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About SIMDER Welder

When working in any metal-processing industry, welding machines are essential equipment that you must possess. They are equipment that has the ability to generate heat to melt down the metal for easy metal shaping into any specific structure.

SIMDER Welder Review: About SIMDER Welder

Besides being useful in the metal-processing industry, this machine is also highly suitable for those who have welding hobbies or a DIY-er.

However, with so many brands selling welding machines, is there one worth considering? If that’s what you’re looking for, then meet SIMDER Welder or also known as S SIMDER.

They are one of the forward-looking brands in the welding machine manufacturing industry that offers high-performance yet lightweight welding machines at low prices for beginners and professionals alike.

Currently, the brand boasts 1.6k followers on Facebook, 334 followers on Instagram, and 18.1k followers on TikTok. Apart from social media, they also have a YouTube channel containing useful information videos with 380 subscribers.

Just heard of this brand and want to know more about them? Then, check out this SIMDER Welder review. Through this review, you can learn about the brand’s history, selection of welding machines, customer reviews, discounts, and many more. So, keep scrolling down!

Overview of SIMDER Welder

SIMDER Welder, or S SIMDER, was founded in 2017 with a vision to equip all welders with high-performance, portable, and affordable welding machines. There is no information about who the founder is, but one thing for sure is that the brand is based in Colorado, United States.

During the establishment of this brand, the founder believed that welding should be easy and accessible for both beginners and professionals. For this reason, the products they manufacture come at a fair price but remain of high quality.

In addition, to realize their vision, S SIMDER has a manufacturing facility that annually produces over 50,000 welding machines. Not only that, but the brand always ensures superior quality, reliability, and value in all its products.

Within a year of the brand’s establishment, it had become one of the leaders in the welding machines industry. With successful gross sales of 150,000+ welding machines coupled with over 4000 positive reviews on Amazon, SIMDER Welder has made the welding process easier, lighter, and more multi-functional.

Next up, you can get more information about this brand through SIMDER Welder’s pros and cons. Check out the pros and cons in the bullet points below!


  • Offers high-performance and portable welding machines and consumables
  • Affordable prices
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals
  • 150,000+ welding machines sold and 4000+ positive reviews
  • International shipping
  • FREE shipping on all orders
  • 30 days return policy
  • Receives excellent ratings and positive reviews from many 4000+ customers


  • Not ideal for heavy welding tasks

SIMDER Welder Review

As one of the leading brands in the welding machine manufacturing industry, SIMDER Welder features a wide range of high-quality welding machine models. With the many models that this brand has, it can fulfill all your needs in metal fusing.

SIMDER Welder Reviews: SIMDER Welder Review

On its official website, the brand has four product categories of welding machines, such as SIMDER Stick Welders, MIG Welders, TIG Welders, and Plasma Cutter. In each of these categories, there are also various product models like ARC-200, MMA-160, MIG-250, MIG-140M, TIG-200A, and CUT-50 Plasma Cutter.

Back in the first of 2023, this brand just launched the most innovative welding machine, the SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 Welder. This is one of the most sought-after welding machines on the internet due to its versatility and high quality.

Not only selling welding machines, but SIMDER Welder also provides welding accessories, consumables, and other electronic accessories for those of you who may be looking for replacement parts and welding stuff.

With so many products that this brand has, we will only review three products that are most sought after and desirable by people. These three welding machines are:

SIMDER Welder Review: 3 Best-Selling Welders

  • ARC-200 Stick Welder ARC Welding Machine
  • MIG-140M Gasless MIG Welder
  • SD-4050 PRO 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder & Cutter

Without further ado, let’s move to the next section!

SIMDER Welder SSimder ARC-200 Stick Welder ARC Welding Machine Reviews

First on the product list is the SSimder ARC-200 Stick Welder. Just as the name implies, this welding machine is a stick welder known for its versatility in welding all kinds of iron metals. In addition, it is a suitable welding machine for repair and maintenance industries due to its ability to perform in outdoor and windy conditions.

SIMDER Welder Review: SIMDER Welder SSimder ARC-200 Stick Welder ARC Welding Machine Reviews

In addition, this ARC-200 utilizes advanced IGBT inverter technology, which is designed to ease the welding process to produce outstanding welding results. Likewise, it also features an easy-to-read LCD screen for your convenience in operating and monitoring this SIMDER IGBT inverter welder.

There is also a double knob design with one button for current adjustment control and one for force adjustment control. Sure, with the double knob design, it will be much easier for you to weld with this SIMDER inverter welder ARC-200.

Not only ease of use, but this ARC 200 welder also uses a protective system to ensure the safety of the welder when using this welding machine. This protective system will work to alert you if the machine is overheating or overcurrent.

Another good thing about this SIMDER ARC welder is its compactness. This welder features a compact body along with easy-carrying handles to ease you into carrying this welding machine wherever your welding job takes you.


  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • 110V/220V Dual Voltage
  • Features Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Double Knob Design
  • Portable and Lightweight

If this SIMDER ARC 200 Welder catches your attention, you can immediately take it home for $150 or $93.99 (SALE!).

SIMDER Welder SSimder MIG-140M Gasless MIG Welder Reviews

Are you a beginner in welding and are searching for a suitable welding machine? If so, then this SSimder MIG-140M Gasless MIG Welder can be the best choice you can take. This is a suitable welding machine for you to weld iron, carbon, and steel in household welding and DIY work.

SIMDER Welder Review: SIMDER Welder SSimder MIG-140M Gasless MIG Welder Reviews

There are reasons that make this MIG-140M suitable for beginners. First is its compact design. Indeed. This welding machine comes with a compact design that only weighs 11 lbs. Thanks to this compact design, it makes this machine portable for you to carry anywhere.

Secondly, its amazing welding performance. Despite its compact and portable size, this SIMDER inverter welder IGBT can still provide outstanding welding results thanks to the advanced IGBT inverter technology it uses.

The third and last reason is the ample wiring space. That’s right. The brand designed this SIMDER MIG welder with a large wiring space to ease you in changing the feeding wire as well as the feeding wheel.


  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • 110V/220V Dual Voltage
  • Features Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Large Wiring Space

Do you feel that this SIMDER MIG-140M fits your needs? If yes, then bring this welding machine home immediately at a price of $200 or $140.99 (SALE!).

SIMDER Welder SSimder SD-4050 PRO 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder & Cutter Reviews

Now, we are heading to the review for the most sought-after welding machine that the brand has, the SSimder SD-4050 PRO 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder & Cutter. Many people seek information and reviews on this product due to its versatility for a wide range of welding, cutting, MIG, and TIG tasks.

SIMDER Welder Review: SIMDER Welder SSimder SD-4050 PRO 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder & Cutter Reviews

By having one SD-4050 PRO welding machine, all your welding tasks can be done well with it. In total, this SIMDER Welder 10 in 1 features 10 featured functions, such as Pulse MIG, HF TIG, Plasma Cutting, MAG, FCAW, CO2 MIG, MMA, 2T/4T/Spot, VRD, and Synergy Control.

Although it is highly versatile for use in various welding tasks, amazingly, this SD4050 PRO still comes with a compact design. Its compact design will definitely allow you to carry and utilize this welding machine for indoor or outdoor purposes.


  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Dimensions: 17.3″ x 14.5″ x 8.3″
  • Input Current: 45A
  • Voltage: 96 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Features 10 Featured Functions

How about the SD-4050 PRO price? Well, to get it, you can prepare a budget of $999 or $799 (SALE!). Ready to accomplish your various welding tasks with this SIMDER Welder SD-4050 PRO 10 in 1? Hurry up and click the button below.

Who is SIMDER Welder For?

No question about it. As the brand name suggests, SIMDER Welder is a brand that is suitable for all welders, be they beginners or professionals. So, whether you work in the metal-processing industry or have a welding hobby to repair your home appliances like kitchen and bathroom stuff, this brand is truly for you.

SIMDER Welder Review: Who is SIMDER Welder For?

Through this brand, you can find various models of welding machines to fulfill your various welding tasks. So whether you are looking for stick welders, MIG welders, TIG welders, or plasma cutters, you can find them through SIMDER Welder.

Moreover, all this brand’s products come at a lower price than other welding machines in the market. So, are you a budget-conscious welder? Then this brand is also best suited for you.

SIMDER Welder Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To prove the quality of products, knowing the customer reviews is the ideal way to take. Based on this, we scoured the official website to find genuine testimonials from customers who use the brand’s welding machines.

SIMDER Welder Review: SIMDER Welder Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In our search, we found that ARC-200 and MIG-140M got excellent ratings, as the bullet points below depict.

  • SSimder ARC-200 Stick Welder ARC Welding Machine: 4.8/5.0 stars from 179 reviews
  • SSimder MIG-140M Gasless MIG Welder: 4.8/5.0 stars from 75 reviews

However, for SD-4050 Pro still doesn’t feature some customer reviews as this welding machine is a new product released several months ago. Then, how about the testimonial from customers who have used the brand’s products? Let’s find out below!

Super light and easy to use, I have been a welder for 40 years and own many at home. I just can’t beat the portability of this tool. It welds great with stick and scratch start tig.

In the first testimonial, a customer expressed his satisfaction with the portability of the ARC-200. As someone who has been welding for 40 years, he said that this welder is really amazing with its portability, easy-to-use, and excellent welding.

The same opinion is also revealed by this customer. In his testimonial, he expressed his satisfaction with the ARC-200 for its quality.

This welder impressed me over and over again. For its size, it definitely does a great job.

According to him, the ARC-200 from this brand has impressed him all the time because of its outstanding performance despite its compact size.

Then what about the MIG -140M? Well, this welder also received positive testimonials from many customers, as expressed by the customer below.

The welder makes excellent welds. I work a lot with 16-gauge metal, and it welds beautifully. Its size and weight are extremely compact; you can carry it anywhere. Love it!

In his testimonial, this happy customer revealed that this MIG-140M welds amazingly on 16-gauge metal. Not only that, but he also praised how this welder has a compact design, making it easy for him to take this welder anywhere he goes.

Based on the three genuine testimonials that we have summarized above, it can be concluded that the amazing welding performance and compact design of the brand’s welders are the things that have managed to satisfy many customers.

Is SIMDER Welder Worth It?

Referring to how customers are satisfied with the quality of welding machines that SIMDER Welder has. Then we will say that this brand is worth your consideration. With this brand, you can be sure that you will always get high-quality and high-performance welding machine products.

SIMDER Welder Review: Is SIMDER Welder Worth It?

Not just that, but with this brand, you can also save your budget when investing your money into a welding machine. That’s right. This brand sets an affordable price for every welding machine they manufacture. For that reason, it is easy to say that SIMDER is your go-to when looking for welding machines.

SIMDER Welder Shipping Policy

Good news for you! This brand works with many manufacturers across the world and uses a global distribution network to provide all customers with international shipping. However, based on its shipping policy, SIMDER Welder mainly ships its welding machines and accessories to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Better than that, we found that this brand also provides FREE shipping for all orders that you make on its official website. However, your ordered product will be processed within 24-48 hours and will be shipped within 3 – 5 working days.

If later you face a problem with your shipping, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s customer service team at [email protected].

SIMDER Welder Return Policy

Based on its policy, this brand offers 30 days return policy, which means you have 30 days to return your ordered products if you’re feeling unsatisfied with your purchase.

To be eligible for a return, you should make sure that your product is in the same condition as you first received it, unworn, with tags, and in its original package. Not to forget, you should also provide your proof of purchase in your return process.

Have you met all the above conditions? If you have, you can start your return process by emailing [email protected]. Later, when your return is accepted, the customer service team sends a return shipping label and instructions.

How To Contact SIMDER Welder

Have some problems with your purchase, whether it is about orders, shipping, and returns? Not to worry. This brand is ready to help. Hence, you can reach out to the brand’s customer service team through the following contacts below.

Apart from those customer service contacts, you can also get the solution to your problems by filling out the form available. There, you just need to fill out your name, email address, phone number, and the message you want to ask for.

Where to buy SIMDER Welder?

Interested in having one of the brand’s welding machines from this brand? If so, you can explore and bring it home through the official website. Alternatively, you can also get your hands on the brand’s products through well-known retail stores, such as Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, and others.

SIMDER Welder Coupon Codes & Promos

Ready to shop for a product from SIMDER Welder but still need some discounts to save your pocket? Not to worry. You can get your savings by using some discounts and promos below.

  • Sign up for the newsletter and enjoy 10% OFF on your purchase
  • Use the SSIMDER20 code to get 20% OFF on sitewide
  • Save up to 20% OFF on sale items
  • Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders

Are those above still not enough? If so, you can get additional discounts using some coupon codes that we have compiled below. So, hit them and enjoy shopping!

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SIMDER Welder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SIMDER Welder reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does SIMDER Welder offer international shipping?

Fortunately, yes. This brand offers to ship its welding machines internationally.

How much the price of SD-4050 PRO for sale?

Well, you can get your hands on SD-4050 PRO for just $799, as now it is on sale.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SIMDER Welder Reviews & Ratings

There are times when your metal home appliance breaks, and you need to repair it. Indeed, instead of hiring a professional welder, investing your money into a high-performance, portable, affordable welding machine is much more reasonable. When it comes to this kind of welding machine, SIMDER Welder is the answer.

As what you have understood through this review, this brand has made various models of top-quality yet portable welders at a low price. So. in conclusion, SIMDER is the best brand for those of you who are seeking high-quality, portable, and affordable welding machines.

If you are interested in purchasing a welding machine from this brand, then you can immediately visit their official website.


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