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About Steel Tooth Comb

Are you tired of breaking countless comb teeth? Well, it can be pretty tiring to find that all of your combs aren’t sturdy enough for thick or coarse hair. Or worse, purchasing a quality comb also doesn’t cost cheap.

Steel Tooth Review: About Steel Tooth Comb

Fortunately, Steel Tooth offers a stainless steel comb designed for durability and lasts long. Using their product means you don’t have to worry about breaking or bending the comb teeth like a typical plastic comb.

This brand has gained so much popularity among customers, mainly men, and even barbershops use this next-level comb. Moreover, it has 5.6k followers on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, which proves its quality.

Thus, in this Steel Tooth review, we’ll highlight this brand’s history, product quality, testimonials, customer service details, and more.

So keep on reading to see whether this brand can be your go-to!

Overview of Steel Tooth

Everything started in 2017 when Nicholas Baker, as the founder, sought a durable comb that could solve thick hair.

He had been roaming in the men and women section but found nothing. Finally, he found it in an online store, but it didn’t cost cheap. So this company is founded as the solution to this issue.

People have different kinds of hair: density, curl pattern, porosity, or diameter. So, that’s why every person will face various problems. However, their products can provide you with high-quality products and snag-free usage.

What is good about this brand is how they donate 5% of the sales to clean the ocean, which is you’re not only buying a product but also doing a good deed. However, it ships to most countries and offers free shipping for your purchase.

Steel Tooth Review

After we already know about the brand’s history, we’ll dive deeper to learn about its products’ quality and what they offer.

Steel Tooth Reviews: Steel Tooth Review

As the brand’s selling point, you’ll find their comb will be made from the same material of T304 stainless steel that is completely anti-static. The main difference is the design, such as the compact and handles design.

Besides its main product comb, you can also find categories such as Pomades, Beards, and Commuter Masks. However, in this review, we’ll review their best-selling comb to see its quality. So keep on reading and move to this Steel Tooth review!

Steel Tooth Comb Hemp Cordage Handle Earth Tones Reviews

The first product that comes to our Steel Tooth review is this Hemp Cordage Handle Steel Tooth with Earth Tones. This comb is one of the best metal combs for humans. It features an ergonomic design to style the parts with precision and control without affecting other parts.

Steel Tooth Review: Steel Tooth Comb Hemp Cordage Handle Earth Tones Reviews

The handle is wrapped with high-strength hemp threading to provide comfort while holding it. Likewise, the brand chose hemp because it is sustainable, easy to grow, and quick to harvest. In addition, this metal comb handle can give precision to part hair, which is helpful for high-volume hair.

Furthermore, the brand makes this comb for everyone who has thick hair or a flowing beard since it will glide smoothly through the thick hair with a good grip without snagging. Hence, you can use it for long or short beards and detangles stubborn hair.

Moreover, the durable metal material makes it last for life. The brand designs sturdy teeth to provide outstanding durability no matter how thick your hair is so that it won’t bend or break for years of use.


  • 8in x 1.5in x 1.5mm

You can also find the same designs of this product with small differences, such as the original Steel Tooth comb ($16), which has the same design but has no hemp cordage in its handle. You can also choose Gunslinger Special Edition W/ Hemp cordage ($20) if you are looking for one with a powder coated.

This Hemp Cordage Handle Steel Tooth Comb comes in early tones from OG Green, Brown Handle, and Black Handle, which cost only $18!

Steel Tooth Pocket Comb Reviews

No matter where you are, whether at a party or in the office, ensuring your hair is neat is essential. The Steal Tooth Pocket Comb is a stainless steel comb designed with durability and compact design so you can store it even in your jeans pocket!

Steel Tooth Review: Steel Tooth Pocket Comb Reviews

With its compact comb, you can even style your hair on the way to a sudden meeting in the morning. Plus, this comb features a bottle opener, so it will be very functional to bring it in your pocket if you want to grab a beer after tiring work.

The curved designs make it easy to place in your pocket without limiting movements. In addition, the buffered edges and head will prevent hands and fingers from interfering with hair styling, making it easier to get the job done.

All of their combs are made of T304 stainless steel that is entirely anti-static to provide smooth balance and grip. In addition, its dull and soft teeth can glide smoothly to keep your hair and scalp healthy.


  • 4.5 inch x 2.25inch x 2mm Thickness
  • 1 inch short and 1.5 inches long

This stainless steel metal pocket comb only comes in one option that you can grab for only $18. Then you can get styling your hair no matter where you are!

Steel Tooth True Steel Retro Apex Dresser Comb Reviews

The Steel Tooth True Steel Retro Apex Dresser Comb is a fine-tooth metal comb with wide teeth on the other side. It can be best if your hair isn’t easily conditioned since it provides two teeth that can help you untangle it.

Steel Tooth Review: Steel Tooth True Steel Retro Apex Dresser Comb Reviews

In addition, you can use the wide teeth to entangle your hair smoothly and switch to the finer tooth side to get the styling and shaping done.

Even though it has wide teeth, we think it’s not a metal comb for dreadlocks since it’s not big enough, but you can use it if you only want to shape it since it has a strong build. Plus, it has a good weight that makes each stroke great for the hand and gives a pleasant massage to your scalp.

These comb teeth are 2cm long and ideal for medium and long hair, so make it even more suitable as a metal comb for black hair, long, dry, oily, or whatever your hair type is. Like other products, it has the same primary material, which is sturdy and reliable and will last a lifetime.

This product has different colors that you can find with the same design, such as the Redline and Stealth comber, the powder-coated variant for $23. You can also save more by purchasing both comb of Retro Apex and the original comb with handle in one pack for only $32 in the Versatility Pack.

Lastly, you can grab this True Steel Retro Apex Dresser Comb for only $20 and get manageable styling hair no matter your hair type!

Steel Tooth Comb Pros and Cons

So before we go deeper into this brand, here are some points of their pros and cons that are worth highlighting to give you a better picture:


  • Offers durable stainless steel comb with high-quality materials
  • Anti-static and good grip
  • Simple and functional design
  • Affordable price
  • Free shipping
  • Ship internationally
  • 30-days return policy
  • Positive reviews from the customers


  • Not suitable for thin and damaged hair

Who Is Steel Tooth For?

The owner founds this metal comb while looking for a comb that can provide durability at an affordable price. The primary intention of this brand is to offer a stainless metal comb for men with thick hair.

Steel Tooth Review: Who Is Steel Tooth For?

The product is well designed with dull teeth and strong material that lasts longer while protecting the scalp. Its simple but functional design can suit men or women with fine, medium, thick, and coarse hair. So it is for everyone who wants a durable and affordable comb.

Steel Tooth Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Don’t believe what we say? Well, that’s a must for savvy buyers. So to get to know this brand better and see how their product works for their customer, we’ll give you what customers think about this brand in this section.

Steel Tooth Review: Steel Tooth Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To start with, Trustpilot gains a 4.5/5 rating from the customers’ reviews. We also found that the product rating was never below four, which is an impressive achievement for a brand. Below let’s see what the customer statement is:

This was exactly what I had been looking for in a comb! Sturdy, sleek, and fairly priced. I have also recommended several friends to look into SteelTooth combs for their barbershop business. Thanks for making a great product!

From the customer statement, we can see how this brand successfully presents what it claims to provide sturdy, sleek, and affordable combs that even work for a barbershop. So, let’s see another testimonial:

The combs are well-designed and work great. Even my dogs like them more than their regular brushes because they do not produce static. Great product!

It’s worth noting that from the review above, the product works more flawlessly than a regular comb. Even their puppy loves it. Next, we’ve attached a cons review that we hardly find:

The comb is amazing for static however, even with my very straight hair, it gets more caught up than my plastic comb. On top of that, the comb’s spine, in between the teeth, is cutting my hair due to poor polishing. I really was excited to get this comb, but I will have to use it sparingly so as not to thin my hair.

The customer states that the comb is a fantastic static comb, but the main problem is it’s not suitable for a thin straight, hair hat in poor condition. Regardless, she still gives it 4/5 stars, which means product quality is not the main problem.

In short, from the testimonials and ratings above, this brand has a positive review from the customer without any deal-breaker issues.

Is Steel Tooth Worth It?

Finding the right comb for thick hair is never easy, especially if you often break the typical plastic comb. Thick hair needs a comb designed with solid material to stand the hair’s condition. However, a quality comb never costs affordable. Steel Tooth was established to give you solutions to this issue.

Steel Tooth Review: Is Steel Tooth Worth It?

From what we’ve reviewed thus far, we can see how the brand can provide a functional and durable stainless-steel comb with a simple design. Moreover, the product offers excellent quality at an affordable price.

After going through their customer review section, we also found that all the customers were satisfied with the purchase since this brand can deliver all the product claims. In addition, all the reviewers also give a high rating, mostly five and never going below four.

This brand also offers free shipping and 30 days returns, which we’ll discuss further in the following section. To conclude, we can say that this brand is worth it!

Steel Tooth Shipping Policy

The Steel Tooth price may be low, but you may be reluctant if the shipping costs more! But you don’t have to worry since this brand offer free shipping for all purchase in the United States and all orders over $32 from its official website.

After your purchase has been confirmed and your order has been placed with the delivery courier, your product will arrive within 3 – 5 business days. However, depending on your country’s location and unpredictable conditions, it may be delayed.

Steel Tooth Return Policy

According to the Steel Tooth return and refund policy, if you’re unsatisfied with the purchase, you can file for recovery within 30 days of the purchase.

But if it has passed the 30 days, unfortunately, you can ask for an exchange or refund. So, it is better to inspect the product thoroughly after the product arrives.

You can return the product in the best shape as you receive it and be eligible for a refund or exchange for defective or damaged products.

For a refund, you would be responsible for the return shipping cost if you choose free shipping, or you’ll get a refund of the shipping cost if you pay for the product shipping.

After the product arrives at their warehouse and has been inspected, you can get a refund for the original payment within specific days.

To start your return, you can contact [email protected] to discuss the problem and whether you can get a refund for the exchange.

How To Contact Steel Tooth

Do you have any inquiries about this brand? You can contact Steel Tooth customer service if you need any help with any lingering questions.

Steel Tooth Location:
500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 600, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, United States

Where to buy Steel Tooth?

Are you ready to throw away your plastic comb and grab a stainless steel comb that lasts for years? So, if you’re interested in checking what they offer and purchasing the combs, you can visit Steel Tooth’s official store.

Purchasing through its official store ensures that you buy an authentic product, and your purchase will be guaranteed with 30 days return policy.

If you have another favorite online marketplace, you can also purchase it on Amazon. So, you can choose whatever you like to grab these durable metal combs!

Steel Tooth Coupon Codes & Promos

Who doesn’t likes discounts? This section will inform you how you can save dollars when purchasing on its official website. But first, you can subscribe to its email list to get the latest information and exclusive offers.

In addition, you can purchase its Versatility Pack to get both the original and new standard comb for only $32 from its actual price of $36.

By purchasing over $32, the purchase will be eligible for free shipping. Last but not least, hit the button below to reveal the Steel Tooth discount code!

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Steel Tooth

Steel Tooth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Steel Tooth reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Steel Tooth?

Nicholas Baker owns this steel comb company.

Does Steel Tooth shipped internationally?

Yes, this brand ships in most countries.

Where is Steel Tooth located?

Their head office is at 500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 600, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Steel Tooth Reviews & Ratings

Finding a comb that will last long is never easy, mainly if you have thick or coarse hair. Steel Tooth is a metal comb brand that comes to solve this problem. This brand offers a stainless steel comb that’s durable and easily glides, making it suitable for any hair, whether fine or coarse.

Furthermore, this brand can provide an affordable price for high-quality and premium combs. So are you ready to invest in a metal comb that lasts long? Then, you can visit the Steel Tooth website to grab a snag-free comb!


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