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Super Home Warranty Review 2024 → An Alert to Cover Your Home Systems and Appliances

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About Super Home Warranty

Disasters are unpredictable, but you can prepare before it happens. Super Home Warranty will assist you in investing in taking care of your home appliances and system efficiency. 

Super Home Warranty Review: About Super Home Warranty

This California-based company provides an affordable copay with a variety of plans for home improvement. In addition, customers may get prepared by only paying a $75 copay! 

You may file up to $10,000 for your broken property systems. Furthermore, the team will send you an expert technician and fix the damaged parts efficiently. This system is a great help because you can save time and money

Although it has not been featured in the press, more than 2.1K loyal customers follow it on social media. So then, stay tuned to this Super Home Warranty review to know more about it. But first, let’s dig deeper into the founder and background of the company now! 

Overview of Super Home Warranty

Jorey Ramer founded this company in 2015, aiming to evolve the home care business with a positive approach. He still leads Super Home Warranty and is intended to provide the best for all customers. 

In 2021, the company received huge investments with total funding of $80 million. These inventors include Gaingels, Asahi Kasei, Aquiline Technology Growth, Auto Club Group, etc. 

This CEO has skillful technicians and Super Certified technicians for everybody’s home maintenance. As a result, whatever problem you have, the team will assist with your issues. 

Customers curious about the headquarters may visit the San Fransisco, California office. However, the company also has branches in Arizona and Phoenix and can serve in more than 14 regions across eight states in the US. 

Therefore, wherever you are, the team will gladly help maintain your property, home appliances, and systems to the utmost condition. 

Super Home Warranty Review

Now you know this company helps prepare for the worst. However, do you know what plans you may get from this online service? 

Super Home Warranty Reviews: Super Home Warranty Review

Therefore, this Super Home Warranty review will focus on four discussion topics, including:

  • Plans
  • Covered Service
  • App
  • Procedure

Without further ado, let’s get into the first topic discussion and learn more about this company! 

Super Home Warranty Plans Review

As previously discussed, the company offers various plans you can choose based on your needs. So then, will you guess what plans are there?

Super Home Warranty Review: Super Home Warranty Plans Review

Here are the explanations:

Simple Signature Lux
  • To protect vital home systems
  • Covers six appliances
  • Protects home system thoroughly  
  • Give extra protection for busy homeowners
  • Full coverage on appliances
  • Protects home system completely
  • Features upgrade coverage 
  • Maximum coverage for homeowners 
  • Full coverage on devices, systems, and outdoors 
  • Features upgrade coverage
  • Ultimate limit advancement for Plus privileges

From the abovementioned table, you’ve understood how different the features are. One same thing is every customer may name a custom quote before subscribing to the plan. Therefore, you would not feel burdened due to the high copay. 

Super Home Warranty Covered Service Review

Now you know the plans explanations which mention appliances, systems, outdoors, and the Plus features. Here, I’ll tell you what service coverage is within the four elements. 

Super Home Warranty Review: Super Home Warranty Covered Service Review

Find them on the list below:

Appliances Systems
  • Dishwasher
  • Range/Oven
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Built-in Microwave,
  • etc
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heat System
  • Water Heater
  • Interior Electrical,
  • etc
Outdoors Plus
  • Outdoor Gas Fireplaces
  • Landscape Lighting,
  • etc
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Water Softener & Reserve Osmosis, 
  • etc

Then, are you interested in subscribing to the plans? Let’s find your preferred one by clicking the link below! 

Super Home Warranty App Review

You may think that checking a subscription through a PC is too complicated. It may also postpone your schedule due to the inefficiency. Therefore, this company provides all customers with a Super ( app

Super Home Warranty Review: Super Home Warranty App Review

This app is compatible with smartphones and tablets. In addition, you may download it on iOS or Android systems. 

The primary function of this app is to allow you to sign up for an account and subscribe to the plan. Customers may also schedule a service for the broken property efficiently. Then, the team will handle the rest. 

So if you find website checking difficult, this app will significantly help. Hence, you may monitor every progress and take care of your property effectively. 

How does Super Home Warranty Work?

Before subscribing to the plans, this section will explain the procedure of this company. So read carefully and try to understand the explanations step by step. 

  1. First, sign up for an account on the official website or app.
  2. Log in to your account and choose your preferred plan. 
  3. Start subscribing to your plan, and do not forget to pay the installment regularly. 
  4. If you find a broken property, contact the team immediately. 
  5. The team will help by sending experts to fix your problem.
  6. That’s it! Your property is saved. 

The procedure is simple, yet you must follow it thoroughly. So, are you ready to take care of your property now? 

Super Home Warranty vs American Home Shield

Many people try to compare this company to others, including American Home Shield. If you’re curious about the comparison, find them in the explanation below! 

Image 1: Super Home Warranty vs American Home Shield
Image 2: American Home Shield

Super Home Warranty Highlights 

  • The warranty coverage begins in 15 days 
  • The copay costs $75 
  • Covers up to 24 appliances and systems 

American Home Shield Highlights 

  • The warranty coverage begins in 30 days
  • It doesn’t mention the copay cost 
  • Covers 23 appliances and systems 

Super Home Warranty Pros and Cons

In the middle of this review, I’ll briefly explain this company in the form of pros and cons. Here they are: 


  • Warranty coverage for home appliances and systems
  • Offers three plans
  • Affordable co-pay
  • Suitable for homeowners or real estate owners
  • 30-day cancellation policy 


  • There are not many customer reviews on the official website
  • Only receives a B score from BBB 

Who is Super Home Warranty For?

This company tends to help homeowners and real estate owners prepare for the worst before the disaster happens. Since the time is unpredictable, it is recommended to have insurance for your property. 

Super Home Warranty Review: Who is Super Home Warranty For?

Furthermore, you can instantly change the authority to the next owner if you sell the house. Therefore, the insurance warranty will continuously happen to keep your property. 

Super Home Warranty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

People are trying to trust this company by searching its reviews on BBB (Better Business Bureau). Fortunately, it received a B accreditation which is verified. 

Super Home Warranty Review: Super Home Warranty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

What about customer testimonials? Let’s read the following evidence from the customers!

Super happy with the service. When I need Super Home, the team come through and solve whatever the issue is taken care of. Thanks a lot!

This customer is delicate with the team’s service because it helps with every issue. But in addition, he is thankful for the help. 

Another customer stated:

We have Super Home on our house and three rental products. We’ve susbcribed to other warranty companies in the past. But Super is so much better and light years ahead with the services they have been offered.

This customer tries another home warranty back then but found Super Home Warranty the best. Not only is the service excellent, but also the team is helpful. 

The last customer said:

I extremely love Super. I think they are very efficient and reply immediately.

This last customer also loves the Super team because they are efficient. Moreover, they do not need much time to respond as soon as possible. 

Simply put, Super Home Warranty promotes the best for all services from the team. Therefore, customers are satisfied with the team’s helpful hand. 

Is Super Home Warranty Worth It?

Home warranty investment from Super Home Warranty is incredibly worth it, period! Not only is the copay more affordable than other companies but also the plans vary.

Customers may subscribe to their preferred plans to cover their properties. Furthermore, the signup process is easy. You can monitor the progress from the official website or app. So, are you ready to invest more in your appliances and systems? 

Is Super Home Warranty Legit?

You may be concerned about the legitimacy and check this company on Reddit. But now, I don’t think you need to do that anymore since Super Home Warranty is legit. 

Why do I say so? This company provides the information you need on the official website. You can read the background, who the CEO is, and how people may enjoy the service. 

Furthermore, you can immediately contact customer service written on the page. So whatever you need, the team will help and let you relieve. 

Super Home Warranty Cancellation Policy

You may change your mind during the subscription and not want to pay another copay. Fortunately, this company provides a 30-day cancellation policy

To cancel your subscription, don’t hesitate to contact customer service at (844) 517-8737. Please get the team within the period to receive a full refund. 

How to Contact Super Home Warranty

You may want to know more about the coverage. If you do, feel free to contact customer service via: 

In addition, you can remember the business hours to receive a response as soon as possible. The team will be online from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 9 PM EST. However, you may also visit the following address for intensive assistance. 

Super Home Warranty Location
120 2nd St, San Fransisco,
CA 94105-3602

Where to buy Super Home Warranty?

There are two methods allowing you to order coverage from this company. First, sign up for an account on the official website and log in to place an order. Second, install the Super ( on your tablet or phone.

The Super app is available in Google Play Store and App Store. Ensure to download the app, which has the house logo in a blue shade. If you find a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact Hello Super Home Warranty’s phone number immediately. 

Super Home Warranty Coupon Codes & Promos

This company does not offer promo codes for new subscribers. However, once you become a loyal subscriber, the team may reward you with specific discounts and promotions. 

So, sign up for an account and subscribe to your preferred plan. Let’s be loyal to get codes from the company and cover your home now! 

Reveal all coupons
Super Home Warranty

Super Home Warranty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Super Home Warranty reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Super Warranty?

This company provides an investment to cover your appliances and home systems far before everything breaks. In addition, the copay cost is affordable, which won’t burden every subscriber. 

Who is the CEO of Super Warranty?

Jorey Ramer is the founder and CEO of this warranty company. 

How to cancel Super Home Warranty?

Customers may cancel their subscriptions within 30 days. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Super Home Warranty Reviews & Ratings

Home property is your best investment to have security protection. But, do not forget to warrant them with Super Home Warranty service. This company allows you to choose the plan you need the most.

In addition, you may feel at ease since the team consists of Super technicians and advisors that can cover your appliances and systems. Hence, let’s immediately sign up for an account and subscribe now! 


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