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About SecureIt Gun Storage

Are you a gun owner? Are you looking for a brand that provides gun storage to store your guns? Well, you no longer need to turn your eyes to any other brand other than SecureIt Gun Storage.

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: About SecureIt Gun Storage

SecureIt is a leading global brand that manufactures various types of gun storage systems that comply with US military standards.

So, for those of you who are looking for gun storage that is durable, lightweight, and US military-graded, this brand’s products are for you.

As proof of how the brand proves its reliability, they currently have over 20k followers on Facebook, 16k followers on Instagram, also 22.3k subscribers on Youtube. Not to forget, they also have over 20k likes on Facebook. 

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the brand, I’d like to take you to the perfect place.

Through this SecureIt Gun Storage review, I’ll provide information about the brand regarding its founder, products, customer testimonials, and even coupons. With no further ado, let’s move to the next section!

Overview of SecureIt Gun Storage

SecureIt Gun Storage brand is based in the United States, precisely in Syracuse. And this brand has set its foot in the gun storage design industry for over two decades. Currently, the president and CEO of this gun storage brand are Tom Kubiniec.

Over those two decades, the brand has designed a wide range of gun storage ranging from Agile 52, Answer 12, and Fast Box 47 to SecureIt wall panel models. So whatever you need to protect your home, this brand can fulfill that need.

As their mantra goes:

Times are uncertain. Protecting your home shouldn’t be. 

This means giving you a place to store your guns to protect your home from various threats is the brand’s biggest priority.

Now, you know a bit about the brand. How about we dive deeper into the brand through SecureIt Gun Storage reviews? But before that, let’s take a quick look at the brand’s highlights.


  • Manufactures various types of gun storage systems, such as Agile 52, Answer 12, Fast Box 47, and wall panels
  • Giving you a new way to protect your home with gun storage that is easy to access and lightweight
  • Products are all US military graded
  • 90 days return policy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Ship internationally
  • Free shipping on purchases over $250
  • Many customers are satisfied with every product

SecureIt Gun Storage Review

As I mentioned earlier, this brand has been designing various gun storage for two decades. So reviewing each of its products would take a lot of time.

SecureIt Gun Storage Reviews: SecureIt Gun Storage Review

Because of that, this SecureIt Gun Storage review spotlights three best-selling products from each model to be reviewed. Namely:

SecureIt Gun Storage Best-selling Items

  • SecureIt Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Model 52
  • SecureIt Gun Storage Answer Lightweight Model 12
  • SecureIt Gun Storage Fast Box Model 47

The time is up! Let’s move to the next section for a deeper dive.

SecureIt Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Model 52 Reviews

The first product in this SecureIt Gun Storage review is the brand’s best-selling Agile Ultralight Model 52. Rugged, lightweight, flexible, and customizable are the four reasons all gun owners prefer this SecureIt Agile 52.

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: SecureIt Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Model 52 Reviews

Coming with a weight of 105 lbs and dimensions of 52-inch x 20 1/4-inch x 15 1/4-inch, this gun storage solution can be placed properly in apartments, next to stairs, and other tight spaces. So, you’ll have easy access to store and grab your guns.

Not only that, but this SecureIt Agile 52 also uses CradleGrid technology. This technology allows you to store your guns according to your preferences and ensure your guns are properly stored.

This Agile 52 gun storage can handle 6 long guns for its capacity. Alternatively, you can also store multiple long and handguns along with their accessories. This is the most suitable product for those searching for gun storage with medium capacity yet tough and lightweight.


  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • External dimension: 52-inch x 20 1/4-inch x 15 1/4-inch
  • Internal dimension: 51 7/8-inch x 18 1/2-inch x 12 1/4-inch
  • Features CradleGrid technology
  • Can handle 6 long guns

Not only can it store and keep your guns securely, but this gun storage can also save your pocket as it is priced at $759.05. If you want to own this SecureIt Agile 52, click the button below to get to it immediately.

SecureIt Gun Storage Answer Lightweight Model 12 Reviews

Do you have more than six long guns, and are you looking for a larger gun storage version than the Agile 52? If that’s your case, this SecureIt Gun Storage Answer Lightweight Model 12 is the perfect option.

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: SecureIt Gun Storage Answer Lightweight Model 12 Reviews

This SecureIt Answer 12 has internal dimensions of 58 1/2-inch x 35 1/2-inch x 14-inch, allowing you to store up to 12 long guns and several handguns. Even better, this large gun storage also comes with 12 storage shelves. You can use them to store the accessories of your long guns and handguns.

Bigger means heavier, and so does this gun storage which weighs 399 lbs, three times heavier than the Agile 52 version. However, for gun storage that can hold 12 long guns plus 12 storage shelves, this gun storage is 100 pounds lighter than traditional gun storage solutions.

In addition, this SecureIt Answer 12 is designed in US military grade to ensure its durability, reliability, and superior quality. It also uses CradleGrid technology to give you freedom and flexibility in organizing your gun storage.

Heavy duty yet customizable, a compelling combination. Because of these two things, this Answer 12 is priced at $2,279.05.


  • Weight: 399 lbs
  • External dimension: 59-inch x 36-inch x 18-inch
  • Internal dimension: 58 1/2-inch x 35 1/2-inch x 14-inch
  • Features CradleGrid technology
  • Can handle 12 long guns
  • Equipped with 12 storage shelves

SecureIt Gun Storage Fast Box Model 47 Reviews

I only have 1 long gun and a few handguns. Does this brand have a product that can fulfill my needs?

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: SecureIt Gun Storage Fast Box Model 47 Reviews

Rest assured. This brand provides everything a gun owner needs. Hence, this SecureIt Gun Storage Fast Box Model 47 is on their selling list.

With an internal dimension of only 6-inch x 47-inch x 11-inch, this gun storage is enough to store up to 2 long guns. And with its compact dimensions, you can store it under your bed, in your closet, or even in your vehicle.

The weight of this SecureIt Fast Box 47 is also extremely light at only 39 lbs. You can carry it around or move it to another place in your home.

Like other SecureIt Gun Storage products, this Fast Box 47 is also designed following US military standards. And not to forget to mention that it also features CradleGrid technology to give you the convenience of organizing your gun storage.


  • Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Internal dimension: 6 3/4-inch x 47 1/4-inch x 13-inch
  • External dimension: 6-inch x 47-inch x 11-inch
  • Features CradleGrid technology
  • Can handle up to 2 long guns

Flexible, lightweight, and tough are three things that gun owners are always looking for when it comes to protecting their homes. And some good, exciting news is here to put you at peace. What is it? The price of this compact gun safe isn’t more than $500, as it is labeled at $331.55.

Who is SecureIt Gun Storage For?

As the name and the product suggest, SecureIt Gun Storage is for gun owners who need a gun storage system to store their guns. The brand makes it easy for gun owners to store their guns as well as access them in case a threat hits their homes.

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: Who is SecureIt Gun Storage For?

So, for those looking for a brand that can provide you with durable, lightweight, and high-quality gun storage, SecureIt is the wisest choice you can make. Already interested? Check the official website here.

SecureIt Gun Storage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When writing this SecureIt Gun Storage review, I couldn’t find a single customer review on the official website. But the result will never betray the effort. After diving into the ocean of the internet a couple of times, I eventually found a customer review of this brand on the biggest store of all, Amazon.

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: SecureIt Gun Storage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So what are each customer’s testimonials about this brand? Here are some of the genuine testimonials I found.

This gun safe is perfect for my needs. I live in an old home, and I was worried about putting an extremely heavy safe on the floor. This is very lightweight but still remains super sturdy. I was able to assemble this gun safe by myself in about 15 minutes.

This customer explained how his satisfaction with the Agile Model 52 really met his needs. Despite its lightweight, this customer is also grateful for how durable this product is. In the testimonial, he also explained that he easily assembled the gun safe in just 15 minutes.

Another customer was also satisfied with what Fast Box 47 has to offer. Here’s his testimonial:

This is the best economical low profile rifle safe that you can buy. It is good enough to prevent children or crime of opportunity.

This buyer claimed that this Fast Box 47 is the best economical low-profile gun safe he has ever bought. He likes how the quality of this gun storage can keep his children from handling his gun and provide convenience in avoiding possible crimes.

Based on these two testimonials and other customer reviews on Amazon, this SecureIt Gun Storage review concludes that the brand’s products get positive reviews in sturdiness, value for money, and ease of assembly.

Is SecureIt Gun Storage Worth It?

For a brand that has been around for more than two decades, we boldly say that SecureIt Gun Storage is worth considering.

SecureIt Gun Storage Review: Is SecureIt Gun Storage Worth It?

There are many products that the brand has designed, so you can choose which one best suits your preferences and needs.

Each product is also constructed with high-quality materials following US military standards, making them durable and reliable yet lightweight. So what else do you need to doubt about this brand? They’ll always be ready to provide the best place for your guns!

SecureIt Gun Storage Shipping Policy

Now to the question, does this brand provide international shipping? Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t provide international shipping, but they do provide an offer for those of you who still want to get a gun safe from this brand via a freight forwarder.

For the continental US, you not only enjoy products from this brand, but you can also enjoy free shipping. And to activate free shipping, you need to spend more than $250. The shipping time depends on the product you purchase and your chosen shipping method.

Below, I’ll show the shipping information so you can calculate the expected shipping times:

Via FedEx Ground

  • Agile 40 & 52: 7-10 days delivery
  • Fast Box 40 & 47: 7-10 days delivery
  • Accessories/Kits: 7-10 days delivery

Via Freight:

  • Agila Quad Kit: 2-3 week delivery
  • Gun Wall/Room: 2-3 week delivery
  • Answer 8 & 12: 2-3 week delivery
  • MilSpec Cabinets: 4-6 week delivery

For more information about SecureIt Gun Storage’s shipping policy, you can check it here.

SecureIt Gun Storage Return Policy

Do you have any doubts that your package will arrive in an improper condition and not perform as well as it should? You don’t need to worry because SecureIt Gun Storage provides 90 days return policy.

No need to specify, you just need to submit your details, and their customer service team will verify your request. Simple and straightforward, just like their products.

The first step you should take to request a return by filling out the contact form here. Once your request is accepted, their customer service team will send you a return shipping label. If you have already received the shipping label, you should send your item within 15 days.

If you need further information about SecureIt Gun Storage’s return policy, check it out here.

SecureIt Gun Storage Warranty

Not only does it provide a 90-day return policy, but SecureIt Gun Storage also provides a 2-year warranty. And the warranty is limited to the replacement and repairs of defective parts.

So, if your product is damaged due to accident, misuse, improper installation, wear and tear, and scratching of paint, you can’t claim your warranty.

And don’t forget to prepare a proof of purchase so that your warranty can be verified by the customer service team.

How To Contact SecureIt Gun Storage

Before filing returns, claiming warranties, asking about shipping, and inquiring about products, you’ll need a contact where you can reach this brand’s customer service team. And this SecureIt Gun Storage review has summarized some of the contacts of this brand that you can reach out to. Here are some ways:

  • Phone: (800) 651-8835
  • Email: [email protected]
  • The “Questions” bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen, or
  • You can fill out the contact form here

The brand’s customer service team will assist and answer your questions during their business hours, Monday – Friday, from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

Where to buy SecureIt Gun Storage?

Are you already interested in adding one of SecureIt Gun Storage’s products to your cart? Well, you can visit their official website. Alternatively, you can also purchase it through the retail shop of the whole nation, Amazon.

SecureIt Gun Storage Coupon Codes & Promos

As a budget-conscious person, you know that finding discounts to put in your cart will be something you’ll be grateful for. And I totally understand that. Thus, I point out several ways of saving that you can use to reduce your purchase.

  • Free shipping on order over $250
  • Financing options with Klarna
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to get 5% off your next purchase

Not only that, but I also provide a place for you to reveal the SecureIt Gun Storage coupon codes. It’s easy enough to do. Just click the button below, and good luck!

Reveal all coupons
SecureIt Gun Storage

SecureIt Gun Storage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SecureIt Gun Storage reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns SecureIt Gun Storage?

Currently, the CEO and president of this SecureIt Gun Storage is Tom Kubiniec.

Does SecureIt Gun Storage ship internationally?

Yes, this brand offers international shipping through a freight forwarder.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SecureIt Gun Storage Reviews & Ratings

Durable, lightweight, US military standards quality, and utilizing CradleGrid technology, you never have to doubt the quality of SecureIt Gun Storage‘s products. Whether you’re a gun owner with one, six, a bunch of guns, or even dozens of guns, this brand provides the best place for you to store them.

The brand’s products are also varied, such as the Agile 52, Answer 12, Fast Box 47, SecureIt wall panel, and other accessories. So, whatever you need to store your guns, you can count on this brand.


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