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About Sailo Boat Rental

Are you planning to rent a boat or yacht to enjoy your vacation days on the water together with your friends and family? If so, the best platform you can go to is Sailo Boat Rental.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: About Sailo Boat Rental

Sailo is the foremost platform that provides boat and yacht rentals in the United States as well as in various countries around the world. On this platform, you can explore a wide selection of boats for you to rent and accompany your exciting vacation.

A testament to the brand’s popularity is its tens of thousands of followers. Just look at how they boast 21k followers on Facebook, 24.3k followers on Instagram, and 1.2k followers on Twitter.

If you’re looking for a boat rental and are considering choosing this brand, then you’ve come to the right place. Through this Sailo Boat Rental review, you will get comprehensive information about the brand’s history, available boat options, customer testimonials, and more.

Without wasting any time, let’s move to the next section. Let’s go!

Overview of Sailo Boat Rental

On April 4, 2014, Sailo Boat Rental was established as a platform provider that connects people who want to rent boats with boat owners and charter companies.

Sailo was founded by experienced people in engineering, product, design, operations, and marketing. Currently, Adrian Gradinaru serves as the CEO of the brand. With the years of experience of its founders, the brand is now ranked as the leading boat and yacht rental platform.

Through this platform, you can explore up to 30,000 boats available in the United States and worldwide. Better yet, all boats available are 100% insured and steered by licensed captains, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Thanks to its popularity, this brand has also been featured in several well-known media press, such as Conde Nast Traveller, Daily Mail, Forbes, InStyle, Fox Business, Dating News, Travel Leisure, Vogue, and many other media publicities.

Sailo Review

As we mentioned previously, Sailo Boat Rental provides boat rentals in various states in the United States and other countries around the world. Yep, that’s true.

Sailo Boat Rental Reviews: Sailo Review

On this platform, you can find boat rentals within many states of the US, such as Miami, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, and many more.

On the other hand, you can also find several boat rentals in various cities around the world, including La Paz, Bali, Greece, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Rico, and many others.

Apart from a large selection of boat rentals in various destinations, you can also customize the trip duration to suit your sailing vacation time.

The trip duration options are day trips (1/4 days, 1/2 days, and full days), multiple days trips (1-6 days), and weekly trips.

With so many diverse destination options, reviewing each boat rental one by one would take up much time. For that reason, we picked up boat rentals in three of the best destinations for a sailing vacation.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: 3 Best Destinations for Sailing Vacation

  • New York
  • Miami
  • Bahamas

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Sailo Boat Rental Sail NY Harbor's Newest Sailboat Reviews

New York may look beautiful when viewed from land or air, but what does New York look like when it’s viewed from the water? Wonderful and breathtaking. Well, you can enjoy a sailing vacation experience in New York by renting this Sailo Boat Rental Sail NY Harbor’s Newest Sailboat.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Sailo Boat Rental Sail NY Harbor's Newest Sailboat Reviews

Based at Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City, you can experience a scenic view of New York’s buildings and city on the water of Jersey City. The owner of this boat rental is Jessica, and her boat is named Islander.

Measuring about 35 feet, this boat can accommodate up to 6 people, which is perfect for those who are on vacation with friends or family. In addition, the boat’s owner allows you to bring your own food and drinks, encouraging you to relax as if you were at home.

With its spacious size, you and your friends can lounge around in the various spaces provided, be it the cockpit, deck, or two available cabins. With this, you can have fun while admiring the magnificent New York skyline.


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Outdoor shower
  • Bed linen
  • Freezer
  • Cockpit table
  • Electricity
  • Speakers on deck, and
  • Many more

And what about the price? Well, it all depends on the trip duration you take. Here are the details of the price you have to pay.

  • Quarter days (2 hours): $600
  • Half days (4 hours): $1,200
  • Full days (8 hours): $2,400

Sailo Boat Rental Sail Right From South Beach! Reviews

It wouldn’t be a sailing vacation if you had never tried a vacation on the water in Miami. Well, have a fun experience enjoying the beautiful Miami beach with this Sailo Boat Rental Sail Right From South Beach.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Sailo Boat Rental Sail Right From South Beach! Reviews

Sailing straight from Miami South beach, you can get easy boarding and easy access to all areas of Miami Biscayne Bay. The owner of this boat rental is Julian, who has a professional team, ensuring you get an extraordinary yachting trip experience.

The type of yacht owned by Julian is Sea Ray Sundancer which measures 50 feet and can accommodate up to 13 guests. Besides that, this boat is also equipped with features such as 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, outdoor seating for dining, 2 refrigerators, a hydraulic swim deck, and many more.

In addition, you can also do various activities and other things by renting this yacht, whether it is diving, snorkeling, underwater photography, paddle boarding, real estate tours, cocktail parties, and many more.


  • Bed linen
  • Microwave
  • Freezer
  • DVD
  • Electricity
  • Cockpit table, and
  • Many more

Depending on the trip duration you choose, whether it’s quarter days, half days, or full days, you may have to pay different costs. Here are the price details:

  • Quarter days (2 hours): $795
  • Half days (4 hours): $995
  • Full days (8 hours): $1,795

Sailo Boat Rental Private Luxury Yacht for the Day or Over Night Reviews

Planning to vacation in the Bahamas with your friends or family? Then, you can explore the island by renting this Sailo Boat Rental Private Luxury Yacht for the Day or Over Night. The owner of this yacht is Andrew, who is known to give you plenty of information about the Bahamas.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Sailo Boat Rental Private Luxury Yacht for the Day or Over Night Reviews

The yacht owned by Andrew is the Rayburn 62 Pilot House. This is a large yacht measuring around 62 feet that can accommodate 14 guests, perfect for those who are traveling with family or friends.

To meet all the needs of a large number of guests, this boat is equipped with 3 cabins, 4 single beds, 2 double beds, and 2 bathrooms; it is completely designed for a large group vacation.

In addition, you and your friends can also do various activities during your sailing vacation on this yacht, such as snorkeling, fishing, diving, cocktail parties, dining, and others.


  • Teak decks
  • Refrigerators
  • Stove
  • Outdoor shower
  • Bed linen
  • DVD
  • TV
  • Electricity, and
  • Many others

Interested in booking and renting this yacht for a vacation in the Bahamas? If so, you need to prepare a budget that matches the duration of the trip you choose.

  • Half day (4 hours): $2,500
  • Full day (8 hours): $3,400

How Does Sailo Boat Rental Works?

Have you made up your mind to rent one of the boats or yachts in Sailo? If you have, you can follow the steps below for your convenience.


Decide on a destination for your sailing trip. Search from a selection of 30,000+ boat rentals using the filters available. You can search by boat type, length, price, crew, and trip duration.


If you’ve found a boat rental that meets all your needs, you can book immediately. Input your payment information, then send your booking request.


Wait for the day of your sailing trip, get on deck, and enjoy your vacation! Don’t forget to leave your impressions and reviews on the Sailo Boat Rental page.

Sailo Boat Rental Pros and Cons

Besides the overview above, we also provide the pros and cons of the Sailo Boat Rental. You can check the bottom point below!


  • Offers an easy-to-use platform to rent boats and yachts
  • There are 30,000 boats and yachts available
  • Offers outstanding safety due to its 100% insured boats and licensed captains
  • Provides boat rental in all states in the US as well as worldwide
  • Featured in several well-known media press
  • Easy booking
  • Satisfies many happy customers across the world


  • We don’t find any complaints about this brand. All customers are satisfied.

Who is Sailo Boat Rental For?

Whoever you are planning to go on a sailing trip and are looking for a reliable boat rental platform, then Sailo Boat Rental is for you.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Who is Sailo Boat Rental For?

Whether you are going on a vacation with your loved one, together with your family, or spending a fun time with friends on the water, this brand is the best for you. With this brand, you can get 30,000+ boat rental options to choose from that can fulfill all your vacation needs.

Moreover, this brand is also perfect for those of you who own a boat and plan to earn money by renting out your boat. You can register as a renter by visiting the official website.

Sailo Boat Rental Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Their fame as the number one brand providing boat rental platforms doesn’t seem to be mere talk. In our search, we found that Sailo Boat Rental received a near-perfect rating of 4.94/5 out of 13,225 reviews.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Sailo Boat Rental Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In addition, the three rentals we reviewed above also received a perfect rating of 5/5.

  • Sail NY Harbor’s Newest Sailboat rated 5/5 stars from 84 reviews
  • Sail Right From South Beach rated 5/5 stars from 149 reviews
  • Private Luxury Yacht for the Day or Over Night rated 5/5 stars from 10 reviews

For a more detailed explanation, how about checking out the customer testimonials? Check them out below!

The boat is new and highly well-equipped. The captain was a delight to sail with, and the owner was extremely responsive and accommodating.

In the first testimonial, a happy customer expressed satisfaction that the boat he booked was new and well-equipped. Besides that, he also said his satisfaction with the service he received from the captain and the owner.

On the other hand, there was also a customer who shared the same thing.

This trip was amazing!!! The captain and first mate were superb and worked hard to ensure we enjoyed our time and relaxed.

In her testimonial, this customer said her trip was enjoyable and wonderful. The reason is that the boat captain she booked was extremely helpful in ensuring she could enjoy her vacation and relax.

A customer who rented a boat for a sailing trip in the Bahamas also expressed her pleasure over her vacation experience with one of the boat owners on a boat rental in the Bahamas.

This is a must! An incredible way to spend a day in the Bahamas with a genuine professional. Andrew and Sonia are knowledgeable, kind and pleasant to be around.

According to her, she had an exceptional vacation experience in the Bahamas because she met great boat owners. This happy customer expressed that Andrew and Sonia, as ship owners, are knowledgeable, kind, and enjoyable to talk to.

Overall from this section, we can conclude that the brand has successfully created a platform to make it easy for people to rent a boat for their sailing trip. Apart from convenience, the quality of the boats and the owners’ service are also the aspects that make this brand number one in the world.

Is Sailo Boat Rental Legit?

As you can find in the previous section, the brand has an almost perfect rating of 4.94/5 stars from 13,225 reviews. Even better, we also found that the brand is rated 4.7/5 stars out of 122 reviews on its Facebook page. With this, this Sailo Boat Rental review can easily agree that this brand is legit.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Is Sailo Boat Rental Legit?

Another corroborating evidence that makes us confident is the fact that they have been featured in several well-known media publications, such as Conde Nast Traveler, Daily Mail, Forbes, InStyle, Fox Business, Dating News, Travel Leisure, Vogue, and others.

Is Sailo Boat Rental Worth It?

Based on our reviews and the perfect rating this brand has gotten, we can confidently say that Sailo Boat Rental is worth it. Not only will you get the best place to rent a wide variety of boats, but you’ll also get a great sailing trip experience from this brand.

Sailo Boat Rental Review: Is Sailo Boat Rental Worth It?

Add to that, every boat available is 100% insured against damages and liability, and the licensed captains will ensure that you can enjoy your sailing trip without worrying about anything else.

Sailo Boat Rental Cancellation Policy

Based on Sailo Boat Rental’s cancellation policy, there are two cancellation policies: cancellation when the booking request is still “pending approval” and cancellation when the booking request is “confirmed.”

If you cancel your boat booking while it is still “pending approval,” you can get your money back in full without any fees. In contrast to canceling a boat booking with a status that is already “confirmed,” there are some cancellation conditions and policies that you must follow based on the boat owner.

  • Standard: Full refund except for service fee if you cancel within 6 days or more. No refund if you cancel in less than 5 days.
  • Flexible: Full refund except for service fee if you cancel within 3 days or more. No refund if you cancel within less than 2 days.
  • Strict: Full refund except for service fee if you cancel within 31 days or more. No refund if you cancel in less than 30 days.
  • No Refund: No refund if the boat owner has approved your booking status.

You can cancel your booking by clicking the “Cancel” button on the booking page. If you do not find the button on the booking page, you can cancel by emailing [email protected].

How To Contact Sailo Boat Rental

This brand is happy to help answer all your questions about booking, services, websites, and everything in between. To get in touch with them, you can reach them through the contacts below.

Where to buy Sailo Boat Rental?

Interested in booking one of the boats or yachts from Sailo Boat Rental? If so, you can head over to the official website to search for and book your preferred boats.

Sailo Boat Rental Coupon Codes & Promos

Apart from providing you with an enjoyable sailing trip experience, the brand also provides several discounts that you can use to save on your booking costs. Well, we have summarized the Sailo Boat Rental discounts and promos available for you.

  • Free reservations¬†
  • Provides several weekly and multi-day deals on several destinations
  • Offers various additional extra services for every boat rental
  • 100% full refund

Besides discounts and promos, we also provide you with several Sailo Boat Rental coupon codes. Click the button below and reveal the coupon codes!

Reveal all coupons
Sailo Boat Rental

Sailo Boat Rental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Sailo Boat Rental reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Sailo Boat Rental?

This brand is currently owned by Adrian Gradinaru.

What is the average price available in Sailo Boat Rental?

The average price of each boat rental available on this platform ranges from $200 to over $10,000. This average price depends on the type of boat, trip duration, your destination, and other factors.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Sailo Boat Rental Reviews & Ratings

You have come to the end of this review. In conclusion, Sailo Boat Rental has truly proven itself as the number one brand of boat rental platform provider. With this brand, you will have plenty of convenience in finding a boat rental that suits your destination and needs.

If you plan a sailing trip with your loved ones, friends, or family, we recommend this brand as your go-to place for boat rentals. What are you waiting for? Visit their official website and book the best boat for you!


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