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About Rain Bird

Are you tired of bringing a hose reel to every corner of your garden? We know that’s so energy-wasting. To help you create a happier and more satisfying gardening experience, we already have the best alternative. Have you come to Rain Bird and see inside?

Rain Bird Review: About Rain Bird
Image: facebook.com/RainBirdCorp

We’re so happy to have all gardeners here and reading this. We understand each gardener has a special connection to his garden. But sometimes, taking care of it becomes a little hard and time-consuming. Fortunately, modern watering & irrigation tools are here.

We doubt to call you a true gardener if you have no idea about Rain Bird. After long generations of existence, you must have heard of the brand’s name a lot. Also, among 157k+ followers on the brand’s social media, we hope to find you there right after reading this.

On the other hand, have you ever thought about how big the world’s recognition of this company is? You must be shocked to know that Rain Bird has collected over 450 awards. Also, it has been operating to fulfill gardening needs in 130 countries worldwide.

So, do you want to be a true gardener with the most effective and modern watering or gardening equipment? There shouldn’t be any choice than Rain Bird. However, don’t be too hurry since our Rain Bird reviews will guide you to your best shopping decision!

Overview Of Rain Bird

How long Rain Bird has been operating, do you think? The company’s age is obviously older than you and also your grandma, we guess. What did you do in the year of 1933?

You haven’t even appeared yet on this Earth at that time. However, in 1933, Rain Bird started to operate as a private company and has become a worldwide gardener’s favorite since then.

In addition, it keeps breaking every record in the industry, and currently, there are thousands of awards in the pocket. But what is actually the Rain Bird’s primary purpose in doing this?

Simply, the company aims to provide all gardeners or farm owners with the most helpful technological irrigation tools. Thus, more satisfied worldwide customers will appear.

So, do you want to be one of the customers to benefit from Rain Bird? Then, let’s walk in the same shoes with other gardeners to make your garden dreams come true and leave some nice words.

Rain Bird Review

Waking up in the morning and seeing your beautiful garden is truly satisfying. In addition to its fresh and relaxing sensation, enjoying the water-spray view, as in the picture below, must be heart-warming. Who agrees?

Rain Bird Reviews: Rain Bird Review

Fortunately, you can enjoy this view daily with the most reliable stuff from Rain Bird. Once you dive into it, there will be more ideas that pop out in your mind related to your garden needs. Do you want to start exploring now?

Rain Bird Product Categories

Timer Bundles & Kits
Sprinkler Root Booster Series
Valve Parts & Accessories
Drip & Low Volume Flume Water Monitor

So, do you have a product choice already? However, if you’re clueless about those categories,  we’ll recommend some of the most-searched products of Rain Bird to you. Are you gearing up to have more interesting offers?

Rain Bird Product Recommendation

  • 1800 Sprinkler Heads Drip Irrigation Riser Connection Kit
  • LNK2 WiFi Module for ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me3 Controllers
  • ARC8 App Based Residential Controller
  • 32ETI – Automatic Irrigation System

How sure are you to shop for the products above? Since you’re still clueless about each, you should be more curious to learn more, and let’s get addicted afterward!

Rain Bird 1800 Sprinkler Heads Reviews

Dear gardeners, who says you don’t need the 1800 Sprinkler Heads Drip Riser Connection Kit? We respect your decision, but just wait until you finish reading this product review! We bet you want one or more, trust us.

Rain Bird Review: Rain Bird 1800 Sprinkler Heads Reviews

What is this item for? Basically, you can easily convert 1800 sprinkler heads or risers to a drip zone with this tool. In addition, those who love drip irrigation must love this item since it is the most convenient way of gardening.

Next, the all-in-one unit has a 200-mesh filter and a 30 psi pressure regulator. What are they for? Specifically, drip irrigation systems rely on the proper emitters. They are essential for plant watering.

Finally, how does this 1800 Sprinkler Heads Drip Riser Connection Kit change your mind? Thus, if you’re in need of buying one of these for your garden, spending no more than $20.99 isn’t a shocking moment for your bank account!

Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module Reviews: for ESP-TM2 & ESP-Me3 Controllers

Now, is having an LNK2 WiFi Module for ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me3 Controllers your current need? Then you have no better choice than the one from Rain Bird. So, are you ready to witness how this item works?

Rain Bird Review: Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module Reviews: for ESP-TM2 & ESP-Me3 Controllers

First, this tool is compatible with many Rain Bird controllers like ESP-ME, ESP ME3, ESP-TM2, and RZXe. Then, you can check for the WiFi symbol on the control panel to confirm compatibility. Isn’t that pretty functional?

In addition, with a free application, you can easily manage your watering needs from anywhere. Thus, You can save money on your water bill with automated scheduling for a beautiful and healthy landscape.

LNK2 WiFi Module Details

  • Dimension (W x H x D): 1.13 x 1.83 x 0.48 (inch)
  • Model: LNK2 WIFI
  • Controller type: Smart/Self-adjusting Weather-based
  • Integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Lastly, do you know that this has a sharing-access to your family circle? Yes, we know it’s better to have more people control it. So, only at $110.19, you can bring LNK2 WiFi Module for ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me3 Controllers home!

Rain Bird ARC8 App Based Residential Controller Reviews

A super effective and smart watering controller with 24/7 assistance? You may already have several names to choose from, but just wait until we tell you about the ARC8 App-Based Residential Controller! Interested in seeing?

Rain Bird Review: Rain Bird ARC8 App Based Residential Controller Reviews

Dear gardeners, we promise you’ll only find great things here. Basically, this smart watering system allows you to easily set, monitor, and adjust schedules from anywhere using only your mobile device. 

Besides that, you can also expect powerful water features here. Further, advanced features like notifications, custom program cycles, and rain delays make it easy to comply with regional watering restrictions.

ARC8 App Details

  • Dimension (H x L x W): 7.86 x 7.92 x 3.51
  • Model: ARC8
  • Controller type: Smart/Self-adjusting Weather-based
  • Programs: Program-based scheduling (A, B, C)
  • Usage: Indoor and outdoor
  • Sharing access and self-adjusting technology
  • Integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Finally, can you say that you need this ARC8 App-Based Residential Controller for your beautiful and fresh-smelling garden? Then, there’s no more respectful decision than spending $179.99 for it!

Rain Bird 32ETI Automatic Irrigation System Reviews

This last product is like a big announcement to all gardeners and farm owners! If you’re sick of dealing with hoses and sprinklers, why don’t you try to get 32ETI – an Automatic Irrigation System?

Rain Bird Review: Rain Bird 32ETI Automatic Irrigation System Reviews

To start, let us spill the fact that it’s a first professional-grade sprinkler system with an easy installation for gardeners. Then, it also saves water while keeping your lawn green and fresh every season.

In addition, the system attaches easily to any outdoor water taps. On the other hand, every package contains six high-efficiency rotary sprinklers that feature patented Rain Curtain nozzle technology.

32ETI Automatic Irrigation System Details

  • Model: 32ETI
  • Maximum spray distance: 32 ft
  • Maximum coverage area: 3000 square ft
  • Recommended water pressure: 40-75 psi
  • Sprinkler type: pop-up gear drive rotor
  • Sprinkler location: underground
  • Sprinkler system manual pdf: find it out here!

Is bringing the whole package of 32ETI Automatic Irrigation System on your current wishlist? You better prepare no more than $172.99 to secure one and let each piece work together to nourish your garden!

Rain Bird Pros and Cons

A bit nerve-wracking side of this review? We guess you need this pros and cons section to get what you want:


  • Modern, most effective, and easy-to-handle watering tools
  • Consisting of various products with the most complete replacement parts
  • Detailed product description
  • Accessible sprinkler manual with understandable instruction
  • Providing service to repair and other technical problems
  • Accessible through a mobile app with a sharing-access
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • 30-day return policy


  • The site we mentioned doesn’t provide worldwide shipping
  • No warranty

Who Is Rain Bird For?

So, do you already know what your garden really needs? Since you’re getting busier lately, we guess replacing your manual watering and irrigation system with a modern one is highly recommended.

However, can everyone get products from Rain Bird? Of course, yes. Specifically, the brand’s products suit all gardeners, farm owners, and everyone who wants to have a modern and effective irrigation system.

Also, all products are designed to meet the watering needs of large stadiums and fields that require regular irrigation to maintain healthy grass.

Rain Bird Review: What Do Customers Think?

If you think that Rain Bird is not a considerable watering and irrigation tools provider, you mustn’t skip this. So, what will we prove to you about this company? Of course, the customer’s shopping experience.

Rain Bird Review: Rain Bird Review: What Do Customers Think?

Once again, with over decades of operation, there must be millions of satisfied customers here. And that’s the fact. On Amazon, the brand is popular, with thousands of reviews on almost every product. Isn’t that great?

On the other hand, on its website, these are the detailed rating of each reviewed product above:

Now, you should be curious about the customer’s honest words, right? Scroll down to find them!

We guess it’s a great starter for you:

We had a broken sprinkler head in our lawn irrigation system, and we were worried about the cost of a service call. Luckily, we found the 5000 series rotor sprinkler head, which was a perfect replacement. Thanks to the fast delivery, we were able to fix it ourselves with ease. 

All Rain Bird products always come at the right time. They’re all functional and, fortunately, the shipping was fast too, based on this first customer.

Next, this is also convincing you more:

This is a positive feedback for a rain sensor that works as expected. The sensor is capable of detecting rain and shutting down the system for a desired amount of time. It is commendable that the product performs as advertised. Additionally, I am thinking of purchasing the 52SA rotor series for our family villa.

Rain Bird never lies with what they put in the advertisement. Once they said effective, then that’s how it is. Fortunately, this customer admitted it.

Besides that, another satisfied customer is here:

After my Dad got his RC2 controller, I decided to upgrade my sprinkler controller to the new ESP-ME 3 and LNK 2 Module. I’m so glad I made the switch because I no longer have to walk out to the side of my house every time I want to check on or adjust my settings. The upgrade process was also a lot simpler.

See? With modern watering and irrigation, all gardeners just need to relax. This customer said that the products he purchased work well and, of course, energy-saving for the gardeners.

Finally, who’s been sick of walking around the garden bringing those hose reels? That is not today’s style. So, it’s time to replace your old irrigation tools and let Rain Bird products do the show for you!

Is Rain Bird Worth It?

Are you now considering replacing your old watering tools with Rain Bird? Then, you should know why this brand is 100% worth it.

The trustworthy value of the company obviously comes from its 9 decades of assistance. With millions of products sold, we’re sure there are also millions of satisfied customers out there.

In addition, the fact that their collections effectively help you achieve the best and most effective irrigating experience is also enough to answer the question of this section. So, can we call you a true gardener now?

Rain Bird Shipping Policy

Dear true gardeners, you won’t only find effective things in the products, but also the shopping experience. Then, how do you place orders in this store?

This shipping section will answer everything. If you shop from this site, there’s only domestic shipping (USA). So, if you’re an International customer, we suggest you look for the site with your country domain. And you know what? All shipping is free if you order over $99. Begin shopping now?

Rain Bird Return Policy

After shipping, what if the items you ordered are wrong? That’s terrible, though. However, don’t be overthinking because you have this return policy.

Generally, each customer will have a 30-day return policy. However, be sure to contact the brand at 877 727 8772 to begin the process, and let’s be a satisfied customer afterward! Pssst, all customers must be responsible for the return costs!

How To Contact Rain Bird?

Flying with a bird while raining? It’s impossible to do, but the good thing is you can freely contact Rain Bird:

  • Phone: 877 727 8772 / 800 724 6247
  • Live chat: tap the bubble here!
  • Social media: Rain Bird / RainBirdCorp
  • Contact form: send your message here!

Headquarters Address

Distribution Center

Azusa, California, USA. 1105 Steele Station Rd, Steele, AL 35987


Where to buy Rain Bird?

Can I find the store and service near me?‘ Yes, sure. Dear gardeners, we have new information that Rain Bird doesn’t only sell products but also offers services or repairs. Specifically, you may check this page for any troubleshooting system and more. 

Then, if you want to shop for the products instead, you have 2 site choices. First, you can place an order here at the brand’s official website for better experience. Or you may also choose Amazon and check its official store to check out the products on your buying list!

Rain Bird Coupon Codes & Promos

Can you stay for a while and read this section? We promise it will be addictive. So, what discounts and promotions does the store have?

  • Grab up to 59% OFF on most Rain Bird products
  • Free shipping for orders above $99

We know those offers may not be enough for you. Hence, we have the following button to give more surprises:

Reveal all coupons
Rain Bird

Rain Bird Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Rain Bird reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is a Rain Bird?

Rain Bird is a renowned worldwide manufacturer and supplier of watering or irrigation products and services.

How long do Rain Bird timers last?

Generally, you can expect most timers to last for approximately 2 years.

How do you set a Rain Bird timer?

You can choose the zone by turning the dial and setting the start water time using the left up/down arrow keys.

How to connect my Rain Bird to WiFi?

You need to launch the Rain Bird app and select “Add Controller”. Then, follow the prompts to connect your Rain Bird controller to WiFi.

Is there a Rain Bird app?

Yes, the Rain Bird app is available on mobile devices for more effective use.

How long does a Rain Bird sprinkler system last?

This is not the exact number but on average, a sprinkler system has a lifespan of approximately 20 years.

How do I turn on my Rain Bird sprinkler system?

If you want to run a program, set the dial to auto and press program select to choose the program you want.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Rain Bird Reviews & Ratings

What items do you still need for your garden and farm? If our product reviews still miss your current needs, we’re sure what Rain Bird has won’t miss everything. 

In addition to its incredible products, the company’s existence for over 9 decades has changed a lot of gardeners and farmer’s life. The irrigating and watering activity has changed into more effective, modern, and, of course, fun. So, what stops you from buying?


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