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Ravin Crossbows Review 2024 → The Fastest Crossbows in the World

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About Ravin Crossbows

In the wild, every hunter knows the struggle: taking accurate aim at prey. Poor tools often make shots miss. What you have to do is trust Ravin Crossbows for sneaky moves and dead-on shots.

Ravin Crossbows Review: About Ravin Crossbows
Image: facebook.com/ravincrossbows

Ravin Crossbows ensures your prey is left in the dust with the most accurate and powerful crossbows. The brand is synonymous with the close-range hunting landscape. Besides, it is powered by HeliCoil technology.

In addition, they managed to get awards such as the 2020 – 2023 Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice and the 2018 NRA American Hunter Golden Bullseye Award. It is proof of commitment to providing hunters with the absolute best.

Moreover, this recognition also comes from their platform. People also liven their attractive social media. As a result, the brand has 28k followers on Facebook and 16.7k on Instagram.

Therefore, join us in this Ravin Crossbows review to upgrade your hunting game. We’ll spill fun facts and other detailed info related to the product. Don’t wait for your prey to escape. Let’s get rolling!

Overview of Ravin Crossbows

Ravin Crossbows was born from a group of people who are passionate about hunting. The founders spent years working with the most brilliant engineers and experts to find the latest innovations in hunting.

As a result, the brand brings back the crossbow with HeliCoil technology. What sets the innovation apart is the crossbow ability. It is more compact, fast, and balanced. Besides, its accuracy is such a top-tier rifle.

Then, the company was finally established in 2015. They never stop creating the best, most accurate, innovative crossbows globally. The brand is happy to deliver your hunting to a victorious end.

Who owns Ravin crossbows? The label is currently owned by Velocity Outdoor Inc. The two companies are working together to develop products and expand the market.

Ravin Crossbows Review

When it comes to accuracy, nothing comes close to Ravin Crossbows. This brand sets a new standard that makes every product a bullseye.

Ravin Crossbows Reviews: Ravin Crossbows Review

Ravin provides a complete range of crossbow gear. Their products include cases, optics, broadheads, etc. It is a one-stop store for hunters who want to upgrade their weapons.

Ravin Crossbows Products

  • Crossbows
    • R15
    • R29X
    • R20, etc
  • Broadheads
    • Titanium Broadheads
    • Steel Broadheads
    • Aluminum Broadheads, etc

Furthermore, the brand features Apex tech in every product. It makes the highest-performance crossbows worldwide. Imagine precision meets power. Hitting the mark at 100 yards is not a dream.

Thus, which crossbows do you choose? If you are still undecided, we’ll talk about this brand’s 5 most popular crossbows. Thus, you get an idea of the greatness of the item. Keep on scrolling!

Ravin Crossbows R500E Sniper XK7 Reviews

Meet the Apex predator of crossbows, the Ravin R500E Sniper XK7. This gun is the new and improved series from this company. Let’s see what this tool can achieve.

Ravin Crossbows Review: Ravin Crossbows R500E Sniper XK7 Reviews

Can you guess what the speed of this gear is? It shoots at 500 FPS! This supersonic speed ensures that every arrow travels fast. Even the fastest deer can’t avoid your shots.

Besides, you can witness the precision of movement with the HexCoil Cam system. Every shot you release is supported by the kinetic system for precision aiming. At this point, you might be the most skilled archer.

In addition, cocking and decocking is an easy task now. The Ravin electric drive system allows you to cock and decock at the push of a button. This feature makes it easy for you to set up new arrows quickly.


  • 500 FPS speed (400 GR.)
  • 222 ft-lbs kinetic energy
  • 9.9 lbs weight
  • 17 lbs draw force
  • HeliCoil tech
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminum CNC riser
  • Nylon fiber stock material

What’s in the Box

  • VersaDrive cocking system
  • Electric cocking motor, charger, and removable battery
  • Anti-dry fire/auto safety
  • 6x Ravin .001 R500 series premium arrows
  • Ravin scope level
  • 1x removable draw handle
  • 1x quiver/mounting bracket
  • Adjustable turret scope
  • Built-in sling mounts

So, if you are looking for crossbows that understand exactly what you want, choose the Ravin R500E Sniper XK7. You can buy it for $4,024.99.

Ravin Crossbows R26X XK7 Reviews

Looking for crossbows with a compact design but high performance? Those are the traits of the Ravin R26X XK7. It takes the style of the R26 and ups the intensity. The result? Unbeatable weapon!

Ravin Crossbows Review: Ravin Crossbows R26X XK7 Reviews

We know silence is golden, especially in the hunt. Therefore, the R26X XK7 is fully-integrated silent cocking. It is helpful for those of you who hunt sound-sensitive prey. It remains a secret until the very last moment.

Then, let’s talk about the compact size. it measures only 5 3/4″ axle-to-axle when cocked. However, the power is still incredible. Also, the draw is fast and deadly. The R26X XK7 proves that big things can indeed come from small packages.

Furthermore, its speed is no less cool than the previous series. It has a ferocious 400 FPS speed. Besides, R26X XK7 is supported with top-notch accuracy. This combination creates a weapon that makes prey immobilized.


  • 400 FPS speed (400 GR.)
  • 142 ft-lbs kinetic energy
  • 6.5 lbs weight
  • 12 lbs draw force
  • HeliCoil tech
  • Quad limb composite
  • Aluminum CNC riser
  • Polymer stock material

What’s in the Box

  • Silent cocking system
  • Anti-dry fire/auto safety
  • Built-in sling mounts
  • All new 100-yard illuminated speed lock scope
  • 3x ravin .003 arrows & field points (400 grain total)
  • 1x quiver/mounting bracket
  • 1x removable draw handle

Thus, don’t let your prey notice your presence. Keep silent and powerful with R26X XK7. Get ready to get double-hunted! So, interested in using it? Prepare money for $2,324.99.

Ravin Crossbows R18 Reviews

Is the R26X XK7 still too heavy for you? Don’t worry because we have another alternative. It comes with size and power in one sleek package. Please welcome the Ravin R18!

Ravin Crossbows Review: Ravin Crossbows R18 Reviews

The total length of these crossbows is only 25″ and 18″ without stock. In addition, drawing a crossbow is easy with this weapon. It features a built-in cocking mechanism that speeds up your shot preparation. Effortless and efficient.

Moreover, behind its small size is a great VertiCoil Cam system. It has ultra-small cams rotated at 720º. This feature allows the R18 to achieve compactness without sacrificing an ounce of power.

Also, lock onto your target with perfect precision using the Ravin 3-Dot Reflex Sight. In the blink of an eye, this sight aligns with your target. Therefore, you can aim at your prey quickly and accurately.


  • 330 FPS speed (400 GR.)
  • 85 ft-lbs kinetic energy
  • 6 lbs weight
  • 12 lbs draw force
  • VertiCoil Cam system
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminum CNC riser
  • Nylon fiber stock material

What’s in the Box

  • Built-in cocking mechanism
  • Anti-dry fire/auto safety
  • Built-in sling mounts
  • Detachable stock/quiver
  • 3x 16” .003 350 grain r18 arrows & field points
  • 1x removable draw handle
  • Ravin 3 dot reflex sight

Now, your dream of owning lightweight crossbows has come true. It helps you to move more freely in the wild. So, bring R18 to your adventure for $2,024.99.

Ravin Crossbows R10 Reviews

Now, let’s move to the classic type of this brand, the Ravin R10. This tool is an excellent choice for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner shooter.

Ravin Crossbows Review: Ravin Crossbows R10 Reviews

Experience the sensation of arrow speed that surpasses your expectations. The R10 releases arrows at a speed of 400 FPS. Moreover, this speed is paired with excellent accuracy. No wonder it impresses everyone who uses it.

Furthermore, which one do you prefer, a tree stand or a ground blind? You can rely on the R10 for both. It can adapt to all terrains, even the most difficult ones. In other words, the R10 is ideal for any hunting scenario.

As you can see in the picture, the design of the R10 is light. But, its power is mighty in the field. It is designed for you who want to move easily while hunting. You’ll adore it so much.


  • 400 FPS speed (400 GR.)
  • 142 ft-lbs kinetic energy
  • 6.8 lbs weight
  • 12 lbs draw force
  • HeliCoil tech

What’s in the Box

  • Built-in cocking mechanism
  • Anti-dry fire/auto safety
  • Built-in sling mounts
  • Removable draw handle
  • Quiver/mounting bracket
  • 3 Ravin .003 premium arrows & field tips (400 grain total)
  • 100-yard illuminated scope

Therefore, are you ready to hunt like a true adventurer? R10 will be the best companion for every skill level. So, grab this crossbow for $1,424.99 to experience its powerful shots.

Ravin Crossbows R5X Reviews

The last product is the Ravin R5X, which makes you a master of stealth and precision. It has impressive maneuverability and close range. But what are its features?

Ravin Crossbows Review: Ravin Crossbows R5X Reviews

This gear combines the R26 front end with a new seamlessly designed stock. Besides, stealth is the R5X’s middle name. It features fully integrated silent cocking. When preparing for the perfect shot, the R5X ensures you remain undetected.

Besides, this tool adapts not only to terrain but also to you. The R5X comes with an adjustable cheek pad and buttstock. Thus, you can adjust the setup according to your hunting style. It provides you comfort at the same time.

In addition, size doesn’t limit the R5X’s power. Its compact design makes it easy to target into tight spots with ease. Whether you’re stalking in dense foliage or waiting in blind ground, the R5X helps you shoot with precision.


  • 400 FPS speed (400 GR.)
  • 142 ft-lbs kinetic energy
  • 6.7 lbs weight
  • 12 lbs draw force
  • HeliCoil tech
  • Quad limb fiberglass
  • Aluminum CNC riser
  • Nylon fiber stock material

What’s in the Box

  • Adjustable cheek pad
  • Adjustable buttstock
  • Silent cocking system
  • Anti-dry fire/auto safety
  • Built-in sling mounts
  • 3x Ravin .003 arrows & field points
  • 1x removable draw handle
  • 1x quiver/mounting bracket
  • 100 yard illuminated scope

Since precision, adaptability, and silence are important, the R5X should be on your wishlist. This crossbow fulfills all three essential criteria. Thus, Get it now for $1,624.99 before it runs out.

Ravin Crossbows Pros & Cons

As a smart buyer, you should consider all aspects of Ravin Crossbows. Therefore, we present some crucial fors and against to you. Will you check them out?


  • Top-tier accuracy
  • Innovative technology
  • Compact design
  • High arrow speeds
  • Silent cocking mechanism
  • Adapt to various terrains
  • Easy cocking system
  • Wide range of product types
  • Provides crossbow accessories
  • Offers some beginner-friendly crossbows
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Easy return


  • Some advanced crossbows are not suitable for beginners
  • The cost is high for some people
  • The learning curve for high-end features
  • Worldwide shipping is unavailable
  • No mention of the return day requirement

Who Is Ravin Crossbows For?

Ravin Crossbows is explicitly built for hunters looking for advanced crossbows for another level of hunting experience. Their products range from the most advanced to the most compact. It is perfect for experienced and novice hunters.

Is playing in the wild not your thing? No problem! You can use this brand’s equipment to have fun in the archery sports arena. Thus, it is not surprising that archery enthusiasts will love it.

Ravin Crossbows Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Are Ravin Crossbows any good? The only way to get the answer is to hear what customers say. Lucky you! We have prepared some testimonials from the website. Thus, let’s take a look at their comments!

Ravin Crossbows Review: Ravin Crossbows Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here, what’s the customer stated:

This crossbow is dynamite. I have owned 3 Crossbows over the past 10 years (Tenpoint, R26, and R500E), and this crossbow is much better than the others. Accuracy straight from the box …

The R500E is indeed an upgraded version of the previous type. It has pinpoint accuracy with much better performance. Therefore, the customer adores it so much.

Another satisfied hunter also said:

The condition is excellent and easy to put together, the price is reasonable, and the warranty is good. I started trying to use it last week, and I got a lot of games!

Want to get a lot of games? Use the R26X. The condition is very good at a more affordable price. Moreover, it comes with a good warranty. So, this buyer can hunt outdoors with peace of mind.

Last, we included a post from Reddit:

It’s a nice crossbow that I bought as a backup for my R15. Installed a Burris Oracle X scope and always hits the bullseye at 75 yards.

We also agree that the R10 is a great companion for the R15. Its accuracy is always on target at 75 yards. It makes it great for aiming advice at a point a bit further away.

The trust has been spoken. The brand succeeded in making all customers happy with their crossbow purchases. They are satisfied with the quality, performance, and accuracy. There is nothing to make you doubt anymore, right?

Is Ravin Crossbows Worth It?

Is a Ravin crossbow worth the money? Yes, it is! This brand has something that hunters have always needed: exceptional accuracy. Besides, they use high-end tech like the VCoil Cam to support performance.

Moreover, we must mention its impressive arrow speeds! In some models, the speed can exceed 400 FPS! It makes powerful and effective shots at longer distances.

In addition, everyone can join this company, even beginners. The brand’s features are easy to understand. Besides, it supports a diverse range of hunting conditions and user preferences.

Ravin Crossbows Shipping Policy

Good news! Ravin currently offers free shipping for all orders! Thus, you don’t have to worry about adding costs during checkout. Moreover, the brand only ships its products to the US. However, international customers can find authorized dealers nearby.

Furthermore, please allow the company to prepare your order in 3-5 working days. Then, your order will be submitted to shipping services such as UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS via ground delivery.

Ravin Crossbows Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is No.1 at Ravin. Thus, if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, let the company make it right. You can contact customer service as soon as possible to request a return.

Then, the customer support will work quickly to solve your problem. In addition, if you bought it at an authorized dealer, you can file a return to that dealer.

Ravin Crossbows Warranty Policy

Congratulations on your new Ravin Crossbow! Your new item is protected against defects 5 years from the order date. It includes the trigger, stock, cocking mechanism, and limb assembly as long as it is used according to the guidelines.

Moreover, to claim your guarantee, contact customer service at 715-718-3574 to get the RAN. Then, the team will deliver further instructions. Also, repairs are free of charge. Hooray!

How to Contact Ravin Crossbows

Once you find difficulties with your order, keep in mind that the customer service is always there for you. So you can tell them what’s on your concern. Feel free to try any of the ways below:

  • Fill in the blank form
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1 715-718-3574
  • Social media:
    • Ravin Crossbows (Facebook)
    • ravincrossbows (Instagram)


3535 Tower Ave
Superior, Wisconsin
54880, United States

Where to buy Ravin Crossbows?

Where can I get Ravin Crossbows? One of the best and easiest ways is to buy directly from the official website. Also, if you prefer to purchase offline, use the dealer locator to find the closest store.

Furthermore, we noticed the company also appears on several other marketplaces. You can also buy crossbows on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other third parties. Happy shopping!

Ravin Crossbows Coupon Codes & Promos

Besides animal hunters, we heard you’re also a discount hunter, aren’t you? Welcome to Ravin Crossbows promotion heaven! We kept our eye on every discount that popped up on the website. Here are the results of our hunt:

  • Get rare & exclusive savings on re-conditioned crossbows
  • Apply coupon code FREECASE23 to get 50% off soft case with R500
  • Claim 22% off with discount code BROAD22
  • Find special offers based on your state on the rebate page

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Ravin Crossbows

Ravin Crossbows Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Ravin Crossbows reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where are Ravin Crossbows built?

The product is handcrafted in Superior, Wisconsin, US.

Which Ravin crossbow is the fastest?

The fastest crossbow series from this brand is the Ravin R500.

Who bought Ravin crossbow?

The company was bought by Velocity Outdoor Inc.

Who is the sister company of Ravin crossbow?

The sister company of this brand is Compass Diversified Holdings.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Ravin Crossbows Reviews & Ratings

Has your heart completely chosen Ravin Crossbows? This company will turn your ordinary hunt into an extraordinary adventure with its ultimate collection of crossbows. It has the accuracy, speed, and technology that hunters have longed for.

Thus, whatever kind of hunter you are (newbie or professional), make sure you have Ravin Crossbows. Go to the official site now and experience the thrill of hunting, like in a movie. Hurry up! Your next great shot awaits!


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