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About Spirits & Spice

Are you foodies, gourmet chefs, and liquor aficionados? Then, you must love to create a new taste of food and enjoy it with the most flavorful alcohol. Spirits & Spice is the place for everything in between.

Spirits & Spice Review: About Spirits & Spice
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Some of you may still wonder what this brand is. So basically, it’s a place for products related to alcohol, spices, and specialty food. It’s the perfect place for those who like drinking, eating, and cooking.

With a great combination that garnered a lot of fans, the brand quickly spread among customers. It even has various store locations in the US. Now, the social media swarmed with 5.9K followers on Facebook and 3.3K on Instagram.

But what’s more about this brand? Our Spirits & Spice review will bring you deeper into its information, products, testimonials, services, deals, and more. So, shall we get started? Let’s dive right in!

Overview Of Spirits & Spice

Kim Weiss is a woman with many passions in her career. She has built a career as an actress, lawyer, and entrepreneur. First, she started her first specialty food franchise in 2008, focusing on vinegar, oil, and spirits.

Then, she brought her own brand, Spirits & Spice, with a broader selection of gourmet foods and spirits. Moreover, her business is widespread across the US, like Wyoming, Chicago, Nevada, Arizona, and more.

Like us, Kim and her team are foodies, novice cooks, gourmet chefs, whiskey enthusiasts, and everything in between. Her true love established this brand with a simple goal. She aims to provide the highest quality products for a best-tasting experience.

Spirits & Spice Review

Do you love playing with spices in your supper? Then, you’ll devour it with a good companion of liquors. Spirits & Spice offers a great range of alcohol, specialty goods, liqueurs, spices, and more.

Spirits & Spice Reviews: Spirits & Spice Review

This brand also often shares worth-trying recipes. So, you can scour its collection and try new recipes. You’ll love how your taste buds enjoy new flavors from cooking. For further information, here are the site’s product collections:

Spirits & Spice Liquor Store Collections

Spirits Whiskey, Cream Liqueurs, Mezcal, Scotch, Brandy, Vodka, Gin, Rum, etc
Spices Blend, Curry, Pepper, Salt, Rub, etc
Vinegar Balsamic, Aceto Balsamico, Vinegar Specialities, etc
Oils Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Nut & Seed Oils, etc
Wine Buttery Oak White, Fortified, Sweet Wine, Bubbles, Big Bold Red, etc
Gifts Gift Sets & Baskets, Gift Cards, Gifting Letters, etc
Speciality Foods Peanuts, Beverage Mixers, Snacks, Pasta, Risotto, Mustard, Bread, Sauces, Sprinkles, etc
Misc. Fun Bar Essentials, Decor, etc

It’ll be the best brand to make your grand supper, from BBQ rub to bourbon. But are those drinks, liqueurs, spices, and foods good? Our Spirits & Spice review will dive into its best-selling items to see the quality. Let’s jump to the next section!

Spirits & Spice Fourth Batch Tequila Extra Añejo Reviews

Do you love to sip a glass of tequila? The Spirits And Spice Fourth Batch Tequila Extra Añejo is one of the best-selling in its tequila collection. It is an ultra-premium tequila aged between 10 to 12 years.

Spirits & Spice Review: Spirits & Spice Fourth Batch Tequila Extra Añejo Reviews

It is also toasted in American oak barrels with many matured agave plants from soil in Jalisco, Mexico. Furthermore, combining fragrance, spice, and sweet taste will spoil your taste buds. Thus, it’s very smooth and flavorful.

The super combination of spices, oak, caramel, and citrus on the nose will play with your senses. What’s more, the rich gold tones, sweet undertones, and heavily cooked agave will finish the supremacy of this tequila.

Tequila Details

  • Alcohol Content: 40%
  • Country: Mexico

One more critical point of this tequila is the handcrafted bottle. The beautiful pattern of the pattern will show exclusivity. It’s also the perfect gift idea. Thus, enjoy this beautiful and unique tequila with your loved one at $430!

Spirits & Spice Peanut Butter Whiskey Reviews

Flavored whiskey is one of the favorite options for those who like the unique notes and flavors. By this chance, the Spirits And Spice Peanut Butter Whiskey will show you what pleasant nutty is like.

Spirits & Spice Review: Spirits & Spice Peanut Butter Whiskey Reviews

This flavored whiskey is full of smooth peanut butter-packed with smoother whiskey. Furthermore, the smooth and not overbearing flavor makes it ideal for non-whiskey drinkers.

To devour its true delight, you can enjoy it with Axtec Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream. The best option for those who like an unparalleled combination of chocolate and peanut butter!

Whiskey Details

  • Alcohol Content: 35%
  • Country: United States
  • Size: 750ml, 375ml, 200ml, 100ml

The flavored bourbon is good for on the rock to enjoy the sweet, savory, and smooth taste. Hence, don’t hesitate to try your first flavored whiskey with this S&S Peanut Butter Whiskey at $34 to $104!

Spirits & Spice Blueberry Lemon Balsamic Reviews

Looking for a fruity addition to your dessert? If you love tangy fruits, the Spirits And Spice Blueberry Lemon Balsamic will suit your likes. The sweet and tangy flavors will spoil your taste buds.

Spirits & Spice Review: Spirits & Spice Blueberry Lemon Balsamic Reviews

This balsamic vinegar combines the fruity flavors of blueberry and lemon. It tastes so light, bright, and full of flavors. Besides, its balsamic vinegars are also available in mango, black cherry, rosemary, honey ginger, fig, peach, tropical blend, and more.

In addition, it’s a highly flexible addition to any food and drinks. Simply add it to your salad, tart, gin, fish, chicken, ice cream, water, and others. Enjoy a new world of flavors!

Vinegar Details

  • Acidity Content: 4.5%
  • Country: United States
  • Size: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1l

Another thing that we like about it is the use of no artificial colorants and thickeners. So, magically turn your dish or drink into mouth-watering fruity flavors with this balsamic vinegar at $17 to $75!

Spirits And Spice Recipes

Do you love to experiment with a new menu? Surprisingly, Spirits & Spice will support your hobby of cooking food or mixing new drinks. In its blog, it has hundreds of recipes covering drinks and foods.

So, after your package arrives, you can experiment with it. For instance, you can find a menu like Asian Chicken Stir Fry and Italian Herb Lamb Chops. Or try drink recipes like Plum Sour Mash Cocktail and Plum and Jalapeno liqueur recipes. Feel free to experiment!

Who Is Spirits & Spice For?

Spirits & Spice is the best brand for liquor fans looking for custom-made alcohol. It has a great flavorful alcohol from flavored wine, whisky, tequila, gin, brandy, and more.

Besides, it also offers various spices, vinegar, oil, and specialty foods. It makes it great for foodies and cook enthusiasts. However, you should be above 21 years old to buy the liquors on the site.

Spirits And Spice Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The reviews on the site and Trustpilot shows good rating and reviews numbers. For instance, the store and site have a 4.7/5 rating from 702 testimonials on Trustpilot. Here are the further rating and review details on best selling:

Spirits & Spice Review: Spirits And Spice Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now let’s start breaking down glowing opinions in one of Spirits & Spice reviews:

We bought 3 different flavors of Ledoux It whisky, and we’re very pleased with the overall experience. The package was shipped promptly and arrived early. Also, the bottles were packaged very well so they wouldn’t break during transport. The whiskeys have great flavor…

Besides the happy review above, this brand also has minor customer complaints. Below is one of the nitpicks to see both negative and positive opinions:

I’d have given a 5-star rating if the shipping had been efficient. It arrived longer than expected. I purchased Just LeDoux It whiskey, wine, and a glass. Overall, the whiskey and wine were good.

Overall, the testimonials are filled with positive reviews. They state good delivery, service, and product collection. The alcohol and spices taste good. However, there’s mixed opinion about the late shipping and high pricing.

Is Spirits & Spice Worth It?

With its premium collection of liquors and spices, Spirits & Spice is worth tasting. The company offers a product made from the best ingredients and flavorings. It surely gives you the best eating and drinking experience.

Spirits & Spice Review: Is Spirits & Spice Worth It?

Also, it has various liquors with multiple flavor options. Enjoy a new taste of liquors with different alcohol contents. Moreover, you’ll easily find unique and custom-made flavors that make you crave more.

Spirits & Spice Pros And Cons

Still questioning this brand’s worthiness? It is better to determine its worthiness by yourself. So, consider the brand pros and cons below.


  • Unique and custom-made flavors
  • Soft and pleasant taste
  • Handcrafted formulation
  • Personalizable alcohol and liqueur box for gift
  • Myriad products collections
  • Made of the finest ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • 14-day return policy
  • Good customer testimonials.


  • Some shipping is delayed
  • The pricing can be high for some.

Spirits & Spice Shipping Policy

Spirits & Spice provides shipping within the US. However, there are some restricted states for orders containing alcohol. Furthermore, alcohol purchase is only available for adults above 21.

In addition, the shipping cost is $25 for non-alcoholic products and $35 for alcohol items. You can also get free shipping if the order is above $200. Further, the processing and shipping usually take within 3 working days.

Spirits & Spice Return Policy

Are you afraid that the items don’t meet your expectations? No worries. You can harness the 14-day return policy to guarantee the purchase. Use these returns for a refund or exchange.

This return applies to unused products in the same condition as they arrived. It also should be in original packaging along with the receipt or proof of purchase. However, alcohol items are not returnable and refundable.

How To Contact Spirits & Spice

Spirits & Spice customer service wants to assist your shopping journey as well as possible. So, they will answer your question as soon as possible within 1 working days via:

Spirits And Spice Locations

80 West Broadway Avenue. Unit 101
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
83001, US

Where to buy Spirits & Spice?

Couldn’t wait to taste the flavored liquor? Then, it’s time to grab your favorite item from its official store at spiritsandspice.com. Choose from a wide range of oils to specialty foods.

In addition, you can also visit its store locations in Oakbrook, Las Vegas, Water Tower, Sedona, Boca Raton, Jackson Hole, Washington DC, and more. In the store, you’ll be able to have a tequila experience and wine tasting.

Spirits & Spice Coupon Codes & Promos

FYI, there are some secrets to make your purchase cheaper. Hence, if you love sales, you should check our shortlist below!

  • Free shipping on orders over $200
  • Buy with a subscription to get 10% OFF
  • Earn points by joining the loyalty rewards program
  • Join the newsletter to unlock special discount codes and perk updates
  • Check the button below to uncover the list of current coupon codes!

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Spirits & Spice

Spirits & Spice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Spirits & Spice reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Spirits and Spice?

The Spirits & spice liquor store is owned by Kim Weiss.

Does Spirits & Spice ship internationally?

This brand only ships within the US, with some restrictions on alcoholic beverages.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Spirits & Spice Reviews & Ratings

All in all, our Spirits & Spice review has presented all the must-know information. This brand is a reputable company with a superb product collection. It even has all good opinions from the customers.

It also produces fine liquors, spices, and edibles that’ll make you crave more. On top of that, the shared recipes and tasting experience are a noteworthy service. Thus, wake up your foodies and alcoholic spirits with Spirits & Spice!


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