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Scienlodic Review 2024 → Red Light Therapy To Relieve Pain!

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About Scienlodic Red Light Therapy

Have you ever tried health therapy using light? If not, then you should try this Scienlodic therapy because it’s scientifically proven effective in providing benefits to the body!

Scienlodic Review: About Scienlodic Red Light Therapy

Scienlodic is a brand that presents light therapy by changing the way of use to make it easier. They provide a variety of therapy tools, such as a cupping massager, a photon therapy cap, a hearing aid photon, an electric cupping machine, and a photon therapy belt that are easy to use.

They’re highly committed to improving the functionality of red light devices and making them easy to use, even providing “Next Generation” features with the best home appliance aesthetic experience in their products.

If you’re curious and want to know more about the brand, continue reading to find history, best-selling products, customer reviews, and much more brand-related information that you can get at Scienlodic review. Stay with us!

Overview Of Scienlodic

Established in 2018, Scienlodic was born in demand for better light therapy and provided the most advanced body treatments. Various body care needs such as weight loss, pain relief, skincare, and hair growth are expected.

With the belief held by the brand that red light can be easily used anywhere as an effective treatment, they present equipment that can not only be used but found in treatment rooms. It can be found and used anywhere. 

Even the medical devices they provide are engineered to be used as “hands-off” systems that don’t require the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

Users can enjoy easy treatments that can be used through wearable, battery-operated wraps and lightweight handheld devices that can be used anywhere.

Thus, the advanced technology of medical spas has now made its way to the living room, bed, home gym, car, or anywhere else.


  • Its use is very easy and effective in relieving pain, regrowing hair, and reviving skin
  • Easy to carry and use anywhere
  • FDA approved
  • Ship internationally
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 60-days return policy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Positive reviews

Scienlodic Review

Well, after knowing about the history of how this brand started its business in this industry, maybe you start to wonder about the quality of the products and how the products function.

Scienlodic Reviews: Scienlodic Review

Don’t worry! In the next section, this Scienlodic review will discuss about 3 best seller products along with information about the products. 

Scienlodic 3 Best-selling Products

  • Hat R1, which is a Red Infrared Light Therapy Cap
  • Wrap T210, which is Red Light Therapy For Body
  • Torch C12R is a treatment product that serves to revive skin with light

Please keep reading to find out information about the quality of the Scienlodic products. Scroll up to begin!

Scienlodic Photon Therapy Hat R1 Reviews

The first best-selling product that we’ll discuss is the Photon Therapy Hat R1. This Red Infrared Light Therapy Hat works to deliver red light with a wavelength of 660nm and infrared light with a wavelength of 850nm.

Scienlodic Review: Scienlodic Photon Therapy Hat R1 Reviews

The light penetrates deep into the skin tissue and makes the scalp absorb energy, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain.

The lamp on this cap has a convex optical design, which adopts convex lamp beads. It can concentrate the light and make the light spread in a straight line. Thus, it can accelerate cellular energy metabolism.

This ultra-lightweight red light therapy cap will be perfect for various occasions such as home, office, and gym, and is suitable for both men and women. So, if you have some scalp problems, this tool will help you to reduce oily scalp, treat the damaged scalp, and restore a healthy cycle.

You don’t have to worry about the effects of this device, such as scalding, as it innovatively adds 10HZ and 40HZ pulse modes for customers to avoid scalp burns.


  • Relax the brain
  • Repair damaged hair
  • Speed up cell metabolism
  • Promote brain cell proliferation

Choose this red light cap that will give you the best therapeutic effect for a cost of $106.99. Its easy use and amazing and effective benefits will give you a lot of advantages.

Scienlodic Photon Therapy Wrap T210 Reviews

You can get easy and painless body therapy by using the Photon Therapy Wrap T210 from Scienlodic. This best-selling product will work by exposing the skin to 660nm wavelength red light therapy and 850nm wavelength infrared therapy lights deep into the skin tissue, making the skin absorb energy.

Scienlodic Review: Scienlodic Photon Therapy Wrap T210 Reviews

This lamp has high irradiance and considerable size. Each bead contains 3 LED therapy light chips. Also, this device consists of 168pcs red lights and 42pcs infrared lights.

With the large size of the product, it can expand the irradiation area of the red and infrared light therapy device and reach a wider area of body wrapping.

Accordingly, this therapy tool has 5 adjustable brightness levels. So users can adjust to individual needs and body parts used.

In addition, this tool also has a timer function that can be set for 15-60 minutes. Thus you can use it while sleeping and don’t have to worry about burning your skin for too long.

It’s even waterproof and oilproof thanks to its transparent protective layer that protects the product from damage caused by sweat or body oils.


  • Increase the production of collagen 
  • Strengthen the regeneration of cells
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Enhance immunity
  • Effectively relax muscles
  • Alleviate joint pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance cell activity
  • Speed up metabolism

Further, you can use this red light therapy belt as a weight loss therapy can be obtained by spending a total of $198.99.

There is no need to worry because the price is very comparable to the quality and effectiveness of the product that will be obtained.

Scienlodic Photon Therapy Torch C12R Reviews

Experiencing facial skin problems such as acne or dull skin? You can do some therapies that will help deal with your skin problems. One of them is by using Photon Therapy Torch C12R

Scienlodic Review: Scienlodic Photon Therapy Torch C12R Reviews

This skin revives acne treatment has a shape that makes it easy to hold and apply to the facial skin area. In addition, this tool will emit red light to provide treatment to the skin to revive your skin.

Thanks to its 4 wavelengths for multifunctional therapy, it can not only promote blood circulation and relieve muscles and joints in the body but can also boost cell metabolism for facial skin. 

This tool has 24 led lights that will work well to emit light that will work on your skin. You only need to emit light on the skin that you want to focus on. You don’t need to attach the tool to your skin because it might burn the skin. 

Using the device in dry conditions is also important, as the product isn’t waterproof. However, this lightweight and small device can be carried anywhere so that you can provide regular care to your skin.


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Smooth skin
  • Freckle
  • Reduce and prevent acne on the skin
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Bone repair
  • Muscle energy metabolism
  • Hypertension
  • Wound healing

You can get this multifunctional product for only $129.99. Experience the benefits of this magical product now!

Who Is Scienlodic For?

Since this red light therapy tool from Scienlodic has various functions for body health, this tool will be suitable for anyone with several health problems. Such as muscle pain, damaged hair, and even skin problems.

Scienlodic Review: Who Is Scienlodic For?

Usually, older people will love using this tool. It’s easy to use and has no side effects, making older people very comfortable when using it. Even this tool can also be used to treat the body if you have joint problems. 

Then is this brand safe to use for babies? Although the use of tools from this brand is very easy and comfortable, it would be better to consult with a doctor before using this tool for children.

Scienlodic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Next, let’s see how the reviews of the customers who have tried the products from Scienlodic. These reviews we took from 3 products that we discussed earlier on Amazon.

Scienlodic Review: Scienlodic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first product Photon Therapy Hat R1 received a rating of 4/5 from 65 reviewers. One of the customers who gave the highest review said:

Loved how short of a time it took me before bed. Only 20 minutes and it has an automatic timer and turns itself off. I slept well afterwards.

From the reviews above, it can be concluded that this product is very effective in a short time, but its performance can be felt well by its users. Even the automatic timer technology is very helpful for customers when using it.

Continued on the second product Photon Therapy Wrap T210, which received a rating of 4.2/5 from 101 reviewers. one of the happy customers left a comment:

I would highly recommend this Scienlodic Red Light Therapy wrap!!! It’s so easy to use and I place it on lengths for my spinal issues. It’s amazing for pain relief from inflammation. I also hang it on my thighs and legs at different times to help with bone and skin issues. It’s amazing!

It can be concluded that the customer is satisfied with the ease of the product when used and its benefits which are very effective for relieving pain from inflammation and spinal problems he experiences.

The last product Photon Therapy Torch C12R, that we discussed earlier got a rating of 3.4/5 from 37 reviewers, who also had some satisfied customers after using this product. One of them said:

The device is very compact, portable and powerful. It is easy to use and works well. It weighs about 1.5 pounds and feels like you are holding a high-quality product. only two buttons to control the power, blue light, and red light. The device will run for 20 minutes and then turn off. However, it can last up to three hours on a full charge…

Like the previous reviews, customers say that the product they use is very easy to use. Even all kinds of advanced technology that includes the product are very helpful to customers when using it.

Although these customers say this product has a high price, we guarantee that the benefits obtained are worth the cost incurred.

Is Scienlodic Worth It?

Doing health therapy with easy use and can be done at home without having to go to the clinic is very beneficial. Fortunately, this brand provides therapy tools that are easy to use and can be used anywhere.

Scienlodic Review: Is Scienlodic Worth It?

Therefore, we think this product is worth investing in for everyone with health problems. Moreover, this brand has claims that have been approved by its customers.

Besides creating and providing effective products for the health of their customers, they also provide the best service for their customers by providing free shipping worldwide.

Scienlodic Shipping Policy

In order to provide the best service to all its customers, the brand provides international shipping and free shipping specifically for US shipments and a few specific countries to satisfy customers worldwide.

This is especially true for free shipping within the US because the products are shipped through the Chicago Warehouse. The shipping estimate is 1 to 2 business days for processing and 3 to 4 business days for delivery. 

As for international shipping, they also provide free shipping but for a few specific countries. Here is the list of countries and shipping estimates:

  • Australia: 1-2 business days for processing, 6-12 business days for shipping
  • New Zealand: 1-2 business days for processing, 6-12 business days for shipping
  • Canada: 1-2 business days for processing, 6-10 business days for shipping
  • United Kingdom: 1-2 business days for processing, 6-12 business days for shipping
  • Singapore: 1-2 business days for processing, 1-5 business days for delivery

Packages will be delivered on business days and will not make deliveries on Bank Holidays. Please note that the brand cannot deliver to Armed Forces addresses, PO Boxes, and Hotels.

Scienlodic Return Policy

Are you dissatisfied with the product you received? Fortunately, the brand provides a return and refund policy. The light therapy devices cover a 60-day return period. You can contact customer service via [email protected] for return instructions. 

The brand informs that all returns of opened Scienlodic photon devices are subject to a restocking fee. Some details to note for the return policy are as follows:

  • All kits and configurations must be returned complete with original packaging for all devices and components
  • It must be in like-new condition
  • All returns received with damaged or missing components will be refused and returned to the sender
  • Return shipping and costs will be the responsibility of the customer
  • Return policy only applies to purchases from the official website

Once you make a product return, all returned products will be inspected and processed within 3-5 days of receipt. Refunds will be made within approximately four weeks or sooner after delivering the package.

Scienlodic Warranty

To provide confidence to its customers and guarantee the durability of product performance, the brand offers a 2-year hardware warranty for each product without personal fault. 

If within 2 years of purchase you experience any problems with your product, you can contact customer service for more information.

How To Contact Scienlodic

Maybe you have some unanswered questions on the Scienlodic review. Then, you can contact their customer service at:

  • Phone: +86 177 0194 5770
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill in the blank form on the contact page provided

Their team will get back to you within 48 hours of your message. If you’ve other needs and want to send some files to the company, you can send them to:

Business Address:

Room 205, No. 2, Fifth Street, Xie Village First Industrial Zone, Zhongcun Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 511495 Guangdong, China

Where to buy Scienlodic?

The best place to find these products is on their official website. You’ll be guaranteed authentic products, free shipping, a product warranty, and other promos or discounts. In addition, you can also find products from Scienlodic on marketplaces such as Amazon.

Scienlodic Coupon Codes & Promos

To give appreciation to its customers, Scienlodic provides attractive promos for every purchase. Buyers can apply the code BF15 to get 15% off Scienlodic red light therapy. In addition, customers can also get 10% off if they subscribe to the newsletter. 

So what else can you get? Other interesting promos and discounts can be obtained by pressing the button we provide below. Enjoy!

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Scienlodic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Scienlodic reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Scienlodic?

We couldn’t find any information regarding the owner of this brand. However, the company was founded in 2018.

Does Scienlodic ship internationally?

So that customers around the world can enjoy and benefit from its products, the brand provides international shipping. 

Where is Scienlodic located?

According to its website, the company’s business address is Room 205, No. 2, Fifth Street, Xie Village First Industrial Zone, Zhongcun Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 511495 Guangdong, China.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Scienlodic Reviews & Ratings

Health treatment is now easier without having to go to a health clinic. You can do it all anywhere, whether at home, car, office, or anywhere else. Scienlodic, which has many benefits and uses to solve several health problems in the body, is the right choice. 

Moreover, the brand also provides international shipping, so no matter where you are, you can try and enjoy the benefits of their products!


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