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Shimmerwood Beverages Review 2024 → CBD Seltzer Drinks Are On Sale!

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About Shimmerwood Beverages

All ladies and gentlemen, who’s been sick of having insomnia? That’s terrible, though. We know a whole day of working time drains your energy a lot. Then it’s even more annoying when you cannot rest at night. If that’s the case, will you try Shimmerwood Beverages?

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: About Shimmerwood Beverages

We won’t talk about comfortable mattresses or soft pillows since we’ve slightly talked about sleep. But it’s even better and is about calming yourself down with full-spectrum CBD drinks. Why drink if you can shimmer? That’s what the brand always says.

However, what are these drinks for? You can consume them for several purposes, anyway. In detail, they help people with sleeping problems, anxiety, and pain or diseases. Pretty helpful, right? But how many people shop from Shimmerwood Beverages?

Furthermore, if you are so active on social media, let’s send your ‘hi‘ to this brand. Further, they have over 2.6k total followers. Can we expect to see you among all of those followers? It’s not for now, but let’s see how this review will change your mind in just minutes.

Is that only the thing? Of course not. In addition to social media fame, the fact that Shimmerwood Beverages has made it into Forbes Health, BEVNET, Market Watch, and other sites is also insane. So, will you witness it more in our Shimmerwood Beverages reviews?

Overview Of Shimmerwood Beverages

Who thought a random friendship could end up in a big business like this? That’s the fact that happens in Shimmerwood Beverages. But do you and your friends experience the same?

If you don’t, let’s see what happens to the brand’s Co-Founders since it may inspire you. They are Josh Ahadian and Tibor Mascari. Did you know where they first met and connected?

These two guys knew and met each other in the artistic air of Bonnaroo. Then, among sober people and weed smokers, they found an idea to make a middle ground. And it’s CBD drinks.

Furthermore, both realized that the CBD drink idea is the best alternative to let people explore the moment without being uncontrolled. So, it’s like a win-win solution at the end.

Besides that, by combining their skills in biology, gardening, and beverages, Shimmerwood Beverages appeared. And now, let’s see how this masterpiece works on many customers!

Shimmerwood Beverages Reviews

It seems you’re already thirsty. Then, why don’t you try to take some cans of Shimmerwood Beverages? We know you’ve been wondering about the brand’s products a lot. So, we won’t let you wait for a little longer.

Shimmerwood Beverages Reviews: Shimmerwood Beverages Reviews

Are you drooling already with the picture above? You’ve been extra excited, we guess. But let’s be a smart buyer and see what you may have in this store. Hence, exploring the product categories first may help.

Shimmerwood Beverages Product Categories



Among those products, which ones do you think we will discuss today? Let’s enjoy your scrolling-down moment and find the 3 most searched products from Shimmerwood Beverages in the following sections!

Shimmerwood Beverages Just Hemp Drink Reviews

Dude, are you looking for CBD drinks that give you the pure essence of refreshment and relaxation? We guess you’ll stop your search when you already find Just Hemp Drink on sale!

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: Shimmerwood Beverages Just Hemp Drink Reviews

How does this drink work for you? This is the #1 most searched on Shimmerwood Beverages, and you shouldn’t deny its influence. It’s nothing but Full-Spectrum CBD with spring water and a light touch of carbonation

In addition, it also tastes fresh, crisp, and clean when you drink it straight from the can. Meanwhile, drinking it during your active days won’t make you high, and you’ll stay fresh since it is a non-psychotropic substance

So, is enjoying your daily life with Just Hemp Drink your choice now? We will be happy to see you stay fresh all day but can also sleep peacefully at night. Then, starting from $40.00, you can send 8 packs of these drinks home!

Shimmerwood Beverages Razz Lime Reviews

A little sour but extra fresh? We guess you cannot see your fridge without having this Razz Lime! Yes, you may think it’s a classic taste of CBD drinks, but with a little kick, you’ll only find addiction here.

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: Shimmerwood Beverages Razz Lime Reviews

Drinking a can of Razz Lime will give you a sweet, tart, and tangy sensation due to its raspberry shrub. And do you know what’s better from it? It’s about another ingredient to complement the whole taste of this drink.

In addition, this drink also comes with lime bitters. This ingredient is deliciously complex with unexpected extracts like gentian, clove, and hemp. So, having this daily means bringing more summer vibes to life, right?

Finally, don’t you think Razz Lime will throw your thirst away? It’s not only that, actually. But having a chill and fresh body or mind are also the better things. We promise your $40.00 will be fully worth it for its 8 packs-buying!

Shimmerwood Beverages Ginger Orange Reviews

What’s fresh in orange color? Of course, there’s no fresher orange color than its orange fruit. But how does it taste when an orange is mixed with ginger? Then, let Ginger Orange explain everything!

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: Shimmerwood Beverages Ginger Orange Reviews

Have you tasted ginger before? When this drink mixes orange with ginger, you’ll find it tastes bright, giving a mellow vibe and a bit spicy. Then, we can say it’s the best ingredient combination to make you stay on fire.

Also, when you need to clear your mind & lift your spirits, this is the one that can save you. Besides that, the existence of apple cider vinegar and organic cane sugar can provide people with a good dose of sugar consumption.

In the end, who can deny these extra fresh Ginger Orange drinks? Stock them in your fridge for a few weeks ahead, so let’s spend no more than $40.00 for its 8 packs. Also, it’s nice to invite your friends to taste some!

Shimmerwood Beverages Pros and Cons

Do you think Shimmerwood Beverages is always good? Wait until you see what’s inside this pros and cons section:


  • Full-spectrum CBD drinks
  • Mixology recipes
  • Natural ingredients and no added sugar
  • Order in case (1 case = 8 cans) at affordable prices
  • Addictive taste
  • Available offline and online
  • 30 days of return policy


  • No phone number
  • No information about the shipping cost
  • No international shipping

Who Is Shimmerwood Beverages For?

Of course, it’s not for everyone. Why? Yes, because CBD drinks are only safe for adults, typically over 21 years old. Meanwhile, if you’re under 21, we don’t think consuming these drinks will positively affect your body.

Also, if you’re a pregnant mom or are breastfeeding, you better have a consultation first with your doctor. Since all CBD drink products are not FDA-approved and not the type of alcoholic drink, let’s choose wisely! And if yo want to have some, let’s go to Shimmerwood Beverages.

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: What Do Customers Think?

A more-convincing section? Absolutely, you need this section. However, does Shimmerwood Beverages perform well based on the customer reviews? The answer is down below!

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: Shimmerwood Beverages Review: What Do Customers Think?

As in the picture above, gathering with friends and enjoying the best CBD drinks is a great moment to remember. Those people look so happy, right? But were they 100% satisfied?

On the Flip Shop site, the brand has gained a positive score of 83% with over 9.9k votes. Then, what about the detailed rating for each product above? Here is the list to answer:

Don’t you think those ratings are great to start? Then, what about the customer’s real reviews based on their shopping experience? You must be wondering what we have below.

Let’s begin with this:

My favorite one is the Ginger Orange. It refreshes me a lot since it has a little kick from its ginger ingredient. Like other products from the brand, it makes me stay chill and relax in my daily routine without getting high. So much in love!

So, who says that Shimmerwood Beverages products are the same as others? No, it’s totally different and even much better regarding taste and effects. 

Then, another customer was happy, too:

What I love about this seltzer is its sweet taste, but not too sweet. It just suits my taste, I think. Then, it’s also very different from other CBD drinks. Delivering my chef kiss to this store!

Who doesn’t love a very sweet taste? Then, you may get one or some from this store. We’re sure the taste perfectly fits your tongue.

Next, you should experience the same as this customer:

I really love the razz lime. The taste is so fresh in my mouth and very smooth to stream down my throat. I think I will try to get some after this. Thank you, Shimmerwood!

Having a good experience in the first shopping always leads us to buy more. So, you already know that shopping from Shimmer is addictive, right?

Finally, who wants to send those boxes of cans home? But wait, it seems that you still have one section left to convince you more. So, who are still on fire?

Is Shimmerwood Beverages Worth It?

It’s an undeniable fact that Shimmerwood Beverages is a worth-purchasing CBD drinks provider. Further, this brand always gives its best effort in every product, from ingredient to taste.

Shimmerwood Beverages Review: Is Shimmerwood Beverages Worth It?

In addition, several honorable features from huge sites and good reviews we’ve discussed earlier are more to answer the question of this section. Thus, there shouldn’t be any other choice than this when adults crave CBD drinks.

Shimmerwood Beverages Shipping Policy

Now, it’s the right time to ask everything about shipping. So, how many boxes of CBD drinks do you want to drop before your door?

It’s such great news to all US customers since the brand ships within the continental US. However, we found nothing about shipping costs and days of arrival (estimation). Lastly, for International customers, we know what you feel right now. 

Shimmerwood Beverages Return Policy

When you think that Shimmerwood Beverages loves their customers, it means they prioritize your satisfaction. Is your order wrong or damaged after shipping?

No worries. All is in good hands since you can do a return here. Further, you’ll have a 30-day return policy to make everything clear. However, kindly contact Shimmerwood Beverages at [email protected] to start the process. Isn’t it worry-free?

How To Contact Shimmerwood Beverages?

Will you add Shimmerwood Beverages to your new friend’s list? Then, make sure to connect to them through the following platforms:

Company Address

Biddeford, ME, US.

Where to buy Shimmerwood Beverages?

Will you shop for those best CBD seltzer drinks now? Just don’t wait any longer and go to the brand’s official website to get one, or two, or more. Do you want to get them offline? Sure, you can. Further, see the detailed address of the stores on this page!

Shimmerwood Beverages Coupon Codes & Promos

Who doesn’t love discounts? We guess no one. So, what are the special offers from this brand?

  • Subscribe to the email address and get a 15% discount on your first order
  • Do ‘subscribe and save’ payment choice to save up to 10%

Unfortunately, those are the current special offers by Shimmerwood Beverages. But let us hope to see more in the future, and don’t forget to check what is inside the following button!

Reveal all coupons
Shimmerwood Beverages

Shimmerwood Beverages Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Shimmerwood Beverages reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Shimmerwood Beverages?

The brand’s owners are Josh Ahadian and Tibor Mascari.

Where is Shimmerwood Beverages located?

The company is in Biddeford, ME, US.

Does Shimmerwood Beverages ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t offer international shipping currently.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Shimmerwood Beverages Reviews & Ratings

So, who’s dealing with stress or insomnia? If you haven’t found the right solution yet, come to Shimmerwood Beverages. What will you get? Of course, their relaxing CBD drinks which made of the purest natural ingredients.

What’s more? If you’re adult enough to consume those types of drinks, ensure to leave your good reviews and invite your friends to taste them as well. We’re pretty sure that the more people join the club, the more amazing the experience will be. Who agrees?


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