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About StairSlide

Need an escape time for a while from your kids? Change your home stairs to a slide. Just like in your old times, kids nowadays also love sliding. With the StairSlide, you can make it come true. 

StairSlide Review: About StairSlide

StairSlide is a US company that can turn your boring home stairs into a fun sliding arcade for kids. As the name suggests, the label is all about “turning your stairs into a slide.” Sounds fun?

The brand provides a portable slide that attaches to your stairs. It is made of durable plastic and has a non-slip surface for safety. It can be used on stairs with 9 to 12 steps, and it can be extended or shortened to fit your stairs perfectly.

Exactly! The brand produces a perfect slide board about 43 inches long to cover the three stairs and become a safe, hassle-free, and thrilling sliding experience. 

With almost 33k followers on Instagram and 8k on Facebook, plus international shipping, fans around the globe have flooded in through #ShowYourSlide hashtags on the company’s social media.

Will you end up loving it too? To find out, read more about this StairSlide review. We’ll walk you through the A-Zs of the company profile, best-selling items, customer ratings, and more to help you decide. Let’s jump right in!

Overview Of StairSlide

Jacob Webb and Craig Hammond are the two family men who started the creation of StairSlide. After a while of taking the in 2020, the brand was officially established with Damian Dayton as the CEO.

Initially, the brand had the items made in China. Then, during the following year, as the brand was fully acquired as a company, the manufacturing process changed for US Pride, located in Utah.

With the motto: “to make children feel thrilling fun indoors,” the company uses high-density ABS plastics to offer a safer, more durable, and non-permanent slide. Also, currently, they give a free landing pad for certain items!

For its brilliant product in giving parents undisturbed time through kids’ being busy with the slide, the brand has also been featured on several media as NBC, FOX, Kickstarter, CBS, and DudeProject, for positive mentions.

Now that you know a bit more about the label, we’ll kick the StairSlide review off with the pros and cons summary:


  • Provide a semi-permanent slide for indoor stairs
  • Offer a safe, quick-to-setup, and lightweight children’s slide
  • Patent-pending design
  • Made in the USA
  • Free ground shipping for orders over $150
  • Flat fee shipping costs $35
  • International shipping
  • 30-days return policy
  • Receive tons of happy reviews from kids, parents, and grandparents

StairSlide Review

We know that parenting means having your uninterrupted me-time as rare as a hen’s teeth. Thankfully, StairSlide offers a new gem that can make it work both for parents and kids. They are:

StairSlide Reviews: StairSlide Review

StairSlide Best-selling Products

  • Original Slide
  • Landing Pad

With the high-quality material for the slide and landing pad, they can give your kids a safer sliding experience than ever. So, keep reading this review to learn more about their best-selling products!

StairSlide The Original StairSlide Reviews

Of course, when discussing the brand’s best-selling items, we cannot miss out on the store’s main star, The Original StairSlide. Basically, this product is the pioneer of other additional items. What makes it worth buying?

StairSlide Review: StairSlide The Original StairSlide Reviews

First of all, the brand makes this item from impact-resisting ABS plastics that can hold up to 175 lbs. Even so, everyone under the weight recommendation can enjoy the ride, especially kids aged 3-12.

Secondly, with a non-slip grip bottom, you don’t have to worry about the slide slip. The rubber will grip safely on any hard or soft surface stairs without any permanent installation necessary. Also, when not in use, your kids fold them away and stack them neatly.

For a slide that typically measures 43 inches long x 19 inches wide, you can buy it for only $99! The company also has 3-packs, 4-packs, and more options to choose from by clicking the button below.

StairSlide Landing Pad Reviews

When sliding, you must ensure your feet can reach the ground safely. Considering this in mind, StairSlide makes a superior Landing Pad to complete your exciting sliding experience.

StairSlide Review: StairSlide Landing Pad Reviews

In addition, the durable polyurethane that encases the EPE foam makes the landing pad denser, thicker, and grippier than ever!

Also, the measurement thoughtfully comes in 23″x18″x3″, which is perfect for creating an impact-resistant effect when your kids’ feet are landing.

For a complete, fun, and safe sliding experience, you only need $59.95 to have it! If you already have the slides and need more safety gear, click the button below to get the landing pad!

StairSlide 4 Pack Bundle Reviews

Among all bundles, we want to highlight more about the 4-Pack Bundles as they are the most popular bundling among customers.

StairSlide Review: StairSlide 4 Pack Bundle Reviews

Accordingly, these four-pack bundles come in four slide pieces to create a sliding route from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

Basically, the StairSlide 4 Pack Bundle is the four quantities of the original slides. With each slide covering up to 3 stair steps, you can set it up to overlap each other to make a long slide broad. To help you reach the ground better, the four-pack bundles come in for $455.95 only!

StairSlide Size Guide

When you want to buy the slides, you may wonder about how many stacks you need. So here we explain lightly how many slides you need to purchase.

StairSlide Review: StairSlide Size Guide

The StairSlide original slide has a general measurement of 43 x 19 x 13 inches in length, width, and seat height. One slide is roughly estimated to cover the first three steps of average stairs.

There is no exact clue for the company to know the recommended stack for your stair. You can make it as long as you want. Simply add another slide by overlapping (nests) to adjust a shorter or longer slide.

Pro tip: To determine how many stacks are, you can measure your stairs diagonally and roughly match the slide length.

Who Is StairSlide For?

For parents who want to have undisturbed time for themselves while letting their kids safely have fun, StairSlide is a perfect option. Many customers who are parents have witnessed and agreed with this statement.

StairSlide Review: Who Is StairSlide For?

How can they not be? StairSlide has turned the boring staircase into a fun arcade for kids. Even better, for children aged 3-12 years old, the equipment will be super fun for them to play with. It is easy to stack, overlaps, and is lightweight. They can set it as a slide from any high place.

This is also a great gift option for grandparents who want to give their grandchildren long-lasting happy memories. It is made of durable high-tensile strength plastic that can withstand frequent use and will last for a long time from toddlers to teens.

Is StairSlide Worth It?

With all the fun and lively joy, StairSlide definitely worth all of your investment. Just as how you put everything your best into your kid’s growth, the product can be a part of memory that makes it more than an entertaining play for kids.

StairSlide Review: Is StairSlide Worth It?

Moreover, this product’s worth relies not only on the functional value but also on other aspects wholly as the kids’ toy company. From the customer feedback, company service and affordable tags are other strong factors making this toy label worth winning for your kids’ happy memories.

StairSlide Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, let us peel more about what the company’s customers have to say about their product quality, customer care, and delivery.

StairSlide Review: StairSlide Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The official website is one of the reliable sources to see the average rating score of the company’s product. Here’s the Original Slides’ rating detail information that has 4.9/5 stars.

  • 5 star 92 reviews
  • 4 star 10 reviews
  • 3 star 0 reviews
  • 2 star 1 review
  • 1 star 0 reviews

Despite having some critics, the small company has successfully delivered a satisfying performance with dominant 5-star ratings from the customers. One buyer witnessed this by saying:

My kids have been loving our stair slides!! Not only are they enjoying going down the slide themselves but it has also been a race track for stuffed animals, balls, and cars!!! This is for sure a live saver when the summer months make it to hot to go enjoy the slides at the park! Slides are great quality and light enough for my 6 year old to set up by himself!

Representing his kids’ enjoyment, the customer said that the items are of great quality and are lightweight for his 6-year-old kid to set up.

Moreover, a customer also left a review about how the shipping experience was positive for him.

Ordered the four-pack with landing it arrived 7 days after I ordered it. I received email and text notifications when it was in route for delivery and when it was delivered. Set up was easy. Everything works great on it, and we have no complaints. The kids love it.

The customer says that the company always lets the customers know about the shipping stages so the customer is not left clueless about the item’s whereabouts.

However, the company’s Facebook page is filled with disappointing reviews. After doing some research, we found that scammers have tried to imitate the brand, resulting in people lashing their anger at the Facebook page where purchases cannot be verified. You can read the company’s confirmation regarding the case here.

The only way to avoid such is we’d advise you to only buy from the official website ( to secure your payment and shopping experience.

Overall, after all the struggles, the customers have a positive purchase experience via the official website with the company. The product quality is great, and the shipping is on point.

Is StairSlide Legit?

So, is StairSlide a legit brand? With their transparency over the company profile, we’d say that StairSlide is legally legit. They are a popular slide toy that is loved by the public for the high-quality, easy-to-use, and fun product for indoor sliding.

StairSlide Review: Is StairSlide Legit?

Currently, the team is also registering for a patent to avoid illegitimate scammers that imitate their items. This shows that the company does its best to improve and protect its customers’ satisfaction at all costs.

But as with many other small businesses, the customers’ criticism and feedback can be found and highly appreciated by the team.

StairSlide Shipping Policy

To ensure the happiness within the home is spread to everyone, StairSlide is glad to offer Free delivery cost for the lower 48 states customers with purchases over $150! Also, they would happily give a flat fee of only $35 if the USA customers have orders under $150.

Alaska, Hawaii, territories, and international customers don’t have to worry since the company also does worldwide shipping. However, the cost is only charged for the freight. Plus, the PO Box address is not accepted.

You can expect the StairSlide to arrive at your door within 6 – 8 business days if your address is USA local. Meanwhile, transit may take about 2 weeks for international shipping upon arrival.

StairSlide Return Policy

For local customers, if any quality issue you find doesn’t fit your taste, you can immediately contact the StairSlide team to claim your 30-day return chance. All you need to do is fill out the form here to submit a return request.

To be eligible for that, ensure that the item is in the original packaging and in new condition. There will be a $35 return fee to cover the shipping and handling cost.

Your refund will be processed when your returned or exchanged items arrive in the warehouse. However, all international orders are final sales with no return chance.

How to Contact StairSlide

Trying to find more information than this StairSlide review can cover? Surely, you can contact them through the following media:

Where to buy StairSlide?

You can buy StairSlide products on the official site and your favorite international retailer like Amazon.

StairSlide Coupon Codes & Promos

When writing the StairSlide review, the company provides a lot of offers for discounts. For example:

  • The Original Slides: 25% OFF from $99 to $74.50
  • The Four-Pack Bundles: 35% OFF from $396 to $259.00
  • The Landing Pad: 17% OFF from $59.95 to $49.95

More than that, they also have lucky wheel offers, exclusive promos for email subscribers, and a free landing pad promo when you four pads by promo code: KEEPWARM

To be honest, we are not sure that this information covers all of their discounts and promotions because there are many. We’d advise you to run to their official website and check it out by yourself.

Reveal all coupons

StairSlide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for StairSlide reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns the StairSlide?

The owner of StairSlide is a fun and loving dad with two active sons, Damian Dayton.

Where is StairSlide manufactured?

Currently, StairSlide is made in the USA, with the production process located in Utah.

How many stairs does the StairSlide cover?

The StairSlide covers 9-12 stairs. It can be extended or shortened to fit your stairs perfectly.

How long does StairSlide take to ship?

According to the StairSlide website, orders placed today may ship within 6-8 business days of purchase.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of StairSlide Reviews & Ratings

Now, we know you might smile brightly from ear to ear after knowing how fun, safe, and affordable the sliding boards from StairSlides are. Indeed, sliding is the classic kid’s play that never lost to time.

Not exaggerating, though. Kids will fall head over heels for how lightweight, high-quality, and easy-to-stack these items are. They can experiment with many things with a single slide, imagine in two or more packs.

Finally, gaining the title of the best parent, grandparent, uncle, or aunt is now as easy as getting the StairSlide website and checking out their items for your home!


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