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Need to make a logo for your business but lack skills in editing and art taste? Relax! In this digital era, there will always be room for us who don’t have specific skills but can get what we want. For this case, SmashingLogo is the answer!

SmashingLogo Review: About SmashingLogo

SmashingLogo is an online service that provides an automatically generated logo maker. Thus, making a logo is not a big deal anymore, even if you have zero skills in both editing and art.

They have a simple user interface that is beginner-friendly. Therefore, making one logo won’t take you forever. Instead, it requires only minutes. Hence, it is a perfect match when you have a short time to do this!

Moreover, there are tons of fonts and icons in their library. It is a good feature since most of us have entirely different preferences. Also, it will minimize the probability of having the same logo as anyone else.

It is not the best yet. When it comes to services, everyone is always looking for accessibility. Thankfully, this online service has it all. It requires no sign-up! Thus, say no to the layered form to fill in!

Plus, after you generate your logo, it will show the detailed information you don’t realize you need. It is your identity colors, the typography, and the mockup preview to give you an idea of placement.

Now, what about the license? Calm down. You will get the entire copyright and ownership when you buy their full logo. There aren’t such restrictions whether you use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes!

For additional information, this online service currently has 500+ followers on Facebook. Well, apparently, as for now, they are likely not on their social media. Relatively, they are focusing on building their official website.

But then, after you read all these paragraphs, you probably wonder how this online service works, its pros and cons, etc., right? We all know, and we’ve got you covered!

We put so much enthusiasm into this SmashingLogo review to help you gain the needed information. Thus, please don’t go anywhere, and let’s scrolling!

Speaking of its history, we genuinely feel sorry that we can’t find much information about this online service. However, it is understandable since most founders are comfortable hiding their identity.

As far as we can find, this service was built in 2015 and is located in Austria. Although there is little information about the history of this online service, thousands of people are already getting helped with their logo problems.

It shows on numerous 5-star ratings shows in both Capterra and GetApp. Therefore, as long as they provide an excellent service, there’s no harmful effect, even if you don’t know their background.

SmashingLogo Highlights

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No sign up required
  • Full ownership
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Creative virtual designers
  • Customization available

SmashingLogo Reviews

This service mainly offers an automatically generated logo maker for everyone who needs it but lacks the skills to create it from scratch. They provide an easy-to-use interface website so everyone can create their logo quickly and hassle-free.

SmashingLogo Reviews: SmashingLogo Reviews

Their primary tool is called logo maker. It generates a logo from users’ information based on their answers to the question form. Thus, you can create a logo similar to your preferences.

Moreover, their features enable you to edit or customize the logo results when it has something you know can be much better. It includes the fonts, colors, or icons. 

On top of that, after you purchase their business or premium packages, they will send you web-ready files such as transparent PNG formats and website-ready files such as PDF or EPS format.

Further, we will review the only service that matters: Logo Maker. If you are curious about what this Logo Maker offers, let’s scroll to the product review part!

SmashingLogo Logo Maker Reviews

We come to the main character of this online service, the Logo Maker! It is the tool that helps you generate your logo. 

SmashingLogo Review: SmashingLogo Logo Maker Reviews

What you have to do with this tool is basically to give them every information they need. It includes the logo name, industry keywords, brand attributes, virtual designers, colors, icons, font, and logotypes.

We will skip and examine the industry keywords, as each logo name may differ. If you want to make your logo for a coffee shop, cafe, gym, or anything, please ensure that you precisely type in the form available. It is to help the tool find the specific design for your logo.

Besides that, the brand attributes help the tool decide the vibes or aura you want to portray through your logo. There are more than 50+ attributes, from warm, vintage, cheerful, etc. Plus, you can combine and choose up to 5 attributes!

Next, virtual designers. This service tool has 7 virtual designers that have a different style. Some handle a minimalist or clean modern style, some prefer cheerful or playful, while others may love to use typography or signature more in their design.

The virtual designers help you to identify which designs or styles you want your logo to look. Interested in more than 1 designer? You can combine them! Please choose up to 3 virtual designers and let them collaborate to make a unique logo for you.

After all the information is filled, it is the right time for the tool to perform. They will generate some of the logos based on your information. However, if you think there is a lack in their generated logo, you can still edit them.

As we all know, there will always be a place for improvement, which this online service understands. After you get your logo, you can still manage and customize the overall designs, either the name, colors, or icon. Flexible!

Now that you understand the Logo Maker well, we hope there are no difficulties remaining as you try the tool. It is beyond easy, and you will know it after you try the tool yourself!

SmashingLogo Pricing

Different from any other logo service, SmashingLogo doesn’t offer a subscription plan on its pricing. Instead, they only provide one-time purchases. This is one of the great options since most of the customers don’t regularly make logos.

However, their pricing package is divided into 3 options for customers. It is Lite, Business, and Premium. Each of the packages has its benefits and prices. To help you make better decisions, let’s look at the table below.

  Lite Business Premium
Guaranteed satisfaction
Full ownership
Web-ready files available  
Print-able files available  
Social media kit  
Limitless changes  
Guidelines for branding  
Logo animation  
Forever rebrand chance    
Customer support Standard Standard 24/7 Priority
Pricing $139.00 $179.00 $219.00

How Does SmashingLogo Work?

Alright. Now, it’s time for you to purchase their pricing package to enjoy the full service of their logo maker. The steps are pretty simple, and it approximately takes less than an hour. You can check them in the following list.

  • First, go to SmashingLogo‘s official website.
  • Then, go to the ‘Logo Maker’ tab.
  • Fill out all the forms with the information regarding your logo.
  • Next, customize the logo if needed.
  • If you find it perfect, purchase the logo by clicking on the ‘Buy’ tab.
  • At this step, you must fill out your information, such as email address and country.
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • Fulfill the payment information, then click ‘Pay now.’
  • Hooray! You are now the legal owner of the logo.

SmashingLogo Pros and Cons

When you doubt something before purchasing anything, looking at the pros and cons of the product or service is a simple way to decide. Thus, we present you the pros and cons of SmashingLogo. You can check them in the table below!


  • Hassle-free logo maker
  • Massive icons, colors, and fonts
  • High resolutions
  • Customize available
  • Website-ready and print-able
  • Post-purchase editing
  • Get branding guidelines
  • Logo animations available
  • Full-ownership
  • One-time payment
  • Affordable price
  • 24/7 priority customer service
  • 30-days guarantee


  • The logo may be generic since it’s automatically generated

Who Is SmashingLogo For?

As an online service for logo makers, they benefit small and medium business owners. They provide simple and quick resolutions when it comes to logo-making. Thus, it is accessible even if you have zero experience in editing.

What about the big business? They may also use it when they need such an easy solution for their logo. On top of that, it is also perfect for everyone, whether you have a business or not. It is way more ideal if you have no skills in editing and want to create a logo without hassle.

Is SmashingLogo Legit?

Yes. This online service has been in this business market since 2015. Since then, they have helped more than 500+ people easily create their logo needs. On top of that, their services got positive feedback, proven by their 4.9/5 overall ratings. Thus, SmashingLogo is 100% legit.

Additionally, they have an outstanding customer service. They are known for their quick assistance. Therefore, throw your worry away and start to use their service!

SmashingLogo Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We believe you are now ready to purchase the service packages. However, before purchasing, read the customer review in this section. We have already read and picked some that highlight the overall review. Thus, you don’t have to go to Reddit just to read the reviews.

SmashingLogo Review: SmashingLogo Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

As information, this service currently has 4.9/5 ratings from 250 reviews on Capterra and 4.9/5 ratings from 251 reviews from GetApp. Those nearly-excellent ratings show that most customers are satisfied with the service.

Now, let’s look at what this customer said about the logo.

Fantastic logo designs. I have already looked at numerous sites for logos, but no one can beat this website. They have a 1000 times better design of the logo.

As you can read in her review, she already compared the logo from one website to another, but no one even compared it to what SmashingLogo has. Their logo design is somewhat excellent, and it’s hard not to satisfy customers.

Next, let’s read this customer review regarding the price.

An excellent spending of cost. I would say it’s cost-effective! They have a perfect solution for our social media logo at a beautiful price. It also simplified my job even more.

When it comes to pricing, you better not worry cause their pricelist is considered accessible. Please keep in mind that the logo is your business identity. Thus, purchasing an excellent logo is like an investment. It’s proven that this customer also feels that way.

Lastly, we will present to you the review of their customer service. This customer said:

The website is easy to use. But I love this service because they assist me very well. I got a reply like lightning. It doesn’t stop them from contacting me, even on a weekend or Monday morning. Extremely world-class service!

From the review above, we can see that this customer got excellent service from the customer service. It shows from his statement that the customer service assisted him in a quick response. Also, they keep replying even on weekends.

According to the 3 reviews above, we can conclude that they all are delighted with this logo maker online service. The satisfaction comes from the excellent designs of the logo, the simple website, the affordable price, and the customer service.

Is SmashingLogo Worth It?

Absolutely yes. Their innovation to help everyone who doesn’t have a skill in editing is impressive. They provide an easy-to-use website, a simple and quick logo generated, plus customizable designs of the logo. Thus, SmashingLogo is worth trying.

SmashingLogo Review: Is SmashingLogo Worth It?

In addition, they also have a hassle-free payment. No subscription is required! Hence, it won’t break your piggy bank. Plus, they have an excellent customer service! Therefore, you can get help quickly once you face difficult situations, even though it might rarely happen.

Do you have any problems during your logo making? Relax! You can always contact their customer service as much as you want. There are 2 ways of reaching their customer service. You can find them below.

The only way to get their service for making logos is to purchase right on their official website. You can explore icons, fonts, or anything you need for your logo. Plus, by buying the logo from the website, you can enjoy many discount codes to save your budget.

SmashingLogo Coupon Codes & Promos

Before you purchase the logo, knowing their coupon code for a better price is essential. Thus, we already dive deep into their websites and found every little deal they offer. Find them out through the list below.

  • Become a member and enjoy 30% OFF on each new logo
  • Unlock 10% OFF on all packages. Promo Code: DISNEY
  • Receive a discount for 10% OFF (Lite, Business, and Premium) by using the code MARKTWAIN
  • Earn 30% commission from their Affiliate Program

However, you can also ask for a discount by emailing them through the Contact Us form. This online service understands that there will always be a chance for a better price they can offer.

Reveal all coupons

SmashingLogo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SmashingLogo reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

SmashingLogo is an online service that provides an automatically generated logo maker.

All of the logos on SmashingLogo are covered under license. Thus, you need to purchase the logo first before trademarking them.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SmashingLogo Reviews & Ratings

SmashingLogo has become an excellent solution for those without editing or art skills. They provide hassle-free logo makers to help everyone create their logo quickly and uniquely. On top of that, their tool offers various icons, fonts, colors, etc., with easy customization!

Besides their excellent logo maker quality, their prices are also competitive. There is no automatic subscription plan required! Not to mention that they also have an excellent customer service. With all of this greatness, feel at ease to buy their service and start to make your superb logo!


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