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Sandartgift Review 2023 → Create Memorable Painting Sand Video!

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About Sandartgift

Have you ever thought of making memorable artwork on your special day? Then, why don’t you give it all a try with the sand painting video? If so, Sandartgift is the best place to go. 

Sandartgift Review: About Sandartgift

Sandartgift is an online website that offers sand painting video services for any event you want. All sand paintings are made and processed by the owner.

Although this website is still relatively new, there has been a lot of enthusiasm for visiting it until the video on YouTube has been viewed more than 10k since it was released one month ago. 

What’s else? You can find it directly on Sandartgift Review for more information about the website. We’ve summarized everything you need and want to know about this website. So, grab your cozy spot and start reading!

Overview Of Sandartgift

Freya Lee is the brains behind Sandartgift. She is a young artist from Asia who grew up in a seaside city. Her childhood was spent playing with his friends, making castles out of the sand on the beach. 

From that moment, she began to watch the sand painting master Fang Yong on TV and was interested in learning the art of sand painting. Then she learned how to make art by sketching, gouache, oil painting, and watercolor. 

Time passed by, she went to an art college at 18 and took an elective course on sand painting creation. In short, she worked in a design company with computer software and paintbrushes after graduating. 

In 2018, she had her first solo exhibition and shared her masterpiece with more people. She also won two awards, such as the Sand Art Gold Award in 2016 and the Best Art Creation Award in 2017

Sandartgift Reviews

At Sandartgift, you will be delighted by the stunning masterpieces by Freya Lee. All the artworks are consistently made in good quality, so you won’t be disappointed when ordering them.

Currently, there are 4 main products of sand painting videos, of which we only take the best 3 to review in more depth. In this way, you’ll have little knowledge before start to purchase. 

Sandartgift Best-Selling Products

  • Sandartgift Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo
  • Sandartgift Proposal or Wedding Sand Painting Video
  • Sandartgift Commercial Use Sand Painting Video

Sandartgift Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo Reviews

All of us would like to make our special day something truly unforgettable, right? While photos and albums may be lost under a huge pile of paperwork, Sandartgift comes with the Delicate Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo to remind you about your romantic day.

Sandartgift Review: Sandartgift Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo Reviews

Freya, the owner, uses multiple hues of sand to match the custom color desired by the customer. That’s why a dreamy wedding video can be created beautifully to impress the customer and make them satisfied with the result. 

One thing you need to note is that Sandartgift can only draw the part above the chest. It means you cannot custom a full-body photograph because of the workbench’s size restriction. 

Keep your special day memory lasting forever by ordering a sand painting video for $80.00 per video frame. 

Sandartgift Proposal or Wedding Sand Painting Video Reviews

Another best-selling option from Sandartgift that will blow your mind is the Proposal or Wedding Sand Painting Video. What’s the difference? This one only uses a single color. 

Sandartgift Review: Sandartgift Proposal or Wedding Sand Painting Video Reviews

Yup, if you want to arrange a romantic proposal in a different way, try this sand painting video to get mesmerizing results. Simply send your love story in the text to Sandartgift, and the rest will take care of them. 

The best part? You only need to spend $30 per frame, it refers to a sand painting picture. Kindly send your pictures and text to Sandartgift, and you will get the drafted design within 3 days as soon as possible. If you want some modifications, you can add suggestions to each draft.

If you’re still wondering about the order service of the proposal sand painting video, hit this page to view the examples. 

Sandartgift Commercial Use Sand Painting Video Reviews

Will you create a long-lasting impression on your customers? Try Commercial Use Sand Painting Video and run an attractive promotion to engage customers. 

Sandartgift Review: Sandartgift Commercial Use Sand Painting Video Reviews

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, holiday sale, or other commercial use, this sand painting video is worth checking out. You can also customize multiple color choices according to your file. 

Make a request to Sandartgift along with the number of video frames and the pictures you want to add to the content. Plus, attach the link to your company, and the owner will learn more about your company. 

Tap this page to get the example. 

Sandartgift Pros & Cons

There’s no such thing as perfect, and neither is Sandartgift. Once we look forward to this website, we’ve found the pros & cons of each product. You can take a look at the list below: 


  • Ease of ordering and friendly service
  • It can be an ideal gift idea for the loved one 
  • Affordable cost
  • Impeccable sand painting video results
  • Fast processing approximately within 5 days 


  • It doesn’t have many reviews since the website is quite new
  • Need more sand painting options

Who Is Sandartgift For?

We highly recommend this website for everyone who loves artwork and beautiful masterpieces of sand painting. It is specially designed for all special occasions, including anniversaries, birthday parties, Halloween, and other promotions to engage more customers. 

Sandartgift Review: Who Is Sandartgift For?

What’s more, you can also purchase this art to play for your audience before the wedding begins. This sand painting video has two options: single color and multiple colors. It allows you to be easier on customize which creation you want.

How Does Sandartgift Work

Now you know what are the best-selling products at Sandartgift, but you’re still questioning how it works or when you will receive the result. Okay, we’ll cover it further in this section. 

  • Delicate Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo

You’ll require only a wedding photo to make an order. If you want more photos, you need to order the equivalent number of the service.

The video result will be sent to your email within 5 days after you place the order without any design draft. It means they don’t accept revisions at all. 

  • Proposal or Wedding Sand Painting Video

Kindly send your pictures and the love story of your proposal or wedding. Later on, you’ll receive a drafted design in 3 days. So you have time to submit revisions if you feel something is missing. 

Once the draft is finalized, you can no longer modify the content, and Sandartgift will start to process the painting and filming. Then your video will be ready within 7 days after you agree on the draft. 

  • Commercial Use Sand Painting Video

If you plan to order this video, you’ll need photos, a business name, and your thoughts. In 3 days, you’ll receive the design draft to get your opinion before the draft is finalized. 

When you say you’re satisfied with the draft, the filming process starts to begin. It might take 7 days to finish it. 

Note: If you want to add subtitles and music to your video, send a request through an email at

Is Sandartgift Worth It?

After we spent hours digging deeper into this website, we can surely admit that Sandartgift is indeed worth trying. So for those of you who are looking for something different on your special day, you can try this custom-made sand painting video. 

In addition, the price offered is also inexpensive and comparable to the quality you get. Plus, the good service and consultation make customers feel satisfied with the results obtained. So, who can refuse to order it?

How To Contact Sandartgift

Want to have your precious moments visualized by Sandartgift? You can consult and chit-chat with their team by the following:

Wait for approximately less than 24 hours, and they will give you a response. 

Where to buy Sandartgift?

Sandartgift is an online sand painting service that you can easily order through the Official Website Account. This online service does not require delivery, so wherever you are, you can still get this beautiful sand painting video. 

Sandartgift Coupon Codes & Promos

Don’t be in such a hurry. Sandartgift gives special discounts for all customers. Are you happy now? Good. You can enjoy up to $5 OFF on selected items.

For sure, the promotion has an expiration date. Hence, you can check the availability of the discounts as well as other discount codes below. 

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Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Sandartgift in other countries.

Sandartgift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sandartgift reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns the Sandartgift?

As we mentioned above, Freya Lee is the owner of Sandartgift. She created this website to share the happiness with her masterpiece. 

Can I cancel the order?

Unfortunately no. Once you’ve made the order means, you agree to continue to the next step of processing the video. If you have any other questions, please send an email at 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sandartgift Reviews & Ratings

Artwork is indeed endless. Many creations and variants are created to amaze people and also have a high value for the creator and connoisseur of the work. Sand painting is no exception. This art has been famous for a long time, and many people have begun to learn it.

In case you want to own and enjoy sand painting, Sandartgift is the answer. All your moments can be depicted magnificently and beautifully through sand painting videos. 


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