-on Pack: Shipping – $20 per pack
  • The New Big Set (22 Panels): Shipping – $25 per set

Additional shipping costs or taxes will be calculated at checkout. Well, suppose you face a problem; please get in touch with customer service at [email protected]

Superspace Return Policy

This brand emphasizes the quality of each of its products. But perfection can’t be expected all the time, so perhaps if you’re not happy with the product you receive, then you have a 30-day return offer to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, the item must be in the same condition as received and in its original packaging. You must also bear the cost of the return. Please contact [email protected] to initiate a return and for information regarding return approval and how & where to send the return package. 

When your returned item has been received by the brand and approved for return, you’ll automatically receive a refund on your original payment method. Keep in mind that banks or credit card companies take time to process and send refunds as well.

How to Contact Superspace

Do you have any product-related questions that you don’t understand? We recommend visiting the FAQs page to see the questions and answers posted by the brand that might answer your questions.

However, if you still can’t find the answers, please contact customer service at:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Leave a message on the contact form already available
  • Send a short message via live chat in the bottom right corner of the website

The team is happy to answer all questions and will respond to your messages as soon as possible. 

Where to buy Superspace?

Do you want to buy Superspace panels for your child as soon as possible? The only place to order this fun toy is through the official website. There you’ll get authentic products of the best quality.

Superspace Coupon Codes & Promos

It is undeniable that getting a discount is a favorable thing for customers. Therefore, in this section, we’ll give you a secret on getting a deal when buying products from this brand. 

So, how do you do it? You can get 5% off your purchase by signing up for your account. Not only that, you can get other exciting discounts with discount codes for special events such as Black Friday or Halloween that will be sent to your email. So, sign up now and get special offers for you!

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Superspace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Superspace reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Superspace?

We were unable to obtain information on who owns the company, but we found out that Anthony Erwin is one of the founders at Superspace.

Is Superspace child safety certified?

Yes, Superspace has passed the official child safety standards for the UK and US (UKCA and CE).

Do Superspace ship internationally?

For now, they only ship to the United States and the UK. But they hope to expand its giant magnetic tiles & panels to other countries soon!

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Superspace Reviews & Ratings

Childhood is a very important age to try many things, practice skills and develop small imaginations into big ones. Therefore, many parents are competing to find the best games and toys that can improve their children’s abilities and growth.

Thanks to the presence of Superspace in the world of children’s toys, now parents don’t have to worry anymore about finding toys that are useful and safe. Superspace is a toy that can develop children’s abilities and creativity in a fun way!


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