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About Sama Tea

Tea has been long enough as a traditional way to enjoy the benefits of herbal ingredients. Also, making warm tea in a pot and pouring it into the cup can be an excellent activity to relax and enjoy your day. Sama Tea is a brand with the same interest as ours, with herbal tea as the main product.

Sama Tea Review: About Sama Tea

Uniquely, it combines adaptogenic ingredients with traditional Ayurvedic wisdom in its tea collections. Plus, it has various tea with designated benefits for your body and mind. Because of that, we’re very curious about its readers.

This brand is well-known since it was founded by famous influencers and health enthusiasts. As a result, it grew significantly, with over 56.7K followers on Instagram and 6.3K on Facebook. Furthermore, it has been featured on Ellen, Forbes, Thrillist, Vogue, and InStyle.

What a fuss?! Okay, we admit it. We also wonder how and why this brand is so famous. Thus, look closer at its company profile to testimonials in our Sama Tea review!

Overview Of Sama Tea

Founded by husband and wife Jay and Radhi Shetty, Sama Tea is a herbal tea brand that allows you to buy online. Jay Shetty hosts the #1 health podcast, “On Purpose,” and is an award-winning speaker on New York Times bestseller. He brings the lessons from the monk’s life experiences.

Meanwhile, Radhi Shetty is a social media phenomenon with over 1M Instagram followers. She popularly shares healthy Radhi Devlukia ayurveda tea recipes that have influenced her life. Thus, they combine their interest, knowledge, and experience to bring the goodness of tea.

Initially, this brand is created to inspire people to take time to be fully present. So they read adaptogenic teas to encourage the little moment of reflection. Aside from this brand, Radhi and Jay Shetty also have a sparkling tea brand called Joyo Tea.

Sama Tea Review

Its teas use unique blads of Ayurvedic ingredients and adaptogenic botanicals. Those ingredients will work together to balance mental and physical health. So overall, this brand has a benefits-packed tea and bundles as main product collections.

Sama Tea Reviews: Sama Tea Review

Sama Tea Collections

  • Bundles: sampler tea box, mom’s chai-tea time sampler box + Earl grey set!
  • Teas: awaken & energize, protect & support, warm & nourish, calm & relax

Honestly, this brand also has other teas, such as the Sama Detox and Cleanse tea. However, not all products are available, including the Calm & Relax and Detox & Cleanse tea. So next, let’s scour the Sama Tea review for some of their products.

Sama Tea Awaken & Energize Reviews

Constantly feeling soulless in the morning? Then this Sama Tea Awaken and Energize will be ready to help you start your day. Furthermore, this tea is the best blend for good morning and getting up.

Sama Tea Review: Sama Tea Awaken & Energize Reviews

The bright bergamot earl grey black tea will help you feel like you can take the world. Meanwhile, the red rooibos, reishi mushroom, and Guayusa will provide natural energy.

These ingredients also help you fight fatigue, which makes it the best for kickstarting your day. You can simply brew this with hot water in the morning and taste the warmth of adaptogens and botanicals.

Each carton will contain 15 tea sachets and cost $9.95. Thus, grab it to start your day with the benefits and warmness of adaptogenic tea!

Sama Tea Focus & Clarity Sachet Reviews

Awaken your focus! This Sama Tea Focus and Clarity sachet is an adaptogenic tea formulated to help you enhance your clarity and focus. Using the quality ingredients of Mint Blueberry herbal te will bring clarity to each sip.

Sama Tea Review: Sama Tea Focus & Clarity Sachet Reviews

Moreover, the caffeine-free peppermint and spearmint bring a slightly fresh taste. At the same time, the hints of fruity blueberry add a more pleasant taste.

Aside from those, it is also formulated with ashwagandha, that well-known for relieving stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, gotu kola improves mental clarity, and ginkgo biloba enhances brain functions.

With those natural quality ingredients, it’ll help you to find your workflow. Lastly, focus & clarity sachet adaptogenic tea is available in 30-200 units with price ranges from $19.95-$86.95!

Sama Tea Sampler Tea Box Reviews

Want to find out which tea is your favorite? Then, the Sama Tea Sampler Tea Box can be the best option to try the tea based on your needs.

Sama Tea Review: Sama Tea Sampler Tea Box Reviews

This box will contain 20 pyramid sachets of adaptogenic tea blends. It includes (5) Protect & Support, (5) Awaken & Energize, (5) Focus & Clarity, and (5) Calm & Relax. Furthermore, Focus & Clarity and Awaken & Energize have the same benefit as mentioned above.

Sama Tea Calm and Relax is designed for calming. It uses chamomile, lavender, and rose for soothing. Moreover, these caffeine blends formulated with cardamom and tulsi help to tune in and slow down.

In addition, the Protect and Support tea will be the perfect blend to improve your defense. It combines jasmine green tea and juicy peach for an addictive and aromatic taste. Further, the Shatavari and raspberry leaf boast protection against free radicals and life’s stressors.

This sampler tea box will be a great tea time for your all-day needs. In addition, purchase it in a box for only $29.95 since it’s currently discounted from the original price of $39.95!

Sama Tea Pros and Cons

That’s the company information and the product reviews. Now please review these Sama Tea pros and cons to help you make a decision.


  • USDA organic and gluten-free
  • Beneficial adaptogens and Ayurveda
  • The delightful flavor of the fruit
  • Good fragrance from the flowers
  • Organic ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • All positive reviews


  • The product can only be found on the website
  • Often out of stock or unavailable

Who Is Sama Tea For?

Sama Tea is a tea brand designed for everyone who wants to harness the benefit of botanicals tea. The teas also have various benefits that target your body, mind, and heart.

Sama Tea Review: Who Is Sama Tea For?

So overall, it can be chosen depending on your goal, whether to energize during the morning or focus on the day. Whether enjoying tea-sharing with loved ones or some me time, it’s the best option to benefit from adaptogens and Ayurveda!

Sama Tea Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

With over 4.63/5 average ratings from 43 reviews on Junip, this brand seems pretty legit. But what are the customers’ opinions and experiences about this brand? So let’s see what the customers said in the Sama Tea reviews:

Sama Tea Review: Sama Tea Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I love chamomile lavender tea, and this tea is a favorite. The lavender is delicious without being overwhelming, and I also love decaffeinated tea options. Moreover, I enjoyed witnessing the full chamomile heads in the tea bag as I sipped.

Another customer also said:

I have sip this tea in the morning. Its pleasant sweet taste gives me a positive mood for the whole day. Overall, it’s an excellent product for the foggy mind!

Similar to others, one customer also states how good the taste and effect are:

The ideal tea to enjoy before going to bed. It does not have a powerful aftertaste which is a good thing. Also, it was not overwhelming like I anticipated with those three flavors included.

After scouring the customers’ reviews, we realize that most customers state the taste is delightful. It has a sweet and pleasant flavor without being overwhelming. The effect is also pretty good since the customer can see a visible result to get through the day.

We already explore all the reviews section but see no complaints, which is good. Overall, the customers’ opinion is positive.

Is Sama Tea Worth It?

Sama Tea takes the tea industry by storm with its beneficial tea ranges. So, considering the product’s quality, pricing, taste, and customer service, we think this brand is worth it. The customers also have positive opinions after tasting the products since they taste good and are very effective.

Sama Tea Review: Is Sama Tea Worth It?

Its product is formulated from USDA organic and gluten-free herbal ingredients. Besides, each product has various benefits for the body and mind. For instance, calm, focus, energize, and detox tea.

Sama Tea Shipping Policy

Sama Tea is currently shipped domestically within the United States. Furthermore, the shipping will cost $4.95 or free delivery on 3-6 month subscriptions. Aside from that, order for $40 or more also eligible for free shipping.

The carrier will be chosen depending on your location. Once the order ships, you’ll receive the tracking number via SMS or email. Then, use the tracking number to track the order and see the estimated arrival of the products.

Sama Tea Return Policy

Afraid of damaged products? Fortunately, you can contact Sama Tea customer service to make it right under the return and refund policy. If your refund request is accepted, you’ll get an email that will notify you of the details and instructions.

The refund will be reimbursed to the original payment method within 7-14 days if approved. Additionally, the shipping cost and subscription are not refundable.

How To Contact Sama Tea

If you have any questions, comments, or even complaints, feel free to contact its customer service via:

Where to buy Sama Tea?

Ready to enjoy a warm tea to make your day? Then you should purchase its tea collection in its official store at

There you can browse its exclusive collections with a guarantee of authenticity and satisfaction. But unfortunately, it is currently only available on the official store, so you can’t find it on Amazon or other shopping platforms.

Sama Tea Coupon Codes & Promos

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Sama Tea Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sama Tea reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the meaning of Sama Tea?

Sama is taken from Sanskrit, which means to be fully balanced.

What is Sama Tea made from?

Its tea sachets are made from PLA, which is a plant-based material.

Who owns Sama tea?

This tea company is owned by Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia-Shetty.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sama Tea Reviews & Ratings

Tea time is not as hassle as before. Combining beneficial herbs and convenient processing, Sama Tea makes healthy tea time much easier. Besides, our review notices this brand has a great tea collection with pleasant and fragrance flavors.

Additionally, the combination of adaptogenic and ayurvedic provide many benefits for our body and mind wellness. So if you want to taste a cup of pleasant tea to make your day, visit Sama Tea!


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