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About Royce & Rocket Luggage

Packing your belongings while traveling is a tricky thing. You have to pay attention to the necessities you bring while traveling as well as the luggage you use. Therefore, you need quality luggage and other equipment, such as packing cubes.

Royce and Rocket Review: About Royce & Rocket Luggage

Packing it well and arranging it neatly makes your large stuff easier to pack. Royce and Rocket are here to help anyone who enjoys traveling with a lot of stuff. It’s a brand that offers next-generation luggage and travel accessories that are of excellent quality and performance.

Comes with a suitcase that has high-quality shelves, making your luggage better organized. The brand helps and equips travelers with products to deepen their experience. Their eye-catching designs and ideas have been hyped by well-known media publications such as Robb Report, Forbes, WSJ, Travel+Leisure, and others.

As a fairly new brand in the industry, Royce & Rocket is still growing its social media to bring the most updated information about its products which has now reached 6.2k followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

Does this brand have what you’re looking for? Do you want to know more about the quality of the products? Stay tuned with our Royce and Rocket reviews as we’ll go deeper into product quality. But before that, let’s talk about the brand’s history and goals. Without further ado, let’s move on to the brand overview!

Overview of Royce and Rocket

The brand, founded by mother-daughter team Rana and Camryn Leibowitz, was created from the idea that good luggage can not only enhance a trip but also deepen the travel experience.

Traveling is deeply embedded in Rana and Camryn Leibowitz’s family DNA. For 12 years, they have moved from the UK to the US six times, so they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to packing. Packing has never been easier, especially once they reach their destination.

Based on their experience, they designed a suitcase based on the principle that proper organization and thoughtful design can empower travelers to pursue their most authentic lives.

For the past three years, they have been designing luggage that focuses on enhancing your life after you arrive at your destination, not just improving the experience of getting there.

Mother and daughter feel lucky enough to go to great places, and their experiences shape their perspective and understanding of the traveling world. They want to share their experiences with other travelers.

They also want to help travelers enjoy the best vacation possible. Therefore, let Royce and Rocket take you to a great place!

Before going deeper into the details of their products, below we have prepared some points about Royce and Rocket’s pros and cons for your consideration.

Royce and Rocket Pros

  • Luggage with castle rack design designed for a luxurious travel experience and allows for organized packing
  • Expertly crafted 360° Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels that are stable and silky smooth roll over any obstacle without making a sound
  • Each suitcase is equipped with a hidden pocket, compression system, and three-level trolley handle
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 in the US only
  • Offers International shipping
  • 15 days return
  • 10-year limited warranty

Royce and Rocket Cons

  • There are still very few product options

Royce and Rocket Review

It’s time to travel in comfort without worrying about your unorganized luggage. Thanks to Royce and Rocket, you can truly enjoy your vacation while keeping your essentials safe in your suitcase.

Royce and Rocket Reviews: Royce and Rocket Review

The Suitcases collection features high-quality shelf designs and various other accessories that will support packing welfare, such as packing cubes, privacy mesh, and luggage tags to keep your luggage more organized and easy to pack. No hassle at all!

In this Royce and Rocket review, we have prepared 3 of their websites’ most sought-after and best-selling products. We hope that these 3 products, which we will discuss in more detail, will help you to know more about the quality of these products. Let’s get started!

Royce and Rocket The Castle Classic Silver Reviews

After returning from vacation, you’re bound to bring souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Therefore, you don’t want your special souvenirs to be ruined and damaged while in your suitcase due to poor-quality suitcases. The Castle Classic Silver gives security for your luggage from departure to return home.

Royce and Rocket Review: Royce and Rocket The Castle Classic Silver Reviews

It has a durable polycarbonate shell that protects your wardrobe while traveling. It also has sleek Hinomoto Lisof 360 wheels that let you glide from one adventure to the next. So no matter how much you pack, you won’t mind.

This suitcase with shelves has an upper shelf size of 26″ x 7.25″ and a lower shelf of 26″ x 14″. It has a weight of 15.5lb and a volume of 103L. It’ll be the perfect choice to accompany you on a long vacation with a lot of luggage.

The Royce and Rocket Castle racks are patent-pending advanced rack technologies that reimagine travel. The racks feel lightweight yet have strong durability. The shelf is built into the suitcase to display and store clothes with excellent performance. The shelf will be very useful for storing flat and ensuring maximum space.


  • Durable polycarbonate hard shell
  • One hidden pocket and one hanging pocket ensure maximum privacy and organization
  • Easy transportation with multi-stop extended telescopic handle
  • Ultra-smooth, 360° Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels
  • Mesh zippers and extra pockets deliver further organization
  • The compression system allows for more packing
  • Castle Shelves keep life organized on the go
  • TSA-approved lock for stress-free travel

Suitcases with Castle Shelves paired with the compression system will allow you to live out of your suitcase more efficiently, saving you time so you can focus on what matters and enjoy your trip while traveling.

You can own this spacious 31-inch design suitcase with interior color options; Cloud pink and Tobacco. For only $595, you can get this luxury suitcase to accompany your exciting journey.

Royce and Rocket The Castle Carry-on Reviews

The most requested popular product comes from The Castle Carry-on. This suitcase has a smaller size when compared to the previous products. As such, it can be a great choice to accompany your vacation with less luggage. However, with its two folding shelves design, The Castle Carry-On allows you to live out of your suitcase without clutter.

Royce and Rocket Review: Royce and Rocket The Castle Carry-on Reviews

This Castle Carry on comes with the Royce and Rocket Castle Rack, an advanced patent-pending rack technology that reimagines travel at a very lightweight yet durable size. With the rack, you can organize your luggage as neatly as possible to maximize the space in your suitcase.

With a weight of 8.5 pounds, an unexpanded volume of 19L, and an expanded volume of 2L, it gives you the satisfaction of safely storing your belongings.


  • Durable polycarbonate hard shell
  • Multi-stop telescopic long handle for easy transportation
  • The compression system allows for more packing
  • One hidden pocket and one hanging pocket ensure maximum privacy and organization
  • Castle Shelves keep life organized on the go
  • Mesh zippers and extra pockets provide further organization
  • Ultra-smooth and top-of-the-line Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run 360° wheels
  • TSA-approved lock for stress-free travel

The suitcase comes with 3 exterior color options black, burgundy, and silver. As for the interior color options, there are 2 options, including tobacco and pink. Take control of your belongings and keep your trip organized and safe. Enjoy your weekend trip in comfort with this $415 suitcase.

Royce and Rocket Packing Cubes Reviews

When you go on a long trip, you should prepare your luggage neatly to prevent you from losing items. Therefore, we recommend that you use Packing Cubes from Royce and Rocket.

Royce and Rocket Review: Royce and Rocket Packing Cubes Reviews

This packing cube will perfectly complement your Castle Classic experience. Custom-made to fit Castle Shelves, the double-layered recycled nylon fabric paired with smooth metallic zippers deliver a luxurious and organized travel experience. Even so, you can still use it with any of your suitcases with exceptional performance.


  • Offers set options in packs of 2, 4, and 6, and cubes are made to fit 3 per shelf
    • Set 4: 5*7.25*4″, 10*7.25*4″, 5*14.5*4″, 10*14.5*4″
    • Set 6: 5*7.25*4″, 2x 10*7.25*4″, 5*14.5*4″, 2x 10*14.5*4″
    • Set 8: 5*7.25*4″, 3x 10*7.25*4″, 5*14.5*4″, 3x 10*14.5*4″
  • Double-coated nylon for the ultimate luxury
  • Breathable mesh for easy access
  • Easy zipper closure made from recycled materials

There are 2 color options that you can customize with your Castle Shelve in the form of Cloud pink and Tobacco.

Since this comes with 3 sets for different quantities and sizes, each set also has a different price. Set 4 can be obtained for $70, while set 6 is priced at $105, and lastly, set 8 is priced at $120. Choose and customize to suit your needs!

Who is Royce and Rocket For?

Whether taking a weekend trip to the next state or crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Royce and Rocket empower you to enjoy your journey from the beginning, middle, and end. The brand’s luggage and other additional accessories will be perfect for those who love to travel.

Royce and Rocket Review: Who is Royce and Rocket For?

If you’re less skilled in packing belongings when traveling, you can organize your items more neatly. Thanks to its shelves and accessories, such as packing cubes, it’ll help you group items according to their needs and types. So, when traveling, you’ll easy to find what you’re looking for and need.

Royce and Rocket Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Knowing reviews from customers who have tried an item first is one way to determine the quality picture. This will certainly help buyers to consider whether the product is worth buying. Therefore, these luggage reviews have prepared some reviews taken from the website on each product.

Royce and Rocket Review: Royce and Rocket Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s start with the first product, The Castle Classic Silver. One of the customers gave it a full 5-star rating with positive comments expressing his satisfaction. He left a comment:

I love the look of this suitcase inside and out. It’s very well made and sturdy, also love the compartments to help keep things organized. Another awesome thing about this bag is that the wheels move well, making traveling a breeze.

Customers love how beautiful the suitcase looks both outside and inside. The quality is very well made and sturdy, and the compartments make for neater packing, thus making the trip even more enjoyable.

Furthermore, this review comes from a customer who is happy with The Castle Carry-on product she purchased. She said:

This is amazing! The shelves are even better than expected. It looks small at first, but then you realize how much space there is. Very meticulous details everywhere. So happy to have found this carry-on bag. Have a great trip!

Positive reviews from happy customers prove that the design of the luggage rack is much loved by buyers. Although this product collection has a fairly small size compared to other products, as said by the customer, the detailed space really helps every item fit inside.

Lastly, this review comes from Packing Cubes, which also has a lot of fans. One of the customers who gave a positive comment said:

I am absolutely obsessed with my packing boxes. They have changed the way I travel and helped me become an organized packer, something I have been struggling with all along. I also love all the different sizes, I got the 6 piece set and almost wish I had gotten the 8. Thank you!!!

It can be concluded from the reviews above that each different size allows customers to pack items well according to their needs. The packing cubes product greatly helps customers.

Overall, the reviews above show that Royce and Rocket have realized their goal of helping travelers get a lot of conveniences when packing their belongings. Even customers who have been having problems with packing can overcome them and become organized packers after getting to know the products of these brands.

Is Royce and Rocket Worth It?

After reading the previous section about customer feedback, you might have concluded how worthy Royce & Rocket products are. However, to convince you even more, we’ll cover a few points that illustrate how worthy this brand is.

Royce and Rocket Review: Is Royce and Rocket Worth It?

Firstly, its customers have widely praised its design that comes with Castle Shelves. These suitcases are very well designed for a luxurious travel experience. Also, each suitcase comes with a compression system, hidden pockets, durable 360 spinner wheels, and a tri-level trolley handle, making it the perfect product for you and helping your travel life be more enjoyable.

Please note that their products are made with recycled materials wherever possible and are produced sustainably. So, there’s no need to worry for those concerned about the environment’s well-being.

Royce and Rocket Shipping Policy

No matter where you are, when you know this brand and want to own one of its luggage collections, you got it! As per the policies stated, the brand offers International shipping at a cost that will be calculated at checkout. While shipping within the continental U.S., purchases above $100 will get free shipping.

Purchases under $100 will be shipped at a flat rate of $15 within the Continental U.S. Meanwhile, shipping within the non-Continental U.S. is charged a flat fee of $25 regardless of the purchase amount.

The brand ships all its orders within 1 business day of receipt of the order message and will arrive within 2-8 days, depending on the customer’s location. please note that orders placed before 4 pm on a business day will be shipped that day. Otherwise, they’ll deliver your package on the next business day. Therefore, adjust your order hours if you want your order to be shipped immediately.

The brand offers 2nd Day and Next-Day delivery via UPS at the buyer’s expense, and the rate will be calculated at checkout.

Royce and Rocket Return Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with the product you received and decide to return or exchange the item, you can do so anytime within 15 days of receiving the item if you live in the United States for a free return.

As for international-based returns, the return policy applies the same as domestic returns. However, returns and exchanges are not free, and you’ll be responsible for shipping costs.

To qualify for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition you received. Please keep the original packaging, as the luggage must be sent back to the box. Also, include the dust bag so that the restocking fee is not deducted from your refund.

To initiate a return, please fill out the form here, write “return” in the subject line, and include your name, email, and order number. The team will contact you shortly.

Once the return has been received, you’ll get a confirmation via email. If your return has received approval, your refund will be processed. A credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original payment method within a few days.

Royce and Rocket Warranty Policy

It’s good to know that all Royce & Rocket luggage comes with a 10-year limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects in wheels, zippers, handles, straps, Castle Racks, and special cracks in the polycarbonate.

However, please note that this warranty doesn’t apply to cosmetic damage, scratches, scuffs, or general wear and tear caused by normal use of the case that does not impact the product’s functionality. It also does not cover defects caused by intentional misuse, modification, tampering, improper use, and alteration beyond normal handling and use.

Once the brand receives the product, they’ll repair or replace it with the same or similar product at the brand’s discretion. They’ll replace the luggage with a bag of comparable value or provide credit for future purchases made on the official website.

To apply for a warranty, please go to the contact page and write “Warranty Claim” in the subject line. Please include your order number and the issue with your product. The brand will then provide instructions for shipping and servicing at no charge.

How to Contact Royce and Rocket

If you have any questions about the brand, you should check the FAQ page first because the brand has prepared frequently asked questions and answers that you might be looking for.

However, if it turns out that you still don’t find the answer to the question you have, then don’t hesitate to contact customer service at:

Feel free to send them your inquiries, as the brand team will be in touch and answer your questions as soon as possible.

Where to buy Royce and Rocket?

For now, the only place to get authentic products from this brand is by purchasing through the official website. They only offer online purchases as they currently don’t have any stores that can support offline purchases.

Don’t worry, brands package their products very well. Customers can access and purchase online very easily. So, check out the website and grab yours!

Royce and Rocket Coupon Codes & Promos

For every purchase of its products, you’ll get free shipping for purchases over $100 for US shipping only. If you want to get product discounts, you can join the affiliate system. They offer 10% off with a cookie duration of 45 days.

The product line they offer with a 10% commission includes travel accessories such as packing cubes and branded luggage tags. So, you can join this system to get great deals. Check here for details.

We also recommend that you follow their social media and sign up for their newsletter to get the latest discounts and promos.

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Royce and Rocket Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Royce and Rocket reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Royce & Rocket?

The brand was founded by mother-daughter duo, Rana and Camryn Leibowitz.

Does Royce & Rocket ship internationally?

Lucky you! The brand offers International shipping. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Royce and Rocket Reviews & Ratings

Whether you’re a creative traveler, a new mom packing for your baby, or a true jet-setter, Royce and Rocket are here to free their users from unpacking hassles.

This is a next-generation luggage and accessories brand, carefully designed and equipped to meet the needs of contemporary travelers. The design of their products revolutionizes the way to pack for travel. You can enjoy your vacation comfortably and focus on your journey without any constraints, including packing.


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