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Score by Traffic Matters Review 2023 → Efficient Traffic Quality Analytics Tool!

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About Score by Traffic Matters

You’ve spent a lot of money on digital marketing but couldn’t see any visible results? Well, that’s because the traffic you get is not only prospective customers but also a fraud, non-human, and motorised traffic. This case will waste your ad budget since it’s less efficient.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: About Score by Traffic Matters

Score by Traffic Matters is a web analytics service where you can analyse your traffic and improve your web quality. Not only that, it can filter your traffic, so it will only drive trustworthy traffic. So overall it will spend the budget more efficiently. Which means it can increase the ROI.

This company grows significantly by creating a service that can offer a solution for your digital marketing toy. Even though it just launched, this company successfully became the finalist of StartUp Awards South East 2022.

Regardless, is this service worth investing in? Hence, this Score by Traffic Matters review will break down its company profile, subscription plan review, current discount and other informational factors.

Overview Of Score by Traffic Matters

Established in 2020, Score by Traffic Matters is a company that develops a web traffic analysis tool that allows you to analyse your traffic. This company strives to create tools and services which help online marketers can improve its result and protect their businesses.

With over 10 years of internal systems and algorithm development to optimise its campaign, make it able to detect robots, and fight deceptive and scheming traffic practices. By combining its knowledge and experience, this company can offer a service that solves this problem simply and conveniently.

This company create Score to allow you to monitor the quality and internet of the online traffic and swiftly remove the worst performing segments. It also has a customised service where you can get a reasonable price for what you need while improving the website’s profit with quality traffic.

The following are some of the highlights of this company to give you a better picture before we dig deeper.

Score by Traffic Matters Pros

  • Filter all traffic for a better result
  • Optimise the protection from non-human and risky traffic
  • Easy to monitor traffic quality and performance metrics
  • Increase ROI by obtaining quality traffic
  • Customised prices depend on what your needs
  • It can be used in WordPress, Shopify, and HTML
  • Free trials in the first month

Score by Traffic Matters Cons

  • No refund for subscription cancellation

Score by Traffic Matters Review

As we’ve mentioned, the main product of Traffic Matters is Score, a service that helps you analyse every traffic your website gets. It analyses the visitor and will provide your dashboard’s quality score and crucial data insight.

Score by Traffic Matters Reviews: Score by Traffic Matters Review

Analysing it can identify quality issues and optimise your traffic for better results. This web analytics service offers four subscription plans that you can choose from depending on your needs and the company size.

  • Starter
  • Advanced
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Each web analytics subscription plan has different features and access amount that you can leverage, which you need to choose wisely considering your needs. So we’ll break down each subscription plan in the following section.

Score by Traffic Matters Starter Reviews

Before investing your penny in this tool, it’s better to see how it works on your website to see whether you need it. The Score by Traffic Matters Starter is designed as a free trial where you can try its features for free in a month.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Score by Traffic Matters Starter Reviews

It’s a risk-free trial which allows you to try limited features. However, in this free trial, the features you can use are minimal but is worth trying.

The starter package will analyze impressions logged on to your webpage for 5,000 in a month. Since it’s a trial version, it can only be used for one website with 1 filter level. The filter will group data from various parameters to identify your website traffic’s best and worst segments.

The starter also only has 3 months of data retention, which means you can only analyze the historical data within 3 months. So if you’re interested in this Score Starter, you can get it for free, which costs £49 for the following month!

What you’ll get:

  • 5,000/month impressions
  • For 1 website
  • Level 1 Filter
  • 3 months Data retentions

Score by Traffic Matters Advanced Reviews

After using the free trial and you think you need the Score by Traffic Matters tools, you can subscribe to this Score Advanced to start. You can use this package for five websites that can analyse 50,000 impressions monthly.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Score by Traffic Matters Advanced Reviews

Unlike the starter package, it has a level 3 filter, meaning it can filter the impressions in broader parameters. This Score Advanced can also go back to analyse one year of historical data.

It will be suitable if you think you don’t need more features, but you can enjoy a much better filter level, impression, websites, and data retention than the free version. So, if you’re interested in this package, you can grab it for only £99 per month.

What you’ll get

  • 50,000/month impressions
  • 3 websites
  • Level 3 Filter
  • 1-year Data retentions

Score by Traffic Matters Pro Reviews

If you’re a professional blogger handling more than 20 websites, this Score by Traffic Matters Pro is the ideal option. This web analytics service plan can analyse 500k impressions in a month.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Score by Traffic Matters Pro Reviews

It is a customized plan that you can use for more than 20 websites to determine the price. In addition, it’s equipped with the highest filter level in 5 levels and two years of data retention.

Plus, you’ll get a dedicated account manager that can assist you in achieving the most out of this web analytics service. With advanced support, your inquiries will be the highest priority so that you can get the answer as soon as possible.

The plan is also equipped with API access, allowing it to access your data programmatically. The price is customized, depending on the many websites you use.

What you’ll get:

  • 500k/month impressions
  • 20+ websites
  • Level 5 Filter
  • 2-year Data retentions
  • Account Manager
  • Advanced support
  • API Access

Score by Traffic Matters Enterprise Reviews

The Score by Traffic Matters Enterprise is designed if you use this service for an enterprise that handles over 50 websites. This plan can analyse more than 1m+ impressions and more than 50 websites in a month.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Score by Traffic Matters Enterprise Reviews

Like the Pro plan, this plan has the highest filter level of 5 and three years of data retention, which is much longer. You’ll also get an account manager, Advanced support, and API access.

Plus, you can utilise the client manager, who makes managing people’s websites easier. But, more importantly, it has a User Manager, where you can control who will get access to your account, which makes it helpful if you want to let other people access the report.

What you’ll get:

  • 1m+/month impressions
  • 50+ websites
  • Level 5 Filter
  • 3-year Data retentions
  • Account Manager
  • Advanced Support
  • API Access
  • Client Manager
  • User Manager

How Does Score by Traffic Matters Work?

Just below, we’ll provide simple ways and every step of how this web analytic tool works:

  1. Every visit that comes to your website will be analysed
  2. From the analysing, it will provide a quality score and important data insight into your dashboard
  3. The steps above will give the key observation that can be used to identify the quality issues and optimise the traffic to get a better result.

So, are you ready to “Score” your traffic? You can get a start free trial here.

Why use Score by Traffic Matters?

What’s the benefit of this web analytics tool? Simply, it’s designed to have a protection benefit where it can filter and analyse your traffic, such as identifying non-human traffic and highlighting defrauding and deceptive traffic practices.

If you’re a digital marketer that manages other businesses’ websites, it can enhance the protection of the web to get a genuine targeted visitor. Moreover, it can give you confidence and help your partnership stay strong.

These tools can also discover crucial traffic insights, monitor performance metrics and quality, and identify trustworthy traffic providers. With all those benefits, it will increase the ROI by allocating the traffic budgets intelligently and optimising conversions.

Who Is Score by Traffic Matters For?

Score by Traffic Matters is a service that allows you to monitor your traffic. It can be the best option for every digital marketer to monitor and filter the traffic they get, so they can analyse it and improve the site.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Who Is Score by Traffic Matters For?

Not only that, it can be the best option if you want to seek ROI since it can increase the quality of traffic, leading to efficient budget spending.

Its subscription plan is also designed for individuals to large enterprises that manage over 50 websites. So mainly, it can be used for everyone who wants to increase the traffic quality.

Is Score by Traffic Matters legit?

We can state that Score by Traffic Matters is legit. You can see its company has a significant presence in the industry which led it to be a finalist in the 2022 South East StartUp Awards.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Is Score by Traffic Matters legit?

For over 10 years, they’ve been developing internal algorithms and systems to optimise clients’ campaigns. So we all can see this brand has good quality of services. Moreover, its company is listed on several company information websites.

Is Score by Traffic Matters Worth It?

We can only say that Score by Traffic Matters is worth checking out. The impressive thing about this company is how it can offer a solution in digital marketing by improving traffic quality.

Score by Traffic Matters Review: Is Score by Traffic Matters Worth It?

Many people struggle with an ad budget wasted because of non-human traffic, even though the website has excellent traffic. This service can filter and block non-human traffic, which will be perfect protection to ensure only quality visitors visit your website.

This brand also has an affordable price with a customised plan, which can be used for an individual to the digital marketer that handles more than one website.

A small investment in this web analytics service will help you increase the return on investment. So it offers you protection, intelligence, and financial benefits.

Cancellation Policy

All subscriptions will be due until the initial commitment period. But if you want to cancel the subscription plan before the initial time, no refund will be given for the remaining months. So if you want to cancel it, it’s better to use it until the period ends.

How To Contact Score by Traffic Matters

Have you wholly understood this website analytics service? Well, if you’re not sure yet and still have questions lingering in your mind, you can contact Score by Traffic Matters customer service.

  • Phone: 01279 874251
  • Email:
  • Form: Contact Us Form
  • Live Chat: Bottom right of the page
  • Location: Traffic Matters Group, Weston Business Centre, Parsonage Road, Takeley, England, CM22 6PU

Where to buy Score by Traffic Matters?

All access to Score by Traffic Matters can be accessed from its official website. There you can get all information about this brand, including the pricing and buying the service plan. You can also compare each plan on its website to see which one suits your needs better.

Score by Traffic Matters Coupon Codes & Promos

You can join its email list to get the latest offers about its web analytics service. Moreover, if this is your first time knowing this service, you can enjoy the first month for free as a trial.

You can also uncover the Score by Traffic Matters discount code by hitting the button below.

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Score by Traffic Matters Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Score by Traffic Matters reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Score?

This website analytics service is owned under Traffic Matters LTD, with Chris Denman and Rolandas Lakavicius as directors.

What payment methods does Score by Traffic Matters accept?

This service company accept major payment methods such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, Diners Club, and JCB.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Score by Traffic Matters Reviews & Ratings

From personal to business websites, Score by Traffic Matters is a web analytics service designed to help online marketers get better results on their business websites. With its service, you can analyze every visitor to your site for better improvements.

From what we’ve reviewed, this company offers various plans that you can choose from based on your needs. So are you ready to get a better score for your website to obtain the best ROI? Then, you can try it for free to see how it works for your website!


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