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StickerGiant Review 2023 → High-Quality Custom Stickers & Labels

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About StickerGiant

Do you know those sticky little wonders we stick on everything from laptops to lunch boxes? Yes, stickers! They’re like mini artworks that make things pop. Now, you can print your own stickers at StickerGiant.

StickerGiant Review: About StickerGiant

StickerGiant believes in the infinite nature of art. They apply that principle by standing as a provider of high-quality custom stickers and labels. From glossy to matte, this brand puts no limits on your creativity.

Another thing that makes this label greater than other brands is the lightning-fast sticker printing process. The team only takes 2 business days to print your masterpiece into adorable stickers and labels.

In addition, their company catches the attention of the public. They collect nearly 40k followers on Instagram, 37k on Facebook, and 15k+ on TikTok. Also, we noticed the brand has 2k+ subscribers on YouTube.

Therefore, if you can’t wait to print your artwork, stay tuned to this StickerGiant review. We will explain in detail about the product, pros & cons, and testimonials. Scroll to the end!

Overview of StickerGiant

This company believes every sticker has a story behind it. Therefore, StickerGiant wants to spread that message through sticker printing. But what is the history of StickerGiant?

Let’s go back in time for a moment. The founder, John Fischer, is passionate about stickers. In 2000, he decided to establish his sticker brand and star.

Throughout its journey, the brand has helped many individuals print their stickers and businesses who want to create logos or labels. At its peak, they successfully created Saul, the Largest Sticker Ball, and made it to the Guinness World Record in 2016.

Currently, the company is with a new owner, Beth A. Smith. However, their passion is still as burning as it was initially. They ensure that customer satisfaction is their priority. It becomes another factor why many people love this company.

In addition, they take full responsibility for the community and planet throughout their careers. They continuously try to find ways to become an eco-friendly sticker-producing brand. It is a form of their love for this earth.

StickerGiant Highlights

  • 2-day printing
  • Graphic art support
  • Best materials sourced in the USA
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Easy ordering process
  • Offers sample pack
  • International shipping
  • Free delivery for orders $55+
  • 30-day return

StickerGiant Review

The key to StickerGiant‘s success is a commitment to translating digital art into physical form with flawless results. They have advanced printing and a team of skilled artisan.

StickerGiant Reviews: StickerGiant Review

StickerGiant goes a step further by offering custom types and shapes. They break free from the limitations of the old sticker shape. It means your sticker can be as unique as your imagination allows.

StickerGiant products

  • Stickers
    • Die Cut Stickers
    • Holographic Stickers
    • Clear Stickers
    • Kiss Cut Stickers
    • Sticker Sheets
  • Labels
    • Glossy Labels
    • Matte Labels
    • Clear Labels
    • Kraft Paper Labels, etc
  • Industries & Uses
    • Logo Stickers
    • Bottle Labels
    • Coffee Shops & Roasters
    • Breweries
    • Quick Rolled Stickers
    • Canned Drink Labels
    • To-Go Food Labels
    • Makers & DIY

So, by looking at the table above, you know this brand’s expertise goes beyond stickers. They are also experts in creating functional and visually appealing labels.

From product branding to event sponsorship, their labels are designed to leave a lasting impression. Thus, you can pick the stickers according to your favorite design and style.

Moreover, we spot another great thing about this company. The company uses recycled vellum in some of its printing products. This eco-friendly approach minimizes environmental impact and sets a good standard.

Therefore, to see firsthand how the company’s printing works, we’ll invite you to 3 most popular products. We’ll talk about many things, from details to prices. So, let’s jump into the first product!

StickerGiant Die Cut Stickers Reviews

Unlike the standard circular or square shape of regular stickers, Die Cut Stickers follow the contours of your artwork. Here, they are custom-made to fit your style. Which finish are you hoping for? Matte or glossy? This product has both!

StickerGiant Review: StickerGiant Die Cut Stickers Reviews

Sometimes, people have a hard time peeling off the sticker from the backing, but you won’t find that struggle with these stickers. Each sticker has a crack and peel backing for a hassle-free application.

In addition, their printing process uses laser cutting on the backing for a perfect match. Besides, each printed sticker has a beautiful full color. So all the colors you expect are not missed!

If we talk about durability, these stickers are the champs. These products are built to face various weather conditions. Furthermore, it is supported with all-temperature emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive. Which makes your sticker will stick around no matter what.

Die Cut Stickers material specs

  • Material: 2.6 mils white polypropylene
  • Backing: 6 mil lay flat backing
  • Adhesive: All-temperature emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive
  • Laminations:
    • Glossy: Clear 1.6 mil general-purpose polyester laminate with UV-resistant properties
    • Matte: 1.4 mil general-purpose laminate with a matte finish (matte laminate stickers are printed with UV-durable inks

Besides, the company allows you to choose the shape and quantity. You can print from 50 to 50,000 pieces of stickers. The price is very affordable. You have to pay starting from $49.00.

StickerGiant Holographic Stickers Reviews

If regular stickers aren’t enough to satisfy you, then you have to try Holographic Stickers. It’s made on a canvas of rainbow holographic material that gives a captivating effect, like emitting rainbow colors.

StickerGiant Review: StickerGiant Holographic Stickers Reviews

Why choose Holographic Stickers, you ask? Well, not only are they shimmery and shiny, but they’re also making your designs even cooler. The rainbow holographic material naturally gives a magical effect.

Moreover, the company offers a choice of glossy or matte lamination. Choosing glossy will give a shimmering effect and create a play of colors. On the other hand, choosing matte lamination gives a metallic sheen for a sophisticated feel.

Besides cutting the sticker in die-cut form, you can also choose the shape. There are many choices of shapes ranging from circles, rectangles, ovals, and squares. Please note that the minimum purchase of Holographic Stickers is 50 pcs.

Holographic Stickers features

  • Eye-catching and unique design
  • Top-notch quality and durable for a long period
  • Interactive and engaging visual effects

So, we think we all agree that these Holographic Stickers will be a stunning decoration. If interested, you can get these stickers starting from $59.00.

StickerGiant Glossy Paper Labels Reviews

What do you see first from a company? Correct, the label. It makes it essential for product branding. Let us recommend one of the best Glossy Paper Labels. It is UV-cured to keep your labels in any condition.

StickerGiant Review: StickerGiant Glossy Paper Labels Reviews

Looking for labels in a hurry to start your business? You can with this brand. They provide a quick turnaround to get your Glossy Paper Labels on time. These labels are an economical yet attractive option.

Also, you can customize it to your specific packaging needs. These labels are the perfect complement to any product. The permanent adhesive ensures these labels stay attached as strong as Spider-Man’s web. 

Furthermore, the convenience doesn’t stop there. This brand allows you to choose label orientation on the roll. It can be for easy hand application or seamless use with a label application machine.

Glossy Paper Labels custom

  • Shape: circle, rectangle, oval, square, sticker sheet, or custom shape
  • Roll finishing: top first, bottom first, right side first, and left side first
  • Quantity: 125 – 50,000 pcs

Therefore, you can start your business by designing beautiful labels with this company. Make your customers get a good first impression of your products by printing these stickers starting at $39.00.

How Does StickerGiant Work?

You should know the fact that the process of ordering stickers here is very easy. Here, we bring guidance to help you with clear steps. Follow this instruction:

  1. Sign up or login to the official site
  2. Choose the type of sticker or label you want
  3. Then, customize your order. You can adjust the shape, quantity, and direction of the roll
  4. The next step is to upload your artwork. They accept EPS, SVG, PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG and JPEG formats
  5. Click “Add to cart”
  6. Lastly, finalize your payment

The team will contact you soon to discuss the design. They will show you preview mock-up photos or digital artwork proof to make sure you love it.

StickerGiant Pros & Cons

You know what? Looking at the good side of a brand is not enough. We have to explore both sides to get the whole picture. That’s why let’s look at the pros and cons of StickerGiant!


  • Offers a wide range of custom options
  • High-quality printing
  • Diverse material choices
  • All stickers and labels are designed to be durable in all condition
  • Fits for various industries such as retail, food & beverages and marketing
  • Easy ordering process
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Various options for custom label direction on each roll
  • Affordable price
  • Free ground shipping
  • Global delivery
  • 30-day return


  • Bulk ordering requirement
  • Potential printing delays during peak season
  • No physical store
  • International shipping cost

StickerGiant VS Stickermule

Some other brands, like Stickermule, offer the same services as StickerGiant. However, some things are different about both of them. Let’s find out how they compare!

  • Turnaround time: 2 days
  • Variety of products: stickers and labels
  • Shipping method: delivery and pick up store
  • Result: the shape and color match the design
  • Price: start from $49
  • Turnaround time: 4 days
  • Variety of products: stickers, labels, packaging, and t-shirt
  • Shipping method: delivery
  • Result: sometimes, the result is smaller than the design. So, the customer has to adjust again
  • Price: start from $60

Who Is StickerGiant For?

StickerGiant belongs to everyone who wants to print their artwork into high-quality stickers or labels. As an individual or artist with a creative brain, you might want to create your original authentic sticker for decoration. Then, trust everything to this company!

Additionally, this brand is not only to fulfil the expectations of individuals. Business entities such as small businesses, startups, retailers, and advertising agencies. The company serves as an ideal launchpad for good branding on products.

StickerGiant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You might need a little more encouragement to trust the quality of StickerGiant. So, we bring you to this section to convince you. We have compiled some customer reviews from Trustpilot, Yelp, and Reddit. Read these testimonials!

StickerGiant Review: StickerGiant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

A shopper mentioned:

Great service. Easy platform to create custom stickers! Staff follow up to make sure the order is correct.

As a brand allowing customers to print their sticker designs, this customer was satisfied with the service. The staff was very friendly and thorough. Besides, the platform makes it easy to create custom stickers.

Another buyer mentioned:

I love this company so much. My stickers are printed with the best quality at a very cheap price! I have ordered many times here!

We can see this customer’s enthusiasm for the company’s branded sticker prints. He praised the excellent quality of the stickers. Also, the important part is that the cost is affordable.

Lastly, a customer on Yelp mentioned:

I was so excited waiting for my stickers to come; they were perfect. The delivery was fast and reliable too! I would use stickers here again!

Another customer had a pleasant experience printing stickers here. This time, fast shipping was the topic of blind praise from this customer. Moreover, the sticker result was perfect and satisfying.

In short, the majority of customers report that the stickers are of high quality but at an affordable price. In addition, they also praise the helpful and friendly customer service performance. As a result, many people come back to this brand to print stickers.

Is StickerGiant Worth It?

All the claims this brand offers are proven true by customers’ positive comments. Thus, we proudly state that StickerGiant is worth the purchase. This company is known for producing stickers and labels with exceptional quality. They ensure accurate product results in design and color.

StickerGiant Review: Is StickerGiant Worth It?

In addition, there are a lot of customization options that follow the customer’s wishes, including the type of material, shape, and even the direction of the roll. Now you get stickers just like the ones in your imagination.

Besides, they offer 2-day printing as fast as a gazelle. Those who need stickers or labels soon may consider this brand. On top of that, all stickers come at affordable prices. You can print a lot of stickers without worrying about breaking your wallet.

StickerGiant Shipping Policy

This brand currently serves customers from North America, including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. StickerGiant also ships to US territories. And guess what? They give free shipping for all orders that are over $55!

In addition, every order goes out with a tracking number, which the team will quickly email you when your order has been handed over to the delivery service. Moreover, the company relies on UPS to deliver the stickers to your doorstep.

However, you can pick up your sticker by yourself. If you want to avoid the shipping fee for buying under $55, choose this option. The brand welcomes you warmly and even provides a special parking location for you.

Pickup address
880 Weaver Park Road
Longmont, CO 80501

StickerGiant Return Policy

Did you find a mistake in your sticker order? StickerGiant has you covered with a 30-day return policy. The company will take full responsibility for any damage or errors during manufacturing.

You can reach the customer service right away to report your concern. They will assist you until your package is delivered. Then, the team will repair your order and send you a new one.

How To Contact StickerGiant

For inquiries unrelated to this StickerGiant review, you can contact customer service personally. They are open from Monday to Friday from 6 am-6 pm and weekends from 8 am-4 pm. Feel free to ask them through:

  • Live chat
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 866-774-7900
  • Direct messaging on social media
    • Facebook: StickerGiant
    • Instagram: @stickergiant
    • Twitter: @stickergiant
    • LinkedIn: StickerGiant

Where to buy StickerGiant?

To use StickerGiant’s customization and printing services, you must go to the official site. You can choose the type, material, and finish of stickers you desire.

StickerGiant Coupon Codes & Promos

Shopping at StickerGiant is always fun with the various discounts the company provides. You can save extra money by taking advantage of some of the promos below:

  • Sign up and receive 15% OFF coupons
  • Apply coupon code 23FOR23 to claim 23% OFF
  • Save $25 on every $100 that you spend by using promo code GIANTSTOCKUP

Reveal all coupons

StickerGiant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for StickerGiant reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the minimum order for StickerGiant?

The holographic and die-cut stickers have a minimum order requirement of 50 pcs. Meanwhile, other sticker products have a minimum order of 125 pcs.

How long does StickerGiant take?

The company only needs 2 business days to process sticker orders.

Who owns StickerGiant?

The owner is Beth A. Smith.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of StickerGiant Reviews & Ratings

In the world of colorful stickers and labels, StickerGiant shines as a reliable partner. They can turn your artwork design into high-quality stickers or labels and leave a good impression. Also, the processing time is very short, which is 2 business days.

Moreover, you can also choose the material, shape, and type of sticker, as this brand has many options. It means the brand fully supports your creativity. Thus, visit StickerGiant‘s official site to bring your ideas to life.


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