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About SortJoy

Have a mind full of blast? Start with your room. Just like your thoughts, your space needs to be better organized. Said the founder of SortJoy, and we couldn’t agree more.

SortJoy Review: About

SortJoy is a small company that creates home organization tools with sustainable, timeless, and eco-friendly goals in mind to help the world be a better place. And it all started with your home.

There are many things that make this label worth hearing about. First, SortJoy utilizes recycled plastic and felt as the signature material of its products. Second, it makes sturdy, foldable, and washable organized tools for timeless use.

It sounds simple. But the brilliant ideas have attracted almost 11k followers on Instagram. Indeed, the label has greatly contributed to the decluttering and room organization communities.

What else? Stay tuned with the SortJoy review since we will declutter the company profile, product review, and customer rating, as well as discounts and promotions to help you notice this label more.

Overview of SortJoy

When realizing that the most widely used materials for organized products are recyclable plastics, Stefani and Alexa established SortJoy in late 2020, with headquarters in San Francisco, United States.

SortJoy is a place to set where people can find organizer products with environmentally conscious. Working with unique recycled plastic felt, this small company has created a series of bins, boxes, and trays that meets sustainable needs in society.

With sustainability as its core, the company has brilliantly created an array of durable, timeless, aesthetics, and versatile products. Beyond making a product, SortJoy also collaborates with professional organizers across the US to help people find balance within their homes.

By appointment meeting at Oakland, California, the company becomes a solution for people to share and implement a multifunctional, eco-friendly, real life and home.

Now let’s dig deeper into the company’s pros and cons to get a better overview.

SortJoy Pros

  • Offer sustainable, organized tools like boxes, bins, and trays
  • Use recycled plastic and felt as the main materials
  • High practical and aesthetic values
  • Attractive price points
  • Minimal packaging
  • Free shipping when you spend $100+
  • Refund in 30-days
  • Positive and active community
  • Crowds of happy and satisfied customers

SortJoy Cons

  • Colors are limited to stone and charcoal
  • Conditional free shipping

SortJoy Reviews

Now, let’s get to know more about the brand, starting with its website and products.

SortJoy Reviews

Primarily, SortJoy offers organized kits in the form of boxes and bins. However, more than that, they also provide broader categories to make it easier for you to organize your home.

They provide trays, labels, gift cards as well as category searches based on product functions such as machine-washable, with lids, and others.

In the following, we will do some product reviews from their best-seller lineups and one of the challenges they initiate. Should we start?

SortJoy The Sculpted Bin Reviews

This is just like your grandma’s favorite bag but more modern. It is more elegant, classy, and eco-friendly. Right, the SortJoy Sculpted Bin offers a traditional way of storing yet is filled with brilliant values.

SortJoy Review: SortJoy The Sculpted Bin Reviews

The bin material is made out of felt. The felt is not your standard fabric since it originated from recycled plastic, which makes the bin sturdy yet foldable without losing its shape.

This bin is great for bulkier items such as towels, shoes, books, and kids’ toys. Also, you can wash it when it traps some dirt.

Best part? You can get this only at $108 for a three-set!

SortJoy The Handle Bin Reviews

Frankly speaking, the SortJoy Handle Bin catches your attention, right? Undoubtedly, it is the next best-selling item in the store due to its unique display and immense handy value.

SortJoy Review: SortJoy The Handle Bin Reviews

All SortJoy’s organizer bins are made of recycled plastic felt, including this item. So it is washable, malleable, travelable, spacious, and sturdy. With the stone of carbon color options, the bag can blend into any theme of your day.

Even better, it is ever-expanding. So you can use it to bring anything from the farmer to the beach or just let it sit in the corner of your house.

To take this sustainable bag on your errands, you only need $45!

SortJoy The Flex Bin Reviews

As the name suggests, this SortJoy Flex Bin shows off the high value of sustainability, versatility, and aesthetics that it has. On top of that, it comes in sets of three!

SortJoy Review: SortJoy The Flex Bin Reviews

The height dimension is 14 inches, and the user can adjust the height by simply folding it to the desired shape. The fact that the bin set is earth-friendly and convertible makes it the most popular choice among other items.

Storing it on a bookshelf is perfect since it has a sleek and tall figure to keep your items. Or putting it on the entranceway table will do. For only $66, you can get this versatile flex bin by SortJoy!

Who Is SortJoy For?

Simply put, SortJoy is for anyone who wants to organize better in their places. It doesn’t have to be a home, it can be any room where you keep your stuff.

SortJoy Review: Who Is SortJoy For?

So the brand is an ideal choice not only for housewives or househusbands but it can also be suitable for any adult with a similar earth-friendly mission in mind.

Specifically, any design interior enthusiast, environmentalist, or minimalist will totally love to have this brand as their loyal community.

What about a hoarder? Even better fit. The versatile boxes and bins are great alternatives for hoarders to learn how to manage their space thoughtfully.

Is SortJoy A Sustainable Brand?

As crystal clear, SortJoy is a sustainable brand. The company core is guided by the sustainability effort that is seen within its end-to-end process.

SortJoy Review: Is SortJoy A Sustainable Brand?

Recycled plastic felt materials, vegan leather, and minimal packaging are examples of how the label tries its best to avoid excess waste or emissions. Also, by creating an evergreen product that can stand for timelessness, they are lean to slow fashion and putting behind the fast-fashion trend.

Moreover, they also commit to improving their effort on sustainability movement through the shipping footprint and minimal non-recycled PET in their process.

Overall, with such a vision, it is clear that SortJoy puts sustainability as a true aim in their company process and community.

Is SortJoy Worth It?

Of course, yes. No company that is more transparent with its sustainability efforts in terms of product, quality, and process is more worthy of your attention than SortJoy. It’s a brand that you can’t just buy once because of its high value of worthiness.

SortJoy Review: Is SortJoy Worth It?

The most part that we love is the fact that it provides you with timeless products, versatile aesthetic looks, and attractive prices. Especially, SortJoy has a lively community to support you in organizing your space better.

SortJoy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You know what? Everything sounds so convincing and perfect about this brand. On yelp, SortJoy has a perfect 5/5 stars out of 7 reviews.

SortJoy Review: SortJoy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s just, wow. But what are the personal opinions of people who have purchased these items? Let’s take a closer look at one of the reviews that read:

Love these elongated flexible bins. Using them to keep things organized throughout the house and they look fantastic in every room I’ve placed them. Additionally, I’m thrilled that I can wash these if they get a little dirty.

The customer reviewed expresses adornment toward the bins. The fact that the items are flexible, look fantastic, are washable, and have the perfect size thrills her.

Another review that left a very interesting impression is the following

Shipping was incredibly fast! and I love the tray. I use it as a catch all. The fact that it is two trays allows me to separate the keys and the wallet. I highly recommend it!

The buyer was very satisfied with the tray duo he bought. In addition, he was so impressed with the delivery service that he highly recommended it.

In fact, the company managed to satisfy its customers regarding product quality and service. The SortJoy customers are happy with the practical and aesthetic value of the products as well as the company’s mission and service.

SortJoy Shipping Policy

For potential SortJoy buyers, you must be happy because this label sets free shipping for all USA orders that reaches $100+ spent. As for Canada, the tariff is started humbly at $30 for delivery.

You can get detailed information about the time estimation of package processing and arrival from the company right after you finish the payments.

SortJoy Return Policy

If there are any considerations you make to ask for a refund, the SortJoy team is more than happy to hear your thoughts! You can ask for a refund within 30 days of the receipt date.

All you need to do to ask for a refund is ensure that the items are as fine as they arrive and in the original packaging. Soon, reach out to their customer care team via [email protected] with your order number to receive your return authorization.

How to Contact SortJoy?

Start to get interested in this sustainable label? If you find this SortJoy review misses something in the disclosure, you can contact immediately to the company through the following channels:

Where to buy SortJoy?

Where to buy SortJoy? Well, finding these sustainable bins is as easy as utilizing them as your organized pieces. You can satisfy your shopping cravings for SortJot’s catalog collection on its official website.

SortJoy Coupon Codes & Promos

SortJoy is as joyful as its name to give you discounts! Some of the deals and promotions I can find are:

  • Get 10% off your next purchase: If you’re subscribing to their newsletter
  • Give $20, get $20: If you refer your friend and they make a purchase, you earn an extra $20.
  • Discounted price at select items
  • Free shipping

What about other offers? Surely the team will be eager to inform their mailing list before anyone else. So I’d recommend you grab the chance soon.

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SortJoy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SortJoy reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns SortJoy?

SortJoy is owned by two inspiring ladies, Stefani Herr (a professional organizer) and Alexa Cohn (an interior designer), who want you to feel peace by organizing your home.

Does SortJoy ship internationally?

Currently, SortJoy only ships to the USA and Canada. However, you can try to reach them out via contact details to ask for an international shipping chance.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SortJoy Reviews & Ratings

Trying to fit between a neutral minimalist or a sparkling rainbow? When to declutter and how? Stop questioning the balance in your space and get head off to SortJoy. They help you to Sort with Joy.

With evergreen products, meaningful sustainability missions, and slow fashion concepts, the company provides you with more than an ever-evolving existence of organization and self-care for anyone as a hoarder or a minimalist.


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