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About REISift

Surprisingly, the real estate industry has developed at a swift pace. REISift is a lead generation and marketing tool that, coupled with an increasing number of tech-savvy real estate buyers and selling become a game changer where agents and investors no longer burn have to burn leather soles to generate leads.

REISift Review: About REISift

Its marketing tools allow real estate professionals to target prospect leads to help turn them into revenues. In addition, it has vast features like CRM, direct mail, instant insight, vacancy check, and others to help people do marketing and sales efficiently.

This brand also offers great value by providing insightful content to help the real estate entrepreneur thrive. As a result, it has 2.8K+ youtube subscribers and 3.8K+ social media followers.

However, how can this software help you step to the next level? Thus, this REISift review discusses the plan review, pricing, customer testimonials, and current offers. So keep reading to find out more!

Overview of REISift - Real Estate Sales and Marketing

Founded in 2019 by Tyler Austin as the CEO, REISift is designed for real estate investors, agents, and other REI professionals to find more deals and scale their business’s sales and marketing with a high-end data management system.

This company is developing Customer Relation Ship Management (CRM) software called Tasks, which can provide healthy data management, better sales focus, and business accountability.

With its software, it thrives to achieve its mission to give the customer a healthy scale with next-level vision, focus, and net profits. Based on the East Coast, Southern US, this company keeps developing its CRM tools to provide cost-effective marketing through appropriate data insight and automation.

Next up is the REISift pros and cons that give you a better picture of the company’s quality before digging deeper:

REISift Pros

  • Impressive filtering tools to aim only at quality prospects
  • Sharing many instructional and courses video
  • Offer handy integrations
  • A fantastic array of features
  • Robust CRM to manage the business
  • Great way to not lose deals
  • Affordable pricing and making the campaign budget more efficient
  • Cancel at any time

REISift Cons

  • Instructional and course content only in video form
  • Hard to thoroughly understand the comprehensive option of features

REISift Review

As we’ve mentioned before, the brand offers CRM tools that allow real estate investors to work efficiently and have human-like communication with prospects. This brand also provides integrations and some features that can offer advanced works.


  • Siftline: Turning the leads into deals.
  • Data Filters: Sophisticated and robust data filtering system for real estate investors.
  • Offer Tracking: Tracking offers and monitoring the seller’s response to know where each leads falls in the acquisition process.
  • Phone Statues: The status features that can help you to avoid double calling refind marketing and grab numbers that fall through the cracks.
  • Owner Records: Filtering and marking people instead of properties.
  • Tasks: Project management solutions that will ensure the business run like a business.
  • Direct Mail: Creating targeted marketing campaigns more efficiently.
  • Vacancy Check: automatically runs the record via USPS to normalize and filter as occupied or vacant.

With its plans, you can enjoy all those features with certain limitations based on your chosen method. So in this review, let’s dig deeper into how the tools works and the pricing to know whether this software can full fill your needs.

REISift Integration Reviews

If you want to bring the game to the next level, the powerful Integrations that REIsift offers can become a great feature. Combining it with top leader Integrations right in your workflows to pull more juice from the existing list efficiently.

REISift Review: REISift Integration Reviews

It has a great integration list from the dialer to RVM and SMS, such as Smarter Contact, Calltools, Air Calls, REIRail, ReadyMode, and Zapier.

So from that list, you can find the right tools for your communication and marketing with prospects. The integration gives it the flexibility to use tools that you prefer to reach your existing lists.

REISift Pricing And Plans Reviews

REISift offers three main plans, which are Essentials, Professionals, and Business. It has some exactly the same features with a specific limitation, and absolutely, the more you pay, the more you can enjoy.

REISift Review: REISift Pricing And Plans Reviews

You can enjoy unlimited list names, data shifting, and property/owner stacking data management on all plans. In addition, you can also enjoy outstanding marketing tools such as Data Export and an advanced skip trace tracker.

Filtering is another thing worth praising about this brand since it has Property Owner Status, Multiple Layers of Motivation, Mailing, and Property Address Vacancy filtering.

Furthermore, improving data integrity also offers USPS Vacancy checks, Owner Profile filtering, USPS Address Normalization, Duplicate Data Removal, and Automatically Separate Trust
and Companies from Data.

Despite the features above, each plan has different limitations and price points. So take a look at the table below to see the comparison.

  Essentials $470/Year Professional $1490/Year Business $2870/Year
Records Managed 25k Unlimited Unlimited
Skip Trace




Monthly Upload Limit N/A 10k 25k
Ballpoint Letters $1.75 $1.75 $1.50
Sequences & Siftline Boards  3 8 Unlimited
Custom Filter Presets & Statuses 3 8 Unlimited
Account Users 1 User 5 Users 15 Users
Phone Number Per Record Up to 10 Up to 15 Up to 30
Integrations Zapier and Aircall Outbound, Aircall, and zapier Outbound, Inbound, Aircall and zapier

Phone Support

Dedicated Support+ 1:1 Marketing Strategy Reviews


How Does REISift Works?

Some of you may still be wondering how its software works, but it’s pretty simple where you can manage all your documents in a single dashboard. After you finish the payments, you can enjoy all the features it offers based on the plan you choose.

REISift Review: How Does REISift Works?

To start your work, you can begin by uploading your document related to the property records. Then, its tools will organize the records for you to make the marketing successions.

It also has inbound and outbound integrations, so you can have more efficient marketing without aiming for bad records, lot prospects, and duplicate owners.

Sequences are also available to manage your workflow much better and faster. You just need to follow the workflow and do your marketing campaign. If the marketing campaign has already been shared, you can monitor the process by using the software to ensure you won’t miss any leads.

Who Is REISift For?

REISift is software designed explicitly for those working in the real estate industry. It has a great feature dedicated to letting you efficiently do your marketing and sales by monitoring your customer communications.

REISift Review: Who Is REISift For?

So basically, it is suitable for real estate investors, wholesalers, agents, and other REI professionals who want to close more deals. Aside from that, it also offers additional features that help user has more refiner data and works in flows.

Lastly, it can optimize your marketing and sales cost since all the targets will be examined to ensure you can target the right customer without losing your budget to something that has no chance of becoming leads.

REISift Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Do you still skeptical? So, to get to know this brand further and see its credibility, we’ll break down the REISift reviews from the customers in this section. To start, we review its Trustpilot page, which has 4.8/5 average ratings from 142 reviews. Here is the first review:

REISift Review: REISift Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s an excellent platform, organized, and very well thought out. So if interested, definitely take the Data to Dollars challenge, the courses were exceptionally well structured, and I learned so many ideas that I plan on implementing in my business.

Another customer also said:

The ReiSift is an excellent data management tool that can be utilized for any type of business. It also offers significant training videos that provide insight into how to use the platform and a significant level of marketing-based educational training videos and courses. It’s such a great platform with passionate leadership and responsive customer support!

Below is the complaint review that we specifically choose to represent its flaws:

A decent software, good training in business and data management. It needs to include more training/directions that aren’t video. Include more graphs and non-video education/training/directions since not everyone learns by video.

Considering the reviews above, most customers state that it’s an excellent, well-made, and organized platform where people can learn more about their business.

People also state how good this brand is at sharing marketing-based educational training and course videos full of insights. But one of the customers complained that it would be better to provide direction and training in non-video since not all people learn from a video.

Is REISift Worth It?

Indeed you can do the real estate marketing on your own, but REISift tools are a true game changer where you can work efficiently and effectively at a reasonable price. In addition, the tools have high-end features that allow you to work as efficiently as possible and filter more prospect leads.

REISift Review: Is REISift Worth It?

They also share instructional and courses video that help your business thrive better. With responsive customer supports, it can give a well-managed assistant to help you get the most from the tools.

The customer reviews with 4.8/5 average ratings also have proven the customer’s satisfaction level with organized and structured tools. So overall, we can conclude that this brand is worth it to help your turn prospect into leads to drive revenue.

How To Contact REISift

Finding any difficulties in your experience? Or simply asking for instruction? The good news is that it has a responsive REISift customer service that is available via:

  • Phone: +1 850-290-0617
  • Live Chat: At the top right of the page
  • Youtube: @REISift
  • Instagram: @reisiftapp
  • Facebook: @reisift
  • Address: 215 Hollywood Blvd NE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, United States

Where to buy REISift?

REISift is one of the leading companies providing CRM tools that allow you to work better in real estate by maximizing marketing and sales leads. So if you need its product to step into the next stage, you can officially purchase it from its official website!

REISift Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for the best deals? If you are a new user, fortunately, you can enjoy REISift free trial, which means you can enjoy all features from data management to generating leads for 7 days. In addition, you can click the button below to get an exclusive promo code!

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REISift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for REISift reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who Owns REISift?

The company is owned by Tyler Austin.

How do a REISift login?

If you already have a registered account, you can log in by visiting Then, you need to simply input the email and username.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of REISift Reviews & Ratings

Managing the data and following up on the marketing campaign is difficult for real estate investors. In addition, with a lot of email lists, it’s pretty hard to find which prospects can turn into leads. But with REISift, you can work in an organized workflow, filtering and maximizing campaigns for the only quality prospects.

A targeted market can help you use the campaign budget more efficiently and drive more leads. Aside from that, an easy-to-use and informational platform can help you enhance your strategy for better business implementation. Now it’s time to meet the game changer, REISift!


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