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About Slam Jam

Have you heard of streetwear fashion before? In short, streetwear is a casual clothing style such as t-shirts, jackets, pants, and sneakers. As a clothing style centered on comfortable casual pieces, streetwear has become a popular fashion among young urbanites.

Slam Jam Review: About Slam Jam

But, far from the emergence of this streetwear fashion, Slam Jam was born with a very distinctive and unique style. They used music, art, and clubs as their guide and became the first Italian importer of several brands, such as Stussy, Anonymous Club, Guess Originals, ROA, and many others.

As a globally recognized business that applies urban subculture attitudes to clothing and other goods, the brand gained considerable attention from lovers of this fashion style. In turn, the brand gained popularity on social media with many followers.

Slam Jam has 266k followers on Instagram, 19.6k on Twitter, and 150k on Facebook. Well, with the popularity they have achieved, does it guarantee they are worthy of you?

To answer that, Slam Jam review will go into some details about the company, the quality of its products, the opinions of its customers, and much more. So stay tuned!

Overview of Slam Jam

Slam Jam was founded in 1989 by Luca Benini to cater to the underground world long before streetwear existed.

Despite being headquartered in Ferrara, which is far from the European fashion establishment, the brand was able to hone its unique and very distinctive style until today.

Even after nearly 30 years, brands have become a globally recognized cultural institution and a stamp of approval applied to clothing and goods representing urban subcultures.

Additionally, more than 30 years after the brand’s inception, they are finally opening the doors of their archivio for the first time with an exclusive project designed by Nationhood.

The project presents an experimental publishing plan focusing on the brand’s cultural heritage. So, those who enjoy collecting cultural heritage can join this project.

Now, as the rise of streetwear style peaks, the brand utilizing its credibility and experience to promote urban subculture styles globally. While outside of its retail and distribution business, it collaborates with brands as a global go-to-market partner.

They provide every level of service, from design direction and branding to retail, wholesale, and community engagement. So, you can find some of the top brands on the website, such as New Balance, Gentle Monster, Nike, Undercover, etc., specializing in streetwear styles.

Now that you’re ready and excited, we’ll head into unchartered waters, starting with Slam Jam’s pros and cons.


  • A selection of up-to-date streetwear styles
  • Becoming a globally recognized business
  • Lower price than the regular retail price
  • Easy payment
  • Fast delivery
  • Ships internationally
  • 14 days return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Have attractive discounts


  • Some customers experience problems regarding returns

Slam Jam Review

True to the brand’s original style of selling various streetwear products, you’ll find fashion products such as shoes, shirts and jeans, sunglasses, levis, sweatshirts, and more.

Slam Jam Reviews: Slam Jam Review

In addition, they categorize each product into collections such as brands, clothing, footwear, accessories, lifestyle, uniforms, and unisex.

There are many products from each collection that they sell on their website. We will only focus on the 3 best-selling products: 

  1. Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneakers True White / Deep Forest
  2. Needles Covered Jeans Jacket Blue
  3. Akila Ares Sunglasses Cement / Viridian

We hope these 3 bestsellers will give you a good idea of the quality of the products. Customers love them, and we think you’ll too! So let’s take a peek.

Slam Jam Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneakers True White / Deep Forest Reviews

If you are a streetwear style lover, you must be familiar with the Nike shoe brand. Their shoes are trendy because they have a collection of high-quality shoes that have a slick look and are comfortable to wear.

Slam Jam Review: Slam Jam Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneakers True White / Deep Forest Reviews

One of them is the Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneakers True White / Deep Forest which can be an option for those of you who are looking for stylish and comfortable shoes when you wear them. This shoe series has a lot of fans because of its timeless model and comfortable design.

This af1 shoe came about to celebrate the 20-year partnership between Nike and NBA superstar LeBron James, which is why it’s so popular and has so many fans!

However, in addition to its popularity thanks to the NBA star, its outstanding quality and design have attracted many shoe lovers.

The overlay of this shoe is made of high-quality leather at all angles, including the upper. This makes the price high but with a guarantee of optimal feasibility. On the upper is a perforated toe box detail for air circulation and Air Cushioning to give good breathing when wearing it.

Moreover, the embroidered brand logo makes the details luxurious. In addition, the rubber outsole is very comfortable for you to do many outdoor and street activities.

True White or Deep Forest color options are suitable for enhancing your casual style. It also gives a simple, charismatic, and clean impression, ideal for you to wear anywhere and anytime. Get these charismatic signature shoes for $150 before they’re out of stock!

Slam Jam Needles Covered Jeans Jacket Blue Reviews

Are you people who are confident when wearing a unique style? If it’s you, then this jeans jacket is made for you!

Slam Jam Review: Slam Jam Needles Covered Jeans Jacket Blue Reviews

Slam Jam presents a unique jeans jacket from the Needles brand with a style that combines classic American and Japanese craftsmanship aesthetics. We introduce, Covered Jeans Jacket Blue! This jeans jacket blends elegance and versatility to make you look extraordinary.

Made of 100% Cotton, this brings maximum comfort to your outdoor use. You are free to move and do activities comfortably and appear alluring. So don’t be surprised if all eyes will be on you.

The brand cleverly brought this jeans jacket selection from the Needles brand into the collection. They knew this jacket would be a hit with its unique and beautiful design.

It comes with a deconstructed design from several vintage denim jackets and classic collars and gives a stylish old streetwear look. In addition to its superior design, it features two side and two chest pockets, making it extremely versatile for keeping your essentials safe.

Only available in two sizes, L and M, lucky for you who have that body shape and size. Be prepared to get it for $442, duties and taxes included.

Slam Jam Akila Ares Sunglasses Cement / Viridian Reviews

It’s incomplete if the streetwear collection is without glasses. Glasses are one of the easiest ways when you want to look fashionable but are lazy to put in extra effort. This one accessory can improve your appearance even more. 

Slam Jam Review: Slam Jam Akila Ares Sunglasses Cement / Viridian Reviews

Therefore, Slam Jam presents the Ares Sunglasses Cement / Viridian from Akila. If you have never heard of this brand before, then lucky you, Slam Jam brings it to you!

In a nutshell, Akila is an independent eyewear brand that focuses on handcrafted, limited-run eyewear. Its designs support streetwear style with guaranteed quality.

These Ares Sunglasses have a bolder look, a downtown vibe, and a subtle nod to Art Deco architecture. It has thick-rimmed construction details that feature a custom core inside each temple inspired by the DTLA Building in Eastern Columbia. In addition, the metal plaque details on each hinge give it a cool urban touch.

Its eco-friendly frame embodies Akila’s goal as a brand that promotes environmental welfare. Moreover, the quality of its optical grade 1 nylon lenses is scratch-resistant, which makes them durable. It also has 100% UVA/UVB protection which provides safety and protects you outdoors.

You can get these cool glasses for $180. Enhance your look by simply adding these glasses!

Who is Slam Jam For?

As a brand that promotes clothing and goods that represent the attitude of urban subcultures by creating an environment, it’s perfect for those who love casual looks.

Slam Jam Review: Who is Slam Jam For?

If you like to spend time outdoors with relaxing activities, the fashion products that Slam Jam sells can become collections in your closet. In addition, thanks to some unique collection designs, those of you who like to be the center of attention can get unique clothes that you might be looking for on the website.

Since the brand features unisex fashion products, both men and women can enjoy the stylish look of its fashion products. However, most of its styles are more suitable and favored by young people rather than adults. But, it doesn’t matter if you are an adult but are interested in wearing its fashion products.

Slam Jam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Besides having a lot of followers on social media, the brand also gets a lot of positive reviews from its customers. For example, the brand gets a 4.5/5 rating from 6,492 reviews on the Trustpilot website.

Slam Jam Review: Slam Jam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Most of the customers left their comments about the various kinds of convenience when shopping at Slam Jam. Here are the comments from the customers.

It was a small company, but the service was good. They also had a great process for reverse logistics. I’ve nothing to claim. The tee was in fantastic condition. I’ll definitely buy it again.

The first review came from a happy customer satisfied with the brand’s service. The customer had nothing to claim because she got exactly what she sought.

The second review also seems to be a customer who is satisfied and happy with her shopping experience. She said:

Prompt delivery and safe packaging are excellent! Arrived earlier than I thought it would. Fast payment and exchange. I am a very happy customer.

The happy customer said the brand packaged and shipped her order quickly and well. Even the payment and collection were fast. Overall, she was very satisfied.

The last review is from a customer who said that shopping at Slam Jam was the best online experience. The large selection with a considerable discount made her very happy with what she got, especially with fast shipping and products that arrived safely.

A huge selection of footwear & clothing  from the most famous fashion brands & biggest from around the world. Slam Jam sale prices are so low that you can find discounted items at 50% off the regular retail price or more. Shipping was fast & my sneakers arrived safely. Frankly, one of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the brand gets high ratings, and many customers leave positive comments on its service and product quality. So we conclude that the brand has excellent service from the three reviews above and other reviews that we can’t list all of them.

They provide customers with a trusted online shopping experience with fast delivery, easy payment, products that arrive safely and properly, and attractive discounts.

Is Slam Jam Legit?

It’s natural to question the legitimacy of a product before you decide to buy it, especially when the product you’re buying is from a retail business. Luckily, Slam Jam is completely legit!

Slam Jam is a seal of approval on subcultures and fashion. They have been present in the fashion industry for many years and have for 30 years been a cultural institution that has gained global recognition and a stamp of approval applied to clothing and goods that represent urban subcultures. So if you want to bring an eclectic change to your fashion, Slam Jam is the way to go.

In addition, as we said earlier, the brand gets many followers on its social media, such as on its TikTok account, which gets 1M. They also get a relatively high number of ratings from their customers.

Is Slam Jam Worth It?

Slam Jam review guarantee that the brand is worthy of you. The brand has been selling streetwear clothing for years with the best quality. In addition, they have excellent taste to provide a choice of collections with superior products that will give you the best appearance.

Slam Jam Review: Is Slam Jam Worth It?

In addition, the brand is gaining recognition globally as a brand that operates as a seal of approval applied to clothing and goods that represent urban subcultures. That’s why ensure you know where you’re going when looking for clothing with an urban subculture style.

Slam Jam Shipping Policy

The brand ships orders to several international countries from Italy with a processing time that usually takes 1-2 business days. They have 2 shipping options, express and standard shipping, that you can customize according to your needs. Each country has different estimated shipping times and costs.

Here are some examples of costs and delivery times in certain regions:

  • United States 
    • Express shipping: $30 (DHL 2-5 business days)
    • Standard shipping: $15 (FedEx Standard, 5-8 business days)
    • Free shipping on orders over $270
  • United Kingdom
    • Express shipping: £25 (DHL 2-3 business days)
    • Standard shipping: £15 (DHL 2-5 business days)
    • Free shipping on orders over £170
  • Australia
    • Express shipping: A$45 (DHL 2-5 business days)
    • Standard shipping: unavailable
    • Free shipping on orders over A$400

As listed above, the brand offers free shipping with a minimum purchase requirement.

You need to know that if you find your shipping information is Unfulfilled, and it means that the brand has not shipped your order. The information will show fulfilled when the brand ships your order. Please check the shipping page for complete details.

Slam Jam Return Policy

Are you dissatisfied with the product you received? Fortunately, the brand accepts returns of unwashed, undamaged, and unworn items within 14 days of delivery. Then, after you make a return request, you have 15 days to send the returned product. To make a return or exchange request, please visit the following page.

Upon making a return, the brand usually processes the return within 2 to 3 business days. They process refunds via the same payment method you used to place the order.

How To Contact Slam Jam

If you have questions about the brand that this Slam Jam review has not answered, please contact the customer service team. They operate from Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 18.00 (Italian time).

Here are the contact Slam Jam Hours available:

We also recommend you visit their social media on:

Visit their social media accounts and get the latest updates about the brand. Alternatively, you can contact the team via direct message.

Where to buy Slam Jam?

Shopping at Slam Jam is very easy. You can shop for products offline at the official store in several regions that you can check on the store’s page. Meanwhile, those who want to buy online can visit the official website. Also, if you can’t find any popular Slam Jam x Converse or Slam Jam x AC Milan products, you can find them on the Sook. 

Slam Jam Coupon Codes & Promos

As customers have said, the brand provides many attractive price offers from the original price on the market. One of them is the Mid Season Sale offer. Get from 10% off to 40% off on official website purchases. In addition, they also offer free shipping for international shipments even with a minimum purchase that the brand has set.

We also recommend you join affiliate programs to get various coupon codes and loyalty reward sites, such as a flat rate commission of 5%. If these offers are still insufficient for you, you can subscribe to the newsletter to get promo code information for attractive discounts.

Don’t forget to also visit the Drops section, where you can enter online raffles and shop the latest releases!

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Slam Jam

Slam Jam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Slam Jam reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who are the owners of Slam Jam?

Luca Benini is the founder of Slam Jam. 

Which country is Slam Jam from?

Slam Jam is based in Ferrara, Italy. 

Where is Slam Jam socialism located?

Slam Jam s.r.l headquarters is located at Via Francesco Luigi Ferrari, n. 37/A, Ferrara.

What is the sizing policy for each Slam Jam product?

Because brands sell various products, such as shoes and clothing, sizes will vary. However, there is no need to worry because brands always include a size guide in each product description. So, always check the size guide for the right size.

Does Slam Jam ship internationally?

Fortunately, the brand ships international orders to several countries.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Slam Jam Reviews & Ratings

Is streetwear fashion the most suitable style for you? Then, Slam Jam is the best place for those of you who love this fashion style. You can find products with the best quality and cool styles to support your appearance.

In addition to its superior product quality, the brand has excellent customer service, such as fast order delivery, ease of shopping, and many more brand advantages that give you extraordinary benefits.


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