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About Pure Hemp Botanicals

Typical vitamins may not be effective enough to combat insomnia, neutralize the mind, or balance the body. Pure Hemp Botanicals can handle all of that with its advanced products.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: About Pure Hemp Botanicals
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Pure Hemp Botanicals is a health manufacturer producing organic hemp extract-based products for body and skin health. They create many exciting variants in the form of liquids and candies.

What a breath of fresh air! The company claims all its items are quality-made, produced, and distributed through ethical and eco-friendly business practices.

It is not only the essential ingredients that the brand wants to emphasize; the best quality is in the manufacturing process. They work with many hemp experts and use factories with national standard rates.

Several well-known media outlets have highlighted the company. You might have heard of WebMD, Healthline, USA Today, Leafly, and Yahoo.

The brand’s followers also rose drastically on Facebook and Instagram, with around 11k and 1.2k+ followers. You can even join the online media to be part of the community with other citizens.

Keep going since you’ll meet more amazing facts in this Pure Hemp Botanicals review!

Overview of Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals was founded in 2015. The company consists of a leader and a team of hemp experts. They make compassion in action the key to success.

Compassion includes actions towards people, planet, plants, and services. As a company that loves the environment, they want to honor every individual with their diverse identities.

Meanwhile, protecting the planet is indeed tricky. So, the act of choosing whole hemp and plant-based products as the main ingredients of its products can reduce excess waste.

The brand selected hemp against marijuana because of a lot of THC contained. The company wanted the highest quality industrial-grade hemp plant material to be used. Again, they bring compassion in their service to be available for anyone.

Further, the family-like team gives a clear mission. The assignment is to realize compassion beyond the production and distribution process.

Awely, the owner and staff desire to provide learning, transparency, and inspiring products for everyone. For that reason, they partnered with Greenhouse Growing System and Advanced Plant Processing.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Reviews

Pure Hemp Botanicals is famous for products containing organic hemp extracts that can be employed for various purposes. They create health items that are not only vitamins but also skincare.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Reviews: Pure Hemp Botanicals Reviews

In this online store, the company provides many hemp vitamins for humans and animals, from capsules to candies. Their products are made according to health concerns.

Furthermore, there are hemp leaf-based teas that come in many flavors. You can order from apple hibiscus to lemongrass flavor. You can utilize body treatments, such as cooling gel, hand body lotions, lip balms, etc.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Products

You may also see pure immune products that consist of gummies, oil, and softgels on the site. Finally, we will come to the section describing the 4 most searched products online. Let’s go!

Pure Hemp Botanicals 900mg Pure Sleep CBD Softgels Reviews

Has your insomnia problem not been resolved until now? Switch to taking 900mg Pure Sleep CBD Softgels rather than a vape pen. It is effective for getting a good night’s sleep and achieving deep restorative rest.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: Pure Hemp Botanicals 900mg Pure Sleep CBD Softgels Reviews

One bottle of the product contains 30 softgels that contain 900 mg of cannabinoids. Meanwhile, each gel contains about 25 mg CBD + 5 mg CBN + 2 mg melatonin.

The CBN and cannabinoid content of this full-spectrum hemp works to support deeper and restorative sleep. Accordingly, melatonin is in charge of making you sleep faster.

You can even read interesting facts about CBD/CBN pure sleep news on the website. There is education on essential hemp and its benefits as well.

The instruction for consuming this product is to take one or two softgels at night 30 minutes before bedtime. Since this product is safe, if you want to increase the daily dosage, that’s fine.

900mg Pure Sleep CBD Softgels Highlights

  • 750 mg CBD + 150 mg CBN per bottle
  • Vegan plant-based softgel
  • Tasteless and easy to swallow
  • Formula that can enhance deep sleep
  • Made in the USA

Improve your sleep for $38.46 from $54.95. If you buy this pure sleep item quickly, you’ll get 38 points that can be collected for $7.69.

Pure Hemp Botanicals 600mg Pure Sleep CBD+CBN Gummies Reviews

If you’re the type of person who can’t swallow capsule-shaped sleep vitamins, the 600mg Pure Sleep CBD+CBN Gummies are ideal for you. This item is in the shape of a candy that fits everyone’s tongue and has a fruity flavor.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: Pure Hemp Botanicals 600mg Pure Sleep CBD+CBN Gummies Reviews

The company fills this product with 30 gummies. One candy contains 15 mg of CBD + 5 mg of CBN + 2 mg of melatonin. Then, there are 600 mg of cannabinoids per bottle. It also includes a soft dreamsicle taste.

Like the previous product, this item contains the full-spectrum properties of hemp extract and CBN isolate. That works for a soothing effect.

While the melatonin element helps you achieve deep restorative rest. It also supports circadian rhythms for a healthy body.

Likewise, you can consume one of these chewy candies daily, 30 minutes before bedtime. You can improve the dose according to your demands.

600mg Pure Sleep CBD+CBN Gummies Highlights

  • 450 mg of CBD + 150mg of CBN per bottle
  • Added dreamsicle flavor
  • Supports periodic restlessness
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan and Non-GMO detected

Consume these vitamin candies at $26.98 from $44.97!

Pure Hemp Botanicals 1,500mg Pet CBD Tincture Reviews

Aside from producing products for humans, the company also provides items for animals, namely 1,500mg Pet CBD Tinctures. The product is to keep your animals healthy.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: Pure Hemp Botanicals 1,500mg Pet CBD Tincture Reviews

Each bottle of CBD tinctures contains 1500 mg of cannabinoids and 50 mg for a dropper. Every dose helps treat skin injuries, mobility, appetite, and more.

You can give one dose daily or anytime for dogs or horses. If your favorite pet has severe health problems, you may increase the amount.

The company likewise recommends mixing it into food or dropping it directly into your pet’s mouth. You may read the details of the correct size per dose on the product page.

1,500mg Pet CBD Tincture Highlights

  • Good choice for small & large pets
  • Easy to measure dropper top
  • Add to pets’ food or place under the tongue
  • Support for complex issues

So, take care of your animal’s health as early as possible for only $54.97 from $79.95!

Pure Hemp Botanicals 100mg Hemp Extract Lip Balm Reviews

Hemp is known to be suitable for human needs in all aspects. It’s no exception for skincare. The 100mg Hemp Extract Lip Balm is an exciting product from this company.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: Pure Hemp Botanicals 100mg Hemp Extract Lip Balm Reviews

This item is made with 100 mg of pure hemp CBD extract. Hemp seed oil, avocado butter, and candelilla wax are also added to the ingredients. The product has natural and berry flavors.

Further, you can use natural and berry lip balms to moisturize your lips. It is also helpful in reducing chapped lips. As a result, your mouth will be hydrated for hours. Also, it is suitable for sensitive lip skin as well.

100mg Hemp Extract Lip Balm Highlights

  • Use avocado butter and hemp seed oil
  • Formulated with rich plant botanicals
  • Available two flavors
  • Protection from dryness and cracking lips
  • Seals in moisture for lasting hydration

Experience moisturized lips every day for only $6.27 per pack!

Pure Hemp Botanicals Pros and Cons

Apart from outlining the products that can enhance your health, we outline the brand’s spotlights in the following two boxes:


  • A wide range of high-quality hemp products for healthy body and skin
  • All items are non-psychoactive
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • 100% vegan
  • No animal testing & non-GMO detected
  • Localized planting
  • Lab tested approved
  • Get an A+ on BBB
  • Products are made in facilities that have national credentials
  • Made in the USA
  • Work with experts
  • Colorado government approved 
  • FDA-approved facility
  • Free shipping for all orders over $75
  • 100% happiness guarantee


  • There is no specific date for the return policy
  • It doesn’t ship globally outside of the US.

Who Is Pure Hemp Botanicals For?

We call the company’s product only for some. This hemp product is more suitable for those of legal age 18 or above. Of course, adult men and women can also try skincare products based on safe CBD. It can bring several benefits to your skin.

An individual has specific health objections, including insomnia, a lack of wellness, and a messy mood. Those who have pets, especially dogs and cats, may give the hemp vitamin to their lovely furs. It is likewise suitable for large animals.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Considering previous customer impressions to assure you even more is not taboo. In this section, you can read three memorable comments compiled from the brand’s website.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: Pure Hemp Botanicals Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s read the first review. This woman gave 5/5 stars for Pure Balance Full Spectrum Softgels. She said the capsules positively impacted her recovery. She stated:

These softgels made a huge difference for me during my recovery process…

Another customer also gave 5/5 stars for Pure Sleep CBD + CBN Tinctures. This man shared a story of struggling to find a sleeping pill. He was happy to have purchased the pure sleep product to rest well. He said:

I’ve struggled with sleep for two years and have tried many different sleeping pills…I’m so happy I found this product. Thanks, Pure Hemp Botanicals!

The last buyer likewise presented 5/5 stars for Pure Pet Harmony CBD Tinctures. The woman bought the product for her dog with reduced mobility, which worked well for her pet. She expressed:

Our dog, Sage, has started to age, and her mobility has decreased year over year. We started giving her pet CBD oil, which worked well…

The CB products the three customers have purchased have positively affected them and their dogs. One of the customers had been looking for an item to help him sleep for a long time and succeeded with Pure Hemp Botanicals’ products.

Is Pure Hemp Botanicals Legit?

Absolutely! The company is legitimate! You need to note that they are ISO-certified for product safety standards. In addition, they are CDHPE certified as a processing facility for product ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

The company also only manufactures in factories that are certified FDA-registered facilities. They have even been listed as having an A+ rating on BBB business, which means you can trust this company completely.

Is Pure Hemp Botanicals Worth It?

Undeniably, the company is worth trying! Their worthiness lies in their plant-based products. That means you’ll discover all products are plant-based. Their hemp is also grown without animal cruelty, so it’s vegan-friendly.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Review: Is Pure Hemp Botanicals Worth It?

Customers may find that the products have non-GMO ingredients. We even found that every item made is produced with practices that support environmental friendliness. Even the distribution practices are very much in favor of such a movement.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Shipping Policy

What we found is that the company does not ship its orders overseas. But, they do ship to 48 states in the US, along with Hawaii and Alaska, except Idaho. You won’t be charged any shipping rates if:

Shipping Method Price Delivery  Time (working days)

Free for orders >$75
$4.99 for orders <$75





If you need more details regarding the shipping process, please call the staff at 1-844-443-6764.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Return Policy

The company keeps all its customers in mind. Hence, they provide returns, exchanges, and refunds when your order has yet to be shipped. Otherwise, you must ensure the product is intact with no defects.

Not to mention, the company will not charge you for the former statements. However, they will set a fee for exchanging products at a higher price.

How To Contact Pure Hemp Botanicals

Once you’re informed about shipping and returns, you’ll want to keep the company’s contact information. For that reason, you can ask questions about the product or concerns as follows:

  • Phone: 1-844-443-6764
  • Email: i[email protected]
  • Contact form is available to fill with your name and email
  • Live Chat is on the bottom right corner of the website page
  • Social Media
    • Facebook @Pure Hemp Botanicals
    • Instagram @pure_hemp_botanicals
    • Twitter @phblife

Most importantly, the staff have working hours from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm MST.

Official Address

PO Box 907
Niwot, CO. 80544

Where to buy Pure Hemp Botanicals?

The best and safest place to buy CBD products is from the official website. However, customers in Louisana may need to visit the nearest retailers. Check here for a list of addresses!

Pure Hemp Botanicals Coupon Codes & Promos

Always remember that in this online shop, you can enjoy the pleasure of shopping by utilizing various discount codes such as:

  • Save 30% OFF for buying pure balance 3000 mg & 1500 mg tinctures (limited stock)
  • Buy 2 of the pure sleep/immune/balance/elevate gummies products and get 1 free for the same product
  • Get 30% OFF  for ordering gummies bundles
  • Get 1 free hemptealicious by paying for 2 products
  • Order 2 Hemptealcious and get 1 free for the same product
  • Obtain special prices for buying package deals
  • Subscribe and catch 25% OFF for Pure Sleep & Balance products
  • Join as a member of a reward program and get 20 bonus points and other benefits
  • Join an affiliate event and earn up to 60% commission
  • Become the company’s retailer and obtain wholesale prices
  • Take several coupon codes on the below button

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Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Pure Hemp Botanicals reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Pure Hemp Botanicals headquarters?

The company is located in Niwot, Colorado.

Who owns Pure Hemp Botanicals?

At the moment, we have yet to find the names of the owners. However, they could be hemp experts.

Does Pure Hemp Botanicals ship internationally?

Yes, the company ships its products internationally, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Pure Hemp Botanicals Reviews & Ratings

Pure Hemp Botanicals is the last choice to look for total hemp extract products to reverse your health, especially the quality of sleep and mind. Their organic items are very safe and clinically tested by applicable laws in the US.

In addition to safe ingredients, the packaging you see in the catalog is environmentally friendly. The brand has many legalities so that you can relieve with the authenticity of the products. So, make your body healthy with vitamins from Pure Hemp Botanicals.


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