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Smileie Review 2024 → Affordable Clear Aligner for Your Teeth

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About Smileie

Sometimes, having uneven or untidy teeth can cause you to have a lack of confidence to smile in public. Luckily, Smileie comes to the market with its top-quality transparent at-home aligner and outstanding treatment plans to help you and everyone else smile confidently without leaving home.

Smileie Review: About Smileie

Despite being a new brand, as it was just established in 2022, this brand has gained people’s attention in the United States and worldwide.

Look at how this dental brand boasts 1.3k followers on Facebook and 2.6k followers on Instagram. That’s a lot of followers for a brand that only started last year.

Down there in this Smileie review, we’ll take you to learn more about the brand’s history, best-selling plans, customer testimonials, discount codes, and many more. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

Overview of Smileie Clear Aligners

Smileie is a 2022 dental brand based in Wisconsin, United States. The brand is staffed by highly experienced Dentists and Orthodontists, ensuring that you and everyone else get high-quality aligners with the most standardized dental care methods.

On top of that, the aligners provided by this brand also come with a transparent design so that no one will ever know that you are wearing aligners. Each aligner is also manufactured in the US and developed by professional dentists, ensuring it has outstanding quality.

You also don’t have to worry about the safety and health of the brand’s aligners since they are made with BPA-free materials, keeping them hygienic and safe to use.

Even better, this brand offers lower and more reasonable prices for all its aligner treatment plans. Apart from getting your teeth straightened, you can also save your pocket through this brand.

As a result of the brand’s ongoing success, it has been recognized by several dental media publications, such as Invisible Braces, Smile Prep, Aligners,, and NewMouth. With this fact, it proves the quality and legitimacy of this brand.

Smileie Review

With Smileie, you can choose between two aligner treatment plans to straighten your tooth alignment. On the other hand, you can also choose a kit as your first step to start straightening your teeth for better alignment.

Smileie Reviews: Smileie Review

In the next section of this review, we’ll take you to break down the plans and kits offered by this brand.

Smileie Review: 3 Best-Selling Plans

  • Day-Time Aligners Treatment Plan
  • Night-Time Aligners Treatment Plan
  • Impression Kit And Treatment Plan

Without further ado, let’s move to the next section.

Smileie Day-Time Aligners Treatment Plan Reviews

The first treatment plan is Smileie Day-Time Aligners, a plan that is suitable for you to use as a companion for your daily activities from morning to night.

Smileie Review: Smileie Day-Time Aligners Treatment Plan Reviews

When you choose to go with this treatment plan, you will get a box that includes an impression kit, a 3D treatment preview, invisible aligners. 2 sets of retainers, a whitening kit, and free refinement.

On the other hand, there are four options of aligners at different prices that you can choose from in this Day-Time Aligners plan, such;

  • Day-Time Dual Arch: $1399
  • Day-Time Installments: $143/month
  • Day-Time Single Arch: $999
  • Day-Time Singles Arch Installments: $100/month

For this plan, you’ll have to wear the aligners for approximately 20 hours per day. And if you use these aligners routinely, your dental alignment will improve within 4-6 months.

Smileie Night-Time Aligners Treatment Plan Reviews

The first treatment plan is Smileie Day-Time Aligners, a plan that’s suitable for you to use as a companion for your daily activities from morning to night.

Smileie Review: Smileie Night-Time Aligners Treatment Plan Reviews

When you choose this treatment plan, you will get a box that includes an impression kit, a 3D treatment preview, invisible aligners. 2 sets of retainers, a whitening kit, and free refinement.

On the other hand, there are four options of aligners at different prices that you can choose from in this Day-Time Aligners plan, such;

  • Day-Time Dual Arch: $1399
  • Day-Time Installments: $143/month
  • Day-Time Single Arch: $999
  • Day-Time Singles Arch Installments: $100/month

For this plan, you must wear the aligners for approximately 20 hours per day. And if you use these aligners routinely, within 4-6 months, your dental alignment will improve.

Smileie Impression Kit And Treatment Plan Reviews

Are you still trying to decide whether to choose the above two plans this brand provides? If so, then you can take the Smileie Impression Kit And Treatment Plan as your first step.

Smileie Review: Smileie Impression Kit And Treatment Plan Reviews

This plan is ideal for those of you who want to get a preview of what the brand offers before you pay on one of the Day-Time or Night-Time aligners. Plus, it’s affordable at $79, making it perfect for a preview

And there are a few things you can get when you take this package, such as;

  • Impression Kit
  • 1 Way Shipping Included
  • 3D Treatment Plan

Is Smileie Legit?

In any case, we agree to say that Smileie is legit. Staffed by people who are experienced in dental care, this brand ensures that you always get a high-quality aligner treatment plan with direct methods from the experts.

You can also witness the brand’s legitimacy by how they have been featured in several dental media press. With this fact, you don’t have to worry about scams, fraud, or anything else as they are a legitimate brand.

How Does Smileie Work?

In this section, we have compiled some steps that you can follow to start your smile with Smileie aligners.

  1. First, the brand will send you a free impression kit to give you your dental impression.
  2. Once you receive the impression kit, you can use the impression on your teeth.
  3. After that, send your impression to the brand for them to create a 3D treatment plan for you.
  4. When you agree to the treatment plan suggested by the brand, they will send the aligners to your home.
  5. Finally, keep smiling by using the brand’s aligners and retainers.

Smileie Pros and Cons

To give you more insight into this dental treatment brand, this Smileie review has summarized the pros and cons of this brand. Check it out!


  • Provides a wide range of free kits with every plan chosen
  • Dentist-directed treatment
  • Every aligner is made in the US
  • Has been named in several well-known media dental press
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Many satisfied customers have had their teeth straightened thanks to this brand
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Fairly new brands, so there is less information about them

Who is Smileie For?

There is no doubt about it, Smileie is a brand for anyone who has problems with uneven teeth. With two different plans provided by the brand, you can choose the one that best suits your needs to improve and straighten your teeth.

However, you can try to take an assessment of whether you can use the Smileie product. It takes only 30 seconds if you’re a candidate!

So, if you’re having a problem with bad and untidy teeth and are looking for a solution by leaving braces aside, then this brand can be the best solution for you.

Smileie Aligners Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It would be unfair not to acknowledge the reviews and testimonials of customers towards a brand, especially a healthcare brand. And in accordance with this concern, this Smileie review has summarized some genuine customer testimonials who have used Smileie aligners.

Smileie Review: Smileie Aligners Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In addition to customer testimonials, in this section, we’ll also reveal the rating that this health brand gets. Well, on Trustpilot, this brand boasts an outstanding rating of 4.8/5 out of 65 reviews. 

So, are you curious about Smileie before and after? If so, it’s time to take a look at the customer testimonials. The first one comes from someone who praised the quality of the brand’s customer service. 

They provided a great customer experience. When I got a question, they answered it and followed up with an email.

This customer explained how this brand holds great customer service. He revealed that whenever he has a question, the customer service team from this brand will always answer and help him get the answer to his question.

On the same note, there is also a customer who expressed his satisfaction with the brand’s customer service.

The customer service was extremely helpful! Answered all my questions before ordering and was not pushy at all.

And on the other hand, a customer shared how the process of ordering Smileie aligners was really easy and smooth. In her testimonial, she also revealed how the brand’s customer service team helped her every step of the way.

This process was very easy, and the customer service team was able to guide me in every step.

From the three testimonials that we have summarized above. It’s easy to conclude that the brand’s customer service has really managed to provide amazing service to all customers. It means that when you purchase a plan from this brand, you’ll always be assisted until you can find your smile again.

Is Smileie Worth It?

Based on the satisfied customer reviews you’ve read before, we can confidently state that this brand is worth it.

Featuring an aligner treatment plan that has changed, improved, and straightened many people’s messy teeth, coupled with the lower price offered, you will never regret choosing this brand.

Smileie vs Alignerco

Smileie and Alignerco are two popular brands of clear aligners that offer a more affordable alternative to traditional braces. Both companies use a similar process of straightening teeth using a series of clear, plastic trays that are worn over the teeth. However, there are some key differences between the two brands.

  Smileie Alignerco
Price Starts at $1,895 Starts at $1,195
Payment plans Yes, including no-interest Yes, including no-interest
Treatment time 4-6 months 6-12 months
Guarantee 100% money-back guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee

Smileie Shipping Policy

Good news for you. The brand not only offers to ship in the United States but also worldwide. So, no matter where you live, this brand can reach out to you and encourage you to smile with confidence.

Even better, this Smileie review found that the brand offers Free Shipping for shipping within the United States. Unlike non-US countries, your shipping cost depends on where you live. And you can check it in your checkout menu.

As for the time it takes for your aligner box to arrive, you may have to wait a few days as there are a few steps you need to complete. And we have arranged those steps for your convenience.

  1. The first step is to sign up for an impression kit that will be delivered within 2-3 business days.
  2. After you receive, use, and return the teeth impression kit, the brand will design a 3D treatment for you. And the 3D treatment takes about 5-6 days to create.
  3. Once the 3D treatment is complete, the brand will ask for your approval. And if you approve the treatment, they will send the aligners to you within 10 days.

Smileie Refund Policy

As a health brand that provides teeth aligners where hygiene and cleanliness are always taken into serious consideration, they do not provide a return policy. But in exchange, if you’re not satisfied after receiving the 3D Preview, the brand will give you a full refund.

You can ask about this refund issue directly to the brand’s contact details which you can find in the next section. Keep scrolling down!

How To Contact Smileie

You must have some questions about this brand. If so, then you can get in touch with some of the contacts that this Smileie review has summarized below.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-800-210-0464
  • Mail: 4046 N Newhall St, Shorewood, WI 53211, United States
  • Live Chat: Click the chat button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You don’t have to worry about your questions because their customer service will answer all your questions during their operating hours, Monday – Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM. However, if you want 24/7 service, you can contact their live chat directly on their official website.

Where to buy Smileie?

As a health brand engaged in providing dental aligners and several treatment plans, there is only one place you should go when you want to order the aligners, the official website.

Smileie Coupon Codes & Promos

Not only does it straighten your teeth, but this brand also offers to straighten your wallet to save money. There are several Smileie discount codes provided by this brand, which this Smileie review has compiled for you.

  • You can make any purchase and get up to $550 OFF on your purchase
  • Get $50 OFF if you are a student
  • Email them and get $100 OFF for all active military and retired service members

For additional discounts and coupon codes, you can get them by clicking the button below.

Reveal all coupons

Smileie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Smileie reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Smileie located?

This brand is located in Wisconsin, United States, and all of its aligners are manufactured in the USA.

What are Smileie aligners made from?

The aligner’s brand is made from BPA-free plastic which will ensure it is hygienic and safe to wear.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Smileie Reviews & Ratings

Despite being a new brand, Smileie has managed to make people more confident in smiling with well-groomed teeth. Through the aligners and various treatment plans offered, you can easily improve and straighten your previously untidy teeth.

Also, the brand’s customer service team needs to be applauded for their outstanding service in answering various queries from customers. Well, if you’re looking for a brand that provides at-home aligners, then this brand could be an ideal choice for you.


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