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About Strawberry & Cream Bedding

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, right? Lack of sleep can make us lose concentration during the day. Several factors might affect the quality of your sleep, including having an unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, stress, or an uncomfortable bed. 

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Review: About Strawberry & Cream Bedding

So it’s time to upgrade your bed linen to organic cotton from Strawberry & Cream Bedding for a peaceful sleeping quality. The brand offers exceptional quality bedding to make it feel like a hotel-style 5-star. 

As seen on social media, the brand stays on track with its well-organized and exciting posts that catch the interest of anyone who visits it. So it’s no surprise Strawberry & Cream has almost 1k+ followers on Instagram and Facebook. 

Wondering which bed linen you’ll choose? Stay with us in Strawberry & Cream Review since we’ll share our thought about this brand. Make sure you don’t skip every section, okay? 

Overview Of Strawberry & Cream Bedding

Who’s the brain behind Strawberry & Cream? Sam and Shivani, the husband and wife, dream of creating the most luxurious and sustainable bedding company. 

It began when they realized how big a problem cotton farming was. The demand for cotton always increases as the population grows. It leads to GM (genetically modified) cotton has grown rapidly, making some sellers no longer use organic cotton. 

That’s why they strive to share the value of buying eco-friendly bedding made from organic cotton. Further, they even want to improve cotton farmers’ health and contribute to the environment’s surroundings. 


  • Free UK Delivery 
  • 30-day Returns (Refund & Exchange)
  • Discounts & Promotions 

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Reviews

After reading the long-short journey of Strawberry & Cream, let us tell you about the luxurious bedding collection from this brand. 

Currently, the brand offers several high-quality and soft sheets for a comfortable sleep. It includes duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases, and flat sheets. It is available in multiple colours: white, pink, beige, and grey. 

Curious about the best-selling products? Lucky you, we take the best-selling products to accomplish in-depth reviews. Hope that you can get the point and help you determine a satisfying purchase. 

Strawberry & Cream Best Selling Products 

  • Pink Duvet Cover Set
  • Sandy Beige Fitted Sheet Set
  • Cream Rose Pink Pillowcase

Further, we will dig deeper into those 3 best-selling items. Are you curious about one? Then, let’s move to the next part!

Strawberry & Cream Earthy Pink Duvet Cover Set Reviews

The first product we’ll review for you is the Earthy Pink Duvet Cover Set. It includes 1 duvet cover and 2 standard-size oxford pillowcases. 

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Review: Strawberry & Cream Earthy Pink Duvet Cover Set Reviews

Honestly, we’re admiring its long-staple organic cotton. There are 300 single-ply threads per square inch to add durability. As a result, it feels more breathable fabric, luxuriously soft and super comfortable.

For the duvet cover, it is available in UK bed sizes: single, double, king, and even super king sizes. We love the large button since it is easier to control fastening and unfastening. The additional buttons are also great for giving a tidy look.

Pair the earthy duvet cover set with a fitted sheet in contrasting colours, for instance, rose pink, stone grey, rose pink, or white. The duvet cover set would also look luxurious when your interior decor is white, cream, dark grey, or olive green. 

What do you think so far? Let’s bring new nuance to your bedroom by purchasing the beautiful set cover for £85.00

Strawberry & Cream Sandy Beige Fitted Sheet Set Reviews

Next up, we move to Sandy Beige Fitted Sheet Set, which includes 1 fitted sheet and 2 standard-size oxford pillowcases. Like the duvet cover, the fitted sheet is available in UK bed sizes.

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Review: Strawberry & Cream Sandy Beige Fitted Sheet Set Reviews

Some of you may need help about identifying the correct position of a bed sheet on the bed. With the fully elastic fabric and helpful indicator, you can quickly put this fitted sheet on your bed in one attempt. 

For a great look, pair the sandy beige fitted sheet set with a duvet cover in white, stone grey, or earthy pink colours. Of course, it will also look so damn beautiful when your interior bedroom decor goes with light grey, stone grey, bright blue, white, black, pink, or even bright yellow.

Add to your cart now and feel your new look decor with a sandy beige fitted sheet set for only £75.00

Strawberry & Cream Rose Pink Pillowcase Reviews

Alright, let’s get closer with a super comfy rose pink oxford pillowcase (set of two). You can choose either standard or super king sizes for your pleasure.

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Review: Strawberry & Cream Rose Pink Pillowcase Reviews

The oxford style pillowcase has an 8-inch inner flap to settle the pillowcase properly. Likewise, it also has a 2-inch flange on all sides, giving a modest look. The best part? It’s so splendidly soft.

For styling tips, match the roses pink pillowcases with your bed sheet or duvet cover in some colour options like white, light grey, stone grey, or earthy pink. It also looks more instantly refreshed when your bedroom decor is in dark grey, white, navy blue, olive green, etc

At £25.00, you can bring two rose-pink pillowcases home to get a heavenly night’s sleep. 


  • Material: Original cotton
  • Dimensions: Standard size (50 cm x 75 cm); Super king size (50 cm x 90 cm)

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Size Guide

Strawberry & Cream provides UK bed sizes for fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. So, make sure you choose the right size to get real comfort before purchasing. Hence, you can find the table chart on each product’s page in the “Bedding Size Guide” part!

Strawberry & Cream Pros & Cons

For a quick comparison of the pros and cons of all the brand’s offerings, below is the list. Check it out!


  • Made with 100% premium organic cotton
  • It has great texture, so smooth 
  • Amazing quality with a beautiful modern design 
  • Available in a wide range of options 
  • All the products are packaged in eco-friendly 
  • Efficient customer service
  • Worth every purchase 


  • It doesn’t provide worldwide shipping 

Who Is Strawberry & Cream For?

All the bed linen products from Strawberry & Cream products are absolutely made for everyone. In addition, there are various colour options you can choose to suit your taste. 

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Review: Who Is Strawberry & Cream For?

It will be your good selection if you’re looking for aesthetic bedroom design ideas or something delicate style to up your mood and feel fresh the next morning. 

Strawberry & Cream Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Surprisingly, the Strawberry & Cream brand gets 4.98/5 ratings from 108 customer reviews. It’s almost the perfect rating! 

Well, honest reviews are the most important thing in determining the quality of a product. Fortunately, we found some testimonials from the website to find out what customers actually say about this brand. 

Starting with the first customer, who’s happy with the smooth and comfortable fabric. Yup, it’s not wrong to use organic cotton to provide extra comfort to the bed linen. 

Such lovely material. So comfortable and feels fantastic against our skin. They wash well and fitted sheet is nice and deep, material is generous for thicker duvets and plumper pillows. Really love this brand and highly recommend.

Another buyer was glad with the excellent quality of pillow cases. Keeping her want to buying more. 

Excellent quality and luxurious pillow cases, I didn’t realize how big a range of products on their website and will definitely be placing more orders. I would highly recommend them

The brand’s mission is to provide quality, sustainable bedding to help the ecosystem. One happy buyer agrees with that point. 

The pillow cases arrived beautifully. They are a generous size and the fabric is soft with a gorgeous sheen. I also like the fact that when I buy an organic cotton product I am helping the planet.

By looking at how customers respond positively to each product, we are sure that this brand deserves to be listed as one of the best solutions in bed linen selection. 

Is Strawberry & Cream Worth It?

Why choose to buy Strawberry & Cream bedding items? All the products are made from 100% organic cotton, which received GOTS certification. This is the excellent primary standard in the textile industry.

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Review: Is Strawberry & Cream Worth It?

With plenty of benefits in organic cotton, you’ll feel another level of comfort on each bed linen made by the brand. Of course, it’s far from synthetic pesticides and chemicals that will endanger the health of your skin.

Moreover, the fabulous bedding is specially made by expert tailors to meet high welfare standard criteria. Another plus is every product uses environmentally friendly packaging to be re-used for various purposes.

All in all, we think the brand is worth trying in terms of quality, manufacturer, function, and price. It can be your best sleep investment that you won’t regret.  

How To Contact Strawberry & Cream

If you have common queries about the brand or your order, browse the FAQ page. If you need more detail response, feel free to contact customer service in the following ways:

The team will be in touch to respond to your messages as soon as possible during business hours on Monday to Friday (9.30 am – 5 pm), except for UK public holidays. 

Strawberry & Cream
12 Craigweil Drive,
Stanmore, Middlesex,
HA7 4TU. United Kingdom.

Strawberry & Cream Shipping Policy

We’re so excited to inform you of Free Shipping on every bedding purchase in Strawberry & Cream. Unfortunately, it only applies to customers within the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland.

Every package will ship using the courier services of DPD with a delivery time between 1-3 working days or up to 5 working days. Once the package arrives at your destination, it requires your signature. 

In that case, the courier is unsuccessful in delivering your order, or if you refuse to accept delivery of the product on the order you placed, the package will be automatically returned to the warehouse. 

Strawberry & Cream Return Policy

Strawberry & Cream ensures the quality of all bedding items to make customers enjoy the purchase. If something happens, and you wish to return the product, the brand gives you 30 days return policy.

Let them know your request by emailing [email protected] or calling 0333 011 2227. Please include your order number, a reasonable reason, and the item you want to return. 

Then, you can choose whether to get a full refund or exchange new products once your request is accepted. 

  • Refund:

After you send the item back, the team will inspect your order and decide whether a refund can be made. Usually, it takes up to 21 business days to be processed. 

  • Exchanges:

If you choose to get the exchange or new product, the price may differ if you change the size or type. Later, the new item will be delivered to the same address in your payment. 

NOTE: The return can be claimed only by purchasing directly through the official website. 

Where to buy Strawberry & Cream Bedding?

To claim all applicable services such as return, refund, and exchange policies, you need to purchase all bedding items only on the Strawberry & Cream Official Website. Besides that, you can find many options with attractive discounts there. 

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Coupon Codes & Promos

Have a fun shopping time with fantastic discounts at Strawberry & Cream! To get started, tap the button below to view all coupon codes. You can also enjoy 10% off your first purchase once you sign up and join to the newsletter. 

Enter your name and email address in the pop-up box or scroll to the bottom right corner of the website. You’ll receive VIP offers, the latest product information, and up-to-date news right through your email. Don’t miss this chance!

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Strawberry & Cream Bedding

Strawberry & Cream Bedding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Strawberry & Cream Bedding reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Strawberry & Cream packaging environmentally friendly?

Of course, YES! All the duvet & pillow covers are packaged in fabric bags made of waste material or offcuts. It’s specially designed to be reused for multiple purposes to reduce the amount coming into the landfill. 

Where does Strawberry & Cream are made?

It’s produced in India in a GOTS-certified factory to meet rigorous criteria.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Strawberry & Cream Bedding Reviews & Ratings

Everyone deserves a restful night’s sleep. Then you can change your bedroom decor based on your style; it can be a more fashionable, classic look or warm style.

Well, the Strawberry & Cream home brand gives you many options to upgrade your bed linen to something more luxurious made of organic cotton. For sure, organic cotton is a more eco-friendly fabric. Thus, you’ll take your part in saving the planet. 


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