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Sleep Galleria Review 2023 → It's Time To Have Great Nights Sleep!

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About Sleep Galleria

Investing in your sleep and relaxation in your home is essential to ensure you have a relaxing time to get through the next day. However, finding the best one has never been easy since every bed has different quality and price points.

Sleep Galleria Review: About Sleep Galleria

Sleep Galleria is a trusted retailer focusing on sleep furniture and relaxation solutions. This company gathers the best mattress, recliners, massage chairs, bedding, and other products from renowned brands that they especially select.

With 2.1k Instagram and 5k Facebook followers, this company has built its name across media. Not only that, but they also act in their blog to give readers knowledge on sleep and relaxation solutions.

Regardless, is this brand worth investing your dollar in finding your dream furniture? Thus, in this Sleep Galleria review, we’ll focus on breaking down this matter. So keep on reading!

Overview Of Sleep Galleria, LLC

Sleep Galleria was founded by three co-founders, Patrick Norris, Stephen Norris, and Stephen Popov, in Acworth, Georgia, in 2018. This business was launched when Patrick and Stephen, with 25 years of experience in the mattress industry, realized that this industry needed something new and distinctive.

Then, they start the business that focuses on providing the customer with a product that the customer honestly wants from the sleep store and the easy buying experience. All their products are based on their research to give you a curated selection of sleep and relaxation solution.

This brand also has several physical retail stores, such as Acworth, Johns Creek, and East Cobb. In its physical store, this brand ensures that you can consult and serve by professional and highly trained staff as sleep experts to help you find the right product.

Moreover, this brand offers excellent customer service and lower price points than other retail stores to ensure your satisfaction. Below, let’s see this company’s pros and cons to understand its quality better.

Sleep Galleria Pros

  • Curated sleep and relaxation solutions based on their research
  • Affordable price with a wide selection of products from renowned brands
  • Excellent customer service team as a sleep expert
  • In-house delivery service
  • Free shipping for all purchases across the US
  • 90-night mattress guarantee and 30-night message chair guarantee
  • Positive reviews from the customers

Sleep Galleria Cons

  • No international shipping
  • Return only eligible for mattress and massage chair, but all product is guaranteed with a manufacturer warranty

Sleep Galleria Review

As we’ve stated above, this sleep solution retailer is focused on offering curated sleep and relaxation solutions. This company does thorough research, selects a product worth being in their store, and helps you have a restful sleep and relaxation.

Sleep Galleria Reviews: Sleep Galleria Review

Currently, their website will find several product classifications, such as mattresses, massage chairs, furniture, recliners, and bedding. All products will focus on relaxation and sleep that will give you the comfort of having it in your house.

In the following Sleep Galleria reviews section, let’s see some of the products they offer to see the quality.

Sleep Galleria Bedgear Air-X Performance Crib Mattress Reviews

The first product that comes to our review is its best-selling Sleep Galleria mattress, the Bedgear Air-X Performance Crib Mattress. This mattress is designed for babies that are engineered to optimize airflow for the baby’s health and comfort by providing a comfortable, safe, and clean sleep environment.

Sleep Galleria Review: Sleep Galleria Bedgear Air-X Performance Crib Mattress Reviews

This baby mattress is covered with moisture-wicking and refreshing cool touch VER-TEX cover that can decrease the heat and affect the body to maintain the ambient sleep temperature. In addition, the Air-X ventilation can provide better airflow and breathability around the mattress. 

It’s also adaptable. You can flip the mattress suitable for toddlers 12 months and up. The 2-stage crib mattress offers a flippable two kinds of surface. Stage 1 has a firm surface designed for the infant side, and 2nd stage has a soft and adaptive surface that can support toddler growth.

Moreover, it has a design with an easy cover and is machine washable, which is great for maintaining its cleanliness. Moreover, the waterproof barrier can protect the cushion, is mainly functional for babies, and is safe from spills.


  • Machine washable and excellent touch cover
  • Waterproof barrier cushion
  • Dual-sided cushion
  • Breathable and adaptable cushion

This can be an excellent investment for better mattresses for quality sleep for your baby till toddler. If you’re interested in this Bedgear Air-X Performance Crib Mattress, it’s affordable at $299.99!

Sleep Galleria Real Relax SS01 Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

Now we’ll focus on giving you the Sleep Galleria massage chair reviews since this brand has been known as the American go-to when searching for massage chairs. The Real Relax SS01 Shiatsu Massage Chair is designed with back heat therapy to give a warm massage to the waist and enhance blood circulation.

Sleep Galleria Review: Sleep Galleria Real Relax SS01 Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

It features zero gravity massage that can make a compelling message since your body parts are free from pressure. The whole-body air massage can offer total relaxation for tight muscles with an airbag that can be opened independently. In addition, it has three strength levels designed since every people has a different tolerance.

It features various massages, such as six preset auto modes with different massage combinations that you can choose depending on your needs. In addition, this massage chair is equipped with foot roller massage and adjustable foot roller massage speed that can help to relieve the footsore.

The Bluetooth music player also offers excellent features if you want to enjoy a relaxing massage while listening to your favorite music. It is also easy to move since it is equipped with two wheels.


  • Weight: approximately 175 pounds
  • Rated Power:100W
  • Rated Voltage:110V-60Hz

This massage chair is at a discount of 37%. So, you can prepare it for only $1,099 with three color options, such as black, brown, and khaki.

Sleep Galleria Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-600 Silhouette Reviews

The last product we reviewed is one of the best-selling Sleep Galleria lifts chairs, the Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-600 Silhouette. This chair offers zero gravity comfort, recommended by doctors since it can be good for spine relief and enhance the neutral posture position of the back.

Sleep Galleria Review: Sleep Galleria Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-600 Silhouette Reviews

The PC-600 recliner has a compact design suitable for those with a more diminutive stature. In addition, the smooth power recline can independently adjust the recline angle and leg elevation for the best comfortable position from the touch of a button.

The 3D EasePoint Technology is featured to optimize the seating position at any angle and jade heat stone that maintain the healing warmth after you leave the chair.


  • 3D EasePoint Technology
  • Far-infrared Jade Stone Heat
  • Articulating headrest with magnetic clasp
  • Extended armrests
  • Memory Foam PLUS supports your body’s shapes
  • Extended armrests for support even in zero gravity
  • Power adjustable lumbar system


  • Reclined: 60″ x 30″ x 42″
  • Upright Chair: 44″ x 30″ x 44″
  • Seat: 21″ x 19″ x 19″

Sleep Galleria recliners are designed uniquely and beautifully to combine function and form, helping you have the best comfort. It uses a wood base that is hand painted and handcrafted by artisans that has in-depth knowledge. Plus, the premium leather finishes make it look more versatile.

These recliners have three finish options: walnut, dark walnut, and matte black. To enjoy this Human Touch lift chair, you can invest $3,999, which will be delivered straight to your door!

Who Is Sleep Galleria For?

This retail company is specially built to gather sleep and relaxation products. So it can be the best place if you’re looking for a quality mattress, bedding, massage chair, recliners, and other furniture from various brands in one place.

Sleep Galleria Review: Who Is Sleep Galleria For?

It also can be the best place if you know nothing about what you want to buy since its website has detailed info about the product and sleep expert customer service ready to help you. So basically, this brand is for everyone, whether you’re looking for a kid’s mattress or even a relaxing lift chair.

Sleep Galleria Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’ve reviewed honest customer reviews to see how credible this brand is. In its web review, this brand gains a 4.7/5 overall rating from 1286 customer reviews. 

Sleep Galleria Review: Sleep Galleria Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In addition, it also receives 4.7/5 reviews from 551 customers in its Google Business Profile. Below let’s see what its customers said:

Tate was extremely helpful! We came in knowing nothing about what we wanted, but after spending some time with us, we were fully aware of what type of mattress would suit us best.

Below let’s take a look at what the customer said about the product’s quality:

I ordered the Palliser Kildonan 40526 CLOUD Z Queen Sleeper on October 4th, 2022. Amazing sofa, by the way, the bed is exceptionally comfortable, unlike every other sleeper sofa I’ve ever been on.

From the review above, we can see how this retailer has excellent customer service that helps you find the right products that suit your taste and needs, even if you know nothing about what you want.

In addition, the product is also exceptionally comfortable and high quality, which is proof of what it claims. The review is also primarily positive, and we barely find negative reviews about this business.

Is Sleep Galleria Legit?

Without reading this Sleep Galleria review thoroughly, you’ll see how legit this company is. It was built in 2018 and has gained so much customer interest.

There are many positive reviews about its physical stores and website in its review section. You may also know how legit this company is from how it gained popularity in its physical store and its great service.

Not only that, but they also have a return policy and manufacturer warranty, ensuring a risk-free purchase. So confidently, we can say that this brand is legit!

Is Sleep Galleria Worth It?

Without too many words, we can say that this brand is worth investing in, mainly if you’re looking for a sleep and relaxation product with high quality and affordable price. Moreover, this brand successfully gains trust in its physical store by providing excellent customer service and quality products.

Sleep Galleria Review: Is Sleep Galleria Worth It?

As we’ve said before, it also has affordable price points, positive reviews, well-selected products, a warranty, a return policy, and free shipping to ensure your satisfaction. So we can’t find any reason why you shouldn’t purchase from this sleep and relaxation retailer.

Sleep Galleria Shipping Policy

Indeed for purchasing a furniture product, shipping is the most thing that makes you struggle. Fortunately, according to the Sleep Galleria shipping policy, they offer free shipping on all purchases without minimal orders. The company ships in most states within the United States except Hawaii and Alaska.

All orders placed after 4 PM EST on Friday will be processed the following working day. But if your order is a made-to-order product, it will take up to 10-14 days to ship. Backordered products will also take longer than the timelines to send since every vendor and product size has varying shipping timelines.

Sleep Galleria Return Policy

Indeed, purchasing furniture is a significant investment. Fortunately, there is a Sleep Galleria return policy to guarantee your purchase satisfaction. What we like about this brand is that they offer a 90-night great sleep guarantee for all mattresses and 30 nights massage experience guarantee for all massage chairs.

If you purchase a mattress and are still in the 90-night great sleep guarantee, you can ask for an exchange. The delivery service will cost around $300, including the return and the new mattress deliveries.

For the message chair, you must file for exchange 30 days from the delivery date. Depending on the location, the delivery service will cost $299.99 for Metro Atlanta and other states. Remember that this massage experience guarantee is only eligible for full-body massage chairs, not for recliners, Real Relax brands, and other furniture.

However, you don’t have to worry if it has passed the trial period since the supplier warranty backs all products. So if you find any defective, you’ll be eligible to claim the warranty within the limited period.

How To Contact Sleep Galleria

Do you want to know about their service and policy further before checking out your purchase? If so, you can contact sleep galleria customer service number at 888-745-7501, or you can contact them via:

You can feel free to contact their customer service, which is available Monday to Friday from 9 am – 8 pm EST.

Where to buy Sleep Galleria?

Can’t wait to lay on your dream mattress or massage chair? To ensure you shop at the right place, you can purchase it from their official website.

Even though online shopping is an absolute way in this generation, offline shopping is never gone wrong. If you prefer on having a tactile visit, you can visit its physical location such as Sleep Galleria Acworth, Sleep Galleria Atlanta, and many more.

Sleep Galleria Coupon Codes & Promos

Even though you have more than enough money to purchase their affordable mattress and furniture, there’s nothing harm in searching for current offers and discount codes to save some dollars. Not only the affordable price range they offer, but this brand also has various discounts you can harness.

  • 15% off discount code by joining its email list
  • Up to 60% off on the On Sale Page
  • Free shipping on everything

Lastly, check the button below to obtain Sleep Galleria discount codes!

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Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Sleep Galleria in other countries.

Sleep Galleria Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sleep Galleria reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Sleep Galleria?

This company is owned by brothers Patrick, Stephen Norris, and Stephen Popov.

Where are the Sleep Galleria locations?

You can find its retail location in a particular area, such as Sleep Galleria Houston, East Cobb, etc.

But the easiest way to find the nearest retail store from your location is to search on google “Sleep Galleria store near me.” Then, Google will automatically show you the nearest store for you to shop at or check what they offer.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sleep Galleria Reviews & Ratings

All in all, we recommend this brand if you’re looking for a one-stop store to purchase quality mattresses and massage chairs. Sleep Galleria is a trusted retailer that gathers beds, chair massages, recliners, bedding furniture, and others that you can purchase at an affordable price.

After we review that brand, we offer well-baked customer service with physical stores across the US, a return policy, a manufacturer warranty, and free shipping. There you can find various products from renowned brands, whether searching for a child’s bed or even a massage chair with zero gravity.

So are you ready to have quality sleep and relaxation in your house? You can visit Sleep Galleria to have your dream mattress and furniture delivered straight to your door.


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