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Spoonflower Review 2023 → Ultimate Wallpaper to Enhance Your Room!

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About Spoonflower

Have you ever looked for fabric or decoration to enhance your room, but all you found was the dreaded “out of stock” sign one too many times? Not to mention the problem of mainstream designs that are so boring to look at.

Spoonflower Review: About Spoonflower
Image: spoonflower.com

But fear not fellow fabric aficionado! Because we have brought Spoonflower, an online marketplace that allows you custom fabric, as well as the tale magical place where your fabric fantasies come true. 

You might have heard of Spoonflower before because it is very popular. When you visit its social media, you will find over 340k likes on its Facebook page, 36k+ followers on Twitter, 253k+ followers on Pinterest, and 35k+ subscribers on Youtube. 

If you’re curious about how great the quality of Spoonflower is, we’ve created a Spoonflower review that will be a travel guide that will show you everything you want to know about Spoonflower. Now grab a cup of your favorite coffee and start scrolling!

Overview of Spoonflower

Spoonflower was established in 2008 by Stephen Fraser and Gart Davis. The idea for the company was lack of a medium that accommodates the idea of designing and printing of your own wallpaper, home décor, and fabrics without expensive pricing.

Therefore, Stephen Fraser thought that there should be a platform that allows both consumers and artists to create their own uniquely designed fabrics. Thus Stephen and Gart founded Spoonflower, which became a platform famous for its self-expression.

Today, the Spoonflower community has grown tremendously to over 3.3 million people using the platform with over 1 million designs that represent their unique personalities. What started as a business selling fabric by the yard has now expanded into home décor.

This brand uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials and operations so that its products do not harm the environment. Moreover, Spoonflower develops its products and has become one of the best choices to home decorations that enhance the interior.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable working process
  • Water-based pigment dyes and inks
  • Initiatives that continue to reduce waste by-products

Now find your cozy spot because we’re going to the review section. Keep scrolling!

Spoonflower Review

People often encounter the problem of not being able to find that one-of-a-kind-of-fabric or home decor that matches their imagination.

Spoonflower Reviews: Spoonflower Review

Spoonflower allows you to design your own patterns. The official website comes with user-friendly tools that make it easy for even a beginner to have fun creating without having to be the next Picasso to create a masterpiece.

You can upload your work there without fear of your design being labeled as weird. Spoonflower will transform your designs into fabulous printed fabrics. Be careful because your sewing buddies will be jealous.

Artists will get full clearance to create a design. Fear not, as you will be given ownership of your own work and will benefit if your designs are chosen by customers.

Customers can find various fabric motifs such as geometry, floral, abstract, and even European ornaments. But Spoonflower does not only sell fabrics but also some home decor categories, as below:

Spoonflower Products

There are many more products that Spoonflowers has, but here we will only focus on the 3 best sellers products that will help you get to know the high-end products from Spoonflower.

Shopping at Spoonflower not only allows you to customize the design, but you will also get exclusive benefits. Here we go!

Spoonflower Boho Tropical Wallpaper Review

Sometimes you will find your interior walls too plain and boring. You need varied patterns and colors to revive your room. Simply choose Boho Tropical Wallpaper to enhance your wall.

Spoonflower Review: Spoonflower Boho Tropical Wallpaper Review

Boho pattern on this wallpaper gives an eccentric impression but still gives a relaxed and calm impression that will be perfect for those of you who like bohemian style. Likewise, the motifs are very beautiful and definitely suitable for covering the pale walls of your home.

This brand provides 4 types of wallpaper options that can be customized according to your preferences and needs:

  • Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper
    • Durable, with a water-activated adhesive layer
    • Fully removable (and recyclable)
    • Suitable for homes, rental rooms, or temporary artwork
  • Peel and stick wallpaper:
    • Smooth woven texture with peel-and-stick backing
    • Removable, self-adhesive, thick and tear-resistant
    • Suitable for room upgrades, temporary rooms, bookshelves, and various craft projects
  • Non-pasted traditional pebble wallpaper
    • Smooth leather texture, matte finish
    • Activated with paste, extremely durable and resistant to mold, mildew, and water.
    • Suitable for home and professional rooms
  • Grasscloth wallpaper
    • Soft shimmer, natural white with a variety and distinctive striations
    • Needs to be glued, and professional paper installers
    • Recommended for low-traffic areas from dining rooms to accent walls

If you buy this product now, you will get the 2′ x 12′ size for $101.15 from the regular price of $119.00.

Spoonflower Pink Peonies Curtain Review

In addition to its function as a sun blocker and providing privacy, curtains also participate in the beauty of the interior. The more beautiful your curtains, the more attractive your room will be, so try choosing Pink Peonies Curtain.

Spoonflower Review: Spoonflower Pink Peonies Curtain Review

Spoonflower also presents a beautiful Pink Peonies Curtain with floral motifs that bring freshness to the house, which will certainly restore a calm mood and give a positive impression of space.

Product details:

  • Rod pocket and hanging tab options
  • Each panel is sold separately
  • Each panel has white stitching along the bar pocket and side and bottom hems

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Width 50″ (127 cm) x Length 84″ (213 cm)
  • Width 50″ (127 cm) x Length 96″ (244 cm)
  • Width 50″ (127 cm) x Length 108″ (274 cm)

You can protect your room from the sun with this beautiful curtain for only $113.90.

Spoonflower Jumbo Black&White Fern Duvet Cover Review

The bedroom is an essential and important part of the house because it is our place to rest. Especially when it comes to bedding, Spoonflower allows its customers to upgrade their beds with beautiful Jumbo Black&White Fern Duvet Cover.

Spoonflower Review: Spoonflower Jumbo Black&White Fern Duvet Cover Review

Unlike floral motifs in general, the Jumbo Black & White Fern Duvet Cover gives a fresh impression but is accompanied by a modern but simple impression on your bed. Furthermore, this product is a very comfortable duvet cover to support your quality sleep.

Product details:

  • 100% Italian cotton sateen duvet cover
  • Softens with each wash
  • Available in Twin, Full/Queen, and King/Cal sizes
  • Design on front and back
  • Hidden zipper closure
  • Comforter ties

You can own this beautiful and cozy duvet cover for only $139.40 from the original price of $164.00.

Spoonflower Pros & Cons

Despite the advantages of Spoonflower products, we will try to present the pros and cons so that you can add to the list of considerations of this product. Check the table below!


  • Sharp details
  • Ability to create your own designs
  • Unlimited customization
  • Sustainable materials
  • Broad design marketplace
  • Vibrant colors
  • Wide variety of designs
  • High-quality fabrics
  • It is available for sample swatches
  • Design challenges forum allows the community to participate.
  • Easy to order
  • User-friendly design tool
  • Convenient shipping


  • Not all designs are available in all fabric types
  • Made by order system, so it takes a little longer to deliver orders
  • Shipping can be slow for international orders

Who Is Spoonflower For?

Spoonflower is a brand that caters to everyone, whether crafters, homeowners, or businesses who are looking for artsy home decor. You can find everything from small to large, from minimalist to bold.

Spoonflower Review: Who Is Spoonflower For?

Not just for decor hunters, Spoonflower is a great place for independent artists too. This platform allows you to create and show your masterpieces to the world and earn commissions from the artwork they upload.

Spoonflower Review: What Do Customers Think?

A review is not perfect if it does not include testimonials. Hence, we also provide trusted testimonials from customers who have previously purchased its products. We will help you to notice the overall quality of Spoonflower. So here we go!

Spoonflower Review: Spoonflower Review: What Do Customers Think?

We found testimonials from customers on the website as follows:

The first customer said:

Love, love, love!!! I am so pleased with my order, I can’t express it. I upholstered the inside of the big cupboard that houses my coffee/cappuccino maker and mugs …

With the Boho Tropical Wallpaper, the interior of the room becomes more perfect. It gives a relaxed and carefree impression that is suitable to be used as an interior wallpaper, as described above.

Another customer said:

Absolutely beautiful fabric. I am so glad I ordered this. I can’t wait to purchase more from here.

Based on the comments above, the customer was so satisfied with the beauty of the curtain that he immediately wanted to order again.

One buyer stated:

Elegant & modern! I love it! The quality of the material is also very soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Another customer said that the quality of the fabric in the products is super soft, which makes sleeping more restful and comfortable.

In general, all customers are super satisfied and happy with their orders at Spoonflower, so this brand deserves praise and good ratings.

Is Spoonflower Worth It?

After a deeper look and study of the products, we confidently declare that Spoonflower is worth purchasing. All of their products deserve a standing ovation.

Spoonflower Review: Is Spoonflower Worth It?

Apart from the quality, there are more than 1 million variety designs, from as simple as contact paper to full patterns like botanical patterns. And let’s not forget the fact that this brand is friendly to artists by giving them space to create some masterpieces.

How To Contact Spoonflower

If you have tons of questions or simply want to share stories about your fabric adventures with Spoonflower, you can contact Spoonflower’s friendly customer service just a click away at the contacts below:

Please notice that the live chat is available from 9 am until 4 pm ET Or you can come directly to Spoonflower’s company at:

3871 S. Alston Ave.
Durham, NC 27713, USA

Spoonflower Shipping Policy

Spoonflower ships to the United States, Canada, and all over the world except Belarus, Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen.

The shipping rate is counted based on the amount ordered, the shipping destination, and the delivery option. There are 3 types of delivery options, standard, guaranteed, and rush delivery. Please take note that shipments will not be processed on public holidays.

Spoonflower Return Policy

What if you find damage in the product you ordered? Take it easy! Spoonflower understands that life can be hectic, so they have a Happiness Guarantee that offers 60 days to review your order. If you find any damage, you can contact Spoonflower’s help center.

Don’t forget to include the Email used when ordering, the order ID, and a clear photo showing the damage, design, or print issue. After taking these steps, Spoonflower will contact you immediately to provide the next steps that should be taken.

Please note that the Spoonflower website does not process return requests for orders placed on eBay, Amazon, Etsy. or other third-party marketplaces.

Where to buy Spoonflower?

Since Spoonflower is an online platform so the best place to buy its products is directly from the official website. By visiting their official website, you can choose a wide range of designs and decorations that are suitable to your needs.

Spoonflower Coupon Codes & Promos

For those of you who want to fulfill your fabric dream while keeping your wallet happy, Spoonflower has provided tons of discounts for its precious customers. Here are the exclusive discounts available at Spoonflower:

  • 10% OFF for those of you who order products but use your own designs
  • Save up to 25% OFF for buyers who are active or retired from the US military, nurses and responders, students, and teachers. You can check your qualifications here

For customers who buy a lot of products, there is a special bulk discount as follows:

  • 10% OFF for orders of more than yards of fabric
  • 15% OFF for orders over 50 yards of fabric
  • Save 20% OFF for orders of more than 100 yards of fabric

Wait, it’s not over yet! Customers who have joined the PRO membership will receive tons of benefits.  You will get worldwide shipping, half-price express delivery, discounted samples, and access to exclusive promo code information from insiders.

Reveal all coupons

Spoonflower Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Spoonflower reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Spoonflower in the US?

Spoonflower is located in the US at 3871 S. Alston Ave. Durham, NC 27713, USA

Is Spoonflower ethical?

Yes, it is. Spoonflower is broadly regarded as an ethical brand. They have a number of policies and practices to ensure that their products are made in an ethical and sustainable way.

What type of printing does Spoonflower use?

This brand uses 2 methods, digital printing, and sublimation.

Is Spoonflower fabric copyrighted?

Yes, Spoonflower fabrics are copyrighted. The artists who create the designs own the copyright to their work. So they have the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, publicize, exhibit, and create works derived from their designs.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Spoonflower Reviews & Ratings

To sum up, Spoonflower stands as the gateway to paradise fabric and home decor. With customization options, a large design marketplace, and high-quality fabrics, Spoonflower should be put on your wish list.

Also, Spoonflower is perfect for creative artists who want to sell their masterpieces so people can find them. So don’t wait another moment! Take the leap and let your creative dreams soar on an extraordinary fabric. Let’s start shopping!


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