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About ShortlyAI - AI Writing Partner

As a writer, writer’s block is the most frustrating situation as it can disrupt your writing activities. And for now, you can say goodbye to that situation thanks to ShortlyAI.

ShortlyAI Review: About ShortlyAI - AI Writing Partner

It is a brand that has created an AI-powered writing tool to help your writing process and keep you away from writer’s block. Whether you’re writing a novel or a blog post for your website, this brand’s AI-powered writing tool will make everything easier.

Currently, the brand only has one social media account, Twitter, with over 10k followers. Just follow the Twitter account to get the latest information about this brand.

And alternatively, you can get more information about this brand through this ShortlyAI review that you’re reading now. In the next section, we’ll provide information such as brand profile, plan options, how it works, user reviews, and many other things. That said, keep scrolling down!

Overview of ShortlyAI

In August 2020, a man named Qasim Munye created an AI-powered writing tool called ShortlyAI. With the aim to help the many people who are stuck in a writer’s block situation, the brand was established as a solution to that problem.

Anyway, in 2021, the brand was acquired by with the purpose of providing a valuable assistant to help all writers write better and faster.

By using this AI-powered writing tool, you can easily turn what’s on your mind into well-written paragraphs. Say goodbye to writer’s block!

Due to the success of the AI-powered writing tool, the brand has been featured in NBC News, The Telegraph, WIRED, The Independent, and many other media publicity.

In addition to the information above, we have also summarized the pros and cons of this brand. Check it out!

ShortlyAI Pros

  • Provides an outstanding AI writing partner
  • It allows you to write various types of writing
  • Excellent user interface
  • Delivers 100% plagiarism-free writing
  • Unlimited words credit

ShortlyAI Cons

  • Sometimes provides inappropriate writing content, but it rarely

ShortlyAI Review

With ShortlyAI, writer’s block is no longer a huge problem that you have to face. With this writing tool, you only need to verbalize your ideas, and it will continue your writing into well-written paragraphs.

ShortlyAI Reviews: ShortlyAI Review

In this section, we’ve summarized some of the features that you can get by using this writing tool.

ShortlyAI Features

  • Can easily generate articles, blog posts, stories, and others
  • Create 100% original content without plagiarism
  • Delivers awesome powerful commands
  • Unlimited word credit
  • Human-like writing quality

Well, there are two plans you can take when you want to use this writing tool.

ShortlyAI Review: Plan Options

  • Monthly Plan
  • Annual Plan

For pricing and what advantages you can get in both plans, we will discuss in the next section.

ShortlyAI Monthly Plan Reviews

The first plan option is the monthly plan. The first plan option is the monthly plan. And as the name suggests, when you choose this plan, you will be charged once every month.

And for $79, you can get several advantages such as;

  • Powerful commands that can help you write easier and faster
  • Improve the quality of your writing
  • Make writer’s block just a past experience
  • Continuous updates

ShortlyAI Annual Plan Reviews

For the annual plan, the advantages you get are almost the same as what is given in the monthly plan. The only difference is the fee you have to pay and the fee withdrawal.

When you choose this plan, you’ll be charged once a year at an average price of $65 per month. Obviously, this is much cheaper than what you have to spend on the monthly plan. Plus, you can also get 2 months free without any charges.

The advantages you can get by taking this plan, such as;

  • Powerful commands that can help you write easier and faster
  • Improve the quality of your writing
  • Make writer’s block just a past experience
  • Continuous updates

How Does ShortlyAI Work?

With ShortlyAI, you can easily solve various kinds of problems you have when writing. Just brainstorm your ideas, and your AI writing partner will write down whatever is on your mind.

ShortlyAI Review: How Does ShortlyAI Work?

This capability is based on the GPT-3 OpenAI used by this writing tool. What is GPT-3 OpenAI? It is a neural-network-powered language model that has been trained to be able to write a variety of writings. With that, you will never run out of ideas to put in your writing.

As previously stated, you can choose the two plans that best suit your needs. Once you’ve selected one of the plans, you’ll be prompted by this writing tool to select the type of writing, such as an article or story.

After successfully choosing the type of writing you want to write, you will immediately be given a blank and clear sheet that you can use to start composing your writing. On the left is a sidebar that you can access to check information about writing stats, article brief, and output length.

To start writing with ShortlyAI, you can start by adding the title of the writing you want to write. Afterward, there are two ways that you can choose to have your AI write your writing, using the “write for me” button or slash commands.

The “write for me” button is useful when you are stuck and want your AI to take over your writing tasks. All you need to do is only by clicking the button, and the AI writing will automatically continue your writing.

And the second way is to use four slash commands that suit your needs, and they include /instruct, /rewrite, /shorten, and /expand.

These four commands have different functions. For the function of the /instruct command, you can utilize it to give instructions to AI writing about what it should write.

As for the /rewrite, /shorten, and /expand commands, just as the name suggests, you can use the commands to rewrite selected writing in unique ways, shorten the selected text to make it more compact, and expand the selected text into developing writing.

Is ShortlyAI Legit?

Yep, ShortlyAI is a legit brand, as they have been acquired by

By using this brand’s AI writing tool, you only need to write whatever content you want to write without worrying about scams, fraud, and so on.

Who is ShortlyAI For?

As for its function, this brand is definitely for bloggers, essay writers, content writers, and people who are in need of help for writing purposes. Whether you’re writing a novel, blog post, article, social media post, or essay, ShortlyAI is the best way to go.

By using this AI-powered writing tool, you can easily get your thoughts into a well-written paragraph and writing.

How To Contact ShortlyAI

If you have any questions about the brand, you can contact them via email at [email protected]. As soon as you contact them, their customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where to buy ShortlyAI?

Interested in getting the benefits of an AI-powered writing tool? If so, then you can head over to the official website.

ShortlyAI Coupon Codes & Promos

If you’re interested in getting the advantages offered by this writing tool and looking for other benefits, then you can get it from the ShortlyAI discount code. And to get it, you can click the button on your screen.

In addition, the brand also offers a free account trial, which you can get by signing up for its website beforehand.

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ShortlyAI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ShortlyAI reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns ShortlyAI?

Currently, this brand has been acquired and owned by

Is the written output of ShortlyAI original?

Yep, the output generated by this AI-powered writing tool is completely original and passed all general plagiarism checkers.

How to log in to ShortlyAI?

If you are interested in getting closer to the brand, you can log in to the ShortlyAI login page here.

Is ShortlyAI safe?

Absolutely safe. Apart from being acquired by, they also ensure secure payments on every plan purchase you make. So you don’t have to worry about scams, fraud, and so on.

Ask a question?

ShortlyAI Expert Reviews

In his personal review, Write Cream argues that this writing tool presents an excellent technology. He reveals how he has tried several times to write, and he found that not a single plagiarism was detected from the writing written by this AI writing.

There is no disagreement that ShortlyAI’s technology is truly amazing. I have tried and failed to find an actual example of plagiarism.

Write Cream
Full Review
ShortlyAI Review: Expert Reviews

It assists content creators to create blogs, social media posts, video scripts, ad text, and various other marketing content much faster.

On the other hand, according to a review conducted by Niche Pursuits. He argues that this writing tool has a great ability to help many content creators to create social media posts, video scripts, blog posts, ad texts, and other content in a faster way.

Niche Pursuits
Full Review

ShortlyAI Expert Pros and Cons

Pros favicon
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Powerful commands
  • Simple user interface
  • 100% plagiarism-free content favicon 87
  • Minimalist user interface
  • Interactive writing process
  • There is no limit on the writing you can create
  • Excellent commands
Cons favicon
  • The content sometimes shows the inaccuracy writing favicon 87
  • Only compatible with English

Conclusion of ShortlyAI Reviews & Ratings

As someone who works in the writing field, ShortlyAI might be the best tool to help you with all your writing needs. Although it comes with some drawbacks, it is nothing compared to the many advantages you can get from this writing tool.

Whatever your writing needs are, whether it’s for blog posts, articles, essays, social media posts, and other writing content, ShortlyAI can be one of your best choices. Thus, we recommend this writing tool for you.


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