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Star Wars Analyst Review 2023 → Swing Lightsaber Like You're Darth Vader!

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About Star Wars Analyst Sabers

As a Star Wars fan, it feels unfair if you don’t have the film’s signature weapon, the lightsaber. And did you know that there is a brand called Star Wars Analyst that sells top-quality lightsabers? Just like its name, this brand is specialized for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Analyst Review: About Star Wars Analyst Sabers

Do you feel familiar with the name of this brand? Well, you’re not mistaken because this brand is affiliated with Star Wars Analyst, a famous name on Instagram and YouTube as an account that discusses Star Wars films.

As proof of its fame, it has over 102k followers on Instagram and over 71.5k subscribers on YouTube. And to expand its fame, it provides a place for Star Wars fans to enjoy the feeling of using a Lightsaber like Darth Vader swings a Lightsaber.

Are you interested in buying a Lightsaber from this brand but doubts still arise in your mind? Thus, this Star Wars Analyst review is here to help you determine if this brand is indeed worth considering. Here, I’ll take you through the brand’s profile, best-selling products, discount promos, and more. This is the way!

Overview of Star Wars Analyst

The owner of the Star Wars Analyst brand is Reno Dagostino, the man behind the Instagram and Youtube accounts of the same name, Star Wars Analyst. Built to cater to and enable all Star Wars fans to experience the joy of wielding and swinging a lightsaber, the brand provides a wide variety of high-quality lightsabers.

As a brand that has only been selling lightsabers in the market for a few months, it’s great that they’re already getting a positive response from Star Wars fans who want to bring home their lightsabers from this brand.

Through this brand, you can choose your lightsaber based on your likes and desires. Do you like lightsabers with 12 colors, or do you feel that 7 colors are enough? This brand has all of them.

Now, I’m going to take you through the product range of this brand. But before that, there’s a wise quote from Yoda:

In a dark place, we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.

So, how about taking a look at the highlights of this brand to give you a little light on your journey? Check it out!

Star Wars Analyst Highlights

  • Provides high-quality lightsabers
  • Features multiple lightsaber options based on the number of colors, 7 or 12 colors
  • Formed from a well-known account that talks about deleted scenes in Star Wars
  • Ship internationally
  • Many Star Wars fans are satisfied with the products offered
  • Offers a wide range of payment options

Star Wars Analyst Review

The brand only started a few months ago, in 2022, but they already provide three lightsaber products that you can choose from according to your needs. And those products are,

Star Wars Analyst Reviews: Star Wars Analyst Review
  • Star Wars Analyst Elite Dueling Lightsaber
  • Star Wars Analyst Eco Master Lightsaber
  • Star Wars Analyst Eco Padawan Lightsaber

And this Star Wars Analyst review will break down these three lightsabers to ease you into choosing which one suits you best. So without further ado, let’s do it!

Star Wars Analyst Elite Dueling Lightsaber Reviews

The first up is the Star Wars Analyst Elite Dueling Lightsaber. This lightsaber is suitable for those who like heavy dueling games with friends. Why? Simply because this lightsaber is constructed from a sturdy PC blade combined with a high-quality metal handle.

Star Wars Analyst Review: Star Wars Analyst Elite Dueling Lightsaber Reviews

With its durable construction, this means you can focus on having fun dueling with your friends without having to worry about your lightsaber getting damaged or whatever.

In addition, this dueling lightsaber comes with nine realistic sound fonts that make you feel like you’re fighting with your favorite hero. Using this saber will also be more enjoyable because it features 12 color changing plus 3 light effects.

The combination of sound and huge color range will definitely make your duel with your friends more realistic, like Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader battle.


  • Constructed of durable PC blade and high-quality metal handle
  • Features nine realistic sound fonts
  • Comes with 12 color changing and 3 light effects

When you buy this lightsaber, you have three color options: black, silver, and gold. For the price itself, you can get it at $399.99.

Star Wars Analyst Eco Master Lightsaber Reviews

Secondly, the Star Wars Analyst Eco Master Lightsaber is different from other products because it has 16 unique and various hilt designs. So, you have many options in choosing the hilt design that best meets your preferences and likes.

Star Wars Analyst Review: Star Wars Analyst Eco Master Lightsaber Reviews

In addition, this lightsaber comes with 12 changing colors that make you have fun because the color of the sword will change every time you swing the sword. Better yet, it also features FX Saber Sound and Flash on Clash that will release sound and color effects when this saber touches an object.

What makes this sword unique is the fact that it is removable and changeable. So you can replace the hilt with any other design you want. Not only that, but you can also combine two master lightsabers into one, which turns it into a double-bladed saber like the one used by Darth Maul.


  • Comes with 16 hilt designs
  • Features 12 color changing, FX Saber Sound, and Flash on Clash
  • Removable and changeable

Are you interested in getting this sword? Well, you can get it at $299.99.

Star Wars Analyst Eco Padawan Lightsaber Reviews

The last one is the Star Wars Analyst Eco Padawan Lightsaber. It comes at $199.99, which is cheaper than the previous two products. Why does it come cheaper? Because this lightsaber only features seven changing colors, namely red, green, medium blue, yellow, light blue, purple, and white.

Star Wars Analyst Review: Star Wars Analyst Eco Padawan Lightsaber Reviews

It also only has one hilt design made of aluminum, making it smooth and neat for you to duel with your friends. To increase your comfort in holding this lightsaber, you can attach the band that is included in your package.

And just like other products, this padawan lightsaber is also equipped with FX Saber Sound and Flash on Clash, increasing your fun playing with this saber. These two features are the ones that will allow your sword to emit sound and light effects when it touches an object.


  • Features seven changing colors
  • The hilt design is made of aluminum
  • Equipped with FX Saber Sound and Flash on Clash

Who is Star Wars Analyst For?

Indeed and unquestionably, this brand is for all Star Wars fans who want to take home a high-quality lightsaber. Built from someone who has loved Star Wars since childhood and has an account that discusses details about Star Wars with hundreds of thousands of followers, it goes without saying that the lightsaber products are of undoubted quality.

Star Wars Analyst Review: Who is Star Wars Analyst For?

Through this brand, you can get and enjoy the feeling of holding and swinging a lightsaber like the characters in the Star Wars films.

Star Wars Analyst Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You might have this question on your mind. As a new brand, are their products favored by Star Wars fans? If so, then what are the customer testimonials?

Star Wars Analyst Review: Star Wars Analyst Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

And since I know and understand your needs, I’ve dived into the official website to get truthful testimonials that you can use as a reference to whether you should buy a lightsaber from this brand or not.

Excellent sword with good sound and high-quality material. It also has many colors, modes of inclusion, sound settings and glow.

The first testimonial comes from a customer who expressed how happy and satisfied he was with the Elite Dueling Lightsaber. He explained that the lightsaber has amazing sound effects, the material is also of high quality, plus he’s happy with the many colors that this lightsaber emits whenever it touches an object.

A happy customer also expressed his happiness at having an Eco Master Lightsaber. Here’s what he said,

This lightsaber is so cool and a fraction of the cost of the higher-end movie replica ones, especially the ones licensed by Disney. I would have lost my mind in excitement if someone got this for me as a kid.

In his testimonial, this happy customer explains that this lightsaber has a quality similar to the original one in the film, which is very cool to him. In addition, he also describes how happy and excited he feels by supposing that if someone had bought him this lightsaber when he was a kid, he would have lost his mind.

After knowing these two truthful testimonials, I can conclude that these customers love what the brand has to offer. They’re happy and satisfied with the quality, features, and how this lightsaber allows them to act like the characters in the Star Wars films.

Is Star Wars Analyst Worth It?

Is this brand worth considering? Absolutely, this Star Wars Analyst review would say that this brand is worth your consideration. They’re a brand that can provide you with a wide variety of lightsabers of exceptional quality.

Star Wars Analyst Review: Is Star Wars Analyst Worth It?

This brand allows you to act and duel with your friends, just like the battles between characters in Star Wars films. The materials used and the technology applied in each lightsaber make it just exactly what’s in the film.

Star Wars Analyst Shipping Policy

Good news for all Star Wars fans around the world as the brand offers international shipping for you. So, no matter where you live in the world, this brand can give you a chance to act like Darth Vader.

And as for the shipping time, you might have to be a little patient as your order might take around 3 to 6 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.

It’s worth noting that all purchases is considered as a final. So it’s best to check your cart and choose the right one before checking out the products you’re going to buy.

How To Contact Star Wars Analyst

As I mentioned earlier, the brand has only been in the lightsaber-selling business for a few months in the past 2022. Therefore, if you have some questions nagging at your mind, you only have one contact to reach out to, which is via email at

Alternatively, you can also directly ask questions on their official website via the “Chat with us” bubble at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Where to buy Star Wars Analyst?

All the things are available online. So, if you’re interested in buying lightsabers from this brand, you can simply navigate to the official website.

Star Wars Analyst Coupon Codes & Promos

Congratulations. You are being rescued.

I have some coupon codes that you can use to save on your purchases and rescue your wallet. Are you interested in applying one of these coupons to your cart? Well, hit the button below and enjoy your discount. Happy shopping!

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Star Wars Analyst Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Star Wars Analyst reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Star Wars Analyst?

This brand is owned by Reno Dagostino.

Does Star Wars Analyst have a return policy?

Unfortunately, they don’t. The brand doesn’t offer a return policy for its customers because the product you purchase is final.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Star Wars Analyst Reviews & Ratings

When talking about Star Wars. This is one of the films that have the biggest fan base in America. A fact once stated that Star Wars has more than 125 million fans in America. As a Star Wars fan, whether you call yourself a Trekkies, Padawan, Whovian, or whatever, having a lightsaber is something that will increase your value as a Star Wars fan.

And if you’re looking for a lightsaber to show off your sword skills like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, then Star Wars Analyst is the best place to go. They provide several high-quality lightsabers coupled with modern features that can increase your fun while using them.


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