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Seisuke Knife Review 2024 → #1 Authentic Japanese Knife

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About Seisuke Knife

Knives are certainly the kitchen’s MVP. It’s a must-have tool for crafting culinary masterpieces. However, not all knives play nice. Well, our kitchen fellas, have you ever heard of Seisuke Knife?

Seisuke Knife Review: About Seisuke Knife

Chop your ingredients like a pro sashimi chef in Japan with Seisuke Knife. The brand offers handmade Japanese kitchen knives to turn your dishes into Michelin stars.

Moreover, the company is known as the best Japanese knife not only in Japan but all over the world. That’s why they garnered 109k followers on Instagram, 20k on Facebook, and 4.4k on YouTube.

Therefore, are you ready to slice like Gordon Ramsay? Then, follow this Seisuke Knife review for more in-depth info about their cutlery. So, let’s dive in!

Overview of Seisuke Knife

Japan is certainly a country rich in tradition, including knives. Seisuke Knife tries to maintain tradition and culture through authentic handmade knives.

The brand’s history starts with the founder, Atsuhiro Nakamura, who wanted to expand Japanese knives worldwide. Hence, he looked for an experienced partner and soon established the company.

In addition, they want all customers to have the best experience with Japanese knives. Therefore, the label puts all its passion and expertise into making the best cutters. As a result, the brand already has thousands customers globally.

Besides, the label has a relationship with the Japanese cutlery, Japanny. It is a bridge between Japanese craftsmen and the global community. So, Seisuke’s extraordinary knives can make their way to kitchens worldwide.

Seisuke Knives Review

Sometimes, people think all knives have the same sensation. Seisuke Knife refutes that thought. The company not only sells knives but also sells experiences. Each knife has a traditional look and modern functionality.

Seisuke Knife Reviews: Seisuke Knives Review

Seisuke Knives prides itself on delivering a wide range of high-quality cutleries. From slicing meat to dicing vegetables, the company has all the knives for specific cooking ingredients.

Seisuke Knife Products

In addition, the secret of the company’s prowess is its top craftsmanship. They made all the collections handmade. That’s why the company is well-known as a top-tier quality knife maker.

Therefore, are you ready to cook? Alright, we will help you look closely at the 3 top-rated knives. They may become your new kitchen weapon. So, let’s hop to the next section!

Seisuke Knife Iseya VG10 Damascus Small Santoku Reviews

We know most of you are looking for an all-purpose knife. But does such cutlery exist? Absolutely! You can find it at Seisuke Knife Iseya VG10 Damascus Small Santoku 135mm.

Seisuke Knife Review: Seisuke Knife Iseya VG10 Damascus Small Santoku Reviews

This Japanese Mahakarta from Iseya is a work of art meticulously crafted from the finest blade of 33-layer Damascus steel. It undergoes an amazing hand-hammering process. So, this knife is tough to conquer the challenges of any cooking ingredients.

Further, there’s a reason why Santoku is a cut above the rest. It offers razor-sharp precision, superior edge retention, and resistance to stains. Hence, we’re sure you can easily compete with Gordon Ramsay with specs like these.

Besides, this knife is also a winner regarding visuals and comfort. Thanks to the mahogany as the ferrule material. It brings beauty to your kitchen. Thus, Santoku is a pleasure for both the eyes and the hands.


  • Knife type: Small Santoku
  • Steel type: VG10 (Stain resistant steel)
  • Blade hardness: HRC 60-62
  • Blade type: Double-edged blade
  • Blade length: 135mm (5.3″)
  • Ferrule material: Mahogany
  • Handle material: Pakka wood

Therefore, to prepare Mise en place perfectly, you should bring this $69.00 knife to your kitchen. This best Seisuke knife is ready to cut all ingredients with precision.

Seisuke Knife Iseya VG10 Damascus Petty-Utility Reviews

If you need knives for chopping herbs, mincing shallots, or cutting scallions, the Iseya VG10 Damascus Petty-Utility 150mm is perfect. This blade efficiently delivers the precision cutting you need all along.

Seisuke Knife Review: Seisuke Knife Iseya VG10 Damascus Petty-Utility Reviews

Multitasking is indeed the primary skill of this knife. It can cut various materials with a blade length of 150mm (5.9″). Furthermore, the cutting results are very satisfying and precise.

Moreover, this knife is astonishing because it uses 33-layer Damascus steel. Besides, HRC 60-62 blade hardness provides a harmonious balance between sharpness and durability.

In addition, we certainly have to involve the ferrule and handle in our discussion. The ferrule itself is made from mahogany wood. Also, the handle is created from Pakka wood, providing a comfortable grip.


  • Knife type: Petty-Utility
  • Steel type: VG10 (Stain resistant steel)
  • Blade hardness: HRC 60-62
  • Blade type: Double-edged blade
  • Blade length: 150mm (5.9″)
  • Ferrule material: Mahogany
  • Handle material: Pakka wood

So, in the hands of cooks and home alike, this knife is the best partner to enhance your kitchen skills. For only $69.00, you can add flair and finesse to every slice, dice, and chop in your cooking.

Seisuke Knife Sakai Takayuki AUS10 45 Reviews

Did you know that one of the craftsmen of this brand originally created samurai swords? Yes, that’s right! One of his creations is the Sakai Takayuki AUS10 45 Layer Mirrored Finish Damascus Nakiri 160mm. Aren’t you curious how it feels?

Seisuke Knife Review: Seisuke Knife Sakai Takayuki AUS10 45 Reviews

Like the previous knives, the Nakiri also uses a Pakka wood handle for a comfortable grip. Additionally, what sets this knife apart from others is the ferrule made of stainless steel.

Furthermore, the Sakai Takayuki is forged from AUS10, a stain-resistant steel. It boasts a blade hardness of HRC 59-60. No wonder, it is so sharp. The blade effortlessly glides through vegetables.

However, are you worried because you are left-handed? No problem! Nakiri has a double-edged blade to adapt to your cutting style. Therefore, right-handed or left-handed, the knife can always keep you company.


  • Knife type: Nakiri
  • Steel type: AUS10 (Stain resistant steel)
  • Blade hardness: HRC 59-60
  • Blade type: Double-edged blade
  • Blade length: 160mm (6.3″)
  • Blade height: 46mm (1.8″)
  • Blade thickness: 1.7mm (0.067″)
  • Ferrule material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: Pakka wood
  • Handle length: 123mm (4.8″)
  • Weight: 160g (5.6 ounces)

Thus, unleash the Samurai spirit in your kitchen with Sakai Takayuki knives. These knives have been a mainstay for centuries to accompany master cooks in Osaka and the whole of Japan. You can feel the sensation by purchasing at $169.00.

Seisuke Knife Price

A good knife may have a high price. However, Seisuke Knife does not rob your bank. They have a wide range of prices, affordable and premium. Their knives start from $9.00 to $3,490.00

With their wide range of prices, you’re sure to find a knife that fits your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your budget and get the best knife for every culinary you make!

Seisuke Knife Pros & Cons

Is Seisuke Knife perfect inside and out? Let’s talk about some strengths and weaknesses of this brand. Thus, you can see all faces of this company.


  • Crafted by skilled artisans
  • Top-tier materials
  • Traditional technique with innovative design
  • A diverse range of knives for specific purposes
  • Attention to detail
  • Ergonomic handle style
  • Left-handed friendly
  • Unique blade pattern
  • All of the collection is handmade
  • 7-day return
  • Flat rate worldwide shipping


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • The knife designs are almost identical and do not vary
  • Heavier than regular knives

Who Is Seisuke Knife For?

Every kitchen needs knives, just like a car needs wheels. Seeing this urgency, Seisuke Knife is made for everyone, whether you are a homeowner or a cooking enthusiast. The brand has a vast collection for those who want to level up their cooking skill.

Furthermore, the best part of this brand is its top-notch ability. The quality is definitely up to the standards of professional chefs who value reliable and high-performance tools. Therefore, They’ll be interested in the knives for their culinary work.

Seisuke Knife Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’re honestly impressed with the Seisuke Knife good-for-you collection. However, is it really fun in the kitchen? This review takes some testimonials to prove it.

Seisuke Knife Review: Seisuke Knife Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

A shopper shared her experience:

Overall, the quality of the knife is good, and the metal finish is stunning. The size vs balance is great, in my opinion. This knife cuts very well and is easy to hold for beginners …

Good knives are those that everyone, including beginners, can use. According to the customer, Santoku fulfills these criteria. Moreover, it has perfect size and balance. Thus, the user can perform like a professional chef.

Another buyer wrote a review:

I am impressed. It has good balance, solid construction, and good edge. This knife is versatile and, in my opinion, a great value at this price point.

The sturdy construction and excellent tips were the highlights for this customer. If you need an all-purpose cutter, then the Gyuto comes out ahead. Also, he praised how the price is on par with the quality.

We found a happy customer on Reddit:

This is my first Japanese knife, and I totally love it. It’s pretty sharp and effective. It feels excellent to handle it. I’m excited to cook now.

As the shopper said, the Sakai Takayuki offers a pleasant feel when held. Besides, the sharpness level is also outstanding and effective for cutting vegetables.

Ultimately, the online feedback about this company is overwhelmingly positive. The knives meet all the standards and even exceed the expectations of the users. Also, they happily shared their new knife photos as well. So, don’t you wanna join the club?

Is Seisuke Knife Worth It

There’s no denying how excellent Seisuke Knife is. Each knife is a handmade masterpiece by skilled craftsmen. They use traditional Japanese techniques to carry a rich heritage and high performance. Therefore, we are 100% sure the brand is worth the buy.

Seisuke Knife Review: Is Seisuke Knife Worth It

Also, premium materials such as VG10 and AUS10 steel make the knives extremely sharp and stain-resistant. It’s definitely the dream of any cooking enthusiast. Besides, the high-quality materials ensure the blades last for a long time.

Moreover, not all knives are suitable for all ingredients. You must have a specific knife for specific culinary tasks for perfect cutting results. Fortunately, the company provides many knives for various cooking ingredients.

Seisuke Knife Shipping Policy

Prepare yourself because Seisuke Knife ships its products to over 100 countries worldwide. You don’t have to worry about shipping fees because the company offers a flat rate shipping of $28.90.

In addition, the team will immediately prepare your order once you check out. It takes 1-2 working days. Then, they will send it to the expedition.

Furthermore, the company offers 2 shipping methods: Standard and Expedited International Shipping. We recommend the expedited one (express) if you need the knives in a rush.

Seisuke Knife Return Policy

For any damage caused by manufacturing, Seisuke Knife provides a 7-day return of its arrival date. The company fully covers the cost of shipping your return. Moreover, the team only accepts unopened and unused items. If your item is eligible, they will give you a refund.

How To Contact Seisuke Knife

Does this review leave you curious? Customer service is the superhero to help you answer those questions. For any inquires, please get in touch with them through:

Where to buy Seisuke Knife?

The easiest way to purchase Seisuke Knife is to visit the official website. So, you can buy some new knives without the time and place restrictions. All collections are available for sale.

In addition, apparently, the company has many offline stores spread across several locations. You can go there to see their blade collection in person. Here are the addresses:

  • Portland, Oregon
    1526 NE Alberta St
    Portland, OR 97211
    Open from 10 am to 6 pm daily

  • Kappabashi, Tokyo
    2-1-11, Matsugaya Taito
    Tokyo, Japan
    Open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm daily

  • Shin-Nakamise, Tokyo
    1-20-12, Asakusa Taito
    Tokyo, Japan
    Open from 10:30 am to 6 pm daily
  • Teramachi, Kyoto
    1-20-12, Nakagyo Ward
    Nakanocho 552, Kyoto, Japan
    Open from 10:30 am to 6 pm daily

  • Tsukiji, Tokyo
    4-14-17, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku
    Tokyo, Japan
    Open from 8am to 3pm daily

Seisuke Knife Coupon Codes & Promos

We’re excited to show some big deals from Seisuke Knife for you. The brand offers some discounts to reduce your expenses. Therefore, don’t forget to apply the promo below when checking out:

  • Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY15 to claim 15% OFF
  • Receive 10% OFF with discount code HUNGRYJONA
  • Explore more discounted collections on the sale page

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Seisuke Knife

Seisuke Knife Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Seisuke Knife reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Are Seisuke knives made in Japan?

Yes, it is. The brand’s knives are crafted from across Japan.

Does Seisuke Knife ships internationally?

Yes, it does. The company ships its exceptional knives to over 100 countries worldwide.

How much does Keisuke Knife cost?

The price of the knives ranges from $9.00 to $3,490.00.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Seisuke Knife Reviews & Ratings

So, don’t be careless when choosing a knife for your kitchen. You can get the best with Seisuke Knife. With innovation and the power of Japanese craftsmanship, the brand has become the best Japanese knife.

Additionally, the brand has a variety of knives for every professional kitchen need to the heartwarming stovetops of home cooks. Thus, join the best cooking experience by going to the official site. Seisuke Knife awaits, and your culinary masterpiece starts from here.


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