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Splay Shoes Review 2024 → Barefoot Shoes for Freedom!

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About Splay Shoes

Yes, your shoes can look so stunning and dazzling. But does it give you the freedom to move? Let’s all go back to nature when you can feel the texture of the earth’s surface. But you shouldn’t forget to protect your feet. That’s why Splay Shoes is here for you!

Splay Shoes Review: About Splay Shoes
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This shoe brand is one of the most uniquely designed footwear. Its footwear comes with a foot-friendly design and durable build. On top of that, the shoes will also enhance natural comfort with a barefoot feeling.

With an authentic design that limits the impact on stack height, it quickly gains attention. Further, it’s widespread in various circles, from adults to kids. We can see the increasing fame from the 49.6K followers on Instagram and 7.4K on Facebook.

Here, you may be questioning why this brand has so much enthusiasm. Hence, our Splay Shoes review will dig for more info about this brand. Find all about it, from general company info to detailed buyer reviews!

Overview Of Splay Shoes Outlet

Splay Shoes is a brand born with the mission of making shoes that feel like freedom. It’ll give the wearer the freedom to move, do, and be. All in all, everything is designed for your sole freedom.

So, John Poulton established this company in 2018 in Bountiful, Utah. Its first product is footwear with minimum material and maximum comfort. Thus, it’ll deliver great freedom for your family in every footstep.

Its products will boost the natural and comfortable feeling of walking. That’s why people can know how it feels to walk almost barefoot but still cozy. It’s like barefoot shoes but with better comfort, protection, and durability. Now, its product has grown bigger with worldwide spread.

Splay Shoes Review

Just look at the brand name. You clearly know that it sells shoes. Yup, Splay Shoes’ primary expertise is footwear that makes you move. It’ll be your go-to shoe for everyday activities.

Splay Shoes Reviews: Splay Shoes Review

Besides, its products also use a foot-friendly design to boost superior natural comfort. You’ll feel walking with high flexibility but with better comfort. Also, this brand has shirt collections.

Splay Shoes Product Collections 

Explore Freestyle Freestyle Leather Slip-On ’23
T-Shirts Men’s Shoes Women’s Shoes Kids’ Shoes

With the simple list above, can you determine what’s good about its footwear? Thus, let’s explore further about its products in the Splay Shoes review below!

Splay Shoes Freestyle Reviews

Do you love leather shoes? The Splay Shoes Freestyle Leather is the best option for the perfect blend of barefoot feeling and elegant leather. These shoes are designed with foot-friendly design and superb natural comfort.

Splay Shoes Review: Splay Shoes Freestyle Reviews

In addition, what makes it special is the use of upgraded 100% genuine full-grain leather. This leather upper material is flexible and super comfortable. Meanwhile, the high-tech vulcanized rubber shoes add more grip and flexible movement.

These leather shoes also come with a 3mm thick ultra-flexible insole for extra cushioning. This insole is made of polyurethane with cotton lining. That’s why it can maintain natural freshness and comfort.

Splay Freestyle Leather Shoes Details

  • Size: M5 to M13/W7 to W15
  • Color: Onyx, Midnight, Ivory, Pearl, Chestnut

Overall, it’s this ultimate elegant design makes it durable, breathable, and comfortable. So, let’s enhance your natural comfort at your feet for daily activities at $108.99!

Women's Splay Shoes Explore Reviews

As women, we know that high heels are our way of showing our allure. Unfortunately, these beautiful heeled shoes are such a pain for your exploration. Thus, we recommend the Splay Shoes Explore ’22. FYI, this collection is also available for kids and men.

Splay Shoes Review: Women's Splay Shoes Explore Reviews

These shoes are designed to support your journey for hiking or outdoor camping. What’s more, the extra grip vulcanized rubber sole will support your moves. Be ready to walk the rough terrain and feel it on your feet.

The lining is also highly durable to keep up with your adventures. Additionally, it uses 100% cotton canvas uppers with one strap. On top of that, the various attractive color options will suit any time of the year.

Splay Explore Shoes Details

  • Size: C8 to C13/Y1 to Y5/M6 to M13/W7 to W15
  • Color: Jet, Sand, Pine, Plum, Shale

You absolutely can’t say no to these shoes. What a divine blend of natural fibers with maximum breathability and rubber soles for natural comfort. So, let’s wake up your adventurous soul with these Explore ’22 shoes at $48.49 to $56.49!

Splay Shoes For Toddlers Reviews

As a modern mom, you should fully support your kid’s adventurous spirit. The Splay Explore ’22 Shoes are your go-to. These shoes are designed to provide new freedom for a splash of fun in your kid’s adventure.

Splay Shoes Review: Splay Shoes For Toddlers Reviews

Basically, this kids’ footwear is similar to the listed product above. It’s designed with the extra grip rubber sole and cotton canvas upper. This combination will enhance the natural fibers for ultimate comfort.

The material is highly durable and breathable. It’ll keep your kid cool and cozy for their active movement. Further, the one-strap design is perfect for toddlers to put it on and off.

Explore ’22 Shoes for Kids Details

  • Size: C8 to C13/Y1 to Y4
  • Color: Stone, Royal, Iris, Splatter, Bubblegum, Cherry

Available in multiple vibrant and playful color options. Choose the best one that reflects your kids. Thus, take your kid’s journey to the next level at $46.49 to $50.49!

Splay Shoes Sizing

To ensure the best fit, you must carefully check the size guide. Some people are questioning, “Do Splay Shoes run big or small? And we find that its shoes are mostly run small.

Splay Shoes Review: Splay Shoes Sizing

In addition, please keep in mind to leave some wiggle and grow room. So check out the sizing chart below:

Who Is Splay Shoes For?

Splay Shoes is the best option for everyone looking for footwear with the best freedom. It has the main expertise to create foot-friendly shoes with limited stack height. So, it’s absolutely your go-to to find the most natural-feeling shoes.

In addition, its products are designed for your whole family. That’s why the sizing is suitable for toddlers to adults. You can also find collections for men, women, and kids.

Splay Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here, we’ll provide you with some genuine customer testimonials. In fact, this brand already gets high ratings and reviews from some experts. It includes Barefoot Shoe Guide, That Fit Friend, Anya’s Reviews, and more.

Splay Shoes Review: Splay Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

However, this brand has limited reviews on the official website. Fortunately, the Splay outlet on eBay has huge numbers of reviews. 96.3% of 351 buyers give positive reviews. Below is one of the positive Splay Shoes reviews: 

The shoes are awesome! I can not see anything that pushes them in seconds. I am really grateful that these shoes are available as a better, affordable, barefoot shoe option for kiddies and grownups.

Another buyer also reported

Great shoes sent in (what looks and feels like) in flawless condition! I am going to purchase another pair since they fit so nicely!

For the next review, we intentionally choose the negative one. Here’s one of the buyer’s complaints:

The only downside is the shipping, which was longer than expected. Regardless, the shoes are great…

Checking the reviews allows us to see why people highly rated this brand. The products are completely flawless, with great fit, quality, and pricing. On the other hand, the complaints are only about the slow shipping.

Is Splay Shoes Worth It?

The only answer is yes. Splay Shoes are worth being your everyday shoes. The shoes are like no other barefoot shoes. It has a stylish design like normal shoes. But it is comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Splay Shoes Review: Is Splay Shoes Worth It?

All the customers also already have the same page as us. They love the great fit and how it costs reasonably. So, you can rely on this brand for the best shoes for your family.

Splay Shoes Pros And Cons

You must be very cautious before making a purchase. Thus, check out this list of pros and cons to consider wisely:


  • Stylish design
  • Foot friendly design
  • Natural comfort
  • Flexible sole with extra grip
  • Breathable upper canvas material
  • Multiple sizes for any age
  • Various colors and designs
  • Decent pricing
  • International shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • High ratings from buyers


  • The shipping can be slow
  • No free shipping

Splay Shoes Shipping Policy

Splay Shoes provides shipping within the US and worldwide. It can take 1-3 days to process after completing the payment. Then, it takes 3 to 5 days for US shipping and 8 to 20 days for international.

Shipping Cost

Location Under 1 lb Over 1 lb
United States $4.99 $5.99
Canada $10 $15
Europe $12.50 $17.50
Rest Of The World $15 $20

Splay Shoes Return Policy

When it comes to online shopping, we sometimes face dissatisfaction. Anything can happen, like damaged items, whether from the shipping process or the manufacturer’s fault. But no worry.

Splay Shoes accepts returns under a 30-day return policy. You can file for a return for a new item within the period. Furthermore, you should provide proof of purchase. So, visit the return portal to file the return.

How To Contact Splay Shoes

Do you have any concerns or feedback? The Splay Shoes customer service would be glad to help. So, use the contact details below:

Headquarters Address

Bountiful, Utah, 84010
United States

Where to buy Splay Shoes?

Some of you may prefer shopping on Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s currently unavailable. But you can buy it at the best price on eBay and splayshoes.com!

Splay Shoes Coupon Codes & Promos

Calling for those crazy discounts! This brand often offers discounts on special events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and black Friday. So, we’ve gathered all the best promos you can harness on your first purchase. Check it out:

  • Find all the best deals on Clearance Sale
  • Get exclusive rewards and perks on the VIP Club
  • Join the newsletter for a special discount code and offer notifications

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Splay Shoes

Splay Shoes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Splay Shoes reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Splay Shoes based?

This shoe company is based in Utah, USA.

Where do Splay shoes ship from?

The products are shipped from its warehouse in Lehi, Utah, USA.

Are splay shoes wide?

The shoes are designed to be wide at the toes. But not throughout the rest of the shoes for the best fit.

Who is the owner of Splay shoes?

This barefoot shoe company is owned by John Poulton.

What are splay shoes made of?

The shoes are made of flat rubber soles and cotton canvas upper.

Where are Splay Shoes made?

Most of the shoes are currently produced in Mexico.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Splay Shoes Reviews & Ratings

Most of us have different preferences for footwear. Some love high heels, and some love barefoot ones. So, our Splay Shoes review shows you the best option for barefoot shoes.

This brand offers well-designed barefoot sneakers. It has no other design with high natural comfort and flexibility. The best companion for your daily. Thus, regain your freedom with Splay Shoes!


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