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About Purr and Mutt

Some people view their pets as their children. So naturally, they always treat their pets and children equally. If you’re one of those pet owners who adore your pet deeply, make them feel like a homeowner by hanging their personalized portrait drawing in the hallway of your house.

Purr and Mutt Review: About Purr and Mutt
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Order amazing sketches that look like photos but better, with crazy details and personal touch only on Purr and Mutt. These are the world’s best pet portraits that you can choose from to turn any pet into a work of art.

Whether your pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, hamster, lizard, or anything else, this brand will make the best pet portrait for you.

The brand was delighted that it was reviewed by one of the leading pet review websites Petkeen. Their expertise in creating personalized works for pets attracted so much attention that they gained a following on social media accounts with 10k followers on Facebook and 6.4k followers on Instagram.

However, it would be best if you dived into a lot of information about the pet portraits brand to convince you of its worthiness. This Purr and Mutt review is a good place to stop before you look deeper into the brand.

You’ll find out the quality of the artwork, how much it costs, how to order it, what real customers have to say, and much more. So, stay tuned to gain confidence before ordering!

Overview Of Purr and Mutt

Purr and Mutt is a brand specializing in creating high-quality personalized pet portraits. In addition, the brand helps turn your pet into a work of art with its easy-access pet portrait service.

Tao Jiang, the founder and one of the professional artists who do the perfect artwork for pet portraits, promises to create products of the highest quality and in a very simple way.

Simply send the brand a photo of your pet, and they will create a custom pet portrait either on museum-grade paper as an art print or on a beautiful canvas.

This West Yorkshire-based brand strives to create the best works and satisfy customers who order their pet portraits.

Now that you know a bit about the brand profile, let’s see how they stand out. First, we’ll tell you about Purr & Mutt’s pros and cons, then we’ll tell you about the other details.

Purr and Mutt Pros

  • Has pet portrait designs that can be chosen to suit every pet’s personality
  • Printing using museum-grade ink and paper
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Very easy access to ordering
  • Ships internationally
  • Fully tracked Free delivery
  • 4000+ 5-Star reviews

Purr and Mutt Cons

  • Doesn’t offer a return policy

Purr and Mutt Review

Is your pet the queen of the sofa or the king of the house? Purr & Mutt offers several pet portrait themes that you can choose to portray your pet’s personality, such as renaissance, movies & TV, minimalist, occupations, military, heroes & villains, motoring, and several other interesting themes.

Purr and Mutt Reviews: Purr and Mutt Review

You can also match the design of the pet portraits with your home decor by choosing minimalist pet portraits that have a modern and contemporary design feel to complement any room in your home.

The creative idea brought by Purr & Mutt is custom pet portraits of the highest quality created by professional hands.

Apart from posters, the brand also applies this unique artwork to several home decorations, including cushions, blankets, mugs, and phone cases. However, the application of fine art prints and stretched canvas is still the best-selling option and has become customers’ favorite.

Hence, this Purr and Mutt review will further detail the top three pet portraits from some of the most superior collection options. To know more about their artwork, keep reading!

Purr and Mutt The General - Custom Vintage Pet Portrait Reviews

Are you your pet’s slave? Do they like to tell you what to do? Nonetheless, you must always comply with your pet’s wishes because of your affection for them. Whether it’s giving it the best food, cleaning up its mess, bathing it, or taking it for a walk outside.

Purr and Mutt Review: Purr and Mutt The General - Custom Vintage Pet Portrait Reviews

If you feel your pet is your mistress, honor them with a beautiful and unique Renaissance Pet Portrait Purr & Mutt design. The General – Custom Vintage Pet Portrait will perfectly transform your pet into a stunning masterpiece.

This work is printed using only high-quality inks on gallery-grade 312gsm Fine Art paper with a smooth matte finish to ensure a vivid and sharp image. The details of the image have an effect that will give a touch of historical painting typical of the renaissance.

There are 4 sizes to choose from; 8×10, 12×16, 16×20, and 18×24 inch prints that you can customize. You can also select the frame using a premium white or black frame or unframed (print only).

Save your pet photos in a stunning masterpiece for $49.99.

Purr and Mutt Classic - Custom Pet Portrait Reviews

No matter who, whether it’s your mom, grandma, spouse, or friend, a pet portrait with their beloved pet personalized is a unique gift they may have never gotten before.

Purr and Mutt Review: Purr and Mutt Classic - Custom Pet Portrait Reviews

Classic – Custom Pet Portrait will be a wonderful gift for them. Capture their beloved pet with this unique pet portrait as a wonderful gift that will never be forgotten.

This personalized custom pet portrait is printed using only high-quality inks on gallery-grade 312gsm Fine Art paper and finished with a smooth matte finish to ensure a sharp, vibrant image. So there’s no need to worry about the image quality.

It comes with many background color options. You can adjust to the pet’s color or accessories worn by the pet in the photo. You can choose background colors such as yellow, brown, purple, blue, red, gray, and many more, up to 20 colors.

Like the previous pet portrait, this also comes in 4 sizes that you can choose from; 8×10, 18×24, 16×20, and 12×16 inch print. You can also put the pet’s name on the top to make it more memorable. This unique and special gift can be ordered for only $49.99.

Purr and Mutt The Wizard - Custom Pet Portrait Reviews

Are you a harry potter movie enthusiast? Do you want to bring your pet into the wizarding world? The Wizard – Custom Pet Portrait is the perfect way to memorialize a harry potter movie-inspired pet to go with your other harry potter collectables.

Purr and Mutt Review: Purr and Mutt The Wizard - Custom Pet Portrait Reviews

Your pet appears wearing the scarf and black robe of harry potter pride. The details and effects of a typical nighttime image with a Hogwarts background will give the perfect touch as a pet lover and harry potter collector.

You can choose from several house options, such as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, to support the pet portrait details you order.

This collection from the Film & TV theme is printed using only high-quality inks on gallery grade 312gsm Fine Art paper. The finish is polished using a smooth matte finish to ensure a vibrant and sharp image.

You can get this custom pet portrait special wizard for only $49.99.

How Purr and Mutt Works

According to the brand’s goal, they want to help turn your pet into a work of art with an easy-to-access online pet portrait service. Here are some easy steps you should go through when placing an order.

  1. Choose Your Style: Choose the perfect design from a large collection of unique designs on the official website. In addition, brands offer styles that match the personality of the pet.
  2. Take your photo: Choose a suitable photo of your pet or take a new one. Are there any tips and tricks for taking pictures? We have prepared a photo guide at the bottom.
  3. Upload your photo & checkout: Upload your pet’s photo to the product page and checkout.

Your preview will be ready within five business days via email. After that, you can request any changes you like without limitation until you are 100% satisfied.

Here are photo guidelines for the best results:

  • Photograph at your pet’s eye level for best results.
  • Need to include their head in full, i.e., no cropped ears, etc.
  • Unfiltered photos are preferred.
  • There is no need to use a professional camera because using a cell phone camera is good enough.

Check out this page for a complete guide.

Who Is Purr and Mutt For?

Purr and Mutt‘s high-quality personalized pet portraits will be a great choice for animal lovers or pet owners who want to capture their pets with photos or images that are more unique than usual, whether choosing to personalize pets into kings, soldiers, one of your favorite movie characters, or anything else that suits your pet’s character or the things you like.

Purr and Mutt Review: Who Is Purr and Mutt For?

Moreover, no matter what your pet is, be it a hamster, chicken, bird, rabbit, or even a lizard, this brand will do its best to personalize your pet according to the theme character you choose.

Also, since the brand sells digital gift cards, this would be perfect for those of you who don’t have the perfect photo yet or are shopping to give a surprise gift to a friend or loved one and want to give the freedom to choose a photo of their pet according to what they like to personalize.

Purr and Mutt Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The brand is very proud of the positive response from its customers regarding the pet portraits they produce. With its best performance, the brand managed to satisfy its customers to achieve a rating of 4.8/5 from 1,810 reviews from Trustpilot. What a number!

Purr and Mutt Review: Purr and Mutt Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Not only that, but the brand also received a 4.8/5 rating from 130 reviews on its Facebook, where many of its customers were happy and satisfied with the pet portraits they ordered.

Here are some reviews that came from happy customers who gave high ratings. First, we start with a reviewer who was satisfied with her second purchase. She left a comment:

Absolutely fantastic and I can’t praise these guys enough. This is the second portrait I bought because the first portrait was so good. I liked their work so much that this time I also bought a phone case and keychain. They were easy to contact and I received my portrait very quickly. Thanks to everyone at purr and mutt.

She made her second purchase and was again satisfied with her order. In addition to satisfactory order results, the ease of contacting the brand and fast delivery provided additional value.

The next review came from a customer who chose this brand as a special gift. She said:

A fantastic idea for all pet lovers. My mom and dad were thrilled with the portraits of their two pugs. It was an unusual gift and something they will always treasure. Thank you for the easy to use website and prompt service. Would recommend.

The pet portraits from this brand are perfect for a unique gift like the reviewer above did. Besides the amazing artwork concept, the easy web access and fast service make her highly recommend this brand.

The last review is from a customer who rated 5 for her order. Here’s what she said:

I love this! Purr & Mutt was very patient as I made small changes until it was perfect. What a great gift!

She liked the result of the pet portrait she ordered, thanks to the team’s patience with the changes the customer wanted to make to the pet portrait she ordered.

Most reviews came from happy and satisfied customers who highly recommend the brand. In addition to its high-quality products, the brand’s services, such as fast processing and delivery, the team’s patience, and its easy-to-access website make it worthy of getting a high rating.

Is Purr and Mutt Worth It?

Purr and Mutt is a great idea for animal lovers and owners who want to capture their pets with a more unique and attractive look of excellent quality.

Purr and Mutt Review: Is Purr and Mutt Worth It?

Made from high-quality materials such as printing using museum-grade inks and paper, the brand hopes customers will enjoy pet portraits that look and feel like they belong in an art gallery.

The brand also offers unlimited previews of the artwork that you can change if there are some details that are not exactly to your preference. They never print your order until you are completely satisfied and 100% happy.

Not only that, the shipping of all orders using the service is fully tracked to any country, and it’s Free! This is certainly a very favorable offer for customers.

Actually, there are still many reasons that make this brand worthy, but from the few points above, it can prove its worthiness.

Purr and Mutt Shipping Policy

Purr & Mutt wants to reach out and get to know pets around the world. Therefore, the brand offers worldwide shipping for free!

Before shipping, brands usually send you a preview of your artwork within 5 working days. All shipping times are quoted from the day you approve your artwork. So, please approve immediately if you want to get your artwork soon.

  • US Shipping: The delivery time process takes 5 – 10 business days after approval
  • Rest of the World: The delivery process takes 7 – 14 business days after approval

Because your order is valuable, you can track your order in real time by entering your email on the track order page

Purr and Mutt Return Policy

The brand will always ensure you are 100% satisfied with your portrait before printing and shipping it to you. So, don’t be sad if the brand cannot accept returns due to the personalized nature of the product.

However, the brand always previews your artwork within 5 working days which you can approve or revise if there is anything you are not happy with or want to add.

How To Contact Purr and Mutt

Although Purr and Mutt do not list a contact number that can be called, if you have unanswered questions about the brand, you can still contact the customer service team by emailing [email protected].

You can also send your message through the contact form. The team will get back to you as soon as possible. Customer service is available Mon – Fri from 9 am – 4 pm. So, we recommend contacting the team during these hours.

Find updated information about the brand by following its social media accounts:

Where to buy Purr and Mutt?

As we know, the pet portraits that Purr & Mutt sells are custom products designed to suit its customers’ pets. Therefore, its official website is the only place to get the products.

Although the brand currently only offers online ordering on its official website and doesn’t accept offline services, you don’t need to worry because ordering through the website is very easy.

Purr and Mutt Coupon Codes & Promos

Apart from maintaining excellent service and product quality, the brand attractive offers that customers can claim when ordering pet portraits.

Here are some offers you can get:

  1. Free worldwide delivery
  2. Enjoy 20% off on the mother’s day sale
  3. Use coupon code LUCKY10 at checkout to claim 10% off 

We also recommend you subscribe to their newsletter for promo codes or seasonal discount codes such as on black Friday or Christmas and other special offers.

Reveal all coupons
Purr and Mutt

Purr and Mutt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Purr and Mutt reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Purr & Mutt?

Tao Jiang is the owner as well as the artist who created the personalized Purr & Mutt pet portrait.

Does Purr and Mutt ship internationally?

Of course! Brands ship internationally, including the UK, Canada, or anywhere else.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Purr and Mutt Reviews & Ratings

Do you have a special corner for your pet at home? Custom pet portraits can add a personalized touch to your pet’s room or space, giving them a greater sense of ownership. Besides, having a pet portrait shows your love and pays homage to your furry friend. A pet portrait is a great way to keep your pet’s memories alive.

Purr and Mutt specialize in creating personalized pet portraits that will be the perfect choice to create the best memories for your pet. With high-quality products, you can enjoy your pet’s portrait well. Access and order are also easy to reach, so you don’t need to be confused when ordering.


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