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Sunjoy Group Review 2024 → Stylish, High-quality Gazebo & Pergola!

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About Sunjoy Group

Nowadays, people tend to love outdoor gatherings more than indoor gatherings. Thus, looking for outdoor furniture that has durability is becoming essential now. Fortunately, Sunjoy Group is ready to help if you are looking for one.

Sunjoy Group Review: About Sunjoy Group

Sunjoy Group is a brand that provides furniture mainly for the outdoors. They sell products such as gazebo, pavilion, pergola, fireplace, and many more. What makes them the one that appears as the best place to shop for furniture is their high quality.

This brand only uses durable materials to stay for a long time. Thus, you can save much more money after purchasing products from them. Besides, they also have the best when it comes to design cause all of them are trendy and stylish.

Moreover, this brand did an excellent job on social media. They have 18K followers on Facebook and 36.6K followers on Instagram. Are you one of their followers? If you haven’t followed them, we suggest doing it right now.

Further, through this Sunjoy Group review, we want to help you realize that this brand is the perfect choice for outdoor decoration. They have numerous collection that has not only high quality but also attractive design. Thus, if you are curious, let’s scroll now!

Overview of Sunjoy Group

Sunjoy Group started its business in 2001. From that time, this brand focused only on providing high-quality outdoor furniture. They use only metal, stone, wood, and wicker, which are known to have exceptional durability.

Thanks to their dedication, they became the largest provider of gazebos in North America. However, with their prominence, it doesn’t stop the team behind the brand from innovating.

Their team is constantly creating original and innovative products. They have become a trusted leader in outdoor products because of their integrity in providing only the best quality with a trendy design.


  • High-quality materials
  • Steady and strong structure
  • Stable and sturdy constructions
  • Reasonable price
  • Stylish and trendy design

Sunjoy Group Reviews

Certainly, this brand has numerous outdoor furniture in its collection. However, since this brand’s pillar is to innovate more and more, we can also see their indoor furniture collection now.

Sunjoy Group Reviews: Sunjoy Group Reviews

Likewise, are you curious about their entire collection list? Fortunately, we notice that. Thus, let’s explore them now in the list below. Check it out!

Sunjoy Group Products

Do you find one that suits your home the most? If you haven’t, then no problem. Things sometimes take time, too. Thus, to help you, we will review their 5 best-selling items in detail. If you are eager to read them, jump to the next section!

Sunjoy Group 10x12 Wooden Gazebo Reviews

Meet Sunjoy Group’s 10×12 Wooden Gazebo with 2-tier Metal Roof and Ceiling Hook. This gazebo is the definition of a game changer. It protects you from sunrays and gives you comfort at its finest.

Sunjoy Group Review: Sunjoy Group 10x12 Wooden Gazebo Reviews

Wooden gazebo 10×12 means they are very huge. It is the perfect furniture for you who want to bring your living room outside. Exactly! Placing a sofa, table, drawer, anything is possible here.

However, why must this gazebo? It’s all because it has a 2-tier sturdy powder-coated steel rooftop. This matters because it makes the airflow fresh to breathe. Hence, you will feel only calm and comfortable under this gazebo.

Gazebo Key Features

  • Premium cedar wood frame construction
  • Durable brown steel roof
  • 2-tier top ventilator
  • Ceiling hook available
  • Built-in dual rail system
  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Visually attractive design

How lucky you are! This gazebo is currently on sale. You can get this at $1,427.15 from $1,679.00. Plus, you can choose whether you want this gazebo with their natural wood or you want to see it in gray wood.

Sunjoy Group 11x13 Wooden Pavilion Reviews

The 11×13 Wooden Frame Pavilion with Ceiling Hook from Sunjoy Group is one of a kind. While it gives you a cozy and comfortable vibe, it can also be a perfect choice where you gather with families and friends.

Sunjoy Group Review: Sunjoy Group 11x13 Wooden Pavilion Reviews

You can put your favorite chandelier through this pavilion to make it more pretty at night. Unlike other pavilions, this one already features a movable ceiling hook. The roof is also built to have high sturdiness. Hence, it can hold your chandelier in a breeze.

Moreover, it has a balanced roof slope design. While it saves you from UV lights, it also saves you from hard rainwater. The design allows the water to flow off fast and, of course, prevents any leaks.

Pavilion Key Features

  • Movable ceiling hook
  • Premium cedar wood frame construction
  • Sturdy triangle support
  • Balanced roof slope design
  • Powder-coated steel anchoring plates
  • Large space (11 x 13 ft)

Are you ready to spend quality time with your loved ones in this pavilion? Available in 2 colors, you can purchase this pavilion at the price list below:

  • Black: $1,721.30 fromĀ $2,650.00
  • Brown: $1,457.50 from $2,650.00

Sunjoy Group Pergola Reviews

Chill and enjoy the day in the backyard will always sound interesting. With a 10×12 Modern Metal Pergola Kit with Planters from Sunjoy Group, healing doesn’t require much money now.

Sunjoy Group Review: Sunjoy Group Pergola Reviews

This pergola has a concept of open air. So, instead of covering you as a gazebo and pavilion, it enables a fresh area to sit and enjoy nature. The corner of the pergola also has a built-in planter for storing flowers. Thus, it makes the area look more pretty.

However, this pergola kit is easy to assemble. It’s all thanks to the precision manufactured this pergola has. However, you will get an illustrated assembly instruction along with the products. So, the only way you need is to follow them carefully.

Pergola Key Features

  • 4 built-in planter
  • Steady and strong structure
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Stylish design
  • Mountable surface

Ready to assemble this pergola and enjoy your time sitting while marveling at sunset? If it’s a yes, you must purchase it right now. It’s all because this pergola is currently on sale. From $1,869.00, now you can get this home with $1,588.65 only.

Sunjoy Group Replacement Canopy Reviews

Your gazebo’s canopy is too old to handle the rainfall? Why don’t you replace it with a Replacement Canopy For Greenvail Domed Top Grill Gazebo? This replacement canopy will prolong your gazebo life and stay with you for years.

Sunjoy Group Review: Sunjoy Group Replacement Canopy Reviews

Choosing this brand as a place to purchase replacement parts is the definition of saving your budget. While the replacement part from them has the most budget-friendly price, their product material is also top-notch. Thus, saving money in the long run is possible.

Moreover, if you have the exact main products, you don’t have to worry if the replacement parts will be unfit. It won’t happen! For instance, this replacement canopy is created only to fit a Freenvail Domed Top Grill Gazebo. Then, it will fit unconditionally.

Canopy Key Features

  • Compatible with Greenvail Domed Top Grill Gazebo
  • Sesame+dark brown color combination
  • Includes 1 small canopy and 1 large canopy
  • 8 x 5 assembled frame size

Do you want to purchase your replacement canopy for the Freenvail Domed Top Grill Gazebo now? Good decision. Speaking of its price, this replacement canopy only cost $79.00. Grab it fast!

Sunjoy Group Outdoor Fireplace Reviews

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to enjoy some view outside, but it’s too cold to stay? If yes, you better check out 57 in. Steel Wood Burning Fireplace from Sunjoy Group. It will give you a warm in the middle of a cold days.

Sunjoy Group Review: Sunjoy Group Outdoor Fireplace Reviews

Exactly! While this outdoor fireplace looks visually appealing, it works as it should. The chimney isn’t just an accessory, but it truly functions to channel the smoke up and away. Thus, you won’t breathe any smoke. You will only sense a warm heat from the fire.

On top of that, this fireplace has a built-in removable grate. Thus, it will simplify the cleaning of the ash. The combustion support design will give more airflow to bigger the flames and make the fire more consistent.

Fireplace Key Features

  • Powder-coated steel frame with tile
  • Easy access mesh doors
  • Built-in removable grate
  • Functional chimney
  • Durable and sturdy base
  • Includes fire poker and a protective cover

Send this outdoor fireplace home and feel the heat with your family while talking to each other. It can make your atmosphere more cozy and warm. Purchase it at $926.50. Get this real quick before the price goes back to $1,090.00.

Sunjoy Group Pros and Cons

To know more about the brand from different sides, the pros and cons will be the best place for such information. Thus, to help you better understand Sunjoy Group, let’s find out the pros and cons. See them closer below!


  • High durable constructions
  • Only use sturdy material
  • Trendy designs
  • Easy assemble
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free shipping available
  • Free curbside for LTL delivery
  • 30-day return policy


  • No international shipping

Who Is Sunjoy Group For?

Sunjoy Group’s collection is dedicated to every furniture enthusiast, especially those who are looking to beautify their outdoors. It’s all because this brand has nearly all types of outdoor furniture, from pavilion, pergolas, and even additional product such as gazebo replacement parts.

Moreover, they now have an indoor collection. Even if their indoor collection isn’t as much as their outdoor collection, the design and quality are top-notch. Thus, if you need indoor furniture, don’t hesitate to buy from them cause they have been a reliable place to shop among other furniture brands.

Sunjoy Group Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Let’s find out what their customer said about the products. We already read most customer reviews on this brand’s official website and barely see any problem. However, still, you should read them by yourself. Thus, we picked some of the reviews and presented them here.

Sunjoy Group Review: Sunjoy Group Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Take a look at 5 best-selling item’s rating here:

The first review said:

Love the double roof feature. It effectively sends hot air away, escaping through the roof and creating a comfortable sitting area. I can feel the scent of fresh cedar wood. After completing the assembly, I was impressed with the sturdiness and the strength…

From the review above, this customer implies he is happy with the purchase. He mentions that he can feel the scent of fresh cedar wood in her gazebo. Also, he said that after he did the assembly, he noticed that the material had strength and was sturdy.

Another review said:

We want to place something large and rectangular with no expensive price and take this pavilion… Pleased with the sturdiness. I haven’t seen any leakage in the roof while it’s been raining the last 3 days. Highly recommend!

This happy customer said she was delighted with the quality of the pavilion. She mentioned that their area had been raining for the last 3 days, but she didn’t see any leaks from the pavilion’s roof. It proves that their material and construction are genuinely sturdy and durable.

Lastly, let’s see this customer review:

This is the first time ordering furniture as smoothly as this. Delivery was also excellent, and the packaging was great…

Exactly! As this customer above said, ordering furniture from Sunjoy Group is easy. This customer also said that the delivery service and how the brand packages the products are excellent.

Moreover, we can see that all customers are delighted with the product’s quality. When you open the website and scroll through its customer review section, many customers passionately share their experience with their purchase. How? Are you more interested now? That’s great!

Is Sunjoy Group Worth It?

This brand’s fundamental pillar is providing quality, design, and innovation to each product. Fortunately, they are successful in doing so. When we look at the design, we can’t see any basic and outdated concepts portrayed in their visuals. All the designs have a trendy look and cozy, modern vibes.

Sunjoy Group Review: Is Sunjoy Group Worth It?

Moreover, regarding their quality, we can’t deny that they are the best at making furniture items. They use only metal, stone, wood, and wicker, which are known to have exceptional durability. Thus, the longevity is assuredly to be the best. Accordingly, we agree that Sunjoy Group is 100% worth it.

Sunjoy Group Shipping Policy

Great news for you! This brand currently offers free shipping to the US on all orders (except replacement parts). The delivery typically takes 7-10 business days, and you will get free curbside delivery once you order LTL items.

However, since the shipping policy has little information, you should check yourself in detail during checkout. Moreover, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact their customer service.

Sunjoy Group Return Policy

No longer want the products? No problem. This brand offers a 30-day return policy for all undamaged, unused, and in good condition, and don’t forget to prepare the proof of your purchase. However, please note that some returns may incur a 15-20% restock.

To start your return, email [email protected]. After the return request is accepted, you must return the products maximum of 7 days. Keep in mind that the return shipping costs are non-refundable. Need more details? Go to their Return Policy page.

How To Contact Sunjoy Group

If you have any questions regarding shopping, this brand’s customer service is ready to help you. You can directly state your problem using some ways of contacting below.

Where to buy Sunjoy Group?

Ready to see their collection in your house? Then, it is time for you to purchase their products. The most enjoyable place to get their collection is by visiting their official website. Or else this brand’s collection is also available to buy through Amazon.

However, if you live in another location outside the US and wish to have their collection, you can get them through international websites such as Sunjoy Canada and Sunjoy Europe.

Sunjoy Group Coupon Codes & Promos

If you ask, are there any discounts and promotions from this brand? The answer is undoubtedly yes. We have already found all their deals and listed them below.

  • Subscribe to their newsletter and get 10% OFF your next purchase, exclusive news, discount code and more
  • Save up to $445 when you check out their Sale items
  • Halloween Deals! Obtain up to 70% OFF from the Halloween Sale
  • Join a member and collect points to redeem awards
  • Refer your friend and unlock the 15% OFF coupon code (your friend will get a 15% coupon code, too)
  • Enjoy free shipping on all orders to the USA

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Sunjoy Group

Sunjoy Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sunjoy Group reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Sunjoy Group a real company?

Yes. Sunjoy Group is a real company established in 2001.

Where is the Sunjoy company located?

The Sunjoy company is located in California, United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sunjoy Group Reviews & Ratings

Are you ready to hold some outdoor gatherings? If you say yes, Sunjoy Group is the perfect choice. This brand has numerous outdoor furniture collection that has both quality and style. Whether you want a classic vibe or you like a modern and luxurious atmosphere the most, this brand has you covered!

Moreover, as everyone already knows, purchasing furniture is like an investment. With its sturdy and durable structure and stable constructions, you can save much money in the long run. Thus, why you don’t move? Go to their official website now and complete your payment today!


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