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SuperMade Review 2024 → Classic Streetwear For Your Fashion!

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About SuperMade

SuperMade is a streetwear denim brand that lets you change up your look with its infinite fashion choices. They’re known for combining their contemporary and classic designs, which take inspiration from rappers and street fashion.

SuperMade Review: About SuperMade

They offer trendy, stylish, and fashion-forward pieces available for men and women, which means that all genders can be decked out in their premium clothes.

As of now, the brand has yet to gain media publicity, but its Instagram page does boast a following of over 92.8k, which is a pretty impressive number to have. The brand has also garnered some genuine customer reviews, especially those posted on its official website.

So, are you looking to feel and look good with a new streetwear brand? My SuperMade review is here to help you find out whether this brand is worth your money by checking out their top-selling products, promos, customer testimonials, and more. Let’s go check it out!

Overview of SuperMade

Getting curated trendy apparel collections on a budget is a really compelling draw. Hence, SuperMade understands that, so they offer fashion items for all genders on a budget. Also, they often hold promos, discounts and even cut out the middleman to drive home their commitment to affordable fashion.

Since the brand seems relatively new to the industry, the company’s history is unknown. But, it doesn’t mean that they have no reason, they remain business-focused, proving that the brand’s vision is to be the top 1 streetwear fashion brand.

As seen on the website, they state that they don’t want to follow the fast-fashion trends, that’s why they remain to manufacture their items in limited quantities to minimize waste and make it to be exclusive.

If you believe in the power of self-expression as the brand does, you’ll likely love the vast range of streetwear fashion items collections that the brand has to offer — as they take inspiration from rappers and street fashion from a global perspective.

What’s more? They continue to strive for the better in the long run, providing high-quality, affordable, gender-neutral streetwear that makes you “be yourself and never settle for less.”

So now you know a bit further about the brand. Before we dive into the details, this SuperMade review will give you some pros and cons to make you better informed about the brand.

SuperMade Pros

  • Offers a wide range of reasonably priced streetwear items for all genders
  • Great sales on already affordable items
  • Limited quantity production
  • International shipping available
  • Free shipping worldwide for orders of +$99
  • 30-day return policy
  • Responsive customer service team
  • Financing is available
  • Lots of positive customer testimonials

SuperMade Cons

  • Duty fees and taxes are the buyer’s responsibility

SuperMade Review

SuperMade’s best-sellers are stylish and classic, yet still functional. From retro to vintage, American denim stitching, you’re about bound to find one that is perfect for you.

SuperMade Reviews: SuperMade Review

Next up in this SuperMade review, let’s talk a little bit more about each.

SuperMade Retro Style Quilted Racing Jacket -1297 Reviews

The coolest Supermade retro-style quilted racing jacket will be your top choice to use with any leisure pants and jeans. It’s also thick enough to wear during spring days, all winter long and is an extremely convenient unisex style.

SuperMade Review: SuperMade Retro Style Quilted Racing Jacket -1297 Reviews

Even better, you’ll feel proud of yourself because of its racing elements that make you stand out in the crowd! The scenery is perfect for your daily outfit planning as this jacket fits everyone’s mood board.

You can choose between one of three colors; brown, red, blue, and 4 sizes options; M, L, XL, and XXL. This cozy Retro Style Quilted Racing Jacket will cost you $79.95, cut down from $149.90.

SuperMade Contrast Color Slash Youth Polo T-shirt -1208 Reviews

The second item in this SuperMade review is the Contrast Color Slash Youth Polo T-shirt. Adding these collisions of dark green and apricot to your next updo clothing will add extra sparkle and flair to your overall look.

SuperMade Review: SuperMade Contrast Color Slash Youth Polo T-shirt -1208 Reviews

What to adore? People seem to like the high-quality and heavy-weight combed fabric, making it super comfy to wear for the next night out in the street. The originality of the slash youth abstract letter even presents elements of street and casual.

Of course, it’ll be a no-brainer that makes it match any outfit! Take it home. You can get this coolest polo on earth for $44.95.

SuperMade High Street Love Sneakers Reviews

Every street lover needs sneakers in their wardrobe. The best-selling SuperMade High Street Love Sneakers are made with microfiber leather in the upper, rubber in the outsole, and a padded collar. The two-color patchwork mix design and heart pattern will go well with matching to any of your pants and jeans.

SuperMade Review: SuperMade High Street Love Sneakers Reviews

What makes the shoes loved by many is that they fit great and nicely while being super comfy to use. The authenticity and also good-quality even set them ‘on fire.’ So don’t worry, the brand will provide original ones just for you.

Comes in three different colors, you can choose between; black, brown, or cream. And different sizes options: 39-44. Price wise, step into a pair for $69.95.

Who Is SuperMade For?

With the newly introduced streetwear collection, SuperMade is an excellent choice for all genders of Gen Y and Z, looking for essential pieces that are sustainably sourced and manufactured.

SuperMade Review: Who Is SuperMade For?

They’re trendy and versatile, so you can remain fashion-forward while wearing simple clothing. Their prices are also banged for the buck, so it’s highly accessible.

SuperMade Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s not complete for this SuperMade review without looking at some genuine customer testimonials. So, I had to dig deep to find the brand’s published ratings and customer feedback to help you make an informed decision.

SuperMade Review: SuperMade Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are the average ratings for our featured products:

  • Retro Style Quilted Racing Jacket -1297: 5/5 ratings based on 22 reviews
  • Contrast Color Slash Youth Polo T-shirt -1208: 4.7/5 ratings based on 42 reviews
  • High Street Love Sneakers: 4.8/5 ratings based on 51 reviews

Evidently, the SuperMade Retro Style Quilted Racing Jacket -1297 is well-loved among customers. One customer comments, “This jacket has quickly become my favorite! It is so warm and comfortable on these cold winter days. I completely recommend this purchase and would absolutely buy it again! So soft and comfortable.”

The SuperMade Contrast Color Slash Youth Polo T-shirt -1208 also gets glowing ratings. One verified customer writes, “I bought this shirt for my husband for Father’s Day, and he loves it. It’s super soft, looks great, and washes like a dream. It was great on our recent vacation. I just hand-washed it and hung it up to dry, and it was ready to go.”

One reviewer raves about the SuperMade High Street Love Sneakers, writing, “I love these shoes and have multiple different pairs. This pair fits a bit tighter than the previous one. Still love the shoe and will buy more!”

Some good news in this SuperMade review: there are definitely happy customers out there as well. Many reviewers had a great experience with the service and the products they bought.

Is SuperMade Worth It?

From what I’ve found during this SuperMade review in terms of customer feedback, this brand is worth your money. They offer decent quality apparel that is meant to last, despite being worn every day. Their items are timeless, so you have no worry about your clothing going out of fashion.

SuperMade Review: Is SuperMade Worth It?

SuperMade provides you with via select infinite fashion to fully express yourselves, so make sure you can navigate the website.

SuperMade Shipping Policy

I’m happy to report in this SuperMade review that they offer free shipping worldwide when customers purchase over $99. Estimated delivery dates can vary based on your chosen item, shipping option, and location.

Processing can take 3 – 5 business days, and international orders usually take between 7 – 21 business days to arrive. In addition, international customers are subject to a $25 restocking fee, and the brand collects them upfront.

SuperMade Return Policy

SuperMade has a 30-day returns policy. Your item(s) must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and in original packaging with the original product label tags to be accepted. Here are the simple steps to return:

  • Contact [email protected] and wait for a confirmation from the brand
  • If your return is confirmed, they will send the information necessary to you
  • Send back the item(s) that includes an order number, tracking number & contact info

Once your return is delivered and accepted, you can get a full refund (minus the original shipping fee) within 7 – 15 business days.

How To Contact SuperMade

If you have any questions that I haven’t covered in this SuperMade review, you can contact the customer care team via the following:

  • Phone: +1 833-959-4029
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill in the brand’s contact form
  • Direct messages on their social media page (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

The customer care team happily responds to you and is available on Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Saturday – Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

Where to buy SuperMade?

Did any items in this SuperMade review catch your eye? Since the brand has the idea of cutting out the middleman costs, the best and the only place you can find their products is at

SuperMade Coupon Codes & Promos

At the time of writing this SuperMade review, I’m happy to share ALL of this brand’s different discounts and promotions. Since they constantly have sales going on, I’ve collected a few below (but I’d recommend that you check out their official site to stay updated):

  • Get 10% off your first purchase when subscribing to the brand’s newsletter
  • Discounted prices on select items
  • Free shipping on all orders worldwide
  • Pay options with Klarna

For more discounts and deals, you can use the coupon codes below (by clicking the button) to shop at SuperMade.

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SuperMade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SuperMade reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns SuperMade?

Sadly, I couldn’t find any information about the brand’s owners, but it’s safe to assume that the brand remains business-focused.

Does SuperMade ship internationally?

Yes, SuperMade ships internationally from the United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SuperMade Reviews & Ratings

There’s no denying that streetwear has made its way into luxury fashion. Hoodies, basic tees, graphic tees, jeans, trousers, and snapbacks, SuperMade has it all that is created by upcoming designers that are inspired from a global perspective.

Since your go-to streetwear brand says a lot about you, SuperMade has you covered because all they have is all about trendy, modern, casual, and stylistically unique. So, which one is your favorite? Time to explore the best streetwear from SuperMade!


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