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About Glasses

Who’s excited for a long holiday? We are all, actually. And if you love spending your free time reading some good novels, we’d love to do that, too. However, to protect your eyes during long reading, especially your vision, have you asked Review: About Glasses

Are they like readers community?‘ No, they are not. Looking at small objects or writing for a long time may tire your eyes. Or if you already have a concerning sight problem, is ready to help you with its cool, trendy, & functional reading glasses.

In addition to eye protection, don’t you think wearing good eyewear is also part of style? Yes, millennial people may agree with that. Next, is also a trusted eyewear store that has gained over 52.4k total social media followers. Will you follow?

Do you want to hear more good things about this brand? Our review will help you till the end, so ensure not to leave this page before you get what you want. A little snippet: there will be more cool products to reveal today, including its offers!

Overview Of Reading Glasses

What problems do you usually find in buying glasses? Most brands may sell them at higher prices or with no maximum support for customer service. But, will you find those things here?

Thankfully, was born due to their concern about those mentioned problems. Therefore, you will only find affordable reading glasses with the best customer support here.

Besides that, this brand’s first step into the industry began in 2012. Thus, this year is marking its 12th anniversary. Within these past 12 years, has dominated today’s industry.

Supported by millions of customers around the world, it has become #1 online eyewear store. And if it sounds too much to you, why don’t you prove it by buying some pairs?

We believe Nnaemeka Onyekachi, the company’s CEO, will be so happy if you join the family. So, do you already know how many reading sunglasses to buy? Scroll down to find more! Reviews

When you have eye problems, everything becomes unclear, right? Let’s not talk about reading words and sentences in novels. Even when you watch TV, it sometimes gets blurred. At this point, you should believe that wearing capable eyewear is crucial. Reviews: Reviews

On, the products come in different types and styles. They go with one aim, which is to give you a clear sight so every letter and picture you see is fully visible. Then, does it excite you more to know the brand’s product collections? Here they are: Reading Glasses Collections:

Shop by Customer’s Type Men and women are allowed to shop here! Discover hundreds of cool items to beautify your eye look!
Shop by Function Whether you shop by Style, Color, or Lifestyle, the best options are available on this page. Explore more?

We know we only gave you 2 product collections. However, once you click each category, there will be over 500+ styles of reading glasses at super cheap prices. Also, let us bring the following best-selling products from to recommend:

  • The Bifocals Reading Sunglasses
  • The Bookworm Reading Glasses
  • The Studio Reading Glasses

From 1 to 10, in which number is your excitement level now? Since those glasses are cheap, we guess having one is not enough. Therefore, let’s be by our side through this entire review and get your best-matched one! The Bifocals Reading Sunglasses Reviews

Our first product recommendation really exudes stylish vibes so much. So, if you love wearing this type of reading sunglasses without compromising your look, buy The Bifocals now! Review: The Bifocals Reading Sunglasses Reviews

If you have ever seen The Actor Bifocals eyewear in the market, then this one is its sibling. It has similar looks, with a brown-yellowish color and a semi-dominant black spot around.

Next, another benefit is that this eyewear’s tinted & reading lenses make it perfect for outdoor use. Then, with its slightly metal accents, you won’t get outdated looks while wearing it.

The Bifocals Details:

  • Discussed product: +1.25 – Light Tortoise with Amber 
  • Lens type: Bifocal
  • Frame shape: Round
  • Frame size: Narrow
  • Face type: N/A
  • Color choices: 4 (Light Tortoise with Amber, Black/Tortoise with Smoke, Dark Tortoise with Smoke, Dark Tortoise with Amber)
  • Power choices: 11 (+1.25 – +3.75)

Does The Bifocals suit your eyewear taste? If you have fallen in love with it, we suggest pulling $26.95 out of your wallet! Anyway, we’re looking forward to reading your good review of it! The Bookworm Reading Glasses Reviews

Are you a nerd but don’t want to be looking like a nerd? We know what type of eyewear that matches you the best. With its innocent style but still cool, let’s see how The Bookworm looks! Review: The Bookworm Reading Glasses Reviews

At first sight, did you agree that this eyewear is dominated by a retro-influenced style? Yup, you’re right. Simply, this eyewear is nice for those who seek a functional item with a hint of style.

In addition, these reading glasses have full frames that are lightweight. Also, the metal stud trims on the front of the frames show that the brand really knows the best spot to be highlighted.

The Bookworm Details:

  • Discussed product: +1.00 – Brown Tortoise/Black
  • Lens type: Fully Magnified
  • Frame shape: Round
  • Frame size: Narrow
  • Face type: Square
  • Color choices: 6 (Brown Tortoise/Black, Marbled Black, Marbled Brown, Crystal Royal Blue, Crystal Clear, Crystal Red)
  • Power choices: 11 (+1.00 – +3.50)

So, will you put The Bookworm in your cart, too? Since it is still available, why not? Once again, this store never disappoints you with the price since you can get it for only $22.95 today! The Studio Reading Glasses Reviews

Another best-selling reading glasses is here, and we believe it’s way too good due to its 800+ reviews. Have you checked The Studio? Let’s see why so many people love this eyewear! Review: The Studio Reading Glasses Reviews

Almost similar to the previous product, this eyewear brings a retro look a lot. Then, with its classic color combination and semi-rounded frame, it’s unique stuff to make you stand out.

Also, when you tend to be not confident about wearing eyewear, this one treats you differently. It has more color choices so you can freely choose the color that represents you the most.

The Studio Details:

  • Discussed product: +1.00 – Tortoise
  • Lens type: Fully Magnified
  • Frame shape: Round
  • Frame size: Narrow
  • Face type: Square
  • Color choices: 6 (Tortoise, Black and Tortoise, Dark Green and Tortoise, Blue and Tortoise, Red and Tortoise, Dark Red and Tortoise)
  • Power choices: 11 (+1.00 – +3.50)

How does The Studio change your mind? Psssttt, do you know that it is cheaper than the two previous products? Yup, only at $19.95, you can ship this eyewear home! Pretty good, right? Pros and Cons

We know that with glasses, our vision will be more clear. But does it mean that has no cons side? See everything below:


  • Functional reading glasses
  • Various lenses and colors
  • Unisex products
  • Numerous offers are available
  • Consisting of numerous power selectors
  • Affordable price
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping (US & AU)
  • 90-day return policy 


  • Some customers complaint the products are too fragile and easily break

Who Is Reading Glasses For?

These days, people know that eyewear is already part of fashion. On the other hand, we should always remember that these items also have their own function. Thankfully, it aligns with’s goal.

So, after coming with good function and trendy look, do the store’s products suit everyone? Yes, all eyewear from suits everyone (men and women) to both improve vision and elevate people’s overall look. They help you see clearly with their lenses and give a stylish touch with a well-designed style. Glasses Review: What Do Customers Think?

Is truly good? You never know until you read this section. So, welcome to this testimonial section, where we will see all customers’ ratings and reviews about this store. Review: Glasses Review: What Do Customers Think?

On Facebook, we found that the brand has gained over 680 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. However, that’s not ‘the thing’ because these ones are more interesting:

How do you react after seeing those ratings? On the other hand, you shouldn’t be satisfied first because the most important thing is down below. Who’s ready to read the reviews?

Will you start with this review?

I’ve been using these small glasses with bifocals for a couple of weeks and I really like them. They’re not the typical glasses you find on drug store sunglasses or reader racks.

This customer admitted that eyewear from is not an ordinary product. They stand out more than other brands, which is rare to find.

Next, it’s good to read this, too:

These bifocals lok so natural and are great for driving because they don’t have magnification for distance, allowing for easy glances at the GPS. Also, they are comfortable and stylish as well.

The functional eyewear is only at, as this customer has said. It helped her a lot while driving, and the look is also amazing.

After that, we know you need this:

Ever since I had cataract surgery, I don’t want to wear glasses all day like I used to. Therefore, I require a pair of reading glasses for every room in my house. makes it very simple to find the right ones for me with their comprehensive collection, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service!

In addition to looks and price, the brand’s supportive customer team is also another plus point. Will you prove this customer’s words?

So, what else do you consider about this store? From those reviews, it has been proven to be the best, and it’s time for you to prove it. But will you keep scrolling down for more surprises?

Is Glasses Worth It?

When you need more sections to convince you more about, let’s get closer. Is this brand worth it? Sure, is 100% worth it for its high-quality items sold at affordable prices. Review: Is Glasses Worth It?

Furthermore, each collection also comes in a different style and look, adjusting to more customer’s tastes. However, prioritizing looks doesn’t mean it lacks quality. Reading glasses from this brand work as its function, ensuring your eye protection and vision improvement.

Is Legit?

Sure, we guarantee that is legit and trusted. The only thing that makes it stand strong until its 12th year is its highly qualified, functional, and affordable products. Also, as we said in the beginning, prioritizes the best support for all customers with a super friendly and helpful assistance team. Shipping Policy

Expecting your eyewear to arrive very soon? Then, let’s learn everything about the shipping process in this section. Where does usually ship?

Everyone must be happy to know that the brand ships in the USA and worldwide. Also, US and Australian customers are eligible to get free shipping for orders over $35 (US) and $50 (Australia).

Meanwhile, International customers must be responsible for the additional shipping fees. Then, if you want to track your order status, check an email from to see the tracking information. Return Policy

Do you have a problem with the items you order? We know it’s out of your control, but you can take some right steps to handle it. Let’s learn this return policy, then!

Generally, each customer will have a 90-day return policy. Once you notice something wrong with yours, kindly contact by phone (1-800-210-3975) or email ([email protected]). Isn’t it pretty understandable?

How To Contact

Do you know how to connect to’s support team? If you don’t, kindly check this:

  • Phone number: 1-800-210-3975
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media:
  • Availability hours: Weekdays (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST)

Company Address

Greenwood, Indiana, United States

Where to buy

Are you already in your final buying decision? Then, don’t forget to only shop at the brand’s official website. Also, if you need a second option, you may search the’s official store on Amazon. Get yours now or never! Coupon Codes & Promos

You can’t leave earlier without reading this section, right? So, what offers will give to you?

  • Join the newsletter and login to your account before shopping to get 25% OFF your first order
  • Enjoy 15% sitewide using coupon code SAVE15 at the checkout
  • Save up to 70% on the Cyber Monday page
  • Become an Affiliate and earn more commission
  • Claim up to 70% OFF on the Clearance Sale for men and women
  • Free shipping on all US orders (shop above of $35)
  • Free shipping on all Australian orders (shop above of $50)
  • Enjoy 50 OFF sitewide with a discount code FLASH50

Are you satisfied already with them? The ‘more offers’ button is below, so let’s have an endless surprise:

Reveal all coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns

Nnaemeka Onyekachi is the CEO or

Where is located?

The brand’s headquarters is in Greenwood, Indiana, United States. 

Does ship internationally?

Yes, it does. The brand ships to the US, Australia, and most countries worldwide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

So, no matter how many pages of book you want to read, everything is easier with functional and reliable reading glasses from Since it has hundreds of cool collections, you may find your favorite in a breeze.

In addition, the number of customer good reviews always increases daily. This should be your further consideration. When other people are satisfied with the items, it must excite you more to shop. Finally, which eyewear suits your style the best?


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