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Hi, beautiful souls! Do you realize that winter is about to come? Yes, only one or two months are left, you can finally see those falling snows everywhere. But wait, have you got your soft and comfortable scarf? No worries. We still have time to see what SUNXZZ has.


What is it? People who love shopping for scarves must know this store. Have you ever heard the name? Basically, if you’re looking for the softest cashmere scarf without an extravagant tag, there’s no better place than this. And what’s more interesting?

Besides that, we know it’s more interesting that all scarves are USA-designed. On the other hand, the brand never misses product quality since it consistently brings Mongolia’s cashmere goat to produce the finest and purest fiber quality. So, it’s all good, right?

However, does this brand also perform well on social media? We prefer saying that SUNXZZ is a fast-growing company since it only has 112 total followers. It may be a new brand in the industry, but let’s believe it will be bigger someday. So, who’ll support them?

Finally, reading our SUNXZZ reviews means you also support this company to be better and loved by more customers. And we guess you’ll be the next customer to find yourself surprised by seeing the brand’s product quality. Can’t believe it? Just wait and see, then!

Overview Of SUNXZZ

Since we’ve slightly mentioned winter in the previous section, you don’t think that scarf is only used to get warmth during winter, right? Come on, who doesn’t know what a scarf is for?

Scarf and shawl are already part of fashion, you know? So, whether you get them for winter, UV protection, or just to give a final perfect touch to your dressing style, that’s 100% acceptable.

Fortunately, SUNXZZ fully realizes this, so you shouldn’t hesitate about the brand’s product design. Specifically, all items are super catchy and flexible to any fashion trend these days.

In addition, do you know where these scarves are manufactured? Yes, the whole production process is in a Chinese manufacturer, which has been in the wool industry for over 2 decades

So, what type of scarf do you want to wear around your neck? We know you are already excited about this, but let’s hold your curiosity until we find the answer in the following section.

SUNXZZ Reviews

Are you the type of person who loves to see yourself with a scarf? Yes, despite its minor wear, but believe it or not, wearing a scarf will create a more fashionable version of yourself. So, does SUNXZZ suit your style?

SUNXZZ Reviews: SUNXZZ Reviews

You won’t know whether it looks your style and personality until you try one. However, we don’t think you’ll only take one home once you get into this brand. So, are you now more than excited to see the products?

SUNXZZ Product Categories

Dear happy people, those are the categories that you can shop through this scarf store. Meanwhile, we’ll also make it more specific, and you know it is about to be our product recommendation. Interested?

SUNXZZ 3 Best Selling Items

  • Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf
  • Gradient Mens Plaid Cashmere Scarf
  • Black Print Lightweight 100s Cashmere Scarf

Who’s ready to get more surprises from each product above? We bet it’s hard for you to choose one. But don’t worry about spending much since they’re all so friendly to your bank account. Let’s be a happy shopper!

SUNXZZ Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf Reviews

Girls, have you ever thought of making some little changes to your fashion style? Or, if it’s your current wishlist, let us help you to make it happen with Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf!

SUNXZZ Review: SUNXZZ Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf Reviews

We told you that scarf is already part of fashion, right? So, there’s no one will judge your new look, we promise. Specifically, you can see this scarf features a rare style with water ripple and color gradient effects. Isn’t it good?

Moreover, there shouldn’t be any worry while wearing this scarf since it’s also lightweight. Thus, your neck will be very okay with it. And how many color choices do you have? There are 10 colors, and the picture above is pink-gray.

Scarf Details

  • Size: 35 x 190 cm
  • Weaving method: plain
  • Processing method: woven

So, have you prepared the most matched outfit for this Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf? We know you want it very much, so stop biting your finger and spend no more than $159.97! Get it in your favorite color!

SUNXZZ Gradient Mens Plaid Cashmere Scarf Reviews

Who says that wearing a scarf is only a woman’s style? People who say that must be so outdated, we guess. Big announcement to all men out there: let’s dress differently with Gradient Mens Plaid Cashmere Scarf!

SUNXZZ Review: SUNXZZ Gradient Mens Plaid Cashmere Scarf Reviews

What’s special about this scarf? First, let us tell you that this scarf shows a lively gradient lattice look. Also, we guess the grid box design suits all men’s personalities who tend to dress casually and simply.

Furthermore, with 7 color choices, each man can freely choose which color or type of scarf suits their style the best. Meanwhile, who loves the Beige Camel Grey color as in the picture above? Or do you have other favorite colors?

Cashmere Scarf Details

  • Size: 30 x 180 cm
  • Weaving method: plain
  • Processing method: woven

Finally, are you now considering adding a scarf to your daily fashion style? If yes, let’s choose Gradient Mens Plaid Cashmere Scarf over everything in the market. We promise your $109.90 won’t be a waste!

SUNXZZ Black Print 100s Cashmere Scarf Reviews

Another good scarf to recommend? No worries, we consistently fulfill your desire, so let’s bring this iconic Black Print Lightweight 100s Cashmere Scarf to the table! Who can handle the picture below?

SUNXZZ Review: SUNXZZ Black Print 100s Cashmere Scarf Reviews

The first good thing about this scarf is it has a pocketable design. Further, it can be easily folded into a small bundle, making it convenient to carry in your purse, pocket, or luggage. Simply, it’s so practical!

Next, we can also say that this scarf is lightweight and effectively gives an ultra-cozy experience. Therefore, it can be your forever companion in every outdoor activity without compromising your look. Pretty nice?

Cashmere Scarf Details

  • Size: 80 x 200 cm
  • Weaving method: twill

Ultimately, you won’t deny that this Black Print Lightweight 100s Cashmere Scarf is so good, right? Hence, you better get this at $99.97 faster since we don’t know whether it’s still in stock tomorrow!

SUNXZZ Pros and Cons

A bit spicy side of SUNXZZ reviews? You’ll get it at the following pros and cons list:


  • The softest and coziest cashmere scarf
  • Suit men and women
  • USA-designed
  • Manufactured in China
  • Made of Mongolia’s purest cashmere goat
  • Various colors and designs are available
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping for all orders (no minimum purchase needed)
  • Free returns


  • Little information about the company’s background

Who Is SUNXZZ For?

Dear happy people, who do you think doesn’t suit wearing a cashmere scarf and a shawl? Of course, no one. Then, can everyone buy and wear a scarf for daily activities?

Exactly, yes. These SUNXZZ cashmere scarves suit everyone (man & woman) since the brand sells the products for both categories. With different colors, styles, and designs, customers can easily choose the one that matches them best.

SUNXZZ Review: What Do Customers Think?

We’re so happy to know that you (still) stay in this section. So, will you witness more good things about SUNXZZ? Fortunately, we have this testimonial section to help you decide wisely before shopping.

SUNXZZ Review: SUNXZZ Review: What Do Customers Think?

Is SUNXZZ good based on the customer shopping experiences? You must be curious about that. Now, let us tell you that the brand gained 9.6/10 scores on the USA Review site, and it’s even better to see the details below:

In addition to those ratings, are the customer reviews also good? Witness them now!

As a starter, let’s see what this customer has said:

My dad loved the cashmere scarf I got him. He wears it almost daily and says it’s incredibly comfortable. After this, I think I will get one for me.

So, will this whole family love the addictive scarf from SUNXZZ? We know it’s super cozy, so no wonder more people will fall in love with it.

Besides that, we guess it’s important for you to know:

I am impressed by how well this product works. I never thought that a fabric could provide so much warmth. While I grew up wearing heavy wool and bulky jackets to stay warm, this scarf is soft and almost silky, yet it effectively prevents any wind from reaching my neck.

Indeed, the only thing you need for winter is SUNXZZ scarves. As this customer said, it gives the best warmth ever and is hard to take off. 

Lastly, don’t forget with this one, too:

I love this cashmere scarf because it’s soft, lightweight, and doesn’t feel suffocating. If you search for one for yourself, go visit this store and have the same good experience as me.

A comfortable scarf means one that doesn’t choke you. If that’s the one you are looking for, let’s have no other than the SUNXZZ.

Finally, how sure are you now to buy those incredible collections from this store? After all, adding a scarf to your daily wear is just a great fashion taste!

Is SUNXZZ Worth It?

An answer to that question? Of course, yes. SUNXZZ is 100% worth it due to its purest and finest material scarves (Inner Mongolia cashmere goat) to satisfy everyone.

SUNXZZ Review: Is SUNXZZ Worth It?

Then, the brand’s association with a Chinese manufacturer that has been in the fabric industry for over 20 years is undeniable. It significantly raises SUNXZZ’s status from a new scarf brand to everyone’s favorite brand. So, can you do it now?

SUNXZZ Shipping Policy

Shipping hundreds of cashmere scarves to your home? Of course, that’s possible. However, have you learned the brand’s shipping policy?

Great news! We’re so thrilled to inform you that SUNXZZ ships domestically (US) and worldwide. And do you know what’s better?

All orders will be eligible for free shipping without a minimum amount of purchase. Who’s crying now? Meanwhile, the brand needs one/two days to process your order, which takes around 5 – 10 days to arrive. So, hundreds of scarves now?

SUNXZZ Return Policy

Can I do a return here?

Even without asking, we’ll say ‘yes.’ In SUNXZZ, customer satisfaction is always the priority, so let’s not miss everything in this section.

Further, you’ll have a 30-day return policy after the date you purchase to get a full refund. Meanwhile, it’s even happier to know that the brand will cover every cost for return if it’s their fault. Lastly, contact them at [email protected] to initiate the return process.

How To Contact SUNXZZ?

Do you 100% trust SUNXZZ now? If so, let’s stay connected to them through the following:

Company Address Warehouse Address
Room 205, Lanfeng Building, University Student Pioneer Park, No. 9 Hangjin South Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia.CHINA 15350 Stafford St, City of La Puente, CA 1744, United States

Where to buy SUNXZZ?

You don’t know the right place to get those best cashmere scarves? It’s even closer than you thought. All SUNXZZ products are only available on the brand’s official website. So, if someone recommends shopping in other stores, you should know it’s not the original. 

SUNXZZ Coupon Codes & Promos

Nobody hates discounts. Do you agree? Therefore, what discount will you get in this store?

  • Enter a coupon code E-SAVE12 to get a 12% discount on your first order
  • Visit the Sale page and discover many scarves at discounted prices
  • Free returns for all orders (US and worldwide)
  • Free shipping for all orders (US and worldwide) without minimum purchase

Are those still not enough for you? Then, don’t leave earlier without clicking the button below!

Reveal all coupons

SUNXZZ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SUNXZZ reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns SUNXZZ?

Unfortunately, we discovered nothing about this information.

Where is SUNXZZ located?

The brand’s company address is Room 205, Lanfeng Building, University Student Pioneer Park, No. 9 Hangjin South Road, Dongsheng District, Ordos City, CHINA.

Does SUNXZZ ship internationally?

Yes, the brand ships for all customers around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SUNXZZ Reviews & Ratings

Basically, you don’t need to wait until winter comes to get your cashmere scarf, right? Since we can wear a scarf for fashion, shopping for them now is a nice decision.

It’s even 100% better when you shop from SUNXZZ. You may say that it’s a new brand. However, based on our review, the company and its products have proven highly qualified with no expensive tag. So, have you visited the website?


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