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Samapura Review 2023 → Unique Stone Bracelets For Every Women!

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About Samapura Jewelry

Do you want to improve your appearance with some attractive jewelry? Then, unique jewelry from the finest stones can be found at Samapura.

Samapura Review: About Samapura Jewelry

The US-based brand crafted from various gemstones handmade in Bali will enhance your look with various looks.

This handcrafted bracelet uses the macramé technique with high-quality pure silver metallic thread from Japan, while the brass beads and gemstones are the finest materials from Indonesia.

Samapura is a special brand that is more than just jewelry. Each bracelet produced is equipped with its own gemstone properties and spiritual touch. This is what makes this bracelet superior and different from other bracelets and jewelry.

Therefore, many are interested in the jewelry produced by this brand which makes them very popular on social media. They reach 45.5k followers on Instagram, which is quite a high number.

Then, is this brand really superior and worthy? We’ll provide you with important information about Samapura reviews, including the brand’s history, mission, best-selling products, promos, and more, to help you discover more about the brand and get better informed. So, let’s dive into the next information below!

Overview of Samapura Jewelry

It all started when the Swiss Managing Partners of Samapura US, who had lived with their families in Bali for many years, became interested in Balinese art and culture.

As their adopted country, they wanted to create jewelry that embodied the natural beauty and lifestyle of the Balinese people.

Hence, Samapura was created and designed by the magical hands of talented Balinese women. Their handmade jewelry is hoped to empower them economically and improve their quality of life.

The brand strongly believes that Bali isn’t just a tropical paradise but an island of traditional crafts created to express and offer to the gods. The distinctive beauty of Balinese artisans’ work has long been easily found in various types of materials such as wood, stone, metal, bamboo, and woven fabrics.

The Samapura bracelet will provide beauty, elegance, and a spiritual touch and accompany you in the selected gemstones to go through the challenges of everyday life. You’ll love the resulting jewelry because it has a spiritual touch and beauty.

Now you’ve read a glimpse of Samapura’s story, save your time by scanning the highlights about the pros and cons listicles we’ve summarized.

Samapura Pros

  • Offers high-quality silver metallic yarn and semi-precious stones
  • Handmade by talented Balinese women
  • Sustainable for water activities and land sports
  • Free shipping around the USA & Canada for orders over $75
  • Provide returns and refunds within 14 days

Samapura Cons

  • It doesn’t provide information regarding customer review

Samapura Jewellery Review

After going through some information about the brand above, we’re sure you might be more curious about the product information of this brand. Calm down! In the next section, we plan to discuss 3 interesting products from this brand.

Samapura Reviews: Samapura Jewellery Review

The information we’ll include is related to bracelets made from a unique selection of gemstones where the bracelets are handcrafted using macramé techniques that use quality materials.

They’ll perfectly decorate your look with a choice of attractive stone colors and gold and silver brass. Shall we begin?

Samapura Green Emerald Agate Bracelet Reviews

Well, let’s start with an exciting product made of green emerald that represents happiness, creativity, and success. The Green Emerald Agate Bracelet comes with a refreshing color display.

Samapura Review: Samapura Green Emerald Agate Bracelet Reviews

Samapura promotes this bracelet as unity and friendship. Thus, this bracelet will be the perfect gift for your closest friend.

With its charming color display and graceful design, using it will stimulate the heart chakra and heal your emotions. This bracelet is suitable for everyday use and can even be used for water activities and land sports.

Thanks to the material made of 3mm black green emerald agate, and gold-plated brass, you’ll get a classy look when using this bracelet.

The interesting thing you need to know about the emerald stone material is its popular use to treat disorders in the body, including vision. It can also improve mental clarity and be used when concentration is needed in the body.

This bracelet comes in one size to best fit wrist sizes 5.5 to 18 cm (6.1 to 7 inches).

This emerald stone bracelet will bring calmness and freshness to your appearance. So, if this bracelet interests you, then prepare a budget of $54 to put it on your wrist.

Samapura Namaste 7 Chakras Moonstone Bracelet Reviews

Next, let’s move on to another interesting bracelet. Namaste 7 Chakras Moonstone Bracelet has 7 colorful Chakra Stones with unique healing properties. Various attractive colors will give a more cheerful look to the users.

Samapura Review: Samapura Namaste 7 Chakras Moonstone Bracelet Reviews

The 7 stones that adorn this bracelet consist of Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Green Emerald, Citrine, Carnelian, and Red Coral which have a size of 3mm that fits the bracelet perfectly.

The combination of 7 stones found on this bracelet is presented together to promote wealth, health, prosperity, and mental peace. In fact, it’s believed to provide stability in finances and relationships.

This moonstone is well-designed to represent success, emotions, and stability. In addition, in the center is a namaste symbol in gold-plated brass, which is meant to hone the user’s skills for empathy.

The meaning of this moonstone bracelet lies within the energy it holds. It’s believed to help heal and guide you toward the inner path. Moonstone can also be used to cleanse and cool the emotions and tensions within you.

This bracelet comes in one size with a wrist size of 5.5 to 18 cm (6.1 to 7 inches). And if you’re getting interested in this unique bracelet, you can get it for only $59.

Samapura Love Stack Bracelets Reviews

True to its name, the Love Stack Bracelets we’ll discuss in this Samapura review is made of a combination of 3 stones that promote unconditional love. This combination of 3 bracelets is made of Madagascar Rose Quartz, Lavender Amethyst, and Amethyst.

Samapura Review: Samapura Love Stack Bracelets Reviews

Madagascar Rose Quartz offers unconditional love, peace, and hope to every wearer. This gemstone is known to be the spearhead of peace and provides an ease of worries and stress. It promotes unconditional love in you.

As for its Lavender Amethyst, it promotes true love, serenity, and comfort. This light purple colored gemstone can help heal mental and physical fatigue by acting as a stress reliever.

Its Amethyst bracelet part denotes trust, intuition, and spirituality. The Amethyst stone on this part of the bracelet represents spirituality and works on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level to provide calmness, balance, patience, and peace.

Unlike the previous 2 products, this bracelet is made of silver-plated brass. The thread used by this bracelet is a high-quality metallic thread enriched with pure silver made in Kyoto, Japan. Thus, the quality of this bracelet is unquestionable.

This bracelet comes in one size with a wrist size of 5.5 to 18 cm (6.1 to 7 inches). And for only $129.60 from $162, you can get a beautiful soft-colored love rock-stacked bracelet that will perfect your look.

Samapura Care Instructions

Since the brand’s jewelry is handmade and made from semi-precious stones, it requires special care. Knowing how to care for your jewelry will help preserve it and keep it looking beautiful for longer.

Here are some tips on how to care for your bracelet:

  • Although it can be used in water, be sure to dry it after any water activity
  • Rinse with fresh water after swimming in the sea
  • Remove the jewelry before strenuous activity to avoid scratching or breaking the stones on the bracelet
  • Avoid exposing the bracelet to harsh chemicals or oils as they may cause buildup and discoloration between the beads and gemstones
  • Rub gently with a soft cloth to restore the luster of gemstones and beads

Who is Samapura For?

Samapura is specially designed with unique stones and a very attractive design that meets Western production requirements. The products produced by this brand can be used by women around the world.

Samapura Review: Who is Samapura For?

The stones’ unique design and spiritual touch will provide encouragement and freedom, especially for mentally unstable women.

The stones made in this bracelet will give a wonderful effect with its colors that can calm the mind and give coolness to the users.

Is Samapura Legit?

After we discussed various information related to the brand in the Samapura review, we’re confident to drop the verdict that the brand is legit.

Samapura Review: Is Samapura Legit?

This brand provides bracelet jewelry made from special materials. The stones used are the best choice of stones. Even the thread used in the manufacture is the best thread selected from Japan which has high quality.

In addition, its handmade in the hands of experts, making its quality unquestionable. So you can be assured of the quality of the brand’s products.

Is Samapura Worth It?

Although we couldn’t find any information on buyer reviews, as a new brand in the industry, Samapura is a brand worth your investment.

Samapura Review: Is Samapura Worth It?

Thanks to an Instagram following of 45.5k and 2,398 likes on their Facebook page, the brand is popular and worthy.

Moreover, keep in mind that the bracelet made by this brand is handmade using the macramé technique. Even the materials used are of high quality, such as high-quality pure silver metallic threads from Japan, brass beads, and quality gemstones from Indonesia.

The stones used are also unique and have many interesting functions related to the touch of the Balinese art design.

Samapura Shipping Policy

We’re very fortunate for prospective buyers residing in the USA and Canada who wish to own and purchase a wide range of beautiful and unique jewelry from this brand. Samapura offers free shipping to the USA and Canada on orders over $75 only.

Unfortunately, after researching the brand’s shipping policy, we found no information about the terms and conditions, such as how many days it takes to ship.

So what about international shipping? After we searched for some information about this, we found that this brand has several branches in several countries such as Europe, Singapore, and especially Indonesia, which is the country where the products of this brand are made.

To handle this, you can directly contact and ask about this via email at [email protected], or you can also continue to the next section on contacting the brand we’ve provided in the Samapura review.

Samapura Return Policy

Although the brand is confident that you’ll love the handmade gemstone jewelry you purchase, they offer a return policy. The brand is happy to offer exchanges or refunds to provide the best service to its customers.

There are a few things to ensure if you wish to make a Refund/Exchange:

  • Item is returned within 14 days of purchase
  • The returned item must be in its original saleable condition
  • It is important to show valid proof of purchase
  • Shipping costs are not refundable
  • Buyer is responsible for return postage

You can contact the support team via email at [email protected] for assistance with the return process. Once the return is accepted, you’ll be notified via email regarding the refund. The brand doesn’t reimburse original or return shipping costs unless your item is faulty.

How to Contact Samapura

Have a question you’d like to ask the brand team directly? You can contact them by these methods:

  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Fill out a blank form provided on the official website
  • You can also send a direct message on their Instagram or Facebook

You can contact the brand team anytime, and your message will be answered immediately according to the queue.

Where to buy Samapura?

You can find a variety of exciting jewelry from this brand in several places. But, first, you can buy it through the official website for online purchases. You can get various best offers, such as free shipping or discounts, or you can also check what products are available.

As for offline purchases, you can also find some interesting jewelry by Samapura available through several stockists. You can find some products at their stockists, such as Six Senses resort, Channel Islands Surfboards clothing and accessories, or, more completely, you can check them out here.

Samapura Coupon Codes & Promos

As we explained earlier, the best offer currently by this brand is free shipping to the USA & Canada on orders over $75.

In addition, this brand provides offers to get redeemable points. You can get points by creating an account, entering your birthday, or making every product purchase. The points you get you can collect to be redeemed for various offers such as:

  • 500 points for a 10% discount

  • 1000 points for a 15% discount

  • 1500 points for a 20% discount

  • Free Crystal Rainbow with 3000 points

Save 20% when customers buy 3 bracelets or more.

While for other offers, such as discounts, is also available on the official website for some of the products. So, kindly check their website to find some products that have attractive promos and discount codes.

We recommend the best way to get exclusive offers and even some other offers, such as free giveaways from this brand, by subscribing to their newsletter.

Reveal all coupons

Samapura Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Samapura reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

When is Samapura established?

Samapura is a jewelry brand that was founded in 2018.

How is Samapura made?

It is handmade from the magical hands of talented Balinese women using the macramé technique.

Does Samapura ship internationally?

Unfortunately, for now, we didn’t find any information regarding the international shipping policy of this brand.

However, we found information regarding several branches of the brand in several countries, such as Europe, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Samapura Reviews & Ratings

Having a unique appearance will make your appearance more stunning and different from the others. Samapura is a brand that produces jewelry, such as bracelets made from unique stones, and has a spiritual function for its users.

Some of the stones used have healing properties, such as dispelling sadness, calming or clear, and repelling negative energy. It makes this brand superior and gives you a pretty good advantage in using jewelry. But this is a brand that is more than just a piece of jewelry!

What are you waiting for? See for yourself the interesting use and the best experience when using Sampura jewelry.


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