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Savannah Morrow the Label Review 2024 → Your Summer Ideas Outfit!

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About Savannah Morrow the Label

Are you looking for summer dresses or vacation outfit ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll introduce you to Savannah Morrow the Label, a sustainable fashion brand known for its earthy shades for summer outfits. 

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: About Savannah Morrow the Label

Savannah Morrow the Label is a clothing brand that offers airy and lightweight collections inspired by nature. It is an LA-based label but globally inspired in the women’s fashion world. 

Since its appearance, the brand brings the concept of the forces of nature to support the planet. They understand that the fashion industry is supposed to contribute to environmental goals. 

As seen on social media, this brand has 143k+ followers on Instagram and almost 1k+ followers on Facebook. Also, the hashtag #savannahmorrowthelabel was shared widely by 641 users on Instagram.

What about the overall quality? Are they comfortable to wear? Get the answers only in Savannah Morrow the Label review!

Overview Of Savannah Morrow the Label

Founded in 2017, Savannah Morrow the Label is a brand based in LA. The brand is named after the founder, Savannah. She is passionate about the fashion industry and turns it into a big passion to explore her creativity.

She is aware of how the fashion industry contributes to global microplastic pollution. Thus, she created Savannah Morrow to bring sustainable fashion and help regenerate the environment. 

All products are made from sustainable and natural fabrics. It is hand-loomed by local artisans, focusing on quality and comfort. Moreover, each collection is hand-dyed using zero-waste techniques. 

Accordingly, the packaging is also made from sustainably grown plant materials. It can be composted right at home. Of course, it is a good way of reducing plastic waste. 


  • Free shipping on all US orders above $250
  • Easy return within 10 days
  • Offers huge promotions
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Friendly customer service

Savannah Morrow the Label Review

Bohemian and elegant are the perfect words to describe the first time you looked at SMTL collections. Savannah Morrow also focuses on creating airy clothing. It looks so simple and free-flowing but remains elegant.

Savannah Morrow the Label Reviews: Savannah Morrow the Label Review

Of course, you can find many pieces in SMTL collections for summer outfit ideas, parties, or special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a floral dress to wrap dress and a Brazilian swim to mini skirt, this brand has everything. 

Further, Savannah Morrow’s collections feature a diverse assortment of women’s fashion with stunning earthy shades. Not only does it provide comfort, but it also creates a relaxed and serene ambiance in various situations.

Savannah Morrow the Label Collections:

Each collection offers a piece of elegant and classy fashion items ranging from:

  • Tops & Bottoms
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Skirts

Additionally, Savannah Morrow features gorgeous Summer Knits that are fit to be your go-to fashion idea when summer comes. The design is impressive with Pima Cotton Knit. It is incredibly soft and lightweight to wear in summer and spring.

So which item would you choose? If you still have no idea what’s ideal for you, consider our 5 top product reviews below. We determine these items based on the customer’s favorite. 

Savannah Morrow the Label Mahria Dress Review

If you’re looking for a versatile dress with simple details, look no further than the Mahria Dress Emerald. It seems modest but exudes elegance and flair.

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: Savannah Morrow the Label Mahria Dress Review

Mahria Dress Emerald is one of the customer favorites in Savannah Morrow’s first collection. This dress is breathtaking and graceful, with the perfect combination of peace silk and bamboo blend.

In addition, this dress has elegant peasant sleeves that create an effortless but ethereal look. The plunging V-neck adds the perfect amount of flair to this dress. Also, it has side-cut details to expose your skin as you walk by.

For sure, you’ll fall in love with this fabulous Emerald color. It shows the perfect earthy shades combined with contemporary design and a hint of classic. 

Dress Details:

  • Material: 50% Peace Silk and 50% Bamboo
  • Color: Emerald
  • Versatile fit with an elastic waist
  • Elegant arms
  • Perfect for all seasons

Overall, the Mahria Dress is a versatile option to accompany you through every season. So are you interested in having it? It is on final sale now for $172.13 instead of the regular price of $459.00.

Savannah Morrow Sky Dress Review

Another elegant nature-inspired green dress collection you can try is Sky Dress Emerald. This dress brings out your natural beauty as you walk by.

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: Savannah Morrow Sky Dress Review

Sky Dress is another emerald-colored green dress collection. This classy shade elevates the elegance yet boldness of anyone who wears it. You are going to love it the first time you see this dress.

Besides, this dress is made from the signature bamboo wrinkle and peace silk fabric. The fabrics are surprisingly fabulous as they are lightweight and comfortable.

As you can see, this dress also includes a removable belt. It is not like the typical belt that is tight and brimming with details. The designer is inspired by Japanese martial arts to design this belt with elegance and simplicity.

Dress Details:

  • Material: 50% bamboo and 50% peace silk
  • Color: Emerald, Caramel

The Sky Dress looks great for summer nights out. If you like it, you can buy it at a sale price of $172.13. Just hurry up! The final sale won’t take longer. 

Savannah Morrow the Label Verita Dress Review

Refresh your look with Venita Dress Cream! This is exactly what you’re looking for a modest yet versatile dress.

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: Savannah Morrow the Label Verita Dress Review

The most exciting and unique feature of this dress is the long straps. You can use the versatile straps to create your style. Whether you cross over the neck and chest or wrap it around your belly to the back, it can be styled in several ways. 

The most brilliant ideas are the exposed cut-out front and the secure cross-over option. It also has a nice side cut on the right and left to show your skin as you walk. You can wear it to attend summer parties or other events.

Dress Details:

  • Material: 50% Peace Silk and 50% Bamboo
  • Color: Cream and Agave

Overall, this dress is truly mesmerizing. With such a versatile and beautiful style, you can spend $365.00 to have it. Interesting? Let’s buy today!

We have other recommendations if you want more versatile dresses in Savannah Morrow Collections: The Palmera Dress with unique wooden beads or the Oasis Dress and Andria Dress with a carefree style. 

Savannah Morrow the Label Jumpsuit Review

What about a Jumpsuit Dress? It sounds great and feels comfortable for the summer season. Savannah Morrow has the Arun Jumpsuit with versatile long strips almost similar to the Venita Dress.

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: Savannah Morrow the Label Jumpsuit Review

The Arun Jumpsuit has an open cut-out front design. You can style it with long strips. Likewise, the long strips can be tied to the front or back as you wish or cross over your neck. So, it will elevate its aesthetics while giving you more confidence.

At first glance, it might be similar to the Venita Dress, but it’s totally different. The Aruna Jumpsuit has an elastic waist and wide legs, giving you the flexibility to move around on summer occasions. 

Jumpsuit Details:

  • Material: 50% bamboo and 50% peace silk
  • Color: Caramel, Emerald, Cream

It will fit perfectly on you, honestly. Pick your favorite color and buy with a special price of $245.00. Who can say no to that?

Savannah Morrow the Label Skirt Review

Besides stunning dresses, Savannah Morrow the Label has a collection of skirts you might love. We recommend the Rico Mini Skirt Cay, which fits perfectly into your summer vacation outfit. 

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: Savannah Morrow the Label Skirt Review

You can wear Rico Mini Skirt Cay with Rico Button-Up Cay and Rico Top Cay. Each piece is available separately. It’s a nice combo with a stylish mid-contemporary design that fits you perfectly. 

Moreover, the cay color is so luxurious and elegant that impresses anyone who sees it. The selection of the Pima Cotton Crochet is a brilliant idea that provides a nice texture and breathability.

Skirt Details:

  • Material: Pima Cotton Crochet
  • Color: Cay 

It is available in different sizes, allowing you to get the right size. So, are you eager to rock with this skirt? If so, grab it fast today with $131.25 on the final sale price!

Savannah Morrow the Label Pros & Cons

Every brand has positive and negative aspects, and Savannah Morrow is no exception. With that in mind, we’ve compiled them in the following list: 


  • A brand with a vast selection of elegant women’s fashion
  • Hand-loomed fabric
  • They have signature items with earthy shades
  • It is made of natural fiber, ensuring comfort and breathability
  • Sustainable packaging from grown plant materials
  • Zero plastic waste to support the environment 
  • Use recycle packaging


  • No customer reviews on the website 

Who Is Savannah Morrow the Label For?

Savannah Morrow the Label is the answer for a lightweight, breathable, graceful outfit. This brand is totally for women who need to feel confident in their outfits in summer while still looking stylish and elegant.

On top of that, Savannah Morrow collections is suitable for women who want to wear high heels or go barefoot on an island. Their collection offers flexibility and coziness for several seasons. 

Is Savannah Morrow the Label Legit?

Are you questioning the authenticity of this brand? Hold on! We have thoroughly reviewed all the aspects and believe Savannah Morrow is a trusted and legit women’s fashion brand.

This brand is hugely popular in the fashion world with its collections made from natural fabrics. The products can be purchased online and are available at various offline and online retailers in several countries.

Is Savannah Morrow the Label Worth It?

Without any doubt, Savannah Morrow the Label is worth buying for summer outfit ideas. All the collections use natural fabrics that bring an airy feel to each look. It is the perfect label to add to your bucket list for your summer collection.

Savannah Morrow the Label Review: Is Savannah Morrow the Label Worth It?

In addition, they have a wide variety of fashion items with simple yet versatile designs. You can show up freely and confidently to any event. It will unlock your style to the next level.

How To Contact Savannah Morrow the Label

Kindly contact the customer service team for any inquiries related to the products or payment process via email or chat.

You need to wait within 24 hours to get a response. 

Savannah Morrow the Label Shipping Policy

This brand currently offers express worldwide shipping. All products are shipped from Los Angeles, California, using reliable shipping services.

Free shipping is available for purchases above $250 within the United States. Below is the estimated shipping according to the shipping method selection:

  • UPS Standard Shipping: 5-7 business days
  • UPS Two Day: 2 business days
  • UPS Next Business Day: Orders must be placed before 1 pm PST on Monday-Friday

Savannah Morrow the Label Return Policy

Savannah Morrow accepts returns within 10 days of the delivery date. All products must be returned in unused, unscented, and unwashed conditions. It also includes the tags and original packaging. 

To start a return, please email [email protected] with your order number and the items you wish to return. The team needs 24 hours to confirm your request. You will get a reply message once it is approved.

Where to buy Savannah Morrow the Label?

Ready to catch on style? Alright, head over to the official website at The brand is also available at several retailers, both online and offline across the world, including:

  • Net-A-Porter (USA)
  • Swoon NYC
  • Harrods (UK)
  • Michal & Moron Boutique (Israel)
  • Vakkaru Maldives (Maldives)

Savannah Morrow the Label Coupon Codes & Promos

The End of Season Sale has come! Apply the discount code SEASON20 at checkout and enjoy 20% off. Is there anything else? Sure, you can get other special deals by:

  • Joining the newsletter with your email address
  • Find special promo on social media at @savannahmorrowthelabel
  • Or click the button below to reveal exclusive deals

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Savannah Morrow the Label

Savannah Morrow the Label Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Savannah Morrow the Label reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Savannah Morrow from?

Savannah Morrow is a fashion brand from Los Angeles. It has an elegant and unique style for summer collections. 

Who is the owner Savannah Morrow the Label?

As the name suggests, Savannah Morrow uses her own name for her label.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Savannah Morrow the Label Reviews & Ratings

So, which outfit collection will you choose to embrace the summer season? Savannah Morrow the Label has everything you need, from versatile dresses and jumpsuits to essential fashion items to look stunning in all seasons.

This brand is currently on sale. If you buy today, you can save more cash on your favorite dress or skirt. Please note that the final sale is available on a limited edition. You must hurry and purchase from now on. 


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