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Smoke Eraser Review 2024 → Personal Air Filter. Eliminates 99.9% Smoke Odor

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About Smoke Eraser

Are you tired of finding an open place to smoke? Smoke Eraser is a brand that offers smoke eliminators that allow you to smoke respectably and privately.

Smoke Eraser Review: About Smoke Eraser

Smoke Eraser is a brand of personal air filters designed to remove 99.9% of exhaled smoke and odors. It allows you to smoke discreetly and without disturbing others.

This brand innovated to provide personal smoke filtration with a long life span. With its product, you can level up your smoking experience by exhaling odorless air that you can purchase at an affordable price.

Competing with giant brands like Sploofy, Smoke Trap, and Smoke Buddy, this brand can gradually and steadily write its expertise. As a result, many vapers and smokers are intrigued by this brand with its sophisticated pre-filter and HEPA filter construction.

In fact, it gained 1.3K followers on Facebook and 1.5K on Instagram. Thus, in our Smoke Eraser review, we’ll get to know this brand further by breaking down its company profile, product reviews, customer testimonials, deal information, etc.

So let’s go for it!

Overview Of Smoke Eraser

Smoke Eraser is a brand that offers smoke filters founded by Craig Nowak. The company is based at 2007 Vail Avenue, Redondo Beach, with a range market to reach most contagious states within the United States.

At Smoke Eraser, you can find a small portable device easily hidden in the hand or pocket. Likewise, the Smoke Eraser uses a combination of activated carbon and HEPA filters to trap smoke particles and odors.

Furthermore, the brand raises that bar in personal air filters dedicated to cannabis users, first-timers, and a large, under-served vaping community.

Besides, its existence offers an extraordinary ability to tolerate thousands of hits of heavy 2nd hand cannabis smoke.

This brand has made a great effort to develop products to improve your experience with smoke filters. In addition, its goal is to achieve the maximum number of uses within the most extended period and the lowest price in exhales.

Smoke Eraser Review

Smoke Eraser mainly offers 2 products: a Smoke Eraser and a Docking station that’s also called a Lifespan Multiplier. However, its SE is available in over 50 skins, including Faded, Mazed, Spaced, Nuked, Scattered, Slick, Dealer, and others.

Smoke Eraser Reviews: Smoke Eraser Review

So, to check out the available skins, you can browse its catalog. You can find skin and patterns based on what you like to enjoy a smoke with respect and privacy. So, in the following section, we’ll review some of the products that they offer, including:

  • Smoke Eraser V4
  • Any 2 Smoke Erasers
  • Docking Station

So, let’s jump to the next section to know the quality of the product!

Smoke Eraser V4 Reviews

How about having a sploof that you can enjoy today and in the next few years? Well, it’s going to be a great investment, right? Smoke Eraser V4 is a sploof with quadruple lifespans that allows you to enjoy smokeless smoke for an extended time.

Smoke Eraser Review: Smoke Eraser V4 Reviews

Moreover, it can be the best option if you’ve struggled with problematic moisture since these spoofs can repel it. This smoke eraser can also eradicate all restrictions from the beginning to the finish, ensuring you can make every exhale satisfying and wide open.

V4 has great portability with a compact design with a personal HEPA air filter that can eliminate 99.9% of exhaled smoke and smell. You can exhale from its gummy bear soft silicone mouthpiece and enjoy clear and odorless air.

The pre-filter can protect the HEPA from direct contact with liquid water and limit restrictions occurring from the resin. So with its compact design and outstanding filtration that it offers, this sploof can give you more privacy by concealing what you like to do.

What we like about this brand is its great selection of designs and patterns, but our recommendation is the Nuked, Coke, and Dealer. Thus, if you’re ready to adopt a new experience in smoking, you can grab this personal air filter at $24.95, currently on the sale price of $20!

Smoke Eraser V4 Highlights

  • Last longer dry
  • Extended lifespan
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Pre-filter for better HEPA filter performance
  • Dimensions: 4.21 x 2.05 x 1.85 inches
  • Weight: 2.57 ounces

Smoke Eraser Any 2 Smoke Erasers Reviews

Basically, the Any 2 Smoke Erasers is only the package where you can purchase two smoke erasers with various skins that you can choose from. So, what makes it different from a single purchase? If the single product costs $20, you’ll only need to pay $30 for two products in this package.

Smoke Eraser Review: Smoke Eraser Any 2 Smoke Erasers Reviews

Then, what’s the good of purchasing SE pairs? Well, SE is rotated daily, where each item is given a whole day to dry and untouched, allowing the breath humidity toy to dry out fully. So, if you have 24 hours of dry out per unit every day can reset each item in a new condition.

This regular resetting can automatically extend the lifespan of both SE. So, using SE pair and swapping both items daily can maximize their value. Or if you’re new to this SE and want to try it, you can ask your smoke buddy to join the venture and get the best low price.

So if you’re interested, you can check this SE in the button below!

Smoke Eraser Docking Station Lifespan Multiplier Reviews

Smoke Eraser Docking Station is a sploof lifespan multiplier that is not only compatible with this brand but also with Smoke Buddy. It’s a super robust tool that can produce forced ventilation to counter the moisture in the SE.

Smoke Eraser Review: Smoke Eraser Docking Station Lifespan Multiplier Reviews

This docking station is designed to reset the sploof back to new and consistently maintain that wide open state to improve the experience drastically. So rather than simply throwing your SE on the table, you can park it to the little patent pending.

It can counter moisture and neutralize restriction clogging from wet HEPA filters to increase the number of tolerated exhales. Moreover, this Lifespan Multiplier is rated to ensure 10K hours of usage, significantly extending your SE’s lifespan.

This DS also runs inexpensively by running 8 hours a day, and you need to pay for only a couple of dollars a month. It is also affordable and only costs $20 ($30 regular price). So grab it while the sale lasts!

Smoke Eraser Pros and Cons

Before you go on the in-depth review of this brand, let us show you the Smoke Eraser pros and cons that we gain from this review:


  • Small, portable, and discreet
  • Extended life span
  • Cutting edge pre-filter
  • Over 50 skins are available
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Positive testimonials


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • May not completely eliminate the smell of smoke
  • Not easy to take care

Who Is Smoke Eraser For?

This brand is dedicated to all vaping communities looking for a personal smoke filter that you can purchase cheaply. In addition, this product is suitable for budget-conscious customers since it may seem costly, but it can offer an excellent investment for extended use.

Smoke Eraser Review: Who Is Smoke Eraser For?

Aside from that, this smoke eliminator is an excellent option for those who want to smoke privately and respectfully. Since it can provide an odorless and smokeless experience, it can be a great item to conceal your hobby.

Smoke Eraser Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

While surfing on its website, it currently has 96 reviews showing an excellent average rating, with customers mostly giving 5/5 ratings. On its amazon store, this brand also has a 4.1 out of 5 rating based on 190 reviews. So now,┬álet’s see the glowing customer reviews that grasp our interest.

Smoke Eraser Review: Smoke Eraser Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bro, hands down, the ultimate best value in the game. It’s no joke. The 2 in rotation explodes lifespan. Dude knows his sh**. This personal smoke filter works exactly like it claims if you follow the directions. You should take care of them and let them dry. With 2, it works perfectly. It also lasts forever if you take care of them. I am past one year and cruising like new still. Just follow directions!

Another testimonial also states his satisfaction:

Finally, a product that does the job. It eliminates all the smoke, and there is zero resistance when exhaling. I’m honestly super impressed. So from now on, I’m only buying Smoke Erasers. No more Smoke Buddies or Smoke Traps!

We also find a small number of negative reviews on its amazon that are worth considering:

…My conclusion: It has a poor design for easy care. I anticipated a button or SOMETHING as crucial as opening it up after each use… so if you are an absent-minded toker with much life going on – I can not recommend it to you.

The reviews above show that this brand lives up to its claims with long-lasting usage and affordable prices that impress all customers. Regardless, it’s not wholly flawless since a customer stated that it’s not easy to care.

Is Smoke Eraser Worth It?

You may still be skeptical of this brand since it costs more than other products, but after we review it, we know it has a very reasonable price. Even though it costs more, it is relatively more affordable than other brands since it has better long-lasting or usage.

Smoke Eraser Review: Is Smoke Eraser Worth It?

In addition, its pre-filter that maintains the HEPA filter can handle love 1400 exhales and produce odourless and clear air. The comfortable construction will also make you more enjoy the experience.

Aside from all those aspects, this brand offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy guaranteeing the purchase. So overall, from the price, product quality, and customer service, Smoke Eraser is unbeatable, top-notch, and worth it.

Smoke Eraser Vs Smoke Buddy

To become one of the brands that compete in providing personal air filters, you must consider SmokeBuddy. So to help you decide in this Smoke Eraser vs Smoke Buddy section, we’ll compare both brands.

Image 1: Smoke Eraser V4 (Mazed)
Image 2: Black Smokebuddy Original Personal Air Filter

Smoke Eraser V4

  • Activated carbon and HEPA filter
  • Over 1000 uses
  • Slightly a bit expensive
  • Effective at eliminating smoke and odor

SmokeBuddy Original Personal Air Filter

  • Proprietary blend of materials
  • About 500 uses
  • More affordable
  • Effective at eliminating smoke and odor

Smoke Eraser Shipping Policy

This brand ships to most states within the United States. The shipping cost will be estimated at the checkout, and if your order is $40+, you can enjoy free shipping.

The delivery time will take 2-5 business days after placing the orders. Once the shipping carrier handles the product, you’ll receive the tracking number that allows you to monitor your package.

Smoke Eraser Return Policy

All products you purchase from will be guaranteed under a 30-day return policy. You can file for a return within 30 days of receiving the item.

However, the returned items shouldn’t be worn or used along with the original receipt, tags, and still in original packaging. You’ll get the option of exchange or refund, which will be reimbursed within ten business days after the returned item arrives.

How To Contact Smoke Eraser

Do you have any questions about how your order will be shipped or need more help? You can feel free to contact the Smoke Eraser customer service, you can shoot at:

Smoke Eraser Address:
2007 Vail Avenue #1, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Where to buy Smoke Eraser?

So are you interested in having a smokeless smoke? You can browse the Smoke Eraser products collection exclusively available on This brand is also available on another online shopping platform, Amazon.

Smoke Eraser Coupon Codes & Promos

While compiling this Smoke Eraser review, we discovered the following promotion that can help you to save some dollars:

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  • Free shipping on orders over $40
  • Check the catalog since all products currently on sale
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Smoke Eraser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Smoke Eraser reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Smoke Eraser?

This company is owned and invented by Craig Nowak.

Does Smoke Eraser ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand is currently only shipped within the US.

Does Docking Station work with Smoke Trap?

No. Unfortunately, it’s incompatible with Smoke Trap since it only works with Smoke Eraser and Smoke Buddy.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Smoke Eraser Reviews & Ratings

Finally, we’ve come to the end of this Smoke Eraser review. To conclude, this is a reliable brand that offers a personal smoke filter with cutting-edge construction of pre-filter that can preserve the HEPA filter’s better performance.

This brand also offers affordable products with outstanding customer service that guarantees your satisfaction. So if you want to experience a better smoke experience, you can visit Smoke Eraser!


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