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About QuietKat

What do you think if Dora & Diego The Explorer lived in our current life? Will they still walk to explore rivers and jungles? We’re unsure about it because we now have QuietKat to make every journey possible!

QuietKat Review: About QuietKat
Image: facebook.com/QuietKatEBike

What does QuietKat offer, then? Located in the US, QuietKat is a company that persistently creates the best version of electric bikes on Earth. We call it ‘the best’ because its existence is worth that name, and we are sure you’ll agree later.

Other than that, the brand also defines what people name as easy riding, which results in easier adventure. By this point, we may infer that the company produces items to bring comfort and an intense adrenaline rush.

Then, how does the hype situate on the brand’s social media? Going through all social media platforms, we are thrilled to know that so many people pour their always-streaming support. From Facebook to Twitter, we found more than 65k followers, with approximately 25k likes.

Providing more electric bikes now becomes vital since the Earth is getting warmer. As smart riders, we should make the best decision that positively affects the environment. Fortunately, QuietKat is aware of this, and here we are now.

Thus, would you be one of those smart riders? If yes, invite people around you to get their electric bikes and read our QuietKat reviews to learn more before buying!

Overview Of QuietKat

Cool riders, are you ready to explore more? Since the adventure blood is already boiled in your body, let us reveal several interesting facts about QuietKat.

So, who actually began the company, and why? Let us bring you back to those precious days in 2012. It’s all about twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach, who started everything. These two siblings may have had an interest in adventure since the beginning.

At that time, they realized people needed easy access to explore the backcountry or wilderness. Anglers or hunters typically took big ATVs and combustion-powered vehicles to go there, which are harmful to the environment.

This initiated Jake and Justin to find better and safer ways. Then, QuietKat began, and it brought many changes to society. The brand offers reliable electric vehicles that can conquer various road terrains since it was made explicitly for adventure.

In 2023, the brand now owns its reputable name and has higher trust from many customers. It also places at #1 for the Hunt, Fish, and Overland best E-bike category, with more than 500 retailers. 

Was it too breathtaking for you? Whatever it is, we already have a good start because the brand seems promising. So, how excited are you now? Anyway, would you let Dora & Diego know about this and give them recommendations?

QuietKat Review

Nothing is better to wait for than the brand review and the best-selling products to reveal. In this section, let us be your helpful guide, and discover what type of E-bikes you may like! Now, promise to be with us till the end, then!

QuietKat Reviews: QuietKat Review

Going through the brand’s website, we think the brand logo will attract your attention the most. It has sharp-eyed cat designs that exude bravery and a ready-to-explore type of eyesight. It fully represents the brand’s vision, which we love.

Meanwhile, several product displays are also there, as you can see on the website’s main page. So, how can you shop easily then? If you want to experience biking with QuietKat, the brand provides 2 shopping categories as follows:

  • Shop by adventure: Get the best hunting bike and more here!
  • Shop by model: Choose the model you love among 8 choices!

Does it make you easier while shopping? If you are clueless about which bike to shop for, it is better to adjust to your needs or purpose and find the best one through the ‘shop by adventure’ category. 

Move the next one; this might be what you have been waiting for since you first read. We have learned all about the brand, and now we bring you some product recommendations to share and discuss. Furthermore, these are the brand’s 3 best-selling products:

  • Jeep E-Bike
  • Apex Pro
  • Pioneer E-Bike

Among all the products, those 3 are the most searched and reviewed on the brand’s website. So, how ready are you to discover more about each? Without any longer, be ready on your seat because we are about to go like ‘vroom vroom’ in QuietKat reviews!

QuietKat Jeep E-Bike Reviews

Hi, cool bikers! Do you have any plans this weekend? How about exploring nature with a Jeep E-Bike? It is such a 100% perfect choice!

QuietKat Review: QuietKat Jeep E-Bike Reviews

Jeep E-Bike comes like a villain who is fearless of any obstacle in front of them. What makes this type special? Let us reveal some interesting facts for you!

The Jeep E-bike boasts an advanced torque-sensor motor system that delivers unrivaled power of 1000W. This might fulfill your desire for a more extreme trip requiring speedy moves.

Another fact is about its big swappable battery. This part comes with a sufficient range to conquer excellent wilderness adventures. So, besides speed, you’ll also get its easy and reliable function.

Last, some may ask, ‘Why is it named Jeep?.’ Now, let us reveal the fact that This E-bike takes inspiration from Jeep SUVs’ legendary off-road capability. Simply, you may get a similar experience as in Jeep with lower prices. 

Jeep E-Bike Specifications:

  • Motor: Ultra-Drive 1000W (VP0)
  • Frame: Alloy / 150mm Travel / Internal Cable Routing
  • Battery: 14.5AH/48V | 696Wh | 12 lbs
  • Range: 22-44 Miles
  • Display: Customizable LED
  • Color choices: Charcoal and Matte Red

Now, will you let yourself regret not having this cheaper and smaller version of the Jeep SUV? Bring a Jeep E-Bike to your home and spend around $3,999.00!

QuietKat Apex Pro Reviews

It’s great to see you again in this section. Choosing before buying is what everyone does. Thus, let us bring Apex Pro to the table as your next choice!

QuietKat Review: QuietKat Apex Pro Reviews

Apex Pro runs as if nothing can catch them. It has a promising look to be running in the dangerous wildlife with many types of living creatures around. Now, can you imagine how wild it is?

People may think like that when they see Apex Pro at first sight. In addition, the product also features a powerful 1000w motor to tackle tough jobs and give extra backcountry adventures.

Meanwhile, its inverted front suspension fork also doubles the satisfaction. It enables all bikers to experience a seamless and convenient ride on the most adventurous landscapes. 

We’re not over yet because all-terrain fat tires are here to save all bikers for the whole trip. It offers excellent grip, stability, and easier maneuvering on rough terrain, slippery roads, and more.

Apex Pro Specifications:

  • Motor: 1000W Mid-Drive (VP0)
  • Battery: 17.25AH/48V | 828Wh | 10 lbs
  • Frame: Alloy, Internal Cable Routing with integrated Rack
  • Range: 25-52 Miles
  • Display: Customizable LED
  • Color choices: GunMetal | Angle Earth Camo

Now, are you ready to drop some money on Apex Pro E-bike? Let’s exchange your $4,999.00 for the best bike off-road experience ever!

QuietKat Pioneer E-Bike Reviews

Are you now challenging us to give you more? We accept your challenge, and now we are about to put Pioneer E-Bike right in your face!

QuietKat Review: QuietKat Pioneer E-Bike Reviews

What’s interesting about this bike? At first sight, you may agree that the Pioneer E-bike looks sturdy thanks to its dominant legs. Also, it’s supported by the trendy style that makes the whole look stand out.

In addition, this electric bike is equipped with a hub drive and a single-speed system that delivers substantial power. This also allows bikers to easily navigate through traffic on remote backcountry trails where the road ends.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about your bike’s persistence thanks to its heavy-duty frame. Seems like Quietkat affords a lot to make all bikers achieve their best biking adventures.

It’s not over yet, and let us tell you that Tektro two-piston mechanical disc brakes are also here. Knowing this element provides superior stopping control and power in all conditions is great news.

Pioneer E-Bike Specifications:

  • Motor: 500w (Hub-Drive)
  • Battery: 12.8Ah/48V | 17.25Ah/48V
  • Frame: Alloy, Internal Cable Routing with integrated Rack
  • Modes: Pedal Assist | Throttle | Walk Assist
  • Range: 19-38 Miles | 25-52 Miles
  • Color choices: True Timber Camo, QK Camo, Charcoal

So, are you ready to shut everyone down with your Pioneer E-Bike? Now, it’s time to make a decision, and let’s get them at $1,999.00 to be the real explorer!

QuietKat Pros and Cons

Thank you for scrolling, and now you are in the pros and cons section. So, let’s see how helpful this one is for you!


  • Many product choices
  • Well-performed in all terrains
  • Fully support daily basic to adventure activities
  • Many local retailers
  • Free E-bike test ride for 15 days
  • Supportive technology elements
  • Free shipping over $150
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • One-year warranty for full elements.


  • Fewer color choices
  • Less-detailed shipping information
  • No email service is available

Who Is QuietKat For?

Who do you think are the right people to ride on those incredible E-bikes? QuietKat never specifically mentions who their customers should be. However, from reviewing each product, it might suit everyone who loves biking

QuietKat Review: Who Is QuietKat For?

Ordinary biking might suit these types of E-bikes as well. But since the brand focuses more on adventure biking, it will be more relatable for people who love biking and doing adventure stuff. So, do you think you suit these E-bikes like others?

QuietKat Review: What Do Customers Think?

How important do you think to know what people say about the brand? It might be very important if you are new to this brand. You must check everything, from the brand’s credibility and service to the customer’s product experience.

QuietKat Review: QuietKat Review: What Do Customers Think?

Therefore, here we bring some detailed information to ensure you more. On the review platform, YOTPO, the brand gains more than 2,6k reviews and is mostly good. Many people praised the brand for its best bike utility and reliable customer service.

Related to the 3 products discussed earlier, here is the list of ratings for each:

Those were excellent rates for electric vehicle products. If you want to see some more, let’s read the following statement given by QuietKat’s old customers.

Even though it’s his first purchase of E-bike, this customer felt happy:

This is my first ebike. I chose the Ranger 5.0, which is their entry-level model. It has a sturdy frame without shocks, so I’m more than ready to ride.

Another customer also shared his overwhelmed happiness:

The Ridgerunner from QuietKat is a fantastic vehicle that can climb any hill and is perfect for scouting and bear hunting. Additionally, QuietKat’s customer service is impressive.

Also, let’s read a review from this customer who adored the bike’s durability:

My Villager has already traveled over 600 miles and takes me to all the places I need with plenty of range.

Last, this customer decided to buy the newest product, Lynx: 

I couldn’t find Warrior or Rubicon anymore on the website. Then, I decided to purchase Lynx. The bike was easy to assemble, and the batteries charged quickly. The bike’s power and speed impressed me.

Do those reviews help you? We guess it’s more than enough to make you sure that purchasing the best electric bikes is only at Quietkat. Don’t you think so?

Is QuietKat Worth It?

After reading all product reviews, several customer reviews, and ratings, what can you infer? You cannot say that QuietKat is not a worth-purchasing brand for electric bikes. They are truly the number one choice these days.

The brand is really known for its various products. They also offer several stuff, such as a trike, a cargo trailer, a bike rack, and other accessories to complete your bike. Last, the only person to prove how good the riding experience is you. So, when can we call you a good biker, then?


QuietKat Shipping Policy

A blessing moment is knowing that you have fallen in love with the product and now seeing you here, a shipping policy section. So, do you want the brand to ship to your address?

For your information, the brand only offers free shipping for all orders above $150. If you order in-stock products, then they will be shipped in 2 to 4 working days. Besides many retailers all over the US, it is not explicitly mentioned whether the brand opens for overseas shipping or not.

QuietKat Return Policy

Have you ever experienced receiving the wrong or damaged products during online shopping? Then, what if it happens to you while buying products from QuietKat? No worries because the brand’s return policy will solve your problem.

In detail, QuietKat won’t accept a return after 30 days since you received your items. However, contact the brand first before returning your items because it won’t be eligible if you send a return without an earlier confirmation. For further information, you may do a live chat with its Customer Care Team or fill out the return request form.

Where To Contact QuietKat?

If you are new to the brand, let’s be closer and get a warm connection with them then. To ease you, let’s check the following contact details:

  • Visiting the contact page and found the ‘Live Chat‘ button at the bottom right of the site.
  • Call the Customer Care Support at 970-436-9080

Unfortunately, those are the only ways to stay connected to the brand. You may expect fast feedback during effective working days (Monday – Friday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST. 

Company Address

QuietKat, INC,
215 Broadway Street, Eagle, CO 81631

Where to buy QuietKat?

Are you now looking for information to buy QuietKat products? For your information, shopping through its official website is highly recommended to ensure your product’s quality.

The brand also has hundreds of local stores or retailers all over the US. So, you may find one nearest your home. Last, the brand’s official store is also available on the marketplace platform, such as Amazon.

QuietKat Coupon Codes & Promos

Discount lovers, can you expect some kind of bike clearance here? Let’s be honest about the fact that everyone loves discounts. So, does QuietKat have one for you? Let’s check below!

  • Stay updated with the latest discounts by subscribing to the email.
  • Get up to 20% OFF on several Special Offers program products.
  • Claim up to 20% OFF on all products (only for U.S. military, first responders, and teachers)
  • Free shipping all over the US for orders above $150

So, you have many choices now! To reveal more, we have a special button below. Just click and see what is about to surprise you there!

Reveal all coupons

QuietKat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for QuietKat reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How fast can a QuietKat go?

The average speed of QuietKat products is up to 20 mph.

How long do QuietKat bikes last?

You may expect QuietKat’s bikes to last 10-12 years ahead.

What is the range of the QuietKat electric bike?

You may expect the E-bike to range up to 25 miles on one battery charge.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of QuietKat Reviews & Ratings

Hi, coolest bikers! It’s great to see you till the end! From the whole review, we can confidently say that QuietKat never failed to impress its customers. Their products and services are amazing and reliable.

Who thought this huge success came from twin brothers who wanted to realize a healthier environment? In the future, let’s expect to discover more collections and series from the brand and you may hope worldwide shipping as well.



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