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About SilkSilky

One of the reasons a person can’t sleep well may be because they aren’t wearing comfortable sleepingwear. Fortunately, SilkSilky is here and will help you get extraordinary comfort while sleeping until you have sweet dreams!

SilkSilky Review: About SilkSilky

SilkSilky is a brand that sells high-quality silk products, including bedding, sleepwear, clothing, and accessories. Accordingly, the brand makes its products from 100% mulberry silk, known for its luxurious softness, durability, and health benefits.

Moreover, the ingredients that come from 6A grade silk make their products skin-friendly, hair-friendly, and eco-friendly. Thanks to being OEKO-TEX certified, it’s safe for the whole family.

The brand’s sleepwear not only makes you feel more elegant. They also have very real benefits that can stimulate the immune system, relieve stress, and give an extra boost of energy in the morning. Thus providing a fresh and rested look.

With its benefits, many people are interested in and attracted to this brand. Their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram have reached a total of 9k followers.

So, wearing this brand might be your answer if you want better sleep quality. This SilkSilky review will spotlight the brand’s purpose, product reviews, customer testimonials, promos, and more to help you get the information you need. So stay tuned with us!


As a brand that produces sleepwear, bedding, or even underwear, the important thing to focus on is comfort. SilkSilky has a simple main goal wishes for everyone to sleep better and live a healthier life every day.

As the brand grows up, they realize that good sleep will impact everything. Therefore, whether physical, mental, or other, they present products such as sleepwear that use the best quality silk fibers to bring the most luxurious and comfortable silk products for sleeping.

The brand stems from the constant pursuit of healthy living. This is because the brand’s founder experienced skin allergies, dryness, and other problems in recent years until he met Silk. He realized that silk has many benefits that not many people know about.

SILKSILKY uses mulberry silk, which contains natural proteins and essential amino acids that help cells organize and work efficiently.

They want their products to envelop users in silky protection from every angle. Flyaways, skin creases, and night sweats will not disturb anyone’s sweet dreams.

Recommended by dermatologists, silk products keep skin naturally moisturized while sleeping, keeping it soft and supple and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

By using their products made from premium silk, you’ll get better sleep, sleep cooler and wake up with clear skin and beautiful hair.

So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your sleep anymore because this brand, with its premium silk, will help you have an excellent quality of sleep.


SilkSilky started with the simple goal of sleeping better every day and living healthier. Almost all of their products are made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, which is very luxurious.

SilkSilky Reviews: SILKSILKY Review

Accordingly, they use the highest grade 6A long fiber mulberry silk and apply the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.

These safe and quality materials are applied to all their products, such as pajamas, robes, dresses, underwear, scarves, pillowcases, and more.

Well, we know you can’t wait to continue discussing the details of their product quality. Thus, we’ll give a little insight into the product quality that we took from the 3 best-selling products. Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

SILKSILKY Pure Silk Pajamas Set Reviews

The proper pajama material will give the perfect comfort for your rest. Fortunately, Binding Trim Classic Pure Silk Pajamas Set comes with pure mulberry silk, making all your dreams of silk pajamas come true.

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Pure Silk Pajamas Set Reviews

This pair of premium pajamas will provide comfort and make your rest perfect. It comes with a flowing fit that will perfectly sit on your body. These pajamas are very comfortable and cheerful and have excellent breathability.

In addition, it has several color choices that you can adjust to your taste. These include dark blue, dark red, pink, black, light blue, green, pale mauve, and white. With the many color choices available, you can also adjust the feel of your room to be pleasing to your eyes.

Do you have a fairly large body? No need to worry because these pajamas have 5 sizes, including S, M, L, XL, and XL, that you can adjust to your body shape.

For now, these pajamas, which are priced at $199, can be yours for only $129.95. You can save 35% of your expenses if you buy them now. With these pajamas, you’ll want to relax at night and even last all day!

SILKSILKY Silk Printed Rectangular Shawl Scarf Reviews

Do you have some allergies or sensitive skin in the neck area? Then you should not be careless in choosing the scarf that you will wear. This Mulberry Silk Printed Rectangular Long Shawl Scarf is crafted from high-quality silk that is super soft, smooth to the touch, and looks lustrous.

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Silk Printed Rectangular Shawl Scarf Reviews

In addition, the brand makes this scarf with 100% charmeuse silk fabric. Also, it is made with a fine knit that’s shiny and easy to care for. Thus, it is friendly to your skin.

Please note that silk is rich in 18 amino acids, which are hypoallergenic and anti-aging, ideal for skin care and health. Silk fabric can help keep moisture close to the skin and prevent it from drying out. Therefore, this scarf will help eliminate irritation and allergies, providing extreme comfort.

This beautiful scarf is well-breathable and can regulate body temperature. It can also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and can be worn in any season. As a scarf that will enhance your look, each piece is designed with beautiful patterns and different attractive colors and is well packaged. 

You can wear it around your neck, wrapped around your hair, or tied around your purse, as well as on a hat or handbag, etc. It’s very versatile and easy to match. It comes in 8 colors orange, pink, beige, black, dark red, blue, dark blue, and yellow, which you can match with your outfit.

Get the 170×53 cm scarf by paying a discounted price of $34.95 from the original price of $39.95.

SILKSILKY Men's Lapel Pajama Set Reviews

Clothes of silk will usually be more comfortable to wear and provide better warmth retention. One is the Pure Silk Men’s Lapel Pajama Set made of this silk material. These pajamas will accompany your deep sleep from your long day of activities. 

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Men's Lapel Pajama Set Reviews

To get comfort while resting, both men and women are equally worthy of getting the best comfort. Therefore, these pajamas accompany all men to get the perfect softness. These pajamas will make your life more exciting and fun. 

These pajamas are made of 100% Mulberry Silk and have no harmful substances. So you’ll get optimal safety when wearing it.

It has 5 very attractive color options, such as dark blue, coffee, wine, tan, and gray, that you can adjust to your taste and style. It has 4 sizes, including S, M, L, and XL, making adjusting to your body size and shape easier.

You can save 21% when purchasing these pajamas, so you only need to pay $139.95 from the normal price of $178.


Please note that this guide only provides general sizing information, and fit may vary according to style or personal preference. You can contact the brand team for more specific product sizing information. All dimensions are manually produced/measured with a deviation of 2-3cm.

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Size Guide

The brand also informs that most of its clothing is Asian, which runs smaller than regular US / European Women sizing. So, please pay attention to the size guide provided.

The images we’ve listed here are size charts for women only. For size charts for men, bottoms, underwear, and bedding, you can check here.

SILKSILKY Care Instructions

Some people think that silk is a luxurious fabric that may have difficult care. However, it turns out that silk is one of the easiest fabrics to care for. Moreover, this brand produces with the cleaning needs of its customers in mind. 

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Care Instructions

Their silk fabrics are made to be durable and long-lasting. However, cleaning silk as little as possible is advisable, as silk will lose its sheen, especially if repeatedly or incorrectly cleaned. Therefore, silk should only be professionally dry-cleaned.

Check out some guidelines to keep your silk clean and special, as only silk can be:

  • Chemicals: Petroleum ether, turpentine, wine alcohol, gasoline, benzene, surgical alcohol, acetone, and methanol are all flammable and should only be used in small quantities
  • Washing: only use very mild soaps and only in slow and tumble mode
  • Ironing: Use a regular iron box with the usual instructions for use on silk. Iron only after drying and dry indoors, never in direct sunlight
  • Stains: Most stains require expert help from a professional fabric care specialist, depending on the type of stain
  • Blends: Care for blends on the same lines as pure silk

For more details, you can get complete information about all types of silk and how to care for it here


Using products made from silk not only makes us feel more elegant, but this fabric also has a variety of benefits that you might need. Here are some benefits that can be obtained from using products made from silk:

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Benefits
  • Breathable material. Your head and hair won’t suffocate or overheat
  • Hypoallergenic, which is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, mites, and allergens
  • Doesn’t involve synthetic materials. It’s a natural fiber, which will keep the beauty routine natural
  • Recommended by dermatologists as a safe material for sensitive or allergic skin. It is even said that silk material can reduce skin acne
  • As a temperature regulator, silk fabric is breathable, so it’s never too hot or too cold in any situation

You should not hesitate because it has very real benefits. It can also stimulate the immune system, relieve stress, give an extra energy boost in the morning, give a fresh and rested look, and get rid of dark circles under the eyes. See for yourself!

SILKSILKY Pros and Cons

But all the good things about this brand certainly have imperfections. Therefore, let’s talk about SILKSILKY’s pros and cons.


  • Elegant, stylishly luxurious, and glamorous high-quality sleepwear
  • Made from 6A grade silk that is skin-friendly, hair-friendly, and eco-friendly
  • OEKO-TEX Certified guarantees product safety
  • International shipping is available
  • Free shipping on orders over $59
  • 30-days return
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers


  • Only available for adult size


SILKSILKY provides extraordinary comfort that can improve sleep quality. Of course, this will help anyone who wants to get peace while resting.

SilkSilky Review: Who Is SILKSILKY For?

Dermatologists even recommend that silk products can preserve the skin’s natural moisture while sleeping, keeping it soft and supple and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you can use products from this brand that use premium silk materials. They only have sizes for adult men and women, so you won’t find children’s products or sizes in this brand.

SILKSILKY Reviews: What Do Costumers Think?

This brand shares some reviews from its customers on its website, which get a fairly high rating. Many of their products get reviews from satisfied customers, such as the 3 best-selling products we discussed earlier. 

SilkSilky Review: SILKSILKY Reviews: What Do Costumers Think?

The Binding Trim Classic Pure Silk Pajamas Set received a rating of 4.8/5 from 111 reviews. Customers say how warm and luxurious the pajamas look. The colors are also very attractive, as she said:

I got the green set for Christmas. They are so luxurious and warm. The green color is much more interesting in person. I love it.

Other customers also agree that the color is very beautiful:

Nice and soft, beautiful colors.

We got the review from the second best-selling product 100% Mulberry Silk Printed Rectangular Long Shawl Scarf 170x53cm, which received 4.9/5 from 31 reviews. From the reviews, customers also seemed satisfied with the scarf’s softness.

Furthermore, the third best-selling product gets 4.8/5 from 16 reviews which, although not too many reviews, most of the reviewers are happy with the product they bought, like this one customer:

Comfortable, soft and smooth. Makes bedtime SOOO much better!

From the above reviews, it can be concluded that the customer is satisfied with the product he bought. With the softness and comfort he gets, of course, his sleep quality will be better. 

All in all, judging from the average rating obtained can prove how satisfied customers are with every product they receive. The quality of the product is soft and makes it comfortable when used. The size that fits the body and the extraordinary colors make this brand superior and deserve a high rating.


If you ask if this brand is legit? Of course, SILKSILKY reviews guarantee that this brand is legit. How can it be? This brand has received 10+ reviews with a fairly high rating. They get a total rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 10,272 reviews which is a high value.

SilkSilky Review: Is SILKSILKY Legit?

They also get 423 Verified Reviews, Monthly Record 20 Verified Reviews, and the Top 10% of Stores verified by All the achievements obtained are thanks to the brand that always tries to provide the best for its customers so that many customers are satisfied with what the brand gives.


With a simple yet meaningful goal, the brand wants that everyone can get comfortable with good quality sleep and have a healthier life. Therefore, to achieve that, the brand really shows its quality by using materials made from ultra-luxurious 100% Pure Mulberry Silk which has the highest grade (6A).

SilkSilky Review: Is SILKSILKY Worth It?

This is what makes this brand trusted and worth it. They always strive to serve the best with product quality and services such as OEKO-TEX Certified, Easy Returns and Free shipping. 

SILKSILKY Shipping Policy

Because the brand wants to reach customers all over the world, they provide international shipping so that customers outside the US can enjoy the convenience and quality of their products.

They also give free shipping with a minimum purchase requirement that differs depending on the country. 

The orders will be processed within 1-2 business days and shipped via free/standard shipping and express shipping. For standard shipping, they use local postal services such as USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and LePost. While for express shipping, they use parcel shippers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL, depending on location.

Here we’ll list the shipping information for the US and Canada. Whereas other regions such as Australia, the UK, and Hong Kong will certainly have some different details that you can check here.

For US and Canada:

  • Under $59: charged $8.99 for standard shipping and express shipping charged $14.99
  • $59-$100: charged FREE for standard shipping and express shipping charged $12.99
  • $100-$200: charged FREE for standard shipping and express shipping charged $9.99
  • Over $200: charged FREE for standard shipping and express shipping charged $4.99

After the order ships out, you’ll receive a shipment email with the tracking number provided.

SILKSILKY Return Policy

The brand prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with the items, they’re happy to accept returns within 30 days of receiving most items in new condition.

Following return conditions:

  • Returned items must be in unused condition with the original packaging
  • Do not accept items returned worn, damaged, washed, or altered in any way
  • Returned items are subject to inspection and confirmation via email
  • Does not accept packages returned using C.O.D. service
  • Non-returnable items, including Clearance Items, Gift Cards, Underwear & Accessories: Face Masks, Eye Masks, Covers, Bras, Women’s Underwear, and Specialty Items

So how do you make a return? Contact a customer service representative by sending an email to [email protected], then indicate which item you wish to return and the reason for the return.

After that, the item in its original packaging seal the package securely, and drop off your package at your local post office.

Once the brand receives your package, they’ll promptly process an exchange or issue a refund to your account according to the terms.

How To Contact SILKSILKY

It’s important to know the contact address that you can reach from a brand. So that when you have some questions about their products, you can easily ask customer service directly.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t list a phone number. However, you can contact their team via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form consisting of your name, email, phone number, and message
  • Ask directly on the live chat at the official website

You can also find out the latest updates or get in touch with the team via Facebook or Instagram. Customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. But if you don’t receive a response from the team, please check your spam folder, or you can send your message again.

Brand located at:

  • USA Warehouse: Vincent Huang YSP, 2182 Maple Privado, Ontario, CA 91761, United States
  • HK: RM4 16/F,Ho King Commercial Centre,2-16 Fa Yuen Street,Mongkok,KL,HongKong

Where to buy SilkSilky?

Are you getting interested in this brand? Then where can you find their products? Of course, the best place to get their products is on their official website.  On the other hand, they also sell their products which you can easily find on Amazon.

SilkSilky Coupon Codes & Promos

SILKSILKY wants to serve all the best things they can do to give satisfaction to their customers. One of them is by providing attractive discount codes and promos that can be claimed. Here they are:

  • Subscribe and save 10% OFF special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals
  • Year-End Sale up to 76% OFF
  • Extra 10% OFF on silk bedding, discount code: BED10
  • Free shipping on orders over $59
  • Earn points that can be claimed on every purchase and several other ways. Check here

They even have a “Sale” menu for Clearance Sale products. So, kindly check their website for more discounts and promos.

Reveal all coupons

SilkSilky Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SilkSilky reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.


As far as the information on the SILKSILKY review goes, we haven’t gotten any information regarding the brand owner. 

Where is SILKSILKY based?

SilkSilky is a global company with teams all over the world in places such as Coronado, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Red Lion.

Does SILKSILKY ship internationally?

To reach customers all over the world, the brand has international shipping so that customers around the world can enjoy their products.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SilkSilky Reviews & Ratings

Silk products provide a lot of benefits for those who wear them. Besides providing a luxurious look, this material also has a variety of extraordinary benefits.

SILKSILKY is one of the leading brands that sell a wide range of products, such as sleepwear, underwear, accessories, and others that use silk materials. They always strive to give the best quality of their products and exceptional service. This brand is very worthy of trust. So, get the product now and feel the benefits!


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