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About RELAXONCHAIR Massage Chair

In our busy lives, it’s very hard to keep our bodies from screaming in pain. Worstly, you have no time to relax and spend your weekend at a good spa for a full body massage. So, why don’t you bring a massage device from RELAXONCHAIR to your home?


This company offers a chair and reclined massager to relieve your body pain. With its products, you can relieve pain from the spine to the calf in your home. Simply take a seat and let the massager get the job done.

It seems that this massager online store is pretty well known. The Chair Institute, Navy Seal Approved, Best Review Guide, and others are publications that feature their collection. What’s more, its social media is swarmed with 1.2K followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Want more information? Thus, let’s learn more about its bright and dark side in our RELAXONCHAIR review. Jump to the next section for testimonials to deals!


RELAXONCHAIR’s story was established in Anaheim, California. It was born from a team of people who strive to create an avenue for highly accessible massage chairs.

They aim to provide massagers without high markup of retail prices and unreliable sources. Now, this brand has become a leading brand in the industry. All of this is thanks to the world’s access to affordable massage chairs.

The company also chooses the most reliable FDA-registered medical device only. Further, its collection will continue to rise to help users harness the best quality massage chairs and services. All of you deserve relief and comfort.


The overview above already shows us that RELAXONCHAIR focused on offering massaged chairs. All products are ensured to meet the quality standard test. So, rest assured of the quality.


Its massagers are designed with robust massage customization and a premium build. For instance, it can target back, shoulder, neck, foot, hip, calf, and arm pain. Relaxonchair is truly the best place to find a messenger you can rely on.

RELAXONCHAIR Product Collections

Massage Chairs Yukon-4D, Vita-3D, MK-III, etc
Certified Massage Chairs RIO, MK-V Plus, MK-II Plus, MK-Classic, ION-3D, etc 
Accessories Remote Controller, Headrest, Backrest, Back Roller Cover, Power Cable, etc
Parts & Repairs Circuit Board, Backrest Actuator Motor, Super Lube Synthetic Multi-purpose grease, etc

The comprehensive product collection makes it an ideal one-stop store to mind massager to its replacement. Now, the question about the quality of its products is rising. Thus, our RELAXONCHAIR review will provide some details on its best selling.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-Classic Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

If you are wondering which one is its best-selling, the MK-Classic is the answer. The RELAXONCHAIR MK-Classic Full Body Massage Chair has a versatile function that catches every family member’s likes.

RELAXONCHAIR Review: RELAXONCHAIR MK-Classic Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

Its rollers along the back and 50″ tracks offer a good feeling from head to buttocks. Furthermore, the 7 preset programs with remote and manual control provide a simple setup. Choose one to address your body discomfort.

In addition, we like the 5 different techniques, from kneading to shiatsu. Each technique will give a unique body massage that is ideal for your preference. Not to mention, the lower back heating system will boost your relaxation with better blood circulation.

MK-Classic Massage Chair Specs

  • Dimensions: 55*32*49 inches
  • Weight: 218 lbs
  • Body Recommendation: 5’2″ to 6’5″ tall 300 lbs
  • Speeds Level: 3
  • Auto Programs: 7

There are a lot more features it carries. For instance, it encompasses 42 airbags, zero gravity function, and more sleep. Thus, let’s bring this MK-Classic chair massager for a comprehensive body massage at $2.299. Check it out while 34% off is last!

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

The next product worth your consideration is the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Massage Chair. It doesn’t have multiple fancy features like the MK-Classic. But it still offers all useful features based on the budget.

RELAXONCHAIR Review: RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

The MK-II comes with 4 preset programs to utilize all the features for the perfect treatment for the body. Moreover, body scanning technology can identify the key part of your back for the ideal muscle relief.

The zero gravity function also will boost your relaxed feeling in the coziest position. Similar to the MK-Plus, this massage chair has all 5 massaging techniques. You can manually control all these settings or use its RC-MKII remote control.

MK-II Plus Massage Chair Specs

  • Dimensions: 52*32*46 inches
  • Weight: 183 lbs
  • Body Recommendation: 5’2″ to 6’2″ tall 280 lbs
  • Speeds Level: 3
  • Auto Programs: 4

The robust pair of built-in heating therapy and airbags delivers enhanced massaging and better blood circulation. Thus, bring this synthetic leather massager to your home with stunning gray and brown options for $2,999. But now, you can grab it at only $1,999!

RELAXONCHAIR RIO Massage Recliner Chair Reviews

Looking for a budget-friendly massage chair? Well, this RELAXONCHAIR RIO Massage Recliner Chair can be on the top list. This chair is designed to double-function as a recliner and massager.

RELAXONCHAIR Review: RELAXONCHAIR RIO Massage Recliner Chair Reviews

We love how you can use it as a recliner. Plus, the footrest can transform from a foot massager to an ottoman. It is also completed with a phone pocket and charging port. What a versatile massage recliner!

Like most of its massagers, this recliner also comes with rollers and an SL track. It’ll deliver a decent massage from the back to the buttocks. On top of that, the airbags in hips/thighs and the heating system will boost your massage benefit.

RIO Massage Recliner Specs

  • Dimensions: 45*26*43 inches
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Body Recommendation: 4’10” to 6’0″ tall 250 lbs
  • Auto Programs: 8
  • Color: Coffee, Black

Furthermore, it comes with 8 preset programs and 5 massage techniques. You can adjust it using a remote and manual control for ease.

So, why settle for a massage chair or recliner when you can get them both? Get it now at $999 after a discount from the original price of 1,999!


There’s no way you’ll lose your remote again! Well, we should say it’s a common case. No matter how carefully you store them, something is just bound to be lost. Fortunately, you can get a replacement for the RELAXONCHAIR RC-MKII Remote.


Even better, this MK-II is the upgraded version of the old one. So, it has a more stylish look with stunning ergonomic edges. You’ll love how modern the look is with a user-friendly design.

The ease of operation is thanks to the large viewing screen. The visualization makes it very easy to spot and activate each function. Besides, the compact build makes it easy to operate using one hand. What a convenience.

Aside from the MK-II Plus, the replacement remote is also available for MK-V Plus, ION-3D, MK-MV, and others. Now, let’s upgrade your MK-II plus remote with this stylish ergonomic one for $119!


The pricing of RELAXONCHAIR varies depending on how advanced your chair is. Based on the current product collection, it ranges from $0 to $4,999

The price covers from 3D massagers to parts. Here’s the pricing list.

Pricing List

Massage Chairs $999 to $4,999
Certified Massage Chairs $599 to $2,499
Part Accessories $0 to $229.99
Parts Repairs $14.99 to $499


RELAXONCHAIR is the best one-stop store for everyone looking for quality massage chairs. Its online store only focuses on quality massagers with great features and premium build.

Also, the collection makes it great for all family members looking for relief. It can target multiple body pain like back, spine, calf, and neck pain. Not to mention, its commitment to affordable products makes it the best option for budget-conscious buyers.

RELAXONCHAIR Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Still skeptical about its worthiness? Let the customer speak. Impressively, this company has good numbers on reviews on its website and Amazon. For example, the Judge.Me collected 96 reviews with 4.65/5. Below is the data on some best-selling:

RELAXONCHAIR Review: RELAXONCHAIR Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’re amazed at how it has almost perfect ratings on all items. Hear what the customers said in one of RELAXONCHAIR reviews below:

This massage chair is superb. Our whole family member uses it just about daily. We also are all very tall, with the tallest being 6’5. This chair is super easy to understand and has a lot of diverse programs you can follow. The chair also seems sturdy and well-made…

Now, we need to find the polar opposite. So, here’s the customer complaint:

I love this massager beyond belief. It targets all the right spots. It surely gives a deep massage. Also, I got the white glove service shipping since there was no way that I was lifting it. It’s so heavy. So, it took 3 guys to put it upstairs. Overall, it is worth the money…

What do you think after knowing both positive and negative reviews above? It’s highly noteworthy, right? Nearly all of them like its sturdy build, easy operation, and affordable price. The negative feedback is also only about minor issues like the heaviness.


From our long section above, you may have already drawn a conclusion. RELAXONCHAIR is worth investing in for a quality and affordable massage chair. Despite the low price, it has a premium and sturdy build.


It also already comes with great features and automation. On top of that, the performance is super relaxing with a robust heating system that can hit the spot. So, from quality to pricing, it’s the perfect option for deep massage in your home.


Now, let’s summarize all the essential info in our reviews. So, here are the brand flaws and strengths to help you make up your mind.


  • Various products with different build
  • Controllable via manual and remote
  • Effective performance of pressure points
  • Premium looks and sturdy build
  • Multiple preset and automation
  • 5 massage techniques
  • Robust heating system
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Up to 3 year warranty
  • Mostly positive testimonials.


  • Foot massage can be too intense for some
  • The product is heavy, making it hard to move
  • The White gloves service is pretty expensive.

RELAXONCHAIR Shipping Policy

RELAXONCHAIR is purchasable for US customers with delivery and pick-up options. Furthermore, the shipping will be delivered using LTL freight company with free shipping. Customers can also upgrade to white glove service with an additional fee of $500.

Next, after you complete the payment process, it usually takes 1 to 2 days to start the shipping. The ETA varies depending on your location and unpredictable conditions. So, use the tracking numbers on email to monitor and track the orders.


RELAXONCHAIR is highly confident in its products’ quality and gladly offers a 30-day return policy. The brand will give a full refund with no restocking fee for any reason.

Even better, it is also responsible for the return shipping fee if the return is caused by manufacturing faulty. If the period of 30 days has passed, the items will still be covered with up to a 3-year limited warranty.


Do you have tons of questions on your way to finding the right ideal chair? RELAXONCHAIR customer service will gladly answer your question. Thus, reach customer service via the contact details below:

Headquarters Address

720 East Debra Lane
Anaheim, CA 92805
United States

Where to buy RELAXONCHAIR?

Ready to experience pain relief massage in your home? Then, you should bring its massager home with the best deals from Although it’s currently unavailable in Costco, you can grab it on Amazon and Walmart!

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RELAXONCHAIR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for RELAXONCHAIR reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where RELAXONCHAIR located?

Its headquarters is located in Anaheim, California.

Where to find RELAXONCHAIR manual?

Mostly, its products come with manual or instruction books. However, you can get the soft file version on the download document page.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of RELAXONCHAIR Reviews & Ratings

What do you think about all the products in our RELAXONCHAIR review? Well, we believe all massage chairs are worth buying. This company is indeed the leading brand in offering reasonably priced massagers.

Besides, its products are guaranteed the best quality and massaging performance. The fancy looks also will make it a great addition to your home. Thus, let’s get a relaxing massage at your comfort home with RELAXONCHAIR!


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