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Seaich Corporation Review 2024 → Great Recreational & Outdoor Items To Spend Weekend!

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About Seaich Corporation

Do you have any plans for today’s weekend? How about riding a bicycle or taking a kayaking trip? It sounds All recreational activities can be found only at Seaich Corporation

Seaich Corporation Review: About Seaich Corporation

Seaich Corporation is a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah provides home products, backyard & outdoor recreational items, clothing, jewelry, toys, and other accessories. The company works as an importer, manufacturer, and distributor as well. 

This company was established long ago, but it started a new branding with a trendy, colorful design that continues to engage the market. The company also seems to be active on social media. 

As you search on google, Seaich Corporation Review will help you to know what this company provides. And we will explain everything in detail for easy understanding. Are you ready? Let’s start scrolling!

Overview Of Seaich Corporation

Back in 1929, Seaich Corporation was newly established. The company began its journey as a souvenir store selling many souvenirs and postcards at tourist gift shops and airports. Donna Bella Designs was the first brand launched at that time. 

In the late 2000s, new brands launched called Spacerails and Mucky Wear. Those two brands successfully entered the industry and received positive feedback from customers. 

For almost 100 years, the company survived and continued to establish a trustworthy corporation as a trendsetter. The team also keeps making the latest innovations with designs that keep up with the times to meet the customers’ needs. 

The vision is to create products to spend more time outside with family, loved ones, and friends. So everyone can spend their weekends happier and healthier. 

That’s probably a little bit of their story. 

Seaich Corporation Reviews

Enjoy your fun weekend or long holiday with several brands under Seaich Corporation. It includes Seaich Bikes, Seaich Pools & Houses, Waimea Bay, SpaceRails, Mucky Wear, and MeSkin. 

For true adventures and wild souls, you can try foldable, standard, or mountain bikes for adults and kids. Or unlock your new hobby of surfing or just enjoy kayaking. If you want something playful with little one, go with frame Seaich Pools & Houses.

Here, we tend to choose 3 best-selling products that can be your best recommendation if you’re overwhelmed. 

Seaich Corporation Best Selling Products 

  • Seaich Corporation FSR 26 Bike
  • Seaich Corporation Hybrid Kayaks
  • Seaich Corporation Frame Pool

Seaich Corporation Highlights

  • Free Shipping 
  • 14-day Return Policy 

Seaich Corporation FSR 26 Bike Reviews

Do you enjoy cycling? Great. We’ll start the first review with Seaich Corporation FSR 26″ Bike. This folding mountain bike is designed to ride narrow dirt trails and well-perform in rugged terrain. 

Seaich Corporation Review: Seaich Corporation FSR 26 Bike Reviews

The folding design can be a solution for those who want a practical bike that can be portable and takes up no space. In addition, it features flat handlebars for more stable control and two-inch wider tires for more traction. 

What’s more, this bike is popularly used by urban street cyclists because of its heavy-duty construction combined with strong rims. The bike also features hydraulic disc brakes for accessible climbing uphill roads. 

For $239.99, you can enjoy this folding bike in 3 colors (red, yellow, and white) to continue your wild adventure. 


  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy/ Steel
  • Head tube: 120mm
  • Fork: Suspension fork
  • Shifter: Front & rear index shifting 
  • Inner tubes: 175 natural rubber inner tube
  • Tire sizes: 26″ 

Seaich Corporation Hybrid Kayaks Reviews

If cycling isn’t your thing, how about enjoying the coast by kayak? We highly recommend you try Waimea Bay Single Seater Hybrid Kayaks

Seaich Corporation Review: Seaich Corporation Hybrid Kayaks Reviews

This inflatable kayak is the perfect idea to explore new waters in a fun way without fear. It has multi-features such as a non-slip deck pad, removable fins, leash, hand pump, adjustable strap, and multi-textured. It also builds in a grab handle to add more safety. 

The pouch cargo net and the back for storage can be used to put your stuff. If you need more, there is extra storage provided. And you can also remove the center fin as you wish. 

What else? With the action camera mount, you can capture exciting moments during your kayaking experience. And many more features are available suitable for spending your vacation time. 

If you don’t like solo kayaking, you can try Seaich Three Seater Kayak or Seaich Two Person Inflatable Dropsticth Canoe.

Seaich Corporation Frame Pool Reviews

Do you feel like the current weather is a bit hot? Perhaps you need to take a refreshing plunge in the pool with the rest of your family. Then, you can purchase Seaich Above Ground 16′ Round Frame Pool

Seaich Corporation Review: Seaich Corporation Frame Pool Reviews

This frame pool comes with a protective mesh lining and water filter. Made of fortified and triple-layered polyurethane, we love how the pool’s inflatable walls work well to hold water for a significant amount of time. For sure, it will last for many seasons.

The water filter has the primary function of chlorine resistance, ensuring that all incoming water will be filtered properly. This produces a crystal clear clean that prevents harmful bacteria from entering the skin. 

The best part? Easy assembly in less than 5 minutes. Simply unfold, construct, and fill with water. That’s it! 

Seaich Corporation Pros & Cons

Alright, you already know the three best-selling product reviews above. In this section, we’ve compared all aspects of the products and brands. The following list of Seaich Corporation pros & cons as follows:


  • It has several major brands of a good-quality products 
  • It features high-quality standard material on each item
  • For bikes, all the specifications never fail
  • Available in various options
  • It can be used for adults and kids
  • No need to worry about the safety packaging 
  • Great customers service


  • It does not provide international shipping
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the customer many reviews on the website

Who Is Seaich Corporation For?

Seaich Corporation is the place belong people are looking for something fun to spend the weekend outside with loved ones or family. Various products are available with good quality guarantees suitable for adults and children.

Seaich Corporation Review: Who Is Seaich Corporation For?

The company has approximately five brands with diverse collections. All products are produced to improve socializing with the surrounding environment or being physically active, which is also suitable for health. 

So, if you’re stuck with your weekend activities or don’t know how to make your weekend fun, Seaich can be your most satisfactory solution. 

Is Seaich Corporation Legit?

There’s nothing to worry about with this company. Seaich Corporation Legit is definitely a legit company. Furthermore, all the brands under its umbrella and the products it produces have ensured that all the quality is in good condition. 

The company has been established for 94 years and continues to improve each product’s quality and value. So there is no doubt that this product is indeed good to consider. 

Is Seaich Corporation Worth It?

All products that provide high value with outstanding quality are sure to attract everyone’s attention. Likewise, this company continuously maintains its quality to meet the needs of its customers. 

If you are wondering whether this company is worthy of being on your search list. So, yes! Seaich Corporation is worth considering on every purchase. You can find various products at pocket-friendly prices with the best features.

How To Contact Seaich Corporation

If there’s anything you need to ask more about the product or the company, reach out to customer service in the following ways:

You can also visit the store at the following address:

Seaich Corporation Address

4375 West 1980 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Seaich Corporation Shipping Policy

Online shopping at Seaich Corporation is easier now with the Free Shipping offer on all purchases. It is applied for delivery within the continental US only. 

As of now, this company only provides delivery services within the US. Once your order proceeds, the team will immediately send the package to the courier. 

No details information regarding delivery time. According to your location, it will probably take 2-4 business days or more. Just make sure the address is correct to avoid any shipping errors. 

Seaich Corporation Return Policy

In terms of return policy, Seaich Corporation provides no longer than 14 days to send the item back to the warehouse. After that, it can be returned for an exchange new product or a full refund. 

To complete your return, send your request to customer service with a reasonable reason and attach it to the product you wish to return. Please note that the item must be unused and still in the original packaging as the product arrives. 

The company will accept the exchange if the products you received are the wrong size. The refund will be approved if applicable. If your request is approved, you could wait for several days to get the full refund on your payment. 

Where to buy Seaich Corporation?

You can purchase all the products through Seaich Corporation Online Store. You can explore all the collections with ease. Plus all the information you need is available there.

If you order on the website, you can be certain that the products you buy are authentic and guaranteed for return and exchange if there is a mistake in the delivery. 

Or another ways, you can purchase all the products through authorized retailers such as Walmart and Academy Sports. 

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Seaich Corporation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Seaich Corporation reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Seaich Corporation ship Internationally?

Recently, the company doesn’t provide products to ship worldwide. Instead, you can purchase the products within the continental US only. 

Is Seaich Corporation offers bulk orders?

Yes! You can visit the WholeSale page to get the information. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Seaich Corporation Reviews & Ratings

Refresh your mind by doing fun activities on the weekends. For example, you can start exercising, cycling, swimming, enjoying the beauty of nature, etc. All you can get in Seaich Corporation Review

We try to provide detailed information about this company that you can use as a reference in purchasing. In the future, this review can help you and make you happy with the purchase. So you don’t get overwhelmed only by looking at the photos. 


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