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About Purrfect Fence

Struggling from escape cat? Yup, some cats like to go outside and forget their way home. Consequently, you need to roam the road to find it, or they’ll return after two nights. That’s exactly what we struggle from. Fortunately, we discover Purrfect Fence, that’s a real game changer.

Purrfect Fence Review: About Purrfect Fence
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As cat owners, we also want to let them be outdoors, enjoy fresh air, and play freely. But, when our cat lost, it’s cause a real headache. So the Purrfect Fence brand offers cat-proofer Fences to prevent them from escaping.

Honestly, we discover this brand pretty late. It seems like it’s highly popular on social media and among cat lovers. It has over 11.3K followers on Instagram and Facebook as well as thousands of positive reviews.

But is it working to keep your cat safe? Thus, our Purrfect Fence review will closely examine its profile, product review, customer testimonials, service quality, deals, and others!

Overview Of Purrfect Fence

Purr…fect Fence is a family-owned cat fence company established in 2003. The company was started when a friend was struggling with pet escapees. It began as a quick fix help for friends and had swift into a business that has served over 60K cat parents.

This cat-proofer fence brand strives to provide the best customer service from its Lake Orion, Michigan headquarters. Furthermore, it’s under the same flagship as other pet-related brands, like Habitat Haven and Dog Proofer.

This brand has become a leading innovation in pet containment solutions of its patented cat fencing technology. Along the way, the company has helped thousands of pet shelters, rescues, and veterinarians.

The main goal of this business is to keep the pet safe while outdoors. Additionally, it widens the collections with other environmental factors products ensuring the best entertainment and stimulation for the cat’s wellness. Moreover, its unwavering commitment is to be a trusted brand that helps customers and their cats.

Before digging deeper into this brand, check the Purrfect Fence pros and cons to help you grasp some points:


  • Durable galvanized steel
  • Effective cat-proof fence
  • Easy installation
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • 3-year warranty
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • Expensive

Purrfect Fence Review

The Purrfect Fence specializes in outdoor barriers to keep the cat safe while improving their life quality. Moreover, it has solutions for every cat owner’s unique situation, encompassing fully enclosed outdoor space, conversion for existing feces, and freestanding fences.

Purrfect Fence Reviews: Purrfect Fence Review

Its long history has led them to create patented escape-proof enclosures that will work effectively. The product is made of sturdy, long-lasting, and weather-resistant material. Plus, the mesh can last for 10+ years. However, this brand not only offers fences, but you can also find other outdoor cat products.

Purrfect Fence Product Collections

  • Enclosures: Fully Enclosed Purrfect Penthouse, Freestanding Cat Fence, Den Catio, etc
  • Catio Accessories: Perch Outdoor Cat Tree, Cat Tent, Frame Gate, Anti-Climb Tree Guard, etc
  • Fence Components: Freestanding fencing and conversion system fencing components
  • Installation tools: Zip Tie Puller / Cutter, Installation Tool Kit, Hog Rings, Multi-Purpose Snip, etc

As you can see, this brand has so many products. But in our Purrfect Fence review, we’ll only focus on three products review that we think are worth considering. So let’s move to the following sections!

Purrfect Fence Existing Fence Conversion System Kit for Cats Reviews

Your current fence couldn’t stop your cat from being outside? Then you should add this Existing Fence Conversion System Kit to keep your cat inside your yard. Its patented design prevents even the craftiest cats can’t escaping.

Purrfect Fence Review: Purrfect Fence Existing Fence Conversion System Kit for Cats Reviews

This fence conversion system has a flexible design that can be attached to any fence—it includes wood, brick, metal, chain link, and vinyl. Moreover, the Cat-Proofer extension arms provide a barrier with a different design than the conventional fence.

It comes with 12 spring-loaded arms and 12 arm mounting plates with screws. The package also has 100 industrial-grade zip ties and 100 ft of 4 ft heavy-duty black poly fence.

Featuring black powder-coated metal components and durable UV-resistant poly mesh, it absolutely will withstand any condition. Besides, since every fence differs, the conversion fence is available for a short and high wall with a 50-600 ft length option.

It costs from $279.99  to $2,296.99, depending on your choice of linearity. So let your cat enjoy the freedom of outdoor breeze and sunshine with the Purrfect Fence Conversion System!

Purrfect Fence Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System Reviews

If the previous product is designed to attach your current fence, then this product is designed to stand alone. The Freestanding Cat Fence Enclosure System is constructed with patented cat-proofer extender arms. It enables the upper section to pivot. So if the cat climbs on the top, the arm will rotate downward due to its weight.

Purrfect Fence Review: Purrfect Fence Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System Reviews

The cat netting fence features galvanized steel arms, posts, and durable welded wire. Plus, the coating uses a carbon black and chemical UV inhibitor to ensure it will last long under the sunlight. While the welded wire bottom portion functions as a digging guard or chew guard. So don’t worry if your cat chews or digs its way out.

In addition, this cat-proof fence kit is designed for the average handy homeowner. So the installation is pretty manageable since it also provides the Purrfect Fence installation video. Simply prepare additional tools like a power drill, sledge hammer, and power drill.

Lastly, the freestanding cat fence is available in 50-600 ft lengths for $719.99-$5,999.99. If you don’t know which fence you need for your yard, consult its experts to purchase the right one!

Purrfect Fence Outdoor Cat Tree Reviews

Since you already build an area in the yard for your cat, it’s time to add more things to let them play and be active. The Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree is the perfect place for cats to climb if you have no tree. Moreover, it’s 7 ft tall with stable constructions and gives a superb high few.

Purrfect Fence Review: Purrfect Fence Outdoor Cat Tree Reviews

The outdoor cat tree comprises powder-coated galvanizes and a western red cedar platform. Plus, the wood is pretty durable and stable for them to place. In addition, the lightweight construction also makes it easy to relocate.

What’s more, it’s infused with oil as a natural insect repellant, making it an excellent addition to the outdoor yard. The installation is also pretty easy because you don’t have to dig a hole in the ground. The fence height also can be adjusted depending on your preference.

This perch allows the cat to explore its wild side. So it can be a good option for mental stimulation and physical entertainment. We also like its beautiful, simple design that elevates the outdoor look. Thus, to bring this to your yard, purchase it at $169.99 after being discounted from the original price of $229.00!

Who Is Purrfect Fence For?

The Purrfect Fence is a brand dedicated to cat parents who want to keep their cats safe. In addition, its products allow the cat to enjoy the freedom of playing outdoors.

Purrfect Fence Review: Who Is Purrfect Fence For?
Image:Who Is Purrfect Fence For?

Even if your cat is the craftiest,  its pet containment solutions can be the best option to keep it inside. Moreover, its products are pretty flexible, so no matter what your needs are, this brand can cover your fencing needs.

Purrfect Fence Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Since you already know our opinion about this brand, you may question about other people think. For example, does the customer have the same opinion as us? So we’ve scoured the customer reviews section to see their experience.

Purrfect Fence Review: Purrfect Fence Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This brand has 1,106 Purrfect Fence reviews on its website, with a 4.91/5 average rating. In fact, 93% of the rating give 5/5 stars, which means this brand has an almost perfect rating. Now please take a look at the review and rating data from three products we’ve reviewed:

  • Existing Fence Conversion System Kit: 4.91/5 average rating based on 357 reviews total
  • Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System: 4.94/5 average rating from 335 reviews
  • Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree: 4.80/5 average rating based on 10 customer reviews

The rating data above indicates that this brand has good quality in satisfying its customers. But what is the customer experience? Below are some of the reviews that worth considering:

My kitties have an area to explore, play, rest in the sun, watch the squires, etc., all from the safety of this enclosure. After my previous cat got hit by a vehicle and killed, I bought this fence. So I can rest peacefully, realizing they’re secure and safe.

Another customer also has a similar statement from the customer above:

It’s nice and tall, allowing my cats to see over the fence. In addition, we’ve cat-proofed fences and trees, stopping them from climbing up and escaping the backyard, giving them a wonderful alternative to climb up and see over walls.

There’s also a small number of negative reviews. Here’s one of them:

Easy assembly and quality components. Pricey for what’s included. I did not mind spending the high price for convenience.

After scouring the reviews section, the cat fencing for the yard seems pretty legit, with almost all positive reviews. The fence effectively prevents the cat from escaping and gives the owner peace of mind.

Additionally, most of the negative customer state Fence the expensive pricing. But considering the balance between positive and negative reviews, it seems worth the price.

Is Purrfect Fence Worth It?

Considering its high price, you may be skeptical about this brand. But we believe it’s worth investing in if you want to keep your cat safe and let them enjoy outdoor freedom. Even though high priced, it’s made of high-quality material.

Purrfect Fence Review: Is Purrfect Fence Worth It?

It has an extraordinary build that is durable and can stand for decades. Aside from that, it allows you to be worry-free and let the cat play outdoors to stimulate mental and physical activity. Truthfully, the quality is also proven with thousands of positive reviews. 

Purrfect Fence Shipping Policy

Purrfect Fence products are available for every US continent except for Antarctica. This means its effect can be shipped nearly anywhere. Moreover, the product may be packed in multiple boxes with some weight to ensure its shipping safety.

Since it’ll be a hefty package, the shipping cost can be very high. But fortunately, it offers free shipping on kits and any US order over $299. After placing the order and the shipping started, you can expect 2-6 business days to arrive.

The shipping is also available for Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America and usually ships within 2 working days. Besides, It’s also available in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, where you can find different websites.

Purrfect Fence Return Policy

In case something goes wrong with your order, the company will make it right under the 30-day return policy. However, upon the product’s arrival, you should check it thoroughly. Then, if you notice any damage or reason, contact the customer service team within five business days.

The returned item must include all components and remain in the original packaging. Furthermore, the product and all components must be in new and unused condition. Once the returns are received, the refund will take 10-12 days to process, minus the shipping fee and 10% restocking fee.

How To Contact Purrfect Fence

Need help? The Purrfect Fence customer service team is ready to help you with your design, layout, or other simple question. Moreover, it’ll be available during Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST via:

  • Email Address: help@purrfectfence.com
  • Phone Number: 1-888-280-4066
  • Toll-Free: 888 280 4066
  • Live Chat: Green button at the page’s lower right
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @purrfectfence
  • Address: 675-B South Glaspie St, Oxford, MI 48371

Where to buy Purrfect Fence?

Ready to let your cat breathe fresh outdoor air while keeping it safe? Then you can purchase and install the cat-proof fence in your yard by visiting purrfectfence.com. Not only the US, but its online shop website is also available for UK, NZ, and EU.

Purrfect Fence Coupon Codes & Promos

It would be great if you could save more on the purchase and save it for your cat’s treat. We’ve scoured its website to find all sales that are currently available. Here’s the list:

  • Free shipping on kits and orders $299 or more
  • Sign up to the email list to get a $20 off coupon code
  • Check the product collection to discover all products currently on sale
  • Click the button below to get special discount codes

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Purrfect Fence Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Purrfect Fence reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Purrfect Fence?

Since this brand is under the same flagship as Habitat Haven and Dog Proofer, the owner is Kris Kischer.

Does Purrfect Fence ship internationally?

Yes, it does. The company ships to several countries aside from the US, such as the UK, EU, AU, and others.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Purrfect Fence Reviews & Ratings

 If you’re often away from home, Leaving your cat inside the house too long can lead to stress. The cat will be less active and need more stimulation. However, there are also many dangerous things to let them escape from home. Sadly, we have the hideous experience of our little kitty being hit by a car.

Our Purrfect Fence review finds the best option to let your little furry friend play outside safely. It can prevent them from escaping while still having the freedom to get sunlight and climb trees. Not only that, it’ll improve their overall health.

Some of you may already try using a cat proof fence roller. However, if it doesn’t work, it’s worth purchasing this best fence for cats. So to let your kitty enjoy safe freedom, you should head to Purrfect Fence!


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