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Storelli Review 2024 → Soccer Protective Gear for All Players

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About Storelli Sports

For all soccer players, injury is the most undesirable thing. Therefore, you and other soccer players are eager to protect your body from injury during training and matches. Fortunately, Storelli will guide you to start it. Let’s get to know them!

Storelli Review: About Storelli Sports

Storelli is a company that specializes in soccer protective gear. Their products are designed to protect players from injuries while also allowing them to perform at their best. Thus, players can stay comfortable and focused on the game.

Besides, this brand is also one of the most recognized brands in the USA. Just look at how they currently have over 110k followers on Instagram and over 34k followers on Facebook.

After previewing a bit about the brand, how if we move on to the more detailed section that breaks them down? Stay tuned to this Storelli review, as we’ll give you the lowdown on their history, best-selling products, player reviews, and lots more.

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Overview of Storelli Soccer Gear

Storelli was created as a brand that would protect soccer players from injury. This company was founded in 2010 by former Italian soccer players and action sports industrial designers Claudio Storelli and Jing Liang.

Both founders are soccer-obsessed and committed to creating, designing, and developing the highest quality performance sports gear.

The brand is located in New York City, but all the performance sports gear designed by the brand is based in Brooklyn. Going through intensive prototyping before designing and testing each product ensures they bring out the best in every product they sell.

Better yet, the sports gear sold by Storelli is made from eco-friendly materials that can withstand more than 5 years of use. So, with this brand, you can protect the environment while playing soccer at its best.

Storelli Review

With Storelli, you can find a wide range of performance sports gear, from head to foot protection.

Storelli Reviews: Storelli Review

This brand covers you in whatever you need, such as soccer gloves, goalkeeper pants, speed grip insoles, leggings, undershirts, jerseys, shin guards, and pants.

Moreover, the brand also provides sports gear based on each player. You can find sports gear at the official store for men, women, and even youth. Choose the one that best suits what you need!

However, with so many sports gear options available at Storelli clearance. It would definitely take a long time to review all of them. With that in mind, we’ve selected 4 best-selling head-to-toe sports gear products.

Storelli Review: 4 Best Best-selling Sports Gear

  • ExoShield Head Guard
  • Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves
  • BodyShield Leg Guard Black
  • SpeedGrip Socks 3 Black

Without further ado, let’s break down these four sports gears!

Storelli ExoShield Head Guard Reviews

First, let’s meet the Storelli ExoShield Head Guard, a headgear to protect your head from any risk of injury. Coming with an ultra-lightweight design at only 8oz, you can wear this head guard safely and comfortably.

Storelli Review: Storelli ExoShield Head Guard Reviews

Apart from being ultra-lightweight, this ExoShield head guard is also highly minimalistic. Thus, it can fit comfortably on all soccer players’ various head shapes and hairstyles.

The brand uses 9-12mm of Team Wendy Zorbium foam to craft this head guard. FYI, it is the same material used for the US Army, Navy, and Special Forces helmets.

Even better, this ExoShield head guard is ASTM 5-star certified, which is known to be highly protective in soccer.

It has also been tested by the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab and proven to decrease head injury rates by around 84%. To get your hands on this Storelli head guard, you can bring it home by spending $59.99.

Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves Reviews

For a goalkeeper, having capable goalie gloves can definitely improve your performance when keeping your net from conceding. This brand has the best-selling gloves model in their line: the Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves.

Storelli Review: Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves Reviews

These goalie gloves are perfect for those who like a heavy-duty glove design with an exceptional grip. The brand uses the highest-grade German latex to design these gloves, providing a firm grip. It features 3.5mm German latex and 3mm impact foam to protect your palms.

Flexibility is also something you can gain from this Gladiator Pro 3. It comes with a negative cut with roll thumbs plus an embossed palm, ensuring all goalkeepers can use these gloves comfortably and safely. Get your hands with these goalkeeper gloves. You can expect to spend $129.99 to bring them home.

Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard Black Reviews

Soccer is a leg-heavy sport, so getting gear that can protect your legs from the risk of injury is a must. Storelli has you covered, and you can protect your legs with this BodyShield Leg Guard Black.

Storelli Review: Storelli BodyShield Leg Guard Black Reviews

This leg guard is lined with heavy-duty 3mm XRD Extreme Impact Protection padding, making it flexible yet capable of protecting a soccer player’s ankles, shins, and the outside of the foot.

This shin guard also comes with a pocket to easily hold your shin pads. Thus, you don’t always have to adjust your shin pads manually.

As for the material, the brand uses 82% nylon and 18% spandex coupled with 100% urethane foam. The combination of these materials has qualities such as anti-bacterial, UV-resistant, impact-resistant, and sweat-absorbent.

Want to wear these shin guards in your training and matches? Then, set a budget of $39.99 and start protecting your feet from injury.

Storelli SpeedGrip Socks 3 Black Reviews

Priced at around $29.99, you can boost your confidence on every field you step on with the Storelli SpeedGrip Socks 3 Black.

Storelli Review: Storelli SpeedGrip Socks 3 Black Reviews

As the name suggests, these socks are powered by SpeedGrip technology that can provide 2x more grip than regular socks. In addition, wearing these socks gives you better control and higher reactivity when running on the field.

Even better, the brand uses lightweight, sweat-wicking, and anti-bacterial materials in manufacturing these SpeedGrip Socks. With materials like these, these socks will guarantee you maximum comfort.

Storelli Pros and Cons

With such a wide range of positive statements about the brand, you might wonder if they have any drawbacks or not. Thus, we’ve compiled Storelli’s pros and cons below. Check it out!


  • Provides various types of high-quality performance sports gear
  • Offers a wide selection of sports gear for all soccer players, be it men, women, or youth.
  • All sports gear products are made from eco-friendly materials
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 30 days return policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Many happy customers are satisfied with this brand


  • Some customers complained about tight finger savers on goalkeeper gloves

Who is Storelli Soccer Gear For?

Storelli soccer kits are for anyone who plays soccer, regardless of age, skill level, or position. Their products are well-suited to protect players from injury while allowing them to perform at their best.

For younger players, the brand offers a range of products with smaller sizes and lighter materials. Likewise, keepers who are training hard can also use the brand’s goalkeeper gloves as they can keep the goalkeeper safe on the field.

Storelli Soccer Gear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

What’s great about this brand is how they put product quality and soccer player satisfaction above all else. You can see how the four products we’ve reviewed above get outstanding ratings.

Storelli Review: Storelli Soccer Gear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • ExoShield Head Guard is rated 4.8/5 out of 234 reviews
  • Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves is rated 4.9/5 out of 68 reviews
  • BodyShield Leg Guard Black is rated 4.9/5 out of 754 reviews
  • SpeedGrip Socks 3 Black is rated 5/5 out of 1 review

Well, what about testimonials from customers who have used sports gear from this brand? Let’s find out!

We start with a customer who gave his testimonial on the ExoShield Head Guard.

The ExoShield Head Guard keeps my boy within the game and protects him from any risk of concussion.

In the testimonial above, this customer described the product’s outstanding quality that protects his son from the risk of concussion while playing soccer.

There is also a testimonial from a goalkeeper who expressed the quality of the Gladiator Pro 3.

Awesome gloves with great grip and great durability. One of the best gloves I have ever used.

After his usage, this player mentioned several points that made him really like the product, such as its amazing grip and unrivaled durability. In his opinion, these gloves are the best goalie gloves he has ever worn.

In addition, the BodyShield Leg Guard also received positive reviews from many customers. Here are the reviews,

These leg guards are great for providing an extra layer of ankle and leg protection.

In his review, this customer revealed that the product has an outstanding ability to provide an extra layer and protect his legs from various risks of injury.

Referring to the amazingly high ratings that the brand has gotten on all four best-selling soccer gear along with the positive testimonials, the brand has truly managed to satisfy many customers with the highest quality soccer gear. For this reason, you can head over to Storelli if you’re searching for high-quality soccer gear.

Is Storelli Worth It?

Based on the high quality of its products along with the satisfaction of its customers, it’s easy to say that Storelli is worth it. With this brand, you’ll always get the best quality soccer gear to protect you or your kids from the risk of various injuries.

On top of that, the brand also uses environmentally friendly materials. With this, it means that not only you can play soccer safely, but you can also help protect the environment.

Storelli Shipping Policy

To support all soccer players in every training and match they participate in, Storelli offers international shipping. So, whether you live in Europe, Canada, Asia, or Australia, this brand will reach out and protect you while playing soccer.

For those who live in North and South America, your order will be shipped from their warehouse in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, those living outside the United States will have their order shipped from their UK warehouse.

Amazingly, the brand also offers free US shipping for every purchase over $75. This is definitely an advantage for people who live in the United States.

Storelli Return Policy

Under Storelli’s return policy, the brand offers a 30-day opportunity to return your ordered products. One thing that you have to ensure is that your product has not been used and comes in the same condition as when you first received it.

Those of you who want to request a return can contact their customer service team at [email protected]. Don’t forget to include your order number and return details to facilitate the return process.

How To Contact Storelli

The brand is more than happy to hear any suggestions or messages you have in your head. Therefore, if you have any questions about the brand, you can approach their customer service team from the contact details below.

Alternatively, you can also ask your question through the bubble chat in the bottom right of your screen.

Where to buy Storelli?

Luckily for you, besides getting sports products from the official store, you can also get Storelli products from well-known retail stores, such as Amazon and eBay.

Alternatively, you can also purchase soccer gear from this brand through several store locators. To find the store locators, you can head over here.

Storelli Coupon Codes & Promos

Needless to say, discounts are very attractive to get as they can give you pleasure when you buy an item. Luckily, Storelli also provides a variety of discounts. For example, you can get 10% OFF on your first purchase on the terms that you sign up for the newsletter.

Moreover, you can also get free shipping and exchanges by purchasing more than $75. Do you still want to get more Storelli discount codes? If so, click the button below, and several coupon codes will appear on your screen. Have a great shopping day!

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Storelli Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Storelli reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Storelli?

This brand is owned by Claudio Storelli and Jing Liang who also serve as founder and co-founder.

Does Storelli ship internationally?

Yes, this brand offers to ship internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Storelli Reviews & Ratings

You’ve reached the end of this Storelli review. To sum up, this sports gear brand has really fulfilled its mission well to protect soccer players from any risk of injuries. Just look at how all four of its best-selling products received outstanding ratings and satisfactory reviews from both customers and players.

Therefore, if you’re looking for high-quality soccer gear, we have no hesitation in saying that Storelli is the first best place you should go. 


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