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Stripo Review 2024 → How To Get More Engagements With Clients!

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About Stripo

Tired of creating email newsletters that look boring? Stripo is here to give you inspiration for your next email campaign. Known for their user-friendly email template builder, this brand is considered a favorite by more than 600.000 marketers and designers in the world.

Stripo Review: About

Stripo is an email design platform that comes with all necessary intuitive tools that are code-free, meaning that you can design professional and responsive email templates fast without any coding skills.

As seen on the brand’s website, it’s likely that over 500,000+ companies love to use Stripo. No wonder why. It’s because of the tool features that are ease of use, cost reduction, convenience, speed, and more.

With many benefits that the brand has to offer, it’s also incredibly ideal for you if you have a business that needs to create more stylish, modern, and interactive emails, so hopefully, you can increase your client engagements in no time.

Now that you’ve got to know a bit further about the brand, and in this Stripo review, I will continue to examine what the brand can do, how their services work, how they’ve amassed close to 3K followers on social media, and whether I think they’re worth your time and money. So strap in and get ready to learn!

Overview of Stripo

Stripo was rolled in 2017 by friends and fellow digital marketing enthusiasts Dmitry Kudrenko, Alexey Chernysh, and Andrew Ryzhokhin. Their goal was simple: to create a tool for building professional, sophisticated emails fast with little to no coding skills.

From their headquarters in San Fransisco, United States, Stripo was only supposed to be an embedded editor for an ESP. Then the team realized that it would be more useful if marketers, designers, and other teams out there could also use the tools from Stripo.

Stripo’s team managed to grow a solid reputation from a small email editor into a big all-in-one email design platform. They now allow users to create traditional HTML and AMP emails and download emails as PDF, HTML, and PSD files. Thankfully, they let you do email creation easier and in a more convenient way.

Email is way more powerful than one can even imagine. So, I want every marketer to discover its real power. But this is possible only thanks to the great team who live and breathe what they are doing.” via a statement made by the CEO of

With that in mind, Stripo continues to give their customers top priority to create professional and responsive email templates with the best services they can provide in the long run.

Now, before I go over the Stripo review, let’s take a top-line view at some of the brand’s most notable pros and cons:

Stripo Pros

  • Over 1100+ drag-n-drop online email templates for any industry and any purpose
  • Integrated with 70+ ESPs and CRMs, including Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more
  • Integration with external resources, such as Canva and Calendly
  • Multiple price plans
  • Responsive customer team
  • Loved by lots of email marketers around the globe
  • Many positive customer and company reviews

Stripo Cons

  • Limited users can access Stripo in one plan

Stripo Reviews

Stripo is doing big things in the world of email marketing. Most users love their email design creator tools that are hassle-free manner and 1100+ ready-to-use HTML email template collections for free.

Stripo Reviews

In the next up my Stripo review, I’ll introduce you to the brand’s most popular products and services alongside pricing information, its features, and more. Let’s begin!

Stripo Plan Reviews

Email marketing is a game of presentation. Oftentimes, the right design is all you need to get someone’s attention to turn a potential customer instead of closing the tab.

Stripo Review: Stripo Plan Reviews

For marketing purposes, you might need a fully responsive, creative, and professional email design, but unfortunately, you may not know how to create one. If this is the case, it’s time for you to use Stripo email template designer, a great tool to create beautiful email templates that everyone can use.

This tool can dramatically save a lot of time you spend tinkering about inspiration and perfecting your template. Just drag-n-drop the pre-made template, customize it to your desire, and breathe in the sweet smells of your own designs that you’ve just made.

Overall, Stripo is an excellent tool for creating email templates that can beautifully present your business to your subscriber’s inbox.

Price wise, there are different options for plans that you can subscribe to; monthly or annually; choose between them:

  • Basic: $15/monthly
  • Medium: $45/monthly
  • Pro: $95/monthly

Of course, a different plan also comes with different perks you can get. But I strongly suggest that it would be best if you choose to bill annually since the plan would give you 2 months free!

Stripo Editor Plugin Reviews

Design is vital to the reader’s experience that even an email needs something more than just words to persuade them all. As an email marketer, you must admit that you’re on this side, right?

Stripo Review: Stripo Editor Plugin Reviews

If you want to satisfy your potential clients, you need to have an email design that can lead to more engagement and a higher conversion rate. Here is what Stripo Editor Plugin can do for you.

Not only the drag-and-drop Stripo editor plugin enables you to create email designs that your clients will love, but it is also user-friendly, allowing you to create responsive templates that look good regardless of mobile device and screen size.

Benefits you can get by using this Stripo editor

  • Time-saving
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to use
  • Easily stored in the cloud
  • Branding and customize
  • Boost engagement

You’ll be able to use the Stripo editor plugin for free, but in case you want to be more professionally and freely access more premium features and other perks, you can subscribe to different plans based on your needs:

  • Startup: $100/monthly
  • Business: $550/monthly
  • Enterprise: Custom (contact the brand for further information)

How Does Stripo Work?

Stripo Review: How Does Stripo Work?

Who is Stripo For?

The products and services in this Stripo review are for people who want to make the most of their every email consistent and anticipated, this includes marketers, creatives, designers, tech companies, start-ups, and even small businesses.

Stripo Review: Who is Stripo For?

Since Stripo makes email production easier and faster, all users don’t need to be tech-savvy or have coding knowledge only to create the email design that they desire.

What’s more? Stripo has several plans and pricing options that come with many features and benefits on it, so users will likely be able to choose based on their business needs.

Stripo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Is Stripo really a reputable company? Based on what I’ve seen so far, this email design platform brand gets a lot of positive reviews from several established websites and media, including ProductHunt, G2 Crowd, Capterra, and more.

Stripo Review: Stripo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Independent website reviews such as hold an impressive score of 4.7/5 stars for the brand. Based on over 82 reviews in total, 79% of customers were quick to mention that they love each option and feature available in this Stripo unsurpassed tool.

One enthusiastic commenter had this to say about the product: “I’ve found this template editor user-friendly, with a robust set of templates for any case, holiday, and industry, an intuitive interface, and a wide assortment of options.

Others found that the tool is easy to use which makes the process of email newsletter creation a whole lot simpler and faster, as offered by Stripo. A few editors stated that their products proved useful during designing and editing sessions.

First of all, it’s easy to use as the editor DOES NOT require any coding skills. Moreover, Stripo has many templates that fit a variety of businesses, which makes the process of email newsletter creation a lot faster and easier. Also, I’d like to mention AMP-powered polls and surveys, feedback forms, and an image carousel in our emails, which helped increase the open rate.

The crowd goes wild for Stripo and their amazing products, tools, and service. While there are a few negative comments, the majority of customers are thrilled at the time-saving features.

Is Stripo Worth It?

Everyone can write an email online and then directly sends it with a regular email design. What elevates Stripo above other similar designs is their professional and responsive email templates that supply them with a diverse selection of inspiration.

Stripo Review: Is Stripo Worth It?

If you’re a novice digital marketer or an amateur designer, Stripo offers practical, helpful, user-friendly tools and services for all creatives to use.

I would recommend the products in my Stripo review to anyone who often sends emails with interactive, real-time, and AMP content on a daily basis. So it’s safe to say that this brand is worth it.

Stripo's Refund Policy

Stripo accepts refunds, even on plans that you wish to cancel before they run out. However, if you want to refund, you must follow this certain rules:

  • Didn’t use any Stripo products and services, including creating email templates, exporting and sending test emails, etc., after the payment.
  • Must inform the brand before 30 days after the payment has been performed.

Once your refund is processed and accepted, you will get a full refund for a prepaid month.

Stripo's Cancellation Policy

This Stripo review found that you can cancel your Stripo subscription at any time. But it’s important to note that after 30 days, no refunds are issued for unused services. Follow the steps below to cancel your Stripo subscription:

  • Use your Stripo login to access your Account page
  • Go to the Billing menu
  • On the page, select the Delete icon in the Active subscriptions table

Once your subscription is already canceled, you can still use all the perks of your current plan, and until the end of the period, the current plan will automatically be downgraded to free.

How To Contact Stripo

These are the three most reliable ways for you to get in touch with the brand if you have any questions that I haven’t already covered:

The brand is happy to respond to customers who reach out at UTC+3 time zone from 8:30 till midnight during business days.

Where to buy Stripo?

As this is an online service, you can only purchase Stripo plans and subscriptions directly on the brand’s website at

Stripo Coupon Codes & Promos

I’ve screened out some information through the official website, and I’m happy to report that customers can save some money, the brand offers 20% off to customers who choose to purchase an annual subscription compared to a monthly option.

Additionally, if you’re looking for the latest news from the brand, you can sign up for their newsletter. Who knows, they might mention you the information on discounts and promotions.

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Stripo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Stripo reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Stripo?

Dmitry Kudrenko as a CEO, Alexey Chernysh as a Founder, and Andrew Ryzhokhin as a Co-Founder must feel very proud of Stripo, as evidenced by the fact that they are company leaders to this day.

Where is Stripo located?

Stripo’s headquarters is in 231 N Lake Merced Hills, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States. The brand also states in their official website that they have 2 offices, in the US and Ukraine.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Stripo Reviews & Ratings

To turn your idea into the ultimate responsive and professional email template, you’ll need the ideal tool for getting the job done. A great email template builder will enable you to fully customize your templates and create professional emails from scratch.

This is where Stripo comes in. An all-in-one email design platform that gives you plenty of wonderful templates, they let you design from scratch, customize, and organize your creations perfectly. Don’t bother. Now give our Stripo a try and nail your email marketing at a time!


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