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RealSteel Center Review 2023 → Handcrafted Garden Gnomes Plant Marker

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About RealSteel Center

Finding home and garden decor that stands the test of time can be a serious challenge. Most of them barely last a season. Luckily, RealSteel Center has what you’ve been looking for.

RealSteel Center Review: About RealSteel Center

RealSteel Center infuses life and character into your living spaces with steel wall decor. Their collection varies from unique indoor decor to cute garden art. It definitely makes your home area more alive.

Moreover, the company grabs attention both in the real life and the virtual world. We noticed 84k followers on Facebook and 14k+ on Instagram. They have a lot of great product photos there.

But have you really gotten to know this company fully? That’s what this RealSteel Center review is for. Join us to look at details on products, feedback, and discounts. Therefore, let’s start our mission!

Overview of RealSteel Center

RealSteel Center was founded on the strong passion of a young founder, Michael Cain. The goal of this family-owned company is as simple as giving everyone home and garden decor.

But, we found many other reasons behind this. One of them is to support the American steel industry and American artisans fully. Also, they are empowering the youth to be productive in this brand.

Don’t you feel touched by the story behind this company? Actually, it matches the 3 main principles of the label: American Steel, American Jobs, and America’s Youth. So, we can see how beneficial this company is for everyone.

In addition, every time you buy products from this company, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the charity Today’s Harbor For Children. It is a form of brand commitment to support the future of children and youth.


  • Made with 100% American steel
  • Handcrafted with pride by American artisans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5-year quality guarantee against defects
  • Fast shipping

RealSteel Center Signs Reviews

Steel is the canvas of choice for RealSteel Center. This material makes it easy to shape into various forms of decorations. Besides, it will remain sturdy in hot summer or on extremely windy days.

RealSteel Center Reviews: RealSteel Center Signs Reviews

RealSteel Center ensures that every decor is perfect since they use handcrafted techniques. Also, each piece is well created by young professional American craftsmen.

RealSteel Center Products

In addition, do you want to create one that suits your style? The company offers custom-made services. You can request a set of garden art or house numbers that reflect your favorite thing.

Then, our next quest is to learn more about its 3 best-selling products. We will present the details you need along with the price of each collection. So, let’s go for the first decor!

RealSteel Center Garden Gnomes Plant Markers Reviews

What character comes to your mind when it comes to the garden? Yup, garden gnomes! Now, you can have your garden gnome for your area with Garden Gnomes Plant Markers. These adorable little gnomes serve as delightful markers for your plants.

RealSteel Center Review: RealSteel Center Garden Gnomes Plant Markers Reviews

On each marker, there is an inscription that marks the type of vegetables or herbs. Whether you grow carrots or broccoli, there’s a gnome for every green in your garden. They have 47 unique designs with different crop names ready to choose from.

In addition, you may doubt whether the garden gnome markers fit your garden or not. But relax, fellas! The brand gives you 2 size options, 18-20 inches and 11-13 inches. Thus, you can stick these markers on a large garden or a cozy balcony.

Also, the garden gnomes markers are resistant to storms as well as scorching heat. It won’t wobble even when the weather is terrible. Moreover, another advantage of these markers is rust resistant. Thus, it will not get damaged even in a long time.

Therefore, let the little gnomes take care of your beautiful garden. It can be a useful plant marker while adding to the garden’s aesthetics. Then, you only have to pay $8.95 to get the perfect buddy for your growing greens.

RealSteel Center Garden Art Cats 3 Pack Reviews

Dear, cat lovers. We have something purrfect for you and your yard. Please welcome Garden Art Cats 3 Pack! This pack is designed to bring joy and withstand the weather in outdoor spaces.

RealSteel Center Review: RealSteel Center Garden Art Cats 3 Pack Reviews

When you unbox the package, you will find a trio of charming cats. Each set consists of a watchful momma cat and her playful two kittens. In addition, the poses used are adorable. One kitten stretches while the other plays with butterflies.

Furthermore, these cat sculptures are finished weather-resistant baked-on powder coating. It is the weapon of how these decorations survive various types of weather, even the extreme ones. Rain or shine, these cats will keep watch over your outdoors.

Besides, if you are bored with black, you can choose other colors. FYI, these cat sculptures are available in 3 colors: rust, penny vein, and black. So you can decide which color is the most beautiful for your garden.

Thus, there is no more reason to let your yard look pale. You just need to add this $49.99 garden art. Now, your garden will be as cheerful as Barbie’s playground.

RealSteel Center Seed & Plant Markers Reviews

As a true gardener, you must see your garden as a work of art. So why settle for plain plant markers when you can choose Seed & Plant Markers?

RealSteel Center Review: RealSteel Center Seed & Plant Markers Reviews

Don’t be surprised. This selection of markers has over 40 different options to choose from. These choices fulfill your unique garden variety. Besides, for those unknown plants, the markers even have fun designs like “Oops” and “I Don’t Know”.

Further, the brand understands that garden markers should stand the test of time. That’s why these plant markers are not just pretty but also hardy. They are made to last outdoors. So, they will remain a vibrant and functional part of your garden season after season.

Besides, each marker measures 6 x 11 inches. Perfect for you to stick directly in an open area or a pot. Also, the marker has an incredible black color to enhance the beauty of your garden to be more aesthetic.

So, these crop markers are useful to remember what you planted. You can stick this $5.99 plant marker to distinguish each of your favorite plants.

RealSteel Center Pros & Cons

We don’t want you to regret your purchase at RealSteel Center. Therefore, we want to show you both the light and dark sides of the company. Thus, you have no regrets at the end.


  • A wide variety of unique designs and names for each plant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor decor
  • Weather resistant
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Durable materials
  • Firmly stuck in various types of soil
  • 30-day return
  • Free shipping
  • 5-year warranty


  • Limited material options
  • Few size and color choices
  • No worldwide shipping

Who Is RealSteel Center For?

RealSteel Center is for anyone searching for steel home decor for their indoor or outdoor area. In other words, the brand is the best choice for homeowners.

Furthermore, those who have extensive gardens can also rely on high-quality plant markers from this brand. It will make it easier for gardeners and gardening enthusiasts to distinguish their plants.

RealSteel Center Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s time to round out this review with some customer reviews. So, you can understand whether people are satisfied with their new steel home decor. Let’s read it one by one!

RealSteel Center Review: RealSteel Center Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Onc buyer had this to say:

I am so happy to see how adorable these markers are and their large size. These markers are so precious and will be a hit in the neighborhood.

The first thing you say when you see the garden gnomes markers is adorable. Their large size and cute design will be a hit among your neighbors.

Next, a customer who bought cat garden art wrote:

… Now I have a cat in every window. I like them. The quality is impressive. The one I got a few years ago still looks brand new and is outside in the heat …

One of the advantages of steel garden decor from this company is its durability. It is in line with the statement of this shopper who said hers lasted until the following years.

Lastly, we took a comment on Reddit that noted:

My order was promptly fulfilled, well packaged, large enough to see in my garden, and made of high-quality metal. I can’s wait to use it on the next season.

As the customer mentioned above, the plant marker is large and sturdy. It is indeed made of high-quality metal. Besides, he praised the fast shipping, so the item arrived home instantly.

Whenever we ventured out to look for reviews, what we found was positive feedback from customers. They seemed very satisfied with the great quality of RealSteel Center’s craft.

Is RealSteel Center Worth It?

If you are looking for steel home decor with unique designs, then RealSteel Center is the way to go. The company has various wall decors such as house numbers and gardens to enhance your area. Then, RealSteel Center is worth it for that reason alone.

RealSteel Center Review: Is RealSteel Center Worth It?

Also, each product is handled by skilled artisans. This handcrafted technique provides high quality and attention to detail that may be lacking in mass-produced alternatives.

Additionally, the company has prepared various designs to anticipate your tastes and plant types. Each piece carries a distinctive charm to any space. Thus, have you decided on your home decor?

RealSteel Center Shipping Policy

Besides providing excellent steel home decor, another goal of RealSteel Center is to offer the best shipping experience. They pride themselves on their fast ordering and shipping process. As a result, your home decor arrives in your hands in just 2-4 days.

Besides, we should mention that the company only ships its products to the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. But the good news is the team is starting to plan for an international reach in the near future.

Also, we intentionally saved the best part for last. Guess what? The brand gives you free shipping on orders totaling over $99! But, for orders under $99, you will be charged a flat shipping fee of $8.99.

RealSteel Center Return Policy

Suppose for any certain reason you are not happy with the order. In that case, you can simply return it to the company. As we mentioned initially, the company has a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

In addition, the company allows you to choose between exchange, credit, or refund. Also, all products can be returned except personalized monograms.

Returns Address
RealSteel Center
6603 Overcrest Lane
Pasadena, TX 77505

How To Contact RealSteel Center

Do you require additional information that our review did not include? Let customer service take over that task. RealSteel Center has a friendly and fast response team. They are available on:

RealSteel Center
6603 Overcrest Ln
Pasadena, TX 77505

Where to buy RealSteel Center?

You might have already started imagining how your home or garden would be more beautiful with decorations from RealSteel Center. You can make it happen by purchasing them directly at their official website,

In addition, we have other alternatives to buy the company’s wall decor. You can browse Amazon and Etsy for some of the products. Happy shopping!

RealSteel Center Coupon Codes & Promos

You must be happy to know that RealSteel Center gives some savvy deals to their customers, we have collected them all for you. Thus, make sure you try these promotions:

  • Buy 1 get 1 40% OFF with promo code HOLIDAYGIFTS
  • Join the mailing list to receive 20% OFF on your first order
  • Apply coupon code 60-OFFFAMILY and enjoy 60% OFF

Reveal all coupons
RealSteel Center

RealSteel Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for RealSteel Center reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns RealSteel Center?

The owner of the brand is Michael Cain.

Does RealSteel Center ship internationally?

Currently, the brand only ships its decor in 50 US and the District of Columbia.

Where is RealSteel Center located?

The company is located in Texas, US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of RealSteel Center Reviews & Ratings

Are you ready to let RealSteel Center transform your empty wall or garden into something more beautiful? They have a wide selection of steel decor worthy of your consideration due to its high quality. Furthermore, their decor collections have been proven to be weather-resistant.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about the state of your sign or your garden gnomes when it’s raining or scorching hot. Alright, all you need to do right now is go to the official site and shop some RealSteel Center for your home.


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