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SamBoat Review 2024 → Over 50,000 Boats Are Ready To Rent

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About SamBoat

One fun way to enjoy the beauty of the sea is boating. Yet, many people can’t afford a boat due to its high price. Hence, save your funds because all you need is SamBoat.

SamBoat Review: About SamBoat

Speaking of boats, SamBoat is a name you cannot ignore. They specialize in boat rentals and serve as the main platform connecting boat owners with enthusiasts worldwide.

Here’s a surprising fact: the company offers 50,000 boats for rent globally. Moreover, they have an annual record of more than 300,000 people who enjoy sailing with this brand.

Moreover, the company’s incredible impact has attracted significant media attention. Leading media outlets such as Forbes, The Guardian, and BBC┬áhave featured discussions about the brand.

In addition, the company’s social media presence is no less lively. We found that they have 27k followers on Facebook and more than 21k+ followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Thus, are you ready to catch some budget-friendly ocean vibes? Follow this SamBoat review! We’re about to spill the beans of this brand’s excellent services, backed by real testimonials. Thus, let’s roll!

Overview of SamBoat

The company was born from the collaborative idea of the founders, Laurent Calando and Nicolas Cargou. Their brilliant thought came from a common problem. Recreational boat is too expensive and underused.

Therefore, as experts in boating, the founders want to help people affordably enjoy the sea. Finally, they officially established SamBoat in 2014. They are committed to providing quality boats at affordable prices.

Then, they gathered staff who were also passionate about sailing and boating. Soon, the company was integrated with Dream Yacht Charter Group. They continue to improve the quality of their boats.

In addition, this company loves boats as much as they love the sea and nature. They participate in protecting the environment. Thus, people contribute to saving the earth when using the services of this company.

SamBoat Highlights

  • 50.000 boats to rent
  • Available in worldwide
  • Best amenities on board
  • Skipper and guide provided
  • Wide range of price
  • Quality control
  • Best deals at sea
  • Excellent customer care
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Being responsible for the environment

SamBoat Review

A standout feature of SamBoat is its wide selection of boats, ranging from luxury yachts to humble sailboats. They are on a mission to have a boat for every taste and budget!

SamBoat Reviews: SamBoat Review

SamBoat extends its boat rental globally. You can count on this company whether you want to visit a beautiful ocean in Europe like Palermo in Italy or Asia like Bali in Indonesia.

SamBoat’s Boat Collection

  • Motorboat
  • Semi-rigid
  • Yacht
  • Sailboat
  • Catamaran
  • Jet Ski
  • Canal boat

Additionally, there’s no need to worry if you’re a first-time boater. The company offers boats with skippers as captains. So, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the sea without any worries.

But what about the quality? This company excels in this aspect! They conduct regular quality control checks on their boats, ensuring they are always in the best condition possible.

Then, it’s time to spotlight the most wanted boats in this company. We’re here to walk you through the fantastic features and pricing. No more waiting. Let’s set sail!

SamBoat Pacific Craft 625 Open - 2019 Reviews

If you are on a vacation to Spain, visit Palma de Mallorca. The brand offers the best way to enjoy the sea with the Pacific Craft 625 Open – 2019. You can take up to 7 people to ride this 115-hp motorboat.

SamBoat Review: SamBoat Pacific Craft 625 Open - 2019 Reviews

You can rent this boat as a bareboat. It provides a free and authentic experience in mastering the ship to sail the ocean. But if you are a beginner in boating, don’t panic. You can choose the option with skipper and guide.

The Pacific Craft 625 Open – 2019 deck is your sun-soaking heaven. Soft plush seating invites you to kick back and relax. At the front of the boat is a table you can use to relax while sipping your favorite drink.

Moreover, the facilities are generous for a 20 ft (6 m) boat. People can enjoy deck showers, snorkeling equipment, coolers, etc you also don’t have to worry about running out of power since this boat also provides USB plugs.

Pacific Craft 625 Open – 2019 Equipment

  • Awning
  • Table
  • Sundeck
  • Deck shower
  • Free parking on-site
  • USB plug
  • Cooler
  • Swim ladder
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Speakers
  • GPS
  • Sounder
  • VHF
  • Check the package for details

Therefore, experience an unforgettable moment with this boat. You can start your odyssey with this boat from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The boat rental price starts from $279.

SamBoat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 - 2018 Reviews

For those who want to explore the Elafiti islands in Croatia, you can try the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 – 2018. this 200-hp boat can accommodate 8 people.

SamBoat Review: SamBoat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 - 2018 Reviews

During the cruise, you will be guided by a skipper. Thus, you can focus on preparing yourself for snorkeling, sea rock jumping, or discovering a blue cave. Also, the cockpit is the best place for various activities, from fishing to lounging in the sun.

This boat includes a skipper, snorkeling equipment, WiFi, and beach towels. Furthermore, they prepare snacks and cold drinks you can enjoy when hungry. Your trip will be more enjoyable with the music playing through the speakers.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ship’s extensive amenities! It’s got everything from cozy bedding to a bathroom, WC, refrigerator, and even a refreshing deck shower. Also, with the available wifi, you can keep updating your Instagram Story even in the middle of the ocean.

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 – 2018 Equipment

  • Table
  • Bedding
  • Wifi and internet
  • Sundeck
  • Deck shower
  • Fridge
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • WC
  • Shower
  • Fresh water tank
  • Bathroom
  • USB plug
  • Check the package for details

This motorboat can be rented from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the perfect time to see the sunset. Therefore, rent this boat now for $287.77.

SamBoat Elan Impression 444 - 2020 Reviews

Malta is one of the favorite tourist destinations. What if your Malta adventure is accompanied by Elan Impression 444 – 2020? This boat has 3 cabins and can carry up to 15 people.

SamBoat Review: SamBoat Elan Impression 444 - 2020 Reviews

This sailboat is the definition of freedom and luxury. There are comfortable seats to relax and bask in the warm sunshine on the boat’s deck. Also, the spacious cockpit is perfect for chatting with your favorite people.

Also, Elan Impression 444 continues to amaze with its luxurious cabins below deck. Each cabin is a cozy resting place as a respite after a long day of sailing. Moreover, a skipper will lead your cruise.

Besides, people will find various valuable amenities here. You can turn this boat into an impromptu restaurant since it has complete kitchen equipment. Also, there are 2 bathrooms containing shower, hot water, WC, fresh water tank, etc.

Elan Impression 444 – 2020 Equipment

  • Table
  • Bedding
  • Wifi and internet
  • Deck shower
  • Convertible saloon
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Fridge
  • Gas stove
  • Coffee maker
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Speakers
  • USB plug
  • Check the package for details

You can take this boat from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thus, you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon in Malta. What are you waiting for? Book this boat ASAP for $266.45.

SamBoat Mareti Open 500 Classic - 2022 Reviews

Another tourist destination in Spain is Ibiza island, especially in Sant Antoni de Portmany. Enjoy the beauty and explore it to your heart’s content with the Mareti Open 500 Classic – 2022.

SamBoat Review: SamBoat Mareti Open 500 Classic - 2022 Reviews

This motorboat is one of a kind, practical, and easy to drive. Also, the 15 hp engine allows this boat to carry 5 people. Its responsive controls and stable ride make it perfect for novice captains.

Moreover, the Mareti Open 500 Classic has everything you need for water activities, from diving to snorkeling. Also, the spacious deck can relax and sunbathe until your skin gets a perfect tan.

The simplicity of this boat doesn’t stop it from having complete facilities. You can cruise the ocean accompanied by groovy music through the speakers. Another piece of equipment is an outdoor fridge, cooler, table, and many others.

Mareti Open 500 Classic – 2022 Equipment

  • Awning
  • Table
  • Sundeck
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Outdoor fridge
  • USB plug
  • Swim ladder
  • Diving equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Stand up paddle
  • Speakers
  • Cooler
  • Check the package for details

So, gather your crew and quickly put on your favorite tropical outfit! You can make memories and sail with this boat by renting it for $106.58. FYI, this boat is available for rent from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

SamBoat Leopard 24 - 2007 Reviews

Now it’s time to talk about one of the company’s masterpieces. We proudly introduce Leopard 24 – 2007. this luxury boat cruises the Mykonos island in Greece. You can take up to 20 people on board this Zeus Superyacht.

SamBoat Review: SamBoat Leopard 24 - 2007 Reviews

This 79 ft (24 m) yacht has a power of 3000 hp, which can make your sea journey very smooth. Everything about this boat is luxury. From the seats to the cabins, this boat ensures you get first-class service.

Besides, the inside of this yacht will make you fall in love. There are tons of cabins for resting, relaxing, and cooking. Also, this boat has a fully equipped kitchen. You can create dishes with the best ingredients.

In addition, the other amenities are top-tier. When exploring the inside of the boat deck, you will find a TV, deck shower, water maker, and washing machine. It’s like you are in a 5-star hotel in the middle of the ocean.

Leopard 24 – 2007 Equipment

  • Wifi and internet
  • Deck shower
  • A/C
  • Fridge
  • BBQ
  • Coffee maker
  • Microwave
  • Fishing gear
  • Diving equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Hot Water
  • Fresh water tank (1200 L)
  • Bathroom
  • Check the package for details

Thus, are you ready to sail with the luxury of this superyacht? This boat is ready to sail from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Book now with prices starting from $9,059. We guarantee you will not regret it at all.

SamBoat Pricing

As we mentioned before, SamBoat has a diverse collection of boats. So does the price. Their rental rates vary from affordable to exclusive. Thus, people can adjust it to their budget.

The price range is from $32 to above $9000. In addition, the price can also change according to the add-ons that you add to your booking. The duration of the rental also determines the price. But the price offered absolutely becomes cheaper.

How Does SamBoat Work?

SamBoat has many enthusiasts around the world. Therefore, you should hurry to book the boat for your upcoming vacation. Let’s book with us! Here we will show you how to rent a boat at this company.

Boat reservation is the easiest thing in the world. Just follow the step-by-step below to get the boat that you desire.

  1. First, sign up and login to the official site
  2. Enter your destination city and booking date
  3. Choose your preference between a sailboat or a motorboat. You can also choose both
  4. Then select the boat that matches your desire
  5. Select the type of rental. After that, click “book”
  6. Write down your booking details, including the number of passengers, additional messages, add-ons, and phone number
  7. Next, fill in your data completely
  8. Validate the data
  9. Last, make the payment. Now your booking is complete!

SamBoat Pros & Cons

So, are you more interested in SamBoat? We bet so. Here we will show you the pros and cons of this company to point out both sides.


  • 50,000 selection of boats
  • Available in worldwide
  • Cost-effective way to enjoy sailing
  • Top-notch safety
  • Wide range of amenities
  • Flexible rental options
  • Some boats are equipped with a skipper and guide
  • Quality control


  • Limited boat potential in peak season

Who Is SamBoat For?

Looking at SamBoat’s services, we know that their boats are for everyone who wants to sail affordably. You can invite friends and family for a fun and memorable day out on the water, whether for water sports, fishing, or cruising.

In addition, tourists who are traveling should also try sailing with this company. No matter where you are, you can find SamBoat, especially if you are a boat enthusiast. Fulfilling your passion for boating becomes easy without breaking the bank.

And what about first-timers? Rest easy. The company also offers skippers and guides for beginners. So, you don’t have to worry about how to drive the vessel and just sit back and enjoy your precious vacation.

SamBoat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tens of thousands of customers have used boats from SamBoat. Are they delighted? That’s why we’re in this section. We’ll take you to see how customers react.

SamBoat Review: SamBoat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, let’s give this company a big applause for its impressive 4.9/5 stars from 151,000+ reviews. What a number! Besides, Trustpilot joins the club by giving 4.7/5 stars from 1,734 reviews.

A happy customer mentioned:

… Jorge was attentive and professional, the boat was great, and Jonattan explained everything to us perfectly …

This customer was amazed by the attentiveness and professionalism of the boat owner. The service of the staff and the boat was excellent. He enjoyed his sailing.

The following customer mentioned:

The captain was professional and friendly. He drove well and made us feel safe and comfortable! The boat was great! It was clean and with lots of space …

The captain of the boat made this customer very happy. He drove safely and comfortably. Furthermore, the ship had a lot of space and was clean.

Another satisfied customer mentioned:

…The boat’s skipper was excellent, very friendly and provided great knowledge about the best places to visit in Marseille…

As this customer mentioned, the boat’s captain is extraordinary. He provides many new insights for the passengers. Besides, the captain is also friendly.

To sum up, SamBoat makes passengers happy with the services they provide. Clean ships, friendly ship owners, and insightful captains become the main spotlight for customers. They think this brand does have extraordinary quality.

Is SamBoat Worth It?

You should try this brand because SamBoat is certainly worth it. The company provides access to a wide variety of vessels. They are ranging from small sailboats to luxurious yachts. The variety allows people to find a boat that suits their specific needs.

In addition, amenities are also our favorite thing about this company. Even small ships have complete and comfortable facilities. Moreover, their services are spread globally. Now, sailing in Annecy, France is not impossible anymore.

Besides, safety is something that this company is very concerned about. They always carry out quality control to ensure the boat is safe to sail. It gives passengers peace of mind. Thus, they can go on adventures worry-free.

Is SamBoat Legit?

Can we trust SamBoat? Absolutely yes! Remember that this company is part of the Dream Yacht Charter group. The company has an excellent reputation in the boating industry. Besides, SamBoat has served more than 151,000 customers worldwide.

In addition, the brand is featured in several well-known, influential media outlets. That includes Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, The Times, Nova, and many more. They give a lot of praise for its outstanding quality. Therefore, SamBoat is legit.

How To Contact SamBoat

If questions start popping up after reading this review, we advise you to contact customer service. Simply go to the contact page and write a message there. The team will reply to your message as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the SamBoat team also offers services for those needing help choosing a boat. The experts will assist you until you find the best offer.

Where to buy SamBoat?

Is there a boat from SamBoat that captivates your heart? Hence, book your desired boat immediately on the official site. You can also explore a variety of vessels that might become your next wishlist.

SamBoat Coupon Codes & Promos

A budget-friendly vacation sounds great, right? We agree with you! Therefore, we kept our eyes peeled for discounts on the SamBoat website. As a result, we found up to 80% OFF on the promotions page. People don’t need to enter any discount voucher to claim it.

Last but not least, remember to subscribe to their newsletter. The brand often generously shares the latest info for its mailing list. It includes promos and coupon codes.

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SamBoat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for SamBoat reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the CEO of Samboats?

The CEO of the company is Laurent Calando.

Is there a SamBoat rental in Italy?

Yes, there is. The brand’s coverage is very wide in Italy. You can find it in Sardinia, Vieste, Arbatax Port, and many more.

Where can I find SamBoat in the UK?

You can find this brand in North Ayshire, Spean Bridge, Chertsey, etc.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of SamBoat Reviews & Ratings

Can you hear the open sea beckons? There’s no better way to answer the call than with SamBoat. With this company, your dream launch will come true. They have a fleet as diverse as the seven seas that you can choose according to your desire.

Moreover, the friendly price will make your wallet smile. Even better, the safety of the boat passes through strict checking standards. Thus, grab your smart device and visit the official site. Cast off with SamBoat today! Bon voyage!


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