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About Sun State Hemp

In this busy life, many people struggle with stressful days that make them suffer mentally and physically. As a result, they end up taking something illegal and unhealthy. Regardless, why are you taking something that harmful when there’s something legal, natural, and, more importantly, tasty?

Sun State Hemp Review: About Sun State Hemp

Sun State Hemp is a hemp-derived product manufacturer that puts its quality first to offer safe and legal products. This brand is well known for making flavorful CBD gummies that are easy to consume in fruit flavors.

This brand has gained so much popularity in the US since it is one of the leading companies in the industry that offers excellent service on same-day delivery in Florida. It’s well known by local customers and successfully obtained 1.5k followers on Facebook.

Are you wondering about its credibility and what it offers? In this Sun State Hemp review, we’ll dig deep into this brand to see whether it can be your go-to. So let’s jump right in!

Overview Of Sun State Hemp

Established in 2015 by Eli Eroch, Charly Bens, and Brad Malinowski, Sun State Hemp is a brand that focuses on the CBD marketplace with well-crafted products using only natural ingredients.

Since this brand focuses on CBD products, you may wonder why there’s no sun state hemp vape. This brand is the brainchild of the Atmos company team that manufactured the leading portable vaporizer. With their founder’s experience in the field, this brand soared as the leading company.

This brand is based in Miramar, Florida, to create new products to let the customer harness CBD wellness. In addition, this brand strives to develop a top-quality CBD-derived product at affordable prices for consumers everywhere.

It also focuses on providing excellent customer service with a highly trained customer support team to help you in your purchasing journey on its website; It also provides exclusive offers and a money-back guarantee to ensure you can get the best. Below let’s see some of the highlights of this brand:

Sun State Hemp Pros

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Wide selection of hemp-derived products
  • Registered FDA facility
  • Manufactured in GMP-Certified Facilities
  • Affordable price range
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A positive review from the customers

Sun State Hemp Cons

  • Only ship within the US

Sun State Hemp Review

Even though hemp-derived products have been legalized, it’s never easy to consume CBD-derived products from any manufacturer. But, impressively, this brand-made product that made from 100% natural American-grown hemp.

Sun State Hemp Reviews: Sun State Hemp Review

This brand offers a wide selection of hemp-derived products, such as its best-selling gummies, cream, tincture, soft gels, lollipops, and many more. Here are some classifications that you can find on its website:

There are some kind hemp-derived products that you can find on its sites, such as Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, CBD, CBD pet care, CBG, CBD, and HCC products. However, it will be highly overwhelming to review all the products, so in the following section, we’ll only give sun state hemp reviews of their best-selling products.

Sun State Hemp Delta 8 Infused Gummies Mix 30pcs 750mg Reviews

Sun State Hemp Delta 8 gummies are well-known in the CBD-derived industry, so the first product we review is this Delta 8 Infused Gummies Mix 30pcs 750mg. These gummies contain Delta 8, which can relax and soothe the same psychoactive experience of delta 9.

Sun State Hemp Review: Sun State Hemp Delta 8 Infused Gummies Mix 30pcs 750mg Reviews

These pectin-based gummies only use premium delta 8 THC to ensure and make it vegan-friendly and gelatin accessible. The Delta 8 gummies are made in the USA and have passed the lab test for their quality and purity.

In a bottle, you’ll get 30 mixed flavors of gummies with 25mg delta 8 in each gummy and 750mg in total. In addition, it will have diverse flavors such as watermelon, blueberry, and mang, which are suitable for those who want to try every taste and search for their favorite or those who tend to get bored quickly.

Suppose you want to know your favorite flavor; there’s also a full flavor from the flavors. It also has various Delta 8 gummies options, such as berry wedges, sour bears, peach rings, and watermelon slices.

This Delta 8 gummies mix flavor is available for only $34.99, and you can get rid of your stressful day with this hemp-derived delta-8!

Sun State Hemp Delta 9 Infused Gummies Blueberry 15pcs 150mg Reviews

Are you a fan of the potent Delta-9? How about this full hemp-derived product changed into something tastes like fresh fruit and is easy to consume? The Delta 9 Infused Gummies Blueberry 15pcs 150mg is one of Sun State Hemp delta’s nine gummies that we think is worth considering if you purchase delta 9.

Sun State Hemp Review: Sun State Hemp Delta 9 Infused Gummies Blueberry 15pcs 150mg Reviews

It has a blueberry gummy that makes it the perfect edible gummies to indulge in premium delta-9 THC. All their hemp-derived Delta 9 gummies are made in the USA and come with lab testing.

These Delta 9 gummies s formulated from quality, purity hemp-derived cannabinoids and follow all the US regulations. Like Delta 8 gummies above, it’s also pectin-based, vegan-friendly, and gelatin free.

Remember that you should consume no more than two pieces in 6 hours. A Delta 9 Infused Gummies Blueberry bottle contains 10mg Delta 9 THC per piece, which is 150mg in total.

The Delta 9-infused gummies come in three flavors: Blueberry, Watermelon, and mango. Not only that, but this brand also offers Delta 9 ring gummies and squares gummies that contain less than 0.3% THC.

Lastly, you can invest $19.99 to grab these sweet blueberries hemp-derived Delta 9!

Sun State Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Gummy Clear Bears 16oz 1500mg Reviews

The last sun state hemp gummies review in this article is CBD Full Spectrum Gummy Clear Bears 16oz 1500mg. The traditional clear gummies are created to help you consume the goodness or full spectrum CBD gummies.

Sun State Hemp Review: Sun State Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Gummy Clear Bears 16oz 1500mg Reviews

Like other gummies, it has the same sweet and fruity flavors combined with the hemp plant’s natural components. However, unlike CBD isolate, this full-spectrum CBD contains many cannabinoids within hemp plants, such as CBC, CBN, and trace amounts of THC.


  • Tasty fruit flavors
  • made in the US
  • GMP-Certified Facilities
  • natural and organic  ingredients
  • Lab tested for its quality and purity

CBD gummies come in other forms, such as peach rings, sour worms, bears, and apple rings. In addition, sun State Hemp CBD gummies of 1500 mg are available in another bottle of 750 mg. Are you interested in purchasing these CBD gummy bears? You can grab it for $53.99!

Who Is Sun State Hemp For?

Sun State Hemp is only eligible for those above 18 years old and who live in legal areas to consume hemp-derived products. Mainly, the product is used for those looking for a natural hemp-derived product.

Sun State Hemp Review: Who Is Sun State Hemp For?

It’s also suitable for those who want a safe and high-quality product since all products are already registered by the FDA facility and have been through various lab tests. Their product is also gelatin free and vegan-friendly, making it suitable for you looking for specific criteria for hemp-derived products. 

Sun State Hemp Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From the review above you already know our opinion about their products. However, it’s not enough to decide on this brand’s quality. So in this section, we’ll dig deeper into Sun State Hemp reviews from their customer to see their honest opinion on their purchasing experience.

Sun State Hemp Review: Sun State Hemp Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On its Google Business Profile, this brand usefully receives 4.7/5 average ratings from 106 reviews. So now let’s see what the customer testimonials:

Yummy mango flavor Shisa. This stuff tastes so good, and it makes you feel even better. I ordered on the website, and I went back for more a few weeks later, but it was out of stock! That is how good it was. I have recommended all my friends to these guys; we love them.

Here is also another review from a customer that has tried this brand CBD product to see its benefit and quality:

I had big problems with falling asleep and also anxiety. One year ago, I heard about CBD’s health benefits… but it took me another month to decide to try it. This time, I tried a few brands, but finally, the CBD from sun state hemp gave me a great result. Amazing quality. I feel that it calms me down. I can fall asleep and stay asleep. It has indeed worked wonders for me.

Below we are also looking for a cons review to see some flaws of this brand:

I received the Gummies melted from the heat of shipping. Due to this, we have ordered these several times before but we will probably not.

The review above shows that the customers are satisfied with the product since it tastes good and makes them feel better. One customer also states that its outcome can help better sleep and decrease anxiety. The customer has tried other CBD products and decided Sun State Hemp offers a better result.

The only flaw about this brand is in the shipping, and it needs better packaging since the CBD cream melted because of the heat. However, we couldn’t find any review with a similar case as this testimonials. From the study, we can see that most customer is satisfied with the purchase, and there’s no deal breaker negative review.

Is Sun State Hemp Worth It?

Some of you may still wonder whether this brand is worth purchasing. But after we go through this brand, we can see how reliable it is, with many positive reviews dominating its google business profile that gains 4.7/5 ratings.

Sun State Hemp Review: Is Sun State Hemp Worth It?

The way this brand satisfied their customer with product quality and customer service shows how credible this brand is. In addition, its hemp-derived products are natural, lab-tested, and vegan-friendly products.

Sun State Hemp Shipping Policy

According to the Sun State Hemp shipping policy, the brand provides free shipping as a special promotion for continental United States orders. But if your location isn’t included in this free shipping, the cost will be estimated at the checkout.

It ships to most states in the US that legalize hemp-derived products. Once you place your order, it will take one or two days to process and handle to the courier, which is shipped Monday through Friday.

All orders made on weekends or holidays will b processed for the next working days. The product arrival time may vary depending on your location and unpredictable condition, but you can check your shipping process once you receive the tracking number.

Furthermore, some countries may cost some fees and taxes on the shipment. However, the additional fees aren’t paid at checkout since it’s your responsibility based on your country and regulations.

Sun State Hemp Return Policy

Change your mind? Fortunately, based on the Sun State Hemp return policy, this brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchasing date. The product should be unopened and still in its original packaging to be eligible for return.

Keep in mind that opened products and items that have passed the 30 days are unreturnable. To start the return, you can contact their customer service and securely pack the return items along with the order number and original packaging slip.

Once the product arrives and is inspected, all refunds will be credited to your original payments. However, the refund may take up to 3 days for the bank to reflect in your account.

How To Contact Sun State Hemp

Need more information about this brand? If you find any difficulty in purchasing their product or having a question lingering, you can contact Sun State Hemp customer service via:

  • Telephone at (954) 533 – 0013
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Live chat at the middle left of the page.
  • Visit the location at 15901 SW 29TH St #201 Miramar, Florida 33027

Once you leave a message, they’ll respond in business days from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM — 5:30 PM.

Where to buy Sun State Hemp?

Interest in trying these hemp-derived products? If so, you can purchase their product through its official website. You can find a wide selection of products made from premium natural ingredients on its website.

In addition, this brand also offers Sun State Hemp wholesale, which tables for you who want to become a retailer or start your business. Aside from that, all purchases from its website are guaranteed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Well, it offers a tremendous risk-free purchase!

Sun State Hemp Coupon Codes & Promos

This Sun State Hemp review is happy to present all offers of information that we have gained. Not only is the affordable price range, but this brand is also so generous to provide you with money-saving offers that you can harvest, including:

  • 15% off by joining their email list
  • Free shipping for a special promotion
  • Free gift on every purchase
  • Buy one and get one for free by using the code: BOGO (limited time)
  • Everyday Loyalty Rewards program
  • 50% off for Military Discount Program

Indeed all offer information above is already overwhelming. But that’s not all, you can check the button below to reveal Sun State Hemp coupon codes!

Reveal all coupons
Sun State Hemp

Sun State Hemp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sun State Hemp reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Sun State Hemp?

Sun state Hemp owner is Eli Eroch, Brad Malinowski, and Charly Bens.

Is Sun State Hemp ship internationally?

This brand only ships within US states that legalize hemp-derived products since every state has different regulations.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sun State Hemp Reviews & Ratings

After the legalization of hemp-derived products, many people started consuming these kinds of products to help them relax and have a better mood. Therefore, the demand for this product is increasing, and many people demand various hemp-derived products based on their needs.

Sun State Hemp is one brand that offers many hemp-derived products, whether CBD or even the potent Delta 9. This brand focuses on providing quality and natural ingredients in the form of gummies, tinctures, creams, gels, and many more.

There’s nothing wrong with consuming a flavorful and legal hemp-derived product to relieve your mental and physical stress after a stressful day. So are you still unsure about this brand? You can visit Sun State Hemp‘s official store to get further to know this brand or grab some yummy CBD gummies!


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