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Sunshine Pools Review 2024 → Top Above-ground Pools in the UK

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About Sunshine Pools

Getting wet and fun all day without going to public pools? Of course, you can. Even you can invite your family and friends to join the circle and enjoy watering things together. Then, have you ever thought of building your own swimming pool? Let’s ask Sunshine Pools now!

Sunshine Pools Review: About Sunshine Pools

We know the weather is getting hotter these days. So, instead of drinking those ice cubes, you better relax yourself in that fresh swimming pool. Isn’t that your dream? Then, what Sunshine Pools will do to you? Further, it’s the No.1 above-ground pool retailer in the UK.

Meanwhile, the store seems to be working harder regarding its social media engagement. Further, we only found less than 100 followers there. However, that’s not the only thing to consider. The fact that it has been operating for over 10 years also makes it reputable.

Additionally, the store also offers products from top brands only. But we won’t spill what they are, so let’s just stay in our Sunshine Pools reviews to witness more. Now, you should think about where you want to put the pool. Is it going to be in your park, or where?

Overview Of Sunshine Pools

Have we said how long this store has been operating? Yes, you’re right. Sunshine Pools has been in the industry for over a decade (10 years). Within those years, how many satisfied customers?

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the specific number, but we believe there have been thousands of customers who have shopping-after-shopping experience. But who are the people behind it?

Once again, it’s hard to confirm who operates this company. Fortunately, we can mention that it is a family-owned business that has been working with several UK’s based companies for years.

Then, what else? Further, the store’s products come in various forms. materials, sizes, and shapes. So, you’ll face many choices here and we’re not sure you can even choose one. Should we explore now?

Sunshine Pools Review

Do you already have an idea about the place to put your own above ground pool? If you need this, we suggest you put it in an open place that is exposed to the sunshine, as in the picture below. What do you think?

Sunshine Pools Reviews: Sunshine Pools Review

Or if you have a better idea, just make it happen. Now, before talking about the product, let us give you some previews about what’s inside this store. Are you now excited to see more? Then, let’s start from the table below:

Sunshine Pools UK Products

Product Categories Brands
Metal Frame Pools Avenli
Premium Pools Elecro
Spas Bestway
Water Parks Intex
Accessories Lay-Z-Spa

If you guess that we won’t leave you without any product to recommend, two thumbs up for you. Among those product categories, we have selected the 3 best-selling ones, which are here for you. Can you promise to shop for one?

  • Intex 15ft x 48″Round Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Intex 9ft 10″x5ft 9″x31.5″ Prism Frame Rectangular Swimming Pool & Pump
  • Bestway Round Steel 12′ x 39.5″ Above Ground Swimming Pool

Imagine that you’re now soaking in that fresh spoiling water with cake, soda, and good friends around. Can you repeat that kind of moment in the future? We don’t think so. Then, let’s read our review and decide wisely before you shop!

Sunshine Pools Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews

A round large pool to play ball in the water? We have no better option than the Intex 15ft x 48″Round Above Ground Swimming Pool. So, will you choose this, too?

Sunshine Pools Review: Sunshine Pools Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews

The first good thing about this above-ground pool is its new woodgrain pattern. Further, this absolutely looks good and can load so many people in the pool. So, who will you invite?

In addition, this pool is also strong. Whatever you do inside, whether playing ball or just enjoying the water, it can make you safe. Also, it’s durable, and you can expect it to stay longer.

Next, if you’re unsure about the quality, this pool also has a powerful pump. This item is pretty helpful to ensure clean and safe water for everyone. So, soaking in the pool daily is a worry-free.


  • Size: 15ft Round
  • Pool Height: 122cm
  • Shape: Round
  • Water Depth: 110cm
  • Pool Capacity: 16,805 litres

Finally, will you send this Intex 15ft x 48″Round Above Ground Swimming Pool to your home? It’s only today to get it at £399.00. So, you better be faster than anyone else before the offer ends!

Sunshine Pools Rectangular Swimming Pool & Pump Reviews

Can we move on? If you already have a round-shaped pool, what about a rectangular one? Let’s check Intex 9ft 10″x 5 ft 9″x 31.5″ Prism Frame Rectangular Swimming Pool & Pump!

Sunshine Pools Review: Sunshine Pools Rectangular Swimming Pool & Pump Reviews

Dear all happy souls, if you want to have more fun while swimming, this product is the perfect solution as it provides extra swimming space. Also you can invite friends to join as well.

Furthermore, do you realize it has a unique, upscale, cool blue/grey liner colour with white trim? Yes, you may agree that these items offer a modern and refreshing appearance.

On the other hand, the extra strength and durability function of this product also comes from the liners which are made from 3 separate layers of material. Will you test it now?


  • Size: 9ft 10″ x 5ft 9″ Rectangular
  • Pool Height: 80cm
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Water Depth: 72cm
  • Pool Capacity: 3,539 litres

Ultimately, you can’t say that Intex 9ft 10″x 5 ft 9″x 31.5″ Prism Frame Rectangular Swimming Pool & Pump isn’t good, right? So, the best offer starts at £369.00, so let’s drop the money!

Sunshine Pools Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews

Welcome to the last product, and can you promise to have a fixed choice after this? Good. So, have you ever heard of Bestway Round Steel 12′ x 39.5″ Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Sunshine Pools Review: Sunshine Pools Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews

Moving to another brand, we have Bestway with its pretty considerable above-ground pool. Why? It’s because they are designed with an oval-shaped steel frame for increased strength.

In addition, let’s not talk about strength only. This item is not only strong but also durable. Specifically, the fact that it uses a corrosion-resistant frame for added longevity is also a plus point.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious, this item is also a puncture-resistant. In detail, This happens because the manufacturer uses a sturdy 3-layer material that combines PVC and mesh. Pretty nice?


  • Size: 12ft Round
  • Pool Height: 100cm
  • Shape: Round
  • Water Depth: 90cm
  • Pool Capacity: 9,150 litres

So, why do you need to go to the water parks when you can build your own pool at home? So, let’s secure Bestway Round Steel 12′ x 39.5″ Above Ground Swimming Pool now, only at £199.00!

Sunshine Pools Pros and Cons

Getting triggered to see the good and bad sides of this company? Scroll down to find:


  • Effective and easy to assemble
  • Detailed product description
  • Affordable price
  • Supported by top popular brands
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Good ratings and review on Trustpilot
  • Free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase
  • 14-day return policy


  • No international shipping
  • Most products are out of stock

Who Is Sunshine Pools For?

When the sun is getting hotter day by day, we know we can’t blame it. Instead, we should look for the best alternative to save us from that hot weather. So, Sunshine Pools is really helpful, right?

However, who can shop in this store? At this point, we can confidently say that all products from Sunshine Pools suit everyone, especially homeowners who want to have their own above-ground pools. You can play with your children, neighbors, other family members, friends, and more. So, what else to consider?

Sunshine Pools Review: What Do Customers Think?

Do you want to be happy and fully satisfied with Sunshine Pools products, as in the picture below? No worries. You can experience it by yourself, but before that, let’s check this section first!

Sunshine Pools Review: Sunshine Pools Review: What Do Customers Think?

What is this section about? As always, you must be a smart and wise buyer after reading our review, so let’s witness the store’s ratings and reviews here. We have checked it on Trustpilot, anyway!

On Trustpilot, the store has over 170 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Besides that, we know that ratings are not enough. You need to read some real reviews, right? So, let’s go!

Let’s open this review section with this:

Great pool, delivered promptly at a competitive price. Also, Liz was extremely helpful in setting up the pool. My kids stay in the pool every day, which is good for them to have fun.

What forms Sunshine Pools’s identity? Of course, it’s from its good product, good shipping, and good price, as this customer has said.

The customer was so happy with his purchase:

I really love this pools and spa company! Our pool is perfect and easy to assemble, providing happy hours of swimming. I am delighted with my purchase from this store.

You can’t say it’s a good product without good assembly guidance. Fortunately, above-ground pools from this store have easy & understandable instructions to assemble.

Next, we think you need this before shopping:

Sunshine Pools provided us with exceptional customer service. The website is very informative and contains all the necessary information to help us set up our pool. It was definitely a worthwhile investment, as our sons have been enjoying it non-stop throughout the summer.

So, can you name other stores with a better website and customer service than this? We guess it’s hard to find. Fortunately, the helpful site and customer support are in Sunshine Pools.

Finally, who’s excited to get pools and spa items from Sunshine Pools? At this point, you shouldn’t skip every section of this review since they’re vital. The more you scroll down, the more important it is.

Is Sunshine Pools Worth It?

Once again, Sunshine Pools is the best above ground swimming pools UK. Therefore, you’ll only find good items with exceptional customer support. But is it really worth it to buy?

Sunshine Pools Review: Is Sunshine Pools Worth It?

The answer to the question is ‘yes.’ Sunshine Pools has been operating for more than one decade, and there should have been thousands of products sold. Also, those customers’ good ratings and reviews are the strongest to prove it’s worth buying above-ground pools and spa specialists.

Sunshine Pools Shipping Policy

Can we hear the screams of shipping enthusiasts here? It seems that you’ve heard enough about this store since the beginning. So, how does Sunshine Pools ship to your house?

Currently, the store only provides domestic shipping (UK Mainland). So, we do apologize to all worldwide customers who have been with us since the first section. On the other hand, all UK customers must be happy because all orders are shipped free with no minimum purchase. Start shopping now?

Sunshine Pools Return Policy

Now, what about the unwanted or wrong-shipped items? What should you do to them? Let’s stay calm and learn how the store’s return policy works.

Generally, all customers will have a 14-day return policy after receiving the items. However, kindly contact Sunshine Pools first at [email protected] to know the further process. You can also download the return form here and send it together with your email.

Lastly, you can return your item to the following address:

Return Address

Heater Products from Elecro Other Products
Jessica Baines/Cheryl Madden
Elecro Engineering Ltd, Unit 11 Gunnels Wood Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2BH
Sunshine Pools, Ravenshill, Racecourse Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6PP

How To Contact Sunshine Pools?

Do you want to know Sunshine Pools a bit deeper? Then, let’s go to this company’s contact platform below:

  • Phone number: 01342 835 542
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: Sunshine Pools / Sunshine Pools UK
  • Contact form: click it here!
  • Live chat: click the ‘Need Help’ button on the website!
  • Phone hours: weekdays (9am – 5pm)

Company Address

Ravenshill, Racecourse Road Dormansland
Lingfield, RH7 6PP
United Kingdom

Where to buy Sunshine Pools?

‘Where to find those good pools and spa items near me?’ That’s such a nice question. Let us inform you that there are no other places than the official website of Sunshine Pools UK. So, let’s decide and prepare the best spot around your house, and build your own above-ground pool!

Sunshine Pools Coupon Codes & Promos

Who loves special offers? Of course, we all do. But what kind of special offer you’ll get here?

  • Be eligible to get the store’s latest offers by subscribing to its email
  • Get pools and spa items at lower prices on the Sale or Special Offers page
  • Free shipping on all orders (with no minimum payment)

Do you want more? We got it. Then, let’s see what’s inside the following button as well:

Reveal all coupons
Sunshine Pools

Sunshine Pools Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sunshine Pools reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Sunshine Pools?

It’s a family-owned company, but we can’t confirm who the people are.

Where is Sunshine Pools located?

It’s at Ravenshill, Racecourse Road Dormansland Lingfield, RH7 6PP United Kingdom.

Does Sunshine Pools ship internationally?

No, it doesn’t. The Sunshine Pools only ships within the mainland UK currently.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sunshine Pools Reviews & Ratings

Instead of going to water parks again and again, let’s bring a swimming pool to your house. Isn’t that a good decision? As long as Sunshine Pools exists, you shouldn’t have any confusion about where to shop. 

Furthermore, the store’s products are real, coming from the brand’s manufacturers. Also, it comes with easy assembly instructions, and trust us, your above-ground pool will be ready in just minutes. So, which type is your favorite?


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